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Pure work out buddy

Ref ID: 5c6d91f6-7701-4486-8503-8c84941cd801

Hi, I am looking for gym buddies for Pure fitness at HK island side… so I can feel a little push and help on weight training and maybe I can run longer together.

I am female , single in 30s , welcome female or male friends.

just simply reply me here, thx

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Ref ID: cec3c6cc-b865-44ad-acb0-fbf35ace2918

2 years ago, I tried windsurfing and loved it. Now I would like to continue and would love to meet someone with similar interest, better yet who don't mind to teach me as well since I am still a beginner. Or even surfing during weekends.

I am 20s female, living in tung chung. I don't mind to travel around though.

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Learn Mandarin German French

Ref ID: 86f889f5-bc8c-4a30-9a21-e82b1741facf

I can teach you Mandarin or German or Japanese or any languages

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just something casual relax "date"

Ref ID: b27c0dfa-48c7-4d96-ab51-6fb69ba32283

hi there,

Didnt want to post on "women wanting men" as I feel it is a little too strong for me now. I am seeking for someone well educated professional man, who has lots of life experience to share and is able to have a relax outing like dinner/ movies etc.

i am an executive, just returned to HK (again) and now that I am settled, would love to meet more people with the same wave length.

not exactly a social butterfly so any executive ladies are also welcome to msg me. would like to expand my social circle too.


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boxing partner

Ref ID: 796f06fa-d8e0-4784-9674-be115d31c953

Anyone interested in a bit of skill practice and workout in a park? I'm female, fit and at a beginner level of Thai boxing. Female preferred but small and not very intimidating males also welcome. Evenings or weekend mornings. It's for serious workout fun.

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Airsoft, BB Gun, Wargame Team (English Speaking)

Ref ID: 4c64d56d-77e6-484f-bad2-220ffbbcdbe4


We are looking for keen Airsoft / Paintball / Milsim players to join our group in playing monthly Airsoft games. We are an English speaking group from different backgrounds and welcome you to join. We play mostly indoor CQB games at established CQB Arenas around Hong Kong which are ideal for airsoft.

It would be preferred if you have your own airsoft rifle (AEG or GAS, firing 6mm plastic BBs, no higher than 1.4 joules) with optional pistol.
It would also be preferred if you have your own gear and equipment (mask, goggles etc), however you can rent these at most arenas.

We do not expect you to have any airsoft/military experience (beginners are welcome), and we will help teach and train those who are willing to learn to become more capable airsofters.

The indoor arenas charge between HKD 150-240 per person for four hours of gameplay, depending on the facility and the size of our group (larger groups get discounts). Rental fees for equipment for everything needed for the entire day (excluding BBs).

We do not expect any regular commitment from you, we do not ask for any sort of membership fees, we just hope you have fun when you do play with us.

Please contact me for further details.

(no whatsapp)

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Any single guy in 20s or early 30s want to watch concert next Mon?

Ref ID: b43b72d3-13f9-4af4-9497-379d30a9ceee

Hi there, I am not sure where to post , because I got extra ticket that we can go together , I hope to meet a nice guy to know each others by this channce too. I am a local girl with overseas studies experience.

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Exercise Buddy Needed!

Ref ID: b34518fc-1b69-4228-a5e4-89463c353d81

Hi there! I'm a 25 year old Aussie female looking for an exercise buddy in the Central/Sheung Wan area. I'm in HK on a university exchange program.
I'm reasonably fit but have definitely been gaining weight since I've moved to HK, away from the surf and my usual outdoor activities! I would like to walk/jog to the peak a few times a week, incorporating squats and other toning exercises in between. I find committing to a partner much easier than committing to myself!
Early morning is my preferred exercise time except for Monday and Tuesday when evening (later than 6pm) is best.

I'm very laid back and love a laugh. If you need a buddy too, please contact me :)


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Looking for someone accompanying to stroll along Kings Park Trail in the morning

Ref ID: ff1f6cc0-85a1-4b1c-9bc0-c0f79c56980d

Looking for someone accompanying to stroll along Kings Park Trail or doing mild hiking in the morning. I am HK Chinese female at 30s, single.

