Problem with posting an ad

POSTED BY C (6 yrs ago)
Hi Ed,

I've posted A9AAC0B7-32C5-49E1-8F24-168ADFD12F5F since last night, but its still not been approved.

Can you check and let me know if any problem?

#1 POSTED BY Ed (6 yrs ago)
Please use our site support for help
#2 POSTED BY C (6 yrs ago)
I can't login to that site, I''m using the emailid I've registered with and it keeps failing. Seems I have to login to report my problem however.

So are both possibly broken? Any ideas?
#3 POSTED BY Ed (6 yrs ago)
There is no need to login for support. You may call Michelle 2815 2520 for site support during office hours

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