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recovering fr a relationship, same?

Ref ID: 6af5a830-5f04-4eb1-9335-387fdbd38f8d

hi, I have ended a relationship with my bf recently, still need time to recover. I lost interest in doing things alone. If you do not mind to have a drink or go to movie together, leave me a message. f, mid-30s.

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am a female, Indonesian, working as professional in Hong Kong. If you don't wanna be friend with me because of my race, that's fine with me. I've been experiencing that a lot! I'm looking for friends here, those who can accept me regardless my race, religion, gender etc. Looking for those who like going to cinemas.Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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Beach buddy wanted!

Ref ID: e867a435-445f-4adb-b20f-5b1d68f73ae0

Summer is here and beach season awaits!

Japanese female, who loves to be on the beach is looking for someone to go to the beach with on weekends.

I live on Hung Kong island side and usually take bus from bus terminal near Exchange Square to repulse Bay. Of course we can explore other beaches together as well!

I am friendly, easy going and happy to make new friends. :)

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26 AU F New to HK, Looking to make some friends

Ref ID: 951602be-6ca2-4edb-80f9-44a1bba4b027

I never thought I'd be posting on an online forum to make some new friends, but here I am in a new city and am getting sick of going out for coffee by my self!

I have lived in Melbourne, Australia for most of my life and have now moved to HK with my boyfriend (he is working) approximately 3 weeks ago. I'm a qualified English / Humanities teacher in Australia and am currently trying to hunt down a job!

I am very social, enjoy hanging out with friends (...if only I had some here!), getting drinks / coffee / brunch / lunch / dinner (really any kind of food), cooking, travelling (just travelled in Asia for 6 months) looking forward to going for some hikes - but a little nervous about this one - and I'm super interested in meeting some gal pals to be able to share these kinds of things with.

I'm going to be here for at least 18 months, maybe 3 years, maybe even longer. I'm really hoping to meet some people that I can be friends with for this whole time. Again, I feel so weird posting this but I'm sure if you're in the same boat as me, or you have been in the past, you understand what I'm trying to say.

I'm not looking to just be added to another whatsapp message group with hundreds of members who already know each other! If you think I dont sound totally awful, send me a message, we can have a chat and maybe a coffee! :)

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just new in hongkong looking for friend

Ref ID: 2f20dc37-89c4-4eb6-a2fe-481de5ffa43c

Im bella ... im from Philippines. Just new and i just start working here.. im looking for a men for friend.... someone to chat to as i dont have friend yet here..

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Meet ups

Ref ID: 44098aaf-a2fe-479b-890c-6fafd57187dc

Hi are there any lonely Ex-Pats wives out there. Who would like to meet up?

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Looking for a Joyous Company

Ref ID: 285fb042-8d3d-4d24-ae08-4b0484b8814f

Hi, in 30s and Indian Origin. I travel to Hong Kong nearly every month for work and am looking for a friend(not interested in committed relationship) to spend sometime beyond the professionalism and chaos of the city. I love music (glam rock, classic, country), am a hardcore motor-biker (done some of the highest motor-able passes of the world). A "cool headed" and "kind of fit" man (Yoga does help :)), likes to travel and of-course partying sometimes. Am here right now, let me know if that interests you and we an take it further from there :) Look to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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Looking for a new friends

Ref ID: 58969df5-ea6d-411b-9696-7ba6bc314ce5

Hi there! i am looking for some new friends to chat ! if you like to talk about foods places travelling please comtact me!

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Looking for friends, to start with at least.

Ref ID: ac1af26d-6d0a-4a05-a377-2a97f4d5bc2b

l'm a 30 years old, independent professional woman who works in design field. Marital status: married but separated. Children: 1 beautiful baby daughter. Interested in movies, art, music, literature and design. Worldly and curious, open-minded. l am looking for new friends who can have a good chat, stimuate each other's intelligence, for happiness and fun. Prefer to chat through whatsapp first. If the chemistry clicks a glass of wine would be wonderful indeed.

