One step down from prostitution



POSTED BY hottrade74 (5 yrs ago)
Dear Ed,

this is from your personals:

I am here looking for a relationship. I am not here looking to catching HIV. This posting is only for a very clean, one woman man, very DD Free, very financial secured, very single, very good, handsome caucasian gentleman who seeks 100% exclusive commit marriage relationship. You have your own nice houses in Tai tam, Stanley or Repulse Bay where I like. You have nice cars and driver for me. You know you can treat one beautiful oriental HK born woman very nicely. You are not looking for a pig and you do not treat yourself like a pig then please response with your full details and contact information plus recent photos.

Surely this is just one step down from prostitution...

any thoughts are wellcome


Ed (5 yrs ago)
Are you equating marriage with prostitution...

hottrade74 (5 yrs ago)
marriage for money?? yes....

ltse (5 yrs ago)
shouldn't this posting be in the "personals" section? pls remove!

markers (5 yrs ago)
Disagree. In what sense is it a step down? gold digging is prostitution.

hottrade74 (5 yrs ago)

sorry did not realise you actually owned this web site......

Ed (5 yrs ago)
Wealth Matters: People with Stuff Are More Likely to Marry

ltse (5 yrs ago)
There are tonnes of desperate woman in the "personals", I for one do not wish to see that crap spill into genuine discussions section, I am sure many would agree.

Nobby15 (5 yrs ago)
Then don't read it!

Nobby15 (5 yrs ago)
Wow, what a well thought out response!

cookie09 (5 yrs ago)
the point is, hottrade did launch a discussion about this personal ad

just read his post properly...

ltse (5 yrs ago)
My point is, there is absolutely nothing to discuss about these "personal ads", the subject for these might as well be under 'Dear Santa", why the hell would some rich guy with a mansion on Repulse Bay be on this forum reading these garbage, they're already loaded with hot chicks left, right and center, so lets get real and discuss genuine topics.

Tune (5 yrs ago)
'so let’s get real and discuss genuine topics.'

I agree; however, I have the same distain for topics such as 'eating dinner with my helper'. But then again, Nobby 15 does have a point.

Basker25 (5 yrs ago)
The posts above are pretty harsh and judgmental. No one has to read the personals or any particular thread. If you don't like reading certain topics, then don't.

People get married for a variety of reasons, such as love, companionship, sex, food, protection, support, money, etc. It is easy to make fun of desperate people looking for marriage as a way of getting out of their problems. Not many people are successful in every area of life. My former boss once told me how difficult it was to be wealthy. She had lots of friends, but she never knew whether they actually liked her for herself or they were only attracted to her money. She had a lot of stories of being betrayed by people she thought were her friends. Those are problems poor people rarely experience.

My daughter once complained that the boys her age seemed to be fixated on sex. I told her that she may not like it, but it was also the key to what she wanted in life. If the boys were not interested in sex, then she would have little chance of having her own family. In the marriage market, she was offering sex, beauty and charm and a man can offer her protection, support and children. Marriage may seem a bit commercial, but it is an exchange that benefits both parties.

bmurv (5 yrs ago)
Just a general statement, not directed toward anyone here, may be being a little spiritual, not necessarily religious, will make the pairing situation more pleasant, decent and meaningful for any situations, whether it is marriage, dating or long-term relationship.

selda (5 yrs ago)
"You are not looking for a pig and you do not treat yourself like a pig". A PIG??? Is this supposed to be Canto-slang?

slimboyinhk (5 yrs ago)
Comments are entertaining which makes for refreshing read from time to time.

How poster can state this is one step down from prostitution is mind boggling. Ad says what many think, whether in the complete same context or not, so putting down the poor, delusional, desperate, oriental HK born woman is uncalled for.

mrcynic (5 yrs ago)
i note the title says 'one step down from prostitution'. the positioning seems appropriate; at least the prostitute is honest about what she is offering.

Brocko (5 yrs ago)
I can recall meeting an individual in a pub who I can easily see placing an ad just like the one above. He went on at length about how much money he had, his fancy Italian car, oversized flat with too many rooms, and yet he still couldn't get women interested in him. He went on to suggest that if I could find such a nice local girl, and get married, then he should too. After weathering a few more drunken comments, I was quite happy to put my drink and courtesy aside, and tell him what I really thought of his character. Good luck to whoever answers an ad like that. Chances are they know what they're in for any way.