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Wanting weekend outing mate -- Guangzhou or nearby

Ref ID: 44f17870-3285-4734-9008-d640f8f8706d

I and my bf live in Guangzhou now, like to travel around nearby cities during the weekends, trying out local foods, doing some sight-seeing, and sometime having the hot spring. We want have mature man who can find time to go with us as a friend, and share many things.

I'm a very traditional Chinese lady, 39 yr, 164/95, an accountant.
my bf, a Chinese-American man back from Seattle, USA, well-educated, a partner of start-up business now in China, 45 yr, 180/160

Let's us be a friend first, building up the trust!!! Looking forward to seeing u and hope to have fun together and share intimacy.

If you have any question, please do contact us

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play tennis in Shanghai

Ref ID: 5845c858-da93-4722-9f72-0c13266dc7b4

I want to find a partner to play tennis, who have such interest?

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hi looking for gym partner

Ref ID: 98668ef7-5f36-4abe-bb5d-175206fa567c

hi i m early 30s man from India . i m looking gym partner in tst California morning time . and some activity partner like swim, beach, hiking, movie etc

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Re: Running Partner in Hung Hom

Ref ID: b7db49e7-2ae6-48a0-8231-c0dd28979935

Hi, I live in HungHom too and am interested to join you to run along the Harbour promenade. I haven't been doing exercise for a while... so probably I will run very slow or just jog. If you don't mind please message me. Sorry, I didn't purchase he membership so I çan't sent private message to you. Thanks~

Ref ID: 53f61c3b-87d0-42a9-8aa7-24bb43d1b260

hi there - I'm a western guy looking for some new friends to go running with, male or female, doesn't matter.
I live in Hunghom and normally run along the Harbour promenade.
Drop me a line if you are keen to join me

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Running partner

Ref ID: 53f61c3b-87d0-42a9-8aa7-24bb43d1b260

hi there - I'm a western guy looking for some new friends to go running with, male or female, doesn't matter.
I live in Hunghom and normally run along the Harbour promenade.
Drop me a line if you are keen to join me

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Tennis or Running Partner (Pokfulam/Bel-Air)

Ref ID: 97078620-13d0-43ec-861a-ed0fd6b6825b

I'm looking for stay at home moms or ladies who are interested in gettingback in shape tomeet up forbeginner tennis ormaybe a running partner. I live in Bel-Air/Pokfulam so it'll be great if you're close by.

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A private swimming tutor wanted!

Ref ID: f6251e73-a9dc-4398-b9dd-776ea7c40928

Hi, I am looking for a certified private swimming tutor for myself (adult). Because of my travel schedule, I can't sign up for any group classes...I am a beginner, but I desperately want to learn swimming. Preferred language: Mandarin, if not, English. If you want to make some extra dollar outside of your tutoring job, please contact me!


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Looking for a tennis partner

Ref ID: eeef6274-9b56-4e23-acb8-4b2c96afe171


I am a medium level female tennis player who is looking for a regular tennis buddy on weekends, Ideally Sunday morning.

Anyone is looking for a regular tennis buddy, please leave a message.

Thank you.

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Need assistant

Ref ID: 04876dff-0814-457c-9b23-77aea18cdb05

I need an assistant to help me with computer related projects. Must be good with a mac and computers in general. Compensation will be made for part time help.

Please inbox me,


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New in Tung Chung

Ref ID: ec3b5f81-ce78-4048-b648-f40b417545f5


I am at 40ish chinese female just moved to Tung Chung and looking for activity partners to do all outdoors and indoors activities.

Just let me know if you like to do something together.


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Badminton couple

Ref ID: 297f1241-15b7-4bfd-812b-65c124d41247


We are looking for another couples who would like to join us to play badminton. We are flexible on the schedule and location. Please send me a message if you interested.

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