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Relax. It's a beautiful life

Ref ID: f126ef13-25ad-4a9f-80b6-1df185a98c41

New year New plans. New resolutions. So lets monkey around this year, shall we? eg. coffee, cinemas, walks, pubs, etc. Who am I? Ex-Londoner, English speaking Chinese male. In life, you can never have too many friends. :)

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Looking for friends, to start with at least.

Ref ID: ac1af26d-6d0a-4a05-a377-2a97f4d5bc2b

l'm a 30 years old, independent professional woman who works in design field. Marital status: married but separated. Children: 1 beautiful baby daughter. Interested in movies, art, music, literature and design. Worldly and curious, open-minded. l am looking for new friends who can have a good chat, stimuate each other's intelligence, for happiness and fun. Prefer to chat through whatsapp first. If the chemistry clicks a glass of wine would be wonderful indeed.

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Looking for friends to exchange Technical Knowledge

Ref ID: d85a49fe-a431-4d98-aab4-03a95c8e5c8c

I live in India. I am looking for a good friends to share some knowledge about electronics. As well i am planning to learn more about that. So I may come there to learn.

If you are a person who is searching a friend without any sexting or any those kind motive plz contact me. I need your help to find the place where i can learn things. And I want exchange our culture and knowledge.

Please contact me if you are interested me. Thanks in Advance

Take care, Bye

see you soon

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Ref ID: 6ae1e93f-e5ce-4f65-8173-9f8a7245e27d

Dear All ♡
Happy CNY~~
I've just celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday!!
I would like to meet new friends (even a boyfriend of course) in a new chapter:P
I am a optimistic local girl with 167-168cm
love eating and laughing always haha
Also love making new friend!!
I was born in HK, studying in HK..
I have some foreign friends so I guess I am not afraid of speaking English
(Hope there isn't any big communication problem)
Hope to meet someone who can play sports or hang out with me
If you do not mind , we could build a friendship

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Looking to meet new people for group activities/meet ups!

Ref ID: 4ca5af3c-445f-402c-81a4-6029757c413e

Hi everyone! I have been to HK for nearly a year now and would love to meet more new people for drinks, food, movies and other fun activities to do in HK.

Also I read Comic World is coming up on Feb 14 and C3 on the 19-12th! These conventions are mostly related to comics, games, anime, and cosplay. Anyone interested to meet up and check it out?

Send me a pm and I can add you to a group that I set up.


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Looking for a friend

Ref ID: 036f1f70-fe85-4d79-ac60-49b8be97c806

Hi there, a simple Filipina, 31 seeking for a friend to chat with....i'm bored most of the time...need a real friend whom i can lean on. I'll be waiting!

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just new in hongkong looking for friend

Ref ID: 2f20dc37-89c4-4eb6-a2fe-481de5ffa43c

Im bella ... im from Philippines. Just new and i just start working here.. im looking for a men for friend.... someone to chat to as i dont have friend yet here..

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Newly returned HK and want to make friend :)

Ref ID: 49bf3daa-6b18-47dd-a7f3-65ae076591a6

Hi, I'm mid-30s professional female newly returned Hong Kong from Australia. I would like to meet like-minded people and befriend. Please contact me if you are interested to make a new friend :)

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: edbc9abb-4878-4130-a8b6-01494622d21a

British, Female, 49, new to Hong Kong. Looking for friends for drinks, eating out, theatre, cinema, opera, walking etc. Down to earth and just looking for good company and conversation..preferably not about work!

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visiting hong kong march 4,5,6 2016

Ref ID: d3bae22b-6ae1-4ad7-9542-9a101ebeceac

Visiting Hong Kong on the 4,5,6 of march 2016. would like to meet a sharp outgoing attractive female, that loves to laff, to spend some time site seeing around Hong Kong for 2 days. Museums,cultural events or fine dinning or theater my treat. Not looking for sex but just some good cultural exchange. I have traveled all over the world to 35 different countries. I am funny, outgoing creative and can guarantee to make you laugh and feel good about life. Freindship only. write me soon.