At the end of the day, it's not any of our business what someone writes in a personal column. Just because they have no charm, doesn't mean they should be denied companionship. People rarely speak out against the practise of arranged marriage, but this is hardly any different. At least you get to choose for yourself.

aliendavid (5 yrs ago)
So... you want Brad Pitt with Bill Gates money.

What do you have to offer this gentleman of enormous wealth, generosity, and lack of brain cells?

Why should he choose you over the 18 year old super model?

jasmine525 (5 yrs ago)
i see she consider herself nice and deserve a nice rich guy, she should be more confident to present and not use' "HIV" or pig" in the AD which show some negitive charators of her.if she is really nice and aggressive, it is still very possible.

bayview (5 yrs ago)
I do not see how this woman is much different (except the fact that she has clearly spelt out what she wants in a crude way) from the one who got a 1.2 Billion divorce settlement after a 3 year relationship where the kid was the pawn. Or for that matter even Nancy Kissell ..

micoh (5 yrs ago)
Its HK...the discourse of market-money is the ruling logic to all interpersonal relationships and everything. Im appalled at Basker25 response where she describes to her daughter that the only characteristics she brings to a relationship are sex, beauty and charm. Has this woman not read anything over the last 3 decades. This is reactionary-retrograde thinking or non thinking. She defines the sole worth of daughter in terms of these ridiculously limiting characteristics and will set her daughter on a path where intelligence, challenges, independence, compassion, achievement ( list could on forever) should play no part in her self perception as they would not be valued by a man or society. I feel quite ill sometimes being in HK and th total middle age intelligence that prevails.

tred (5 yrs ago)
Basically, nowadays, i find hK men and women are commercially attracted to anyone. Well, they themselves looks for someone who can give them the enigma to be in on everything. Perhaps even their parents are requiring them and teaching them that when they are to find a mate, just simply ask for their financial statements or how much they have in a bank or if they are owning a company and if they are, is it a sole proprietorship or a partnership or perhaps do they invest in stocks and how many shares or lots where they have already bought and much more if they got more than what has been mentioned. That is the true generation of today. Now, even foreigners, like americans to be able to get stable here, they'll be looking for a hk citizen so they would easily get the chance of becoming residents even the lowest class coming from countries of Europe. This is really happening in Hk. Gone are the days of true love that considers true beating of hearts.

nosidam (5 yrs ago)
There is little value to marriage to a local to become a resident when one can simply become a resident after 7 years. The only advantage for an American living here is the opportunities in the mainland, educational institutions, corporate opportunities with nice housing expenditures and a US90,000 tax break (along with a housing write off) and nature.Entreprenuerial opportunites are limited (with the exception of high end retail and restaurants). What would be an advantage of marriage to a money hungry local? A poor, beautiful Mainlander or a fellow American has more heart.

fizzfuzz (5 yrs ago)
Just consider all aspects of life with a ledger book. Then you will find what was in that particular personal, albeit vulgar, to be unsurprising.

Susie1 (5 yrs ago)
Maybe the OP is more used to looking to buying race horses, that is maybe why he advertised for a lady in the way he did, fancy not requesting she has all her own teeth!

hottrade74 (5 yrs ago) wasn't my ad!!

read the original post

laomaji (5 yrs ago)
Chinese women (and HK too) know nothing about true sexual feeling in the marriage and a pleasure of sex between male and female at all. So that you see what that girl is. Just something but not a woman.

adele78 (5 yrs ago)
There's nothing wrong with stating what you want but to refuse to attempt to find a good connection with a person simply because of their lower income is not going to help you find love. If finding a husband with money is the main priority, then how is it not 'one step down from prostitution'? You are stating that a man's bank balance and ability to buy you 'stuff' and take you to fancy places, is more important that his ability to communicate, be considerate, etc. There's nothing wrong with marrying a rich person, but not if that's the main thing that attracts you to him.

okok (5 yrs ago)
Whenever I see such ads out there, it gently reminds us how desperate one gets in claiming the high society lifestyle as their own. What ever happen to live your own life till you meet your better half irrespective if he/she owns a Ferrari and live happily ever after (hopefully).

More importantly, it never fails to crack me up and having a good laugh.

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