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Singles unite!

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To all those singles shopping at Marks and Spencer's on the escalator on a Friday night, as was I.... It's time to meet up, try new things, meet new people....

Anyone over 45 looking to increase their social circle get in touch so we can meet for causal drinks, dinners, outdoor activities, whatever....

HK can be a lonely place!

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british couple in early 30's looking for new friends

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hi there,

british man 34, wife 32 south african, moved to hong kong in august and looking to meet some other couples and singles to do things with. we are thinking of organising something like a supper club so we can regularly try new restaurants that people come across. but overall we have no specific plans, just meet people try new activities, see the sights, that sort of thing

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Mercedes R129

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Hello, is there anyone who drives a Mercedes R129 SL that would liketo discuss these great cars.?

Thank You

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Singing lessons

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One-to-one singing lessons with a professional singer & singing teacher

breathing / Harmony singing / vocal coaching / staging

Developing confidence & vocal strengh

working on songs of your choice (pop / rock / blues / r'n'b)

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Nissan R35 GTR

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Hello, is there anyone who drives aNissan GTRthat would like to discuss these great cars.?

Thank you

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Gathering in Xmas?

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Hi , would there anyone would like to meet during Xmas holidays?

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Improv Comedy

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I am looking for people who want to learn improv comedy, or have experience in improv and are interested in jamming or forming a troupe.
Give me a shout!

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No Lights No Lyrcra

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NLNL Hong Kong

Wed 22nd October (every 2 weeks on Wednesday)

No Lights No Lycra is a casual free-form dance session in the dark held in an underground basement in Hong Kong to great tunes.

Time: 7:45-8:45pm (Arrive 7:30PM, Lights Out 7:45pm) 1 hour of sweaty dancing

Entry: HKD50 (all proceeds go to charity)

Wear: Comfy clothes

Bring: Water and your dance moves (although no one will see them)

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