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Women's Glamorous Night In San Litun!

Ref ID: fe66eed6-f45d-4497-adde-c3d6e5343be5

On Thursday August 13th, join us for a Glamorous Night to celebrate the wonderful ladies of InterNations Beijing. Do be sure to head over to Al Bar Italia afterwards to continue the party from 22:00 till late.

8月13日,周四,来三里屯参加我们的时尚之夜来为在北京的多彩女性庆祝。派对之后,不要忘记你还可以去Al Bar Italia 继续嗨到尽兴。

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Learn Mandarin German French

Ref ID: 86f889f5-bc8c-4a30-9a21-e82b1741facf

I can teach you Mandarin or German or Japanese or any languages

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boxing partner

Ref ID: 796f06fa-d8e0-4784-9674-be115d31c953

Anyone interested in a bit of skill practice and workout in a park? I'm female, fit and at a beginner level of Thai boxing. Female preferred but small and not very intimidating males also welcome. Evenings or weekend mornings. It's for serious workout fun.

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play tennis in Shanghai

Ref ID: 5845c858-da93-4722-9f72-0c13266dc7b4

I want to find a partner to play tennis, who have such interest?

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hi looking for gym partner

Ref ID: 98668ef7-5f36-4abe-bb5d-175206fa567c

hi i m early 30s man from India . i m looking gym partner in tst California morning time . and some activity partner like swim, beach, hiking, movie etc

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Need assistant

Ref ID: 04876dff-0814-457c-9b23-77aea18cdb05

I need an assistant to help me with computer related projects. Must be good with a mac and computers in general. Compensation will be made for part time help.

Please inbox me,


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Badminton couple

Ref ID: 297f1241-15b7-4bfd-812b-65c124d41247


We are looking for another couples who would like to join us to play badminton. We are flexible on the schedule and location. Please send me a message if you interested.

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Squash Buddies around Mid-levels- Dynasty Court or Queen's Garden

Ref ID: 4c1d5bfa-3747-4949-a60d-bbfb3916a46f


My husband wants to find a Squash buddy. We live in Hillsborough court, and He's intermediate level, Anybody interested , hooking him up with some squash buddy to play weekend or after work?
Let us know!
whatsapp me: 66833230


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K9 Dogs

Ref ID: 28192d8f-0502-431b-9775-a8525aea91a3

Anyone interested in organising a K9 Dog training group.
Any enthusiasts?

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Motorbike Riding Partner/s

Ref ID: 4b39daef-021c-4cc7-b75a-2b1e87ef5011

I'm a novice, but passionate rider (fully licensed now for a year) with a cruiser style bike, looking for fellow riders for planned outings to interesting spots, Saturday/Sunday mornings or possibly any evening as well.

Happy if you're on your own or part of a group, get in touch if interested.

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hiking / walking buddy near KTown

Ref ID: d01f879c-ee83-4560-9dbb-2e6a6704f714

Looking for hiking / walking buddy or exercise . Can do movie and foods too.
I am female in 40s, prefer white guys with beard.

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Badminton couples

Ref ID: 7d7f2037-81ea-4dbf-8ba9-4fc4cf8e4498

Hi, we are looking for badminton partner. We located in Sai kung. Please send us email if you are interested.

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any autograph collectors in Hong Kong ?

Ref ID: 96b76188-36d3-4fa7-a606-e4f1fcb0991b

I am an Englishman originally from London In the UK but currently live in Hong Kong. I have been collecting autographs for 15 years now and wondered if there is anyone out there male or female who shares my passion and hobby for autograph collecting ?
Please feel free to message me if you would like to make contact .

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Deliver your loving wishes to your mother with fresh flowers

Ref ID: 135700f6-f043-4f1e-be3e-a235ae138dc2

Express your best love and affection to your adorable mother on this Mother’s Day with the various kinds of Flowers Bouquet and make her feel alive and happy. Send Mother’s Day Flowers to Brazil at right price through online shopping store and make the day bright and beautiful ever and forever.

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Ref ID: 470926db-539a-4734-9f3c-ae972e927875

Hi.. I am a 35yo Caucasian Male fun, easy going polite educated..
I am looking for a female who wants a man as his pet, slave, companion, cleaner.. Basically anything you want and need.. Nothing in return expected.. I just want to serve a woman..

Hope to hear from you , please ask me anything you would like to know or what you expect from me :)

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Anyone Fancy Slot Car Racing?

Ref ID: 069b0993-bb56-4086-abc0-386317f85491

Looking for anyone male or female who wants to do something new and challenging and enjoys some competitive fun.

Want to test your driving skills and speed control of racing 1:32 scale cars around a huge 50 meter track?
Send me a PM

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Looking for gym training partner

Ref ID: b8be8355-edac-4426-8e84-8adb6ea5ee28

I am looking for a someone to train seriously with at the gym. I'm a member of both Pure and California fitness. I'm a guy in his 30s and although I do a desk job, I am very enthusiastic about all things fitness and have in fact done a number of trainer courses including the Poliquin PICP strength coach courses. I am keen to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with someone who takes training seriously. Once or twice a week or even more is fine. You can message me and we can discuss if our training styles match. I mainly do free weights and the big lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses. I have recntly started to do some weightlifting (cleans/snatch) too.

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Ref ID: 9de8f19c-b875-4389-b30f-0a1f09fbe497

Looking for golfing friends on weekdays or weekends. I have a membership of golf course in China as well as in Thailand. Please respond. As for me Male mid 40's handicap 24 can play better at times. Looking forward to hearing from all you avid golfers...

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Social Squash

Ref ID: bcebb5fb-1ade-4935-8d1d-5c221d7f6dd1

Hi, moved to HK recently and looking to play squash on kowloon side. Social team would be good, contact me if you are interested for a game during weekends or late evenings weekdays.

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Mr Romantic Wants to Cook for you.

Ref ID: 039818e8-9c2c-49e7-b683-90c87551f357

Hello... If you are a sing woman and you want to meet a very understanding, loving and romantic man... A man that can make breakfast for you in bed and a man that will take care of you.. please write me

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