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: edbc9abb-4878-4130-a8b6-01494622d21a

British, Female, 49, new to Hong Kong. Looking for friends for drinks, eating out, theatre, cinema, opera, walking etc. Down to earth and just looking for good company and conversation..preferably not about work!

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willing to go with flow ??....

Ref ID: 8cec7f1a-b448-41fd-9895-6c2a968310b0

I'm not young -- but I look at least 10yrs younger than I should be
I'm not a fashion icon - but I dressed in good taste
I'm not a super model - but I'm quite eye catching
I'm not a smooth talker - but I'm genuine
I'm not rich - but I have a stable job and supporting myself easily
I'm not single - but I'm stuck into a fake marriage , looking for a way out and yet , I would like to live out my life . I surely need some care from a man . Not looking for hit and run.
If you don't mind to start as a friend and u don't mind to go with flow without any commitment . If you are non-asian and you are interested to know me more , message me ......
you would like to be with me

Cheers .....

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Calling all food lovers

Ref ID: 787b7a62-ce5a-4836-b006-fbdbbe67485b

I am a newly single, early 50's HK woman, looking for dining companions. While I eat out on my own regularly, I prefer company for fine dining. If we enjoy each other's company, we could even plan trips to Copenhagen, San Sebastien, Shanghai, Tokyo, you name it - all in the pursuit of a good meal.

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Travel somewhere arnd sep end

Ref ID: 9bb06252-00ce-47b1-a4d4-9b7897a204b3

Hihi...anyone wanna travel somewhere during the public holiday in sep end?...I spend most of the time alone and kinda very bored...wud luv to go arnd with someone.even if looking to hangout in HK on other days....am up for it...looking forward to it...:)

Am 30 single Finance....


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Looking for a special friend

Ref ID: e2b4db56-bafc-4e05-87f0-9155e93b42de

I am a local chinese lady, 154cm tall 98 lbs. Married and want to look for a special friend to have casual fun. This is with my husband's encouragement as he is open minded. He won't get involved during the date.

If you are hygenic, respectful, have stamina & skills, then please get in touch. Caucasians preferred but others will be considered too. NSA.

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I'm looking serious & funny men

Ref ID: 291844b4-cdaa-4d03-b7dc-f7c2ec273ad5

Hi I'm looking serious @ funny men can make me happy!

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need friends

Ref ID: ac3db48c-2aa3-418b-9b20-750a17d99702

I am a young at heart woman, love lots of things, want to meet friends who may also feel lonely at times, Men or women. I am not a clubbing person, enjoy chatting over food, walks on nice cool days, sipping coffee, wtaching movie.... simple life. Not to expect from each other but share time.

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Looking for a Lady Companion

Ref ID: a7b35bd9-ff24-43ac-a42d-cacd2ea90273

Elderly English Gentleman. Single.

Wishes to meet a lady. age 45 plus.
Companionship. visit restaurants, walks.
shopping, etc.
To know more
e-mail or Phone
Strictly platonic. No, commitment.
Mentor, Tutor and Author.
Sorry no photo, as they do not allow photo's
I will send photo by e-mail if you wish.

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There is nothing more beautiful than a big women

Ref ID: 8ca8b501-65b5-45b8-80d1-1007ef15d138

music, friends, travel, intimates, outing, drinks, dance, etc etc

send me a notes if you like any of these above

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Friends for movie

Ref ID: 3e2fd79b-940b-4d05-96ae-f5eabd8600ad

Any one like movie in cinema? I usually goto cinema at mid-nite.anyone as me?

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New friends

Ref ID: b2b96adc-1d22-4ed2-a7d0-9fbaac6ecd1d

Hi All, sassy charming lady middle-aged, works & lives in SH, who is willing to have new friends here...I love running and reading. Love to travel and see new places near the sea. That would be great to meet you in person as you wish. :)

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