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Looking for a Tennis partner

Posted 04/21/2016

Hi there! I moved to Hong Kong from the US almost a year ago and would love to find someone to play tennis with on the weekends or in the evenings. I would say that I am a intermediate player and really just looking for someone to hit with. I am a 35 year old male from the US, live in Soho and work in Finance. I am 187cm tall, have a lot of energy and workout a few times a week. Would just like to mix tennis into the workout as well. Let me know if you interested!


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Judo / BJJ partner

Posted 04/11/2016

I was thinking of some dynamic exercise. Was thinking of a beginners judo course (one coming up in Kowloon Park starting early May) or maybe BJJ - can share a private trainer. Let me know if anyone interested. Me western from UK, reasonably fit (but could be better !), male, just under 6ft. Well built women welcome.....

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Teams and Partners

Posted 04/07/2016

Hello, I'm a male, work many year in media and marketing.
We want to create our own Online platform, we could want to find some web design teammate work together.

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I hope we know each other.

Posted 03/18/2016

Hi am just myself and don't really have alot to say about myself until we start communicating,I am Arthur by name,Hong Kong by birth and self employed,life is going fine as planned but the heart is not happy because am single and i hope you message me if you interested in me... Thank U

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Expat guitar band looking to rebuild line up.

Posted 03/02/2016

Rehearsals, recording and gigs.
Original material and covers aiming for a style somewhere in that grey area between Blondie, Paul Weller and the Wombles.
If you have a thick skin, a sadistic sense of humour and experience performing or recording as a lead vocalist, a drummer or
a keyboard player then please get in touch.
Rehearsals in Causeway Bay after working hours on those weeknights when we are all in the same city at the same time.
If you can sing like Bowie, drum like Charlie, play keys like Nicky Hopkins or all three at the same time ... then let us know.
No pressure. None at all.

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Creative People / Artists

Posted 02/13/2016

I am looking for Creative People / Artists to hang out with and maybe collaborate and work together.

I am a young female fine art photographer. Male or Female are welcome

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Non local Female looKing for boxing gym partner

Posted 01/26/2016

Im looking for somebody can do thai boxing with me around kowloon side.
Im 30 yrs old female. I want to do some boxing exercise and i cant alone.
Drop me a msg

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Yukata - Japanese woman

Posted 01/05/2016


I'm a hobbyist photographer.

I am very impressed by the beauty and the charm of women in Yukata.

I would love to shoot beautiful portrait of women in Yukata.

I am looking for one or several Japanese women owning a Yukata and who are willing to help me in this shooting project and who would like to have their portrait in Yukata.

If you are interested in the details, please drop me an email.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your kind help.


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snooker partner

Posted 12/21/2015

i dont know more about this game but i kniw the rules and playing movements

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Meet new people/hiking/walking in HK

Posted 12/17/2015

Hi all. Ive moved to HK 5months ago. Im looking for a group or someone who is keen on doing hikes or any activities together. I would like to meet some people/ have coffee. Please message me if interested.

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playing tennis

Posted 12/14/2015

Anyone here who is intereated to play tennis with a stranger weekdays .im a beginner and playing tennis is my choice to keep me fit and a hobby. Let me know if your a interested.. i just lived nearby midlevels and ive heard theres a tennis court in bowen road. Thanks


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Female footballers wanted

Posted 12/13/2015

Female footballers born between 2003 and 1997 to play in Hong Kong women's youth league.
Training twice a week with level 3 and 4 coaches on a state of the art pitch.
Games start in January.

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Running and Gym Partner wanted

Posted 12/10/2015

I recently finished school in Canada and will be staying in Hong Kong for about 2 months to spend Christmas and Chinese New Year with my family.

I would like to keep my fitness routine but I find it pretty boring without a fitness partner; I usually workout with a friend.

I usually run ~7k along the Ma On Shan promenade (I live around that area) couple times a week. I also joined California fitness for a month and will usually go whenever I'm in the area. I workout pretty casually. We can spot each other and motivate each other to push harder.

I am 24 male CBC.

Should be fun.

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Anybody wants to play soccer?

Posted 11/25/2015

i like to play soccer on the playstation and if there is anybody who thinks he/she is better than me, lets play to find out.

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Personal trainer and Pilates instructor

Posted 11/24/2015

Hello everybody!
My name is Elena. I’m certificated personal trainer and Pilates instructor. I have moved to HK not so long time ago.
If you are looking for personal trainer to help to gain your fitness goals, as weight loss, mussel tonus, body balance and flexibility, lets try a class with me.
I do a functional training, TRX, stretching, Pilates and cardio.
I’ll create an individual program special for you.
Feel free to contact me and ask any question you have!

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2 Golfers needed to join our International Ryders cup team !

Posted 11/21/2015

Hi guys .... we need two additional golfers to join our " international Ryder cup team " to play at Long Island China Golf course on the 3rd and 4th Dec 2015 . Any interested persons can contact

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A single girl who wants to make friends

Posted 11/12/2015

Let us do something fun together! Movies , drink, jog , BBQ, ....etc. let us make more friends in HK.

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Bassist wanted for a rock band

Posted 11/06/2015

Our bass player has recently left the band and we are in need of a replacement. We do covers and originals with a mix of 80s to modern heavy metal influence. If you think you have what it takes, PM or WhatsApp me

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Casual Intermediate Tennis - Hits or Game - Happy Valley Area

Posted 10/25/2015


Kiwi guy just moved to Hong Kong with the family and keen for a hit of tennis in and around the Happy Valley area. Intermediate level player who can play better or much worse at times but just love to have a hit! If you're nearby give me a shout.


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English Taekwondo

Posted 10/16/2015

Hi All,

We are a team of Taekwondo Instructors. Our classes are conducted in ENGLISH and coached by experienced TKD instructors who are ALL university-educated.

In addition to improve our students’ physical and mental strength, we also aim to nurture their sense of respect and discipline.

We have classes in Aberdeen, Sogo and Jardine Lookout suitable for kids who are 3-12 years old. Please feel free to phone/whatsapp us @ 96840948 for FREE Trial. (Coach Gary).

Thanks and looking forward to having your call/whatsapp message

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