POSTED BY Lisastone (8 yrs ago)
Can anyone recommend a great doctor for Botox?

Thank you
#1 POSTED BY sandiexxxx (8 yrs ago)
you can try Face Magic Heaven.. Arbuthnot St, Centruim building. Good pricing, and offer ''top'' up service within 14 days if you are not happy with results.
#2 POSTED BY rachaelhk (8 yrs ago)
Both Dr. Lauren Bramley and Dr. Kenneth Hui do Botox, are terrific doctors and great people, and I highly recommend them both.
#3 POSTED BY gwern (8 yrs ago)
Dr Image behind Sogo in Causeway Bay. Really excellent advice, didn't feel I was being ripped off and you go back about 2 weeks later for free top up if needed.
#4 POSTED BY soulsister (8 yrs ago)
Tomorrow my first botox treatment with dr Thomas Tam ( Dr. Image) But what can it do for the eyes?Can it also reduce wrinkels under the eyes? In the evening we have dinner with gast do you see anything about the botox?
#5 POSTED BY rachaelhk (8 yrs ago)
You will not have a result from the botox for about 4 days, so don't expect those lines to be gone. You may have small red spots from where the botox was injected, depending on how sensitive your skin is. These are easily overable with makeup. They will fade in a day or two.
#6 POSTED BY marieantoinette (8 yrs ago)
Use Dr Tam myself and think he's great. Didn't have any red spots after, luckily but as rachael says, it's not noticeable straight away, in fact you can still feel it tightening after 2 weeks. If done well, you should just look well-rested, not stretched to the hilt. I don't believe it can work for under the eyes, just at the sides, but I'm not an expert - best to ask him.
#7 POSTED BY soulsister (8 yrs ago)
Oke, thanks for your reply. The idea of looking "well-rested" gives me more confident to go for it!
#8 POSTED BY sandiexxxx (8 yrs ago)
It can be done under the eye area, but with care, as sometimes, it can cause the eyelid to droop, which may or may not disappear.
#9 POSTED BY gwern (8 yrs ago)
When I had it done it really helped with the crows feet and frown lines between my eyebrows. My fear was of eyelid drooping but actually that's poor administering and not likely caused by an expert doctor. The results do take a while to kick in but I was sooooo pleased and it is rather exciting to see it improve with time. Yes it does cost money but the results are worth it definitely. I had lines go that I thought wouldn't. It has done a lot for my confidence and I don't spend a fortune on expensive creams. I did have a few pin prick marks for an hour or so but nothing more than that. I went out that night with mininum makeup and noone noticed. You shouldn't drink alcohol, exercise or have a facial or sauna after but the doctor will tell you. I know it seems vain but I feel so muich better and I think I look less stressed.
#10 POSTED BY marieantoinette (8 yrs ago)
It varies from place to place and times of the year. The best thing to do is contact the place and ask what promotions are on (you'll be paying by area).
#11 POSTED BY girlabouttown (8 yrs ago)
Try Dr. Lauren Bramley in Central. She is the best!
#12 POSTED BY heavydriver (8 yrs ago)
I also use Dr Bramley. She has been my doctor for several years. I started using her for my Botox about 2 years ago and the results have been excellent. Highly recommended. You can just google her name Dr Lauren Bramley for contact details.
#13 POSTED BY koolie (8 yrs ago)
I use to go to Skincentral, which is Dr. Tinny Ho and Dr. Leo Chow's office. They are both excellent dermatologist, you can give them a try too, visit their website,

#14 POSTED BY jessycheung (6 yrs ago)
I used to go Dr. Ringo Lam's clinic few years ago. He is really a nice doctor. Excellent! I can feel he is very familiar in botoc injection. just spent a few mins. I can feel my skin becomes tight after 1-2 weeks, and can't see wrinkles and lines anymore. Now, I keep finding Dr. Ringo Lam. I highly recommend this experienced dr to the gals who need botox.
#15 POSTED BY Pinky_pinky (6 yrs ago)
I had the botox treatment at Dr. Lam's clinic in Central. Excellent service and Amazing result!!! Have free touch up services for the dysport injection. I think he is the best in town!!!

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