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am a female, Indonesian, working as professional in Hong Kong. If you don't wanna be friend with me because of my race, that's fine with me. I've been experiencing that a lot! I'm looking for friends here, those who can accept me regardless my race, religion, gender etc. Looking for those who like going to cinemas.Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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Wine or dinner

Ref ID: 6caa13d7-7077-4242-995b-0d9e5cb94ac3

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy wine, dinner, movies and conversation.

Wanting to meet new friends in hk. I am 33 yr old western woman, looking to enjoy the balmy evenings in hk with new friends.

Look forward to meeting you!!!!!

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Looking for new friends

Ref ID: e990ef2b-7ea8-451f-ba47-fa36180cbcb8

Hi! I am a twenty something female looking for meeting new friends! Friendship/gathering/chatting/badminton is welcome! I can speak Cantonese, English and mandarin...

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Speak British English / English

Ref ID: 51d6927b-843b-4c28-a64a-1752782ec0d4


I studied in Brighton, UK 13 years ago, and I realise that my British accent is gradually lost after I returned to Hong Kong. Plus, It's difficult for me to meet and know the new people and friends. So, you don't mind to be new friend, please kindly email me, I would love to meet the new people and friends. Cheers! 💗

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New Life

Ref ID: 3852da61-a31d-400e-be1f-11aaf8c1309a

I am late 20, 164cm tall and born in hk. It may be a bit awkward to say i am not a typical HK lady and I think respect is very important nowadays. Just end up a decade relationship and I think it's about time to keep my head up. Hope i am lucky enough to find a company to share life. Please drop me a note if you don't mind to start from friendship.

Look forward to hearing from you ^-^

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Enchante !!nice to meet you :)

Ref ID: b9fbdae1-2468-44d1-aa7b-3850de204bd7

Je m’appelle Crystal .Je suis hongkongese.Je amie la france !Je parle un petit françis!
I stayed at france 3months last year !I enjoyed it !
I learing french at Hongkong!
Also I like to travel and meet a new friend , We can exchange our difference culture as well .
Mail me if you are interesting
Merci :)

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Calling all food lovers

Ref ID: 787b7a62-ce5a-4836-b006-fbdbbe67485b

I am a newly single, early 50's HK woman, looking for dining companions. While I eat out on my own regularly, I prefer company for fine dining. If we enjoy each other's company, we could even plan trips to Copenhagen, San Sebastien, Shanghai, Tokyo, you name it - all in the pursuit of a good meal.

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New York Arrival Looking For Artistic Intellectuals for Friendship

Ref ID: 5ef87327-7b50-42e5-af21-2b01f44f11c2


I'm a single mature female just arrived from New York, looking to build friendship with artistic intellectuals who share passions in classical music and literature. I love Bach and Glenn Gould, piano and violin, Steinbeck and Graham Greene. I also enjoy French and Japanese cuisines (a cook myself with all that free time I have). I'm well traveled (not within Asia though) and experienced with different cultures (American, French and German in particular), Would kill for a stimulating conversation and opportunities to grow. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Dinning / conversation Partner

Ref ID: 440825df-435a-4562-9580-faf7fa152dbd


Aussie male new to HK, not new to Asia. Looking for quality friends to dine and chat with, or alternatively meet for a quiet social drink (live Central area)

Not looking for much, just looking to pass some time alone outside work, travel with conversation and maybe explore a little of HK.

Me = late 40's, fit run, swim, cycle = triathlon when time permits, enjoy quality food wine and beer (sometimes)., movies, travel and relaxing doing little.

Please feel free to reach out and contact, lets see how we connect.

Enjoy your day :)

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Meeting Friends

Ref ID: 757571dc-3736-4229-af67-6d159e2830a6

I live in HK for nearly 9 years. I want to break up my routine of just work, work, work and no play. I'm looking for friends who enjoy hiking, running, need a tennis partner or going to cinema/clubbing and coffee. If you are interested, please email me as I would love to hear from you.

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