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i entered a new life cycle, but where have all my friends gone?

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I have been in HK for nearly two decades and thought i had become used to the ebb and flow of social life in such a transient place. And yet i discovered that as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet like-minded people. I spent a year travelling, i got out of a long-term relationship, death took my best friend, close friends relocated...and all of a sudden i feel like a newcomer in the city that i used to call home. These days i seem to spend more time skyping and messaging old friends in Europe than engaging in social activities in HK. I miss throwing parties, hiking, going to the cinema, attending cultural events with friends. I am a divorced, fit, child-free European woman, still a bit wild, possibly acting too young for my age :-), love reading and writing, can let my hair down after a couple of glasses of wine. Not interested in status symbols, shopping or manicure.
I would like to meet people (40-50 y/o) who are open-minded, non-religious and can talk about something other than their jobs. Some degree of existential angst is appreciated.

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Looking for new friends

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I am a hk local Chinese female looking for meet new friends to hang out on weekends. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

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i am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. 165 cm and 114 lbs, nice personality. Cantonese speaker preferred.

pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested.

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New Arrival from New York Looking For Artistic Intellectual Friends

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I'm a single mature female just arrived from New York, looking to build friendship with artistic intellectuals who share passions in classical music and literature. I love Bach and Glenn Gould, piano and violin, Steinbeck and Graham Greene. I also enjoy French and Japanese cuisines (a cook myself with all that free time I have). I'm well traveled (not within Asia though) and experienced with different cultures (American, French and German in particular), Would kill for a stimulating conversation and opportunities to grow.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Chinese guy from the UK, who can't speak Cantonese, looking for cool peeps to hang out with

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Hi! I have recently moved to Hong Kong from Edinburgh for work. I am looking for cool people to hang out with in the weekends or even weekday nights :-). I enjoy alternative music and folk, like travelling and photography and hiking and even though I work in a bank, I'm a pretty chilled out guy.

My girlfriend still lives in the UK and she will join me next year. I am looking to meet some people other than people at work.

If anyone is interested in meeting up with me or chatting - please give me a message!

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Waiting to hear from you.I believe in reaching out.

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I am a Chinese woman in my 40's. Left Hong Kong for a while and moved back to take care of my parents. Want to meet new friends, male or female for social activities. I love traveling, dancing, concerts, dining, shopping, singing, movies, pets, .....etc.
I am easy going, humorous, and love to smile.

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new to HK from NYC- looking to make new friends

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I recently relocated to HK from NYC and feeling a little lost in this busy city (so similar to NY yet sooo diff). I would love to meet new, cool, fun people to enjoy all that HK has to offer!
I'm in the design field so into arts, music, food, travel, and pretty much up for anything/everything. Who's ready to explore with me?? :)

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Making new friends for hanging over the weekends

Ref ID: f8976d73-256b-4721-8cc3-a2f550eb77e2

Hi, I'm late 30s female and looking for hanging out over the weekends, dining, drinking, dancing & shopping etc. I love arts and music... Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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recently moved to KTown, looking for hang out / dinner buddies

Ref ID: 6d7ebfb8-44d7-4cb5-b5d9-2c3b94450bae

recently moved to K-Town, looking for dinner buddies to explore this neighbourhood. Local girl speak fluent English, well traveled.

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meet new friends

Ref ID: ba76da36-42f7-4834-9e12-6d068310b8dc

hi there! i m 28 female, a HK born local. simply want to make some new friends....boring to keep working and doing some regular tasks and meeting regular people :D

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Looking for a partner in crime

Ref ID: f0d42ae2-aa9c-42bb-be36-b5e1a255b6cf

I am a western expat in my late 40s who has been in HK for a year and loving it here. I would love to find a fun, friendly and interesting woman to spend time together, particularly on weekends to share interesting conversation and a few laughs over dinner and drinks, see a movie, exercise, sightsee, yada yada yada...

I am tall and fit and you will find me intelligent, fun and friendly, able to converse intelligently on most subjects (and able to talk absolute rubbish when the opportunity arises), and having a very dry sense of humour.

The catch is... I am married. My wife and I live in different countries and see each other rarely. I am not looking for romance but simply miss the company of an interesting, fun and friendly female.

This is not for everyone, but I hope to hear from someone who is willing to take a leap of faith.

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Looking for like minded friends

Ref ID: 90c4d51a-ddb0-4a0a-842d-141986bb8050

Recently moved to Hong kong , i'm 22...Australian Indian mix.

looking for adventurous,intellectual, friends for coffee ,hang out.

i'm more of an entrepreneur,would be nice to meet people who are into that.

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If you are looking for someone like me..

Ref ID: bc96eaea-f881-42a6-8251-8db7f8ca02cd

I was born in China, moving all the way from the north to the south, and now staying in HK. I quit my job last year to travel, went through all kinds of new experiences, and this trip has changed me.

If you are passionate about life; If you like dancing; If you like travel and nature; If you have different culture compared to me; If you are curious about the Chinese. I'm here for you, to share and listen. I'm fluent in all 3 languages. So there's no barrier. Time is too precious. Let's make it count!

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Is it me or everybody?

Ref ID: 400c7e52-32fc-4fae-b016-c3554488c59b

hongkong it's the most city that I love but after living in it from time to time I feel lost connection, living with my bf, everything was perfect but when he is not around I feel useless. I think I needed to meet some people who might enjoy my company, who might become real friends. I mean not just friend who like to go through great time but also there in your hard time. i start having this question in my head is there possibility of finding true friends in your adulthood?

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Friends for movie

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Any one like movie in cinema? I usually goto cinema at mid-nite.anyone as me?

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Dining, Sightseeing, Exhibitions

