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playing tennis

Ref ID: ea52f168-0cb2-4baa-8057-e57aec4bf4e1

Anyone here who is intereated to play tennis with a stranger weekdays .im a beginner and playing tennis is my choice to keep me fit and a hobby. Let me know if your a interested.. i just lived nearby midlevels and ive heard theres a tennis court in bowen road. Thanks


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An amateur band looking for a female vocal

Ref ID: ab9a42ec-ccc2-4374-823a-73ff9082a6b4

Hello everyone. Our band consists of drummer, guitarist and bassist. We are looking for a female vocal to join our band and enjoy the music in the spare time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you can match with the following points, because you are the right person! =D

1. Music Style: We mainly play pop and rock music (Garage Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Soft Rock),we don't care "how old" the music as long as its good music
2. Age: 25-40
3. Personality: Friendly, mature, creative and have a sense of responsibility
4. Nationality: No matter your skin colour as long as you love music
5. Musicianship level : Basic music knowledge , good sense of rhythm, singing skill and willing to try the new things (eg. song cover/ rearrange the song....)
6. Time: We play the music in a studio at mongkok, usually afternoon or night on the friday or saturday.

We hope to see you in the near future. Thank you for your reading this post.=D

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Drummer looking for some folks to play original indie folk Americana type music with

Ref ID: f34a205f-6978-415d-9436-85e6f319fb0a

I am looking for some guys (any gender) who have or would like to create some original indie-ish music and eventually perform some casual gigs. But I am a little bit on the picky side as to what I'd be interested in playing. I come from a background of indie bands and just came to HK for a "normal" job after leaving my last band which had a three-album deal with a pretty major Canadian label.

These days I'm interested in playing with some mature songwriters who care a lot about guitar tones, melodies, and thoughtful lyrics. Throwing in a little electronic to the mix would work too. I'm not averse to electronic drums (but have very limited experience with drum machines sadly).

I'm of an age where I'm not really interested in rocking out super fast all the time - but of course you gotta rock out sometimes. But these days I'm listening to a lot of Band of Horses, Nick Cave, Sparklehorse, some more recent New Order, a little indie folk Americana, etc. If any of that strikes a chord with you... drop me a line.

Not interested in playing covers unless we are doing a show and need one or two obscure ones that we all love.

FYI, I'm a simple drummer, limited range of styles but fairly solid and creative. I don't do solos or lots of show-offy fills. Less is more.


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Bassist wanted for a rock band

Ref ID: ad45e9c9-5e0f-46b3-979c-cab1254cafe2

Our bass player has recently left the band and we are in need of a replacement. We do covers and originals with a mix of 80s to modern heavy metal influence. If you think you have what it takes, PM or WhatsApp me

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Mr Romantic Wants to Cook for you.

Ref ID: 039818e8-9c2c-49e7-b683-90c87551f357

Hello... If you are a sing woman and you want to meet a very understanding, loving and romantic man... A man that can make breakfast for you in bed and a man that will take care of you.. please write me

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Need assistant

Ref ID: 04876dff-0814-457c-9b23-77aea18cdb05

I need an assistant to help me with computer related projects. Must be good with a mac and computers in general. Compensation will be made for part time help.

Please inbox me,


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Badminton couple

Ref ID: 297f1241-15b7-4bfd-812b-65c124d41247


We are looking for another couples who would like to join us to play badminton. We are flexible on the schedule and location. Please send me a message if you interested.

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snooker partner

Ref ID: f4022c26-0887-4d7a-bef6-fb9de2a4c843

i dont know more about this game but i kniw the rules and playing movements

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swimming teacher

Ref ID: 26cfc94b-10e4-4fcc-a834-9fb779235ecd

hello , I am western guy who teach swimming. If anyone is still looking private swimming teacher, please feel free to pm More information please send me mail or give a call for details.

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Yukata - Japanese woman

Ref ID: b4a0a111-8a56-4098-b0fe-3b4cc898fc39


I'm a hobbyist photographer.

