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hi looking for gym partner

Ref ID: 98668ef7-5f36-4abe-bb5d-175206fa567c

hi i m early 30s man from India . i m looking gym partner in tst California morning time . and some activity partner like swim, beach, hiking, movie etc

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A single girl who wants to make friends

Ref ID: 193af5e1-2292-463a-a4c7-f68cd3f87e0b

Let us do something fun together! Movies , drink, jog , BBQ, ....etc. let us make more friends in HK.

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Re: Running Partner in Hung Hom

Ref ID: b7db49e7-2ae6-48a0-8231-c0dd28979935

Hi, I live in HungHom too and am interested to join you to run along the Harbour promenade. I haven't been doing exercise for a while... so probably I will run very slow or just jog. If you don't mind please message me. Sorry, I didn't purchase he membership so I çan't sent private message to you. Thanks~

Ref ID: 53f61c3b-87d0-42a9-8aa7-24bb43d1b260

hi there - I'm a western guy looking for some new friends to go running with, male or female, doesn't matter.
I live in Hunghom and normally run along the Harbour promenade.
Drop me a line if you are keen to join me

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Swimming Partner at Causeway Bay

Ref ID: 73b8d910-c2af-431e-8de4-a53351411440


I am looking for lady swimming partner at Causeway Bay,
Victoria Park new swim pool. Prefer after office hour around 6-8 pm.
Then have dinner or drinks or any others if click.

I saw some posting here that a nice swim coach charge up to $500 per hour,
my Godness, you are free to swim with me, I was a licensed life saving guard.

I am a local Chinese man in age 40, educated and work as an engineer.

I am keen to lost some weight in the summer time, hope any lady join me for fun.

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An amateur band looking for a female vocal

Ref ID: ab9a42ec-ccc2-4374-823a-73ff9082a6b4

Hello everyone. Our band consists of drummer, guitarist and bassist. We are looking for a female vocal to join our band and enjoy the music in the spare time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you can match with the following points, because you are the right person! =D

1. Music Style: We mainly play pop and rock music (Garage Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Soft Rock),we don't care "how old" the music as long as its good music
2. Age: 25-40
3. Personality: Friendly, mature, creative and have a sense of responsibility
4. Nationality: No matter your skin colour as long as you love music
5. Musicianship level : Basic music knowledge , good sense of rhythm, singing skill and willing to try the new things (eg. song cover/ rearrange the song....)
6. Time: We play the music in a studio at mongkok, usually afternoon or night on the friday or saturday.

We hope to see you in the near future. Thank you for your reading this post.=D

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squash patner

Ref ID: c3376295-f83b-4c8c-8f06-d9a5fb2fcc7f

looking for squash partners its ok for both m&f
send me your details and will get back to you with mine and lets rock squash court
welcome to people who never try and want try happy to give simple basics guiding .

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Golf anyone?

Ref ID: 28ad0353-9ff4-4ed8-9b7d-9a1021452c3a

Seeking fellow golfers (male & female) to play in Hong Kong Kau Sai Chau or China (my club, day trip) on the weekends. Sorry, your handicap must not be over 35. In return, you will meet someone consider and polite.

Cheers, and good golfing.

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Drummer looking for some folks to play original indie folk Americana type music with

Ref ID: f34a205f-6978-415d-9436-85e6f319fb0a

I am looking for some guys (any gender) who have or would like to create some original indie-ish music and eventually perform some casual gigs. But I am a little bit on the picky side as to what I'd be interested in playing. I come from a background of indie bands and just came to HK for a "normal" job after leaving my last band which had a three-album deal with a pretty major Canadian label.

These days I'm interested in playing with some mature songwriters who care a lot about guitar tones, melodies, and thoughtful lyrics. Throwing in a little electronic to the mix would work too. I'm not averse to electronic drums (but have very limited experience with drum machines sadly).

I'm of an age where I'm not really interested in rocking out super fast all the time - but of course you gotta rock out sometimes. But these days I'm listening to a lot of Band of Horses, Nick Cave, Sparklehorse, some more recent New Order, a little indie folk Americana, etc. If any of that strikes a chord with you... drop me a line.

Not interested in playing covers unless we are doing a show and need one or two obscure ones that we all love.

FYI, I'm a simple drummer, limited range of styles but fairly solid and creative. I don't do solos or lots of show-offy fills. Less is more.


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Casual Intermediate Tennis - Hits or Game - Happy Valley Area

Ref ID: 768e81b7-ea81-4a9f-b57f-275f7ec61162


Kiwi guy just moved to Hong Kong with the family and keen for a hit of tennis in and around the Happy Valley area. Intermediate level player who can play better or much worse at times but just love to have a hit! If you're nearby give me a shout.


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Looking for a person to join Mandarin course (beginner)

Ref ID: b2df7b1e-867f-41bc-8174-80779682546c

I'm looking for a person to learn Mandarin with me at ICC (Italian Chamber of Commerce).

