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POSTED BY Ed (5 yrs ago)
It seems that someone may be selling counterfeit goods on the classifieds.

If you buy new or near new items - particularly luxury goods (bags etc...) we STRONGLY recommend that you meet the vendor - request an original receipt from the shop that sold them the item - get their name card - and ideally ask to see their ID card and take their name and HKID number.

I'd suggest you let them know before you meet them that you will require all of the above...

The customs department is quite keen to protect the intellectual property rights of multinational corporations (unfortunately the police don't seem to be anywhere near as diligent when it comes to protecting or investigating rip-offs of individual taxpayers through Paypal and Western Union...)

Anyway, if any crooks are reading this - BEWARE - if the cops or customs asks us to co-operate we definitely will...

Dear John,

We have recently received a piece of information, alleging that a person has placed an Ad at asiaxpat.com for selling counterfeit item. Accordingly, we would like to request the IP of the person posting this Ad. Below pls. find the details of the subject Ad, which has already been removed.

User ID: bitsandbobs

Ad reference no.: ADF997EB-3F3D-424B-8DE4-493AC85DB

Apart from this, in connection with our investigation, we would also like to know the IP address of the following ID who posted another Ad, which is still at your website.

User ID: beats bro by.dre

Ad reference no.: 40FA8E27-0925-416D-8DA8-46EE77685243

Thank you for your assistance in advance. Should there be any question, please feel free to contact me at 3759 3103. Thanks.


Mr. T H Cheng

Senior Inspector

Customs and Excise Department


If you think you have been ripped off please contact inspector Cheng.


inattendu (5 yrs ago)
I'll attest to that. unfortunately, even for $20K, all that the cops did is take a report and ask me to go to court to sue. And this is after providing letters and email showing clearly that the person admitted to selling a fake item and was willing to meet to correct the problem. They did not even ant to contact Asiaxpat. They simply told me that the report was made, to go a head and sign it and then gave me the address off the court to go file a plaint. Sounds like the Police academies are international. I would not have expected any better from the LAPD. Thank You HKPD.

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