I am very impressed by the beauty and the charm of women in Yukata.

I would love to shoot beautiful portrait of women in Yukata.

I am looking for one or several Japanese women owning a Yukata and who are willing to help me in this shooting project and who would like to have their portrait in Yukata.

If you are interested in the details, please drop me an email.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your kind help.


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Power Soccer - Indoor Football League

Ref ID: 674a5247-d441-4f36-9601-1aa48104afc5

Hi Guys!

I'm JC from Power Soccer.
We aim at promoting 5-a-side indoor football league in Hong Kong.

You want to play football but you have no team?
You want to play football but you have not enough players in your team?

Post a message on this thread!

New Season starts on September 2015!

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Personal trainer and Pilates instructor

Ref ID: 6ad44cdc-0830-4b97-82bb-4e14a3123a97

Hello everybody!
My name is Elena. I’m certificated personal trainer and Pilates instructor. I have moved to HK not so long time ago.
If you are looking for personal trainer to help to gain your fitness goals, as weight loss, mussel tonus, body balance and flexibility, lets try a class with me.
I do a functional training, TRX, stretching, Pilates and cardio.
I’ll create an individual program special for you.
Feel free to contact me and ask any question you have!

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Female footballers wanted

Ref ID: 79d6b54c-6252-4b97-9635-579082c20446

Female footballers born between 2003 and 1997 to play in Hong Kong women's youth league.
Training twice a week with level 3 and 4 coaches on a state of the art pitch.
Games start in January.

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Looking for tennis partner

Ref ID: 0f75fc13-136b-48ff-8a3f-3a9f6bb584fa

Hi I am looking for a partner to play tennis after work or weekend. I am slightly better than beginners level and I enjoy playing a friendly game. I have two rackets both Wilson Burn and Steamer. If you are interested, looking forward to hearing from you.

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Running and Gym Partner wanted

Ref ID: 321e4b29-2a30-4cb1-825d-fe3c2b9ec871

I recently finished school in Canada and will be staying in Hong Kong for about 2 months to spend Christmas and Chinese New Year with my family.

I would like to keep my fitness routine but I find it pretty boring without a fitness partner; I usually workout with a friend.

I usually run ~7k along the Ma On Shan promenade (I live around that area) couple times a week. I also joined California fitness for a month and will usually go whenever I'm in the area. I workout pretty casually. We can spot each other and motivate each other to push harder.

I am 24 male CBC.

Should be fun.

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Running partner

Ref ID: 53f61c3b-87d0-42a9-8aa7-24bb43d1b260

hi there - I'm a western guy looking for some new friends to go running with, male or female, doesn't matter.
I live in Hunghom and normally run along the Harbour promenade.
Drop me a line if you are keen to join me

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Motorbike Riding Partner/s

Ref ID: 4b39daef-021c-4cc7-b75a-2b1e87ef5011

I'm a novice, but passionate rider (fully licensed now for a year) with a cruiser style bike, looking for fellow riders for planned outings to interesting spots, Saturday/Sunday mornings or possibly any evening as well.

Happy if you're on your own or part of a group, get in touch if interested.

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Anybody wants to play soccer?

Ref ID: 80e6f89d-a580-43dd-9eed-b0af38cf1d92

i like to play soccer on the playstation and if there is anybody who thinks he/she is better than me, lets play to find out.

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2 Golfers needed to join our International Ryders cup team !

Ref ID: de46352b-9057-4d19-a43f-43821f8fcbbc

Hi guys .... we need two additional golfers to join our " international Ryder cup team " to play at Long Island China Golf course on the 3rd and 4th Dec 2015 . Any interested persons can contact

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hi looking for gym partner

Ref ID: 98668ef7-5f36-4abe-bb5d-175206fa567c

hi i m early 30s man from India . i m looking gym partner in tst California morning time . and some activity partner like swim, beach, hiking, movie etc

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