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boxing partner

Ref ID: 796f06fa-d8e0-4784-9674-be115d31c953

Anyone interested in a bit of skill practice and workout in a park? I'm female, fit and at a beginner level of Thai boxing. Female preferred but small and not very intimidating males also welcome. Evenings or weekend mornings. It's for serious workout fun.

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Non local Female looKing for boxing gym partner

Ref ID: 4c633f0f-8f96-4406-a214-9e719280b7ae

Im looking for somebody can do thai boxing with me around kowloon side.
Im 30 yrs old female. I want to do some boxing exercise and i cant alone.
Drop me a msg

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Looking for someone to do spontaneous things

Ref ID: 46852447-a6d7-46f4-a989-a83998be1169

Hi all~ I am a local married 30+ housewife looking for someone to do spontaneous things during the daytime. I do not have any particular thing that I wanted to do... but something like exercise, hiking, walking the dog, language exchange (my Cantonese for English, Mandarin or Korean), high tea or trying out groupon deal and etc. would be great :) Please message me if you are interested to do some healthy, fun and spontaneous things with me.

Female please..... because I am a married woman and it would be weird if I am meeting stranger male friend. Thanks~

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just something casual relax "date"

Ref ID: b27c0dfa-48c7-4d96-ab51-6fb69ba32283

hi there,

Didnt want to post on "women wanting men" as I feel it is a little too strong for me now. I am seeking for someone well educated professional man, who has lots of life experience to share and is able to have a relax outing like dinner/ movies etc.

i am an executive, just returned to HK (again) and now that I am settled, would love to meet more people with the same wave length.

not exactly a social butterfly so any executive ladies are also welcome to msg me. would like to expand my social circle too.


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Walking in Stanley and Repulse Bay

Ref ID: 64573f28-c44d-4fd3-a781-59a8b9774e8e

A beautiful international mind Chinese lady is looking for activity partner, I prefer professional gentleman or lady and live in nearlby Stanely.

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Looking for a friend to go hiking/beach etc. with

Ref ID: 539e0e74-b0bc-4d41-9540-5ed5edd354bf


I'm a nordic woman in my late 30's who recently moved to HK. I'm looking for someone to go hiking, to beach etc. with. I love nature adventures, meeting new people, good food and travelling to new places. This Saturday was thinking of potentially going for some snorkeling at Hoi Ha Wan.

Message me if you have simiral interests and are looking for a new active friend. Please note I'm not looking for a boyfriend, happily in a relationship :)

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Weekend activities Friends

Ref ID: 3feae1dc-0969-4275-a5b5-ff41c3a6adfd


It's Summer 🎆 time now.....I usually do exercises by myself during weekends. However, i find out that it would be more fun to share time with a partner instead of being alone.

Anyone would like to join me together for hiking, jogging or swimming or boating or some other exercises / activities that you are welcome to recommend to me ?

My description : Chinese female, 39, good conversationalist and fun

I am waiting for your companionship and please drop me a note to exchange more.

Cheers .

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Grow your own vegetables/herbs in local farm

Ref ID: 83848d49-6902-4071-a9e6-3136d892b55a

I am seeking partners to share a piece of local farmland where you can grow your own fruits/vegetables/herbs. Sharing cost $250/month per 20 sq feet.

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Looking for a tennis coach/partner in Victoria Park area

Ref ID: b9c717e1-439b-4c93-8698-86b7c7575300

I had taken 10 tennis classes before I moved to HK, now I would really like to continue. We can play in Victoria Park tennis court or other courts in Tin Hau area.

The preferable times are:

Weekday early mornings or between 2:20pm-3:20pm

Can't start until mid-August though.

If you are a tennis coach and the rate is reasonable, I am happy to pay of course.

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Snooker partner

Ref ID: 815d94c8-d580-4cb2-828a-5b5356958bea

Hi, I'm looking for a new friend who can plays snooker together and would be awesome if he/she can be a tutor as I know some basic skills only. Hence would like to practice more with someone who shares the same interest.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Me: 34 Local Chinese Female

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Any single guy in 20s or early 30s want to watch concert next Mon?

Ref ID: b43b72d3-13f9-4af4-9497-379d30a9ceee

Hi there, I am not sure where to post , because I got extra ticket that we can go together , I hope to meet a nice guy to know each others by this channce too. I am a local girl with overseas studies experience.

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Expat guitar band looking to rebuild line up.

Ref ID: 608d3df7-4565-4b9c-a068-7e7843796235

Rehearsals, recording and gigs.
Original material and covers aiming for a style somewhere in that grey area between Blondie, Paul Weller and the Wombles.
If you have a thick skin, a sadistic sense of humour and experience performing or recording as a lead vocalist, a drummer or
a keyboard player then please get in touch.
Rehearsals in Causeway Bay after working hours on those weeknights when we are all in the same city at the same time.
If you can sing like Bowie, drum like Charlie, play keys like Nicky Hopkins or all three at the same time ... then let us know.
No pressure. None at all.

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Ref ID: cec3c6cc-b865-44ad-acb0-fbf35ace2918

2 years ago, I tried windsurfing and loved it. Now I would like to continue and would love to meet someone with similar interest, better yet who don't mind to teach me as well since I am still a beginner. Or even surfing during weekends.

I am 20s female, living in tung chung. I don't mind to travel around though.

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Need join some team or individual for inspiring me to go jogging/hiking around Norrth point or anywhere in week ends

Ref ID: f2005fd2-6890-426b-a5d3-e6cc63e6b180

I am a fat married man in early 30s who looks like early 40s and wants to do some sort of health activities daily either in early morning or late evening to get fit. I want to join a team or individual as a inspiration to pull me out of my lazy zone.

Jogging around Northpoint/Quarry Bay or Victoria park or going to hiking on weekends.

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hiking / walking buddy near KTown

Ref ID: d01f879c-ee83-4560-9dbb-2e6a6704f714

Looking for hiking / walking buddy or exercise . Can do movie and foods too.
I am female in 40s, prefer white guys with beard.

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Who love exercise

Ref ID: 0b91a647-8f7a-4a37-b9b4-e7d846d379cb

Looking for some new friends who like exercise, like water sports or hiking or whatever, to explore somewhere/thing new.

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A single girl who wants to make friends

Ref ID: 193af5e1-2292-463a-a4c7-f68cd3f87e0b

Let us do something fun together! Movies , drink, jog , BBQ, ....etc. let us make more friends in HK.

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Looking for someone accompanying to stroll along Kings Park Trail in the morning

Ref ID: ff1f6cc0-85a1-4b1c-9bc0-c0f79c56980d

Looking for someone accompanying to stroll along Kings Park Trail or doing mild hiking in the morning. I am HK Chinese female at 30s, single.

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Weekend activity partner

Ref ID: 64b33a14-4344-46bf-a2a3-af50eca04ef9

Hi !!!
This is BM here in my late 20s
I have been living and working in HK for past 4yrs
Looking for some cool and intersting weekend activity partner like hiking,swimming , water sports, beach and more
Let me know if you can squeeze in some time for yourself to keep fit and healthy
Also we can do some socialising activities like drinks , dinner , movies and more
Msg me of you interested
We can plan up something for ourselves
Make life better more fun

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Looking for a tennis partner

Ref ID: eeef6274-9b56-4e23-acb8-4b2c96afe171


I am a medium level female tennis player who is looking for a regular tennis buddy on weekends, Ideally Sunday morning.

Anyone is looking for a regular tennis buddy, please leave a message.

Thank you.

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