It can start as soon as there one more candidate, every Tuesday @19:00-21:00, for 2 months it costs 2880 HKD.

If interested,please let me know.


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Football 5 a side Happy Valley

Ref ID: 0288f038-2df1-46b3-8a82-8602684e544e

We are looking for people interested in playing casual games of 5 a side on a regular or non regular basis during weekdays near Happy Valley. We play weekdays, depending on pitch availability, Monday to Thursdays 8-9pm or 9-10pm. We charge 50HKD/game/person and have futsal balls and color t-shirts for the games. Easy casual games and good atmosphere.
Email me or contact me here if you are interested afalm at hotmail com

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A private swimming tutor wanted!

Ref ID: f6251e73-a9dc-4398-b9dd-776ea7c40928

Hi, I am looking for a certified private swimming tutor for myself (adult). Because of my travel schedule, I can't sign up for any group classes...I am a beginner, but I desperately want to learn swimming. Preferred language: Mandarin, if not, English. If you want to make some extra dollar outside of your tutoring job, please contact me!


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English Taekwondo

Ref ID: 56341f8b-ee2a-48e1-8a85-734878ecb623

Hi All,

We are a team of Taekwondo Instructors. Our classes are conducted in ENGLISH and coached by experienced TKD instructors who are ALL university-educated.

In addition to improve our students’ physical and mental strength, we also aim to nurture their sense of respect and discipline.

We have classes in Aberdeen, Sogo and Jardine Lookout suitable for kids who are 3-12 years old. Please feel free to phone/whatsapp us @ 96840948 for FREE Trial. (Coach Gary).

Thanks and looking forward to having your call/whatsapp message

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Climbing partner needed

Ref ID: 458a6429-d1c7-40af-8a1b-5968b8ad0797

Hi, I’m in HK from the 6th to 24th Oct 2015. Generally a UK Trad climber but happy with sport. Can climb up to 6c, will climb 7a but will probably fall off. Have my harness, shoes and belay with me (no rope). I’m free to climb anytime, any place….. Please give me a shout?

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Looking for serious Latin Dance Partner

Ref ID: 2b33321d-0fc4-435f-9d59-bf845a253b18

Hey there

Early 30s female here 165 cm w/oheels.I am looking for a Latin dance partner who can go the weeklyclass/practice with me.

It'll be an ace if you think you are born to dance, oreven already have had the skills, experiences and the ambition to compete inthe dance pool one day coz eventually that's what I'm aiming for ;) Yet, ifyour a beginner but you luvvvvvvv Latin dance and think going competition isbit too much for ya, no problem, I'm happy with just sticking to the classesand dance for fun as long as you got the rite height which is over 175 cm
ideally without heels HA!

No one's really born to dance so dun be shy. If youare interested, please drop me a few lines about yourself and I'll make sure toget back to ya.

Oh BTW I speak native Mandarin & Cantonese as well if that helps with anyone who's also looking for Language exchange :D

Thanks for reading my post.



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Tennis Partners

Ref ID: e28b193c-f4dc-43a8-98ec-05dd24088192

I recently discovered that playing tennis is a great way to exercise. Not only do you get a great workout but the time flys so it easily beats working out in the gym. I'm looking to meet some beginner level players who want to meet up on a regular basis for some fun games and or practice. I am an active 40yr old Australian expat who has recently moved to HK for his job. If you are looking (male or female) to get some regular exercise drop me a line.

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Any single guy in 20s or early 30s want to watch concert next Mon?

Ref ID: b43b72d3-13f9-4af4-9497-379d30a9ceee

Hi there, I am not sure where to post , because I got extra ticket that we can go together , I hope to meet a nice guy to know each others by this channce too. I am a local girl with overseas studies experience.

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Musicians needed

Ref ID: e61663de-00ad-4b55-aeda-9af43ef18320

Hello,musicians. Musicians which can play pop rock/rock are needed,to rehearse and play at jam sessions etc. It is possible for those who are without some experience but can play notes(it is main thing).

Leave me a private message if have questions,thanks.

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KSC Golfing Buddy Wanted (Male or Female)

Ref ID: f3199903-6530-46bb-a059-d52e1f97fa83


UK English teacher here looking for a regular golfing buddy to KSC. It needs to be on a Monday as this is my only free day. I am around 18 handicap (Some times better and sometimes considerably worse) but happy to play with any standard.

Thanks for reading. =0)

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Looking for a swimming partner (begginer)

Ref ID: 164d2764-be7b-487e-a6f3-acfea82567cb

Looking for 1-2 persons to learn swimming. (I'm absolute beginner adult)

I know a nice coach, young female from Canada with cool personality. She charges 500 HKD/hour for individual lesson but it could go down to 200-300 if there are 2-3 people.

The date and time can be agreed (I'm available pretty much anytime) and the location would be Somewhere causeway bay.

If you are interested, please let me know!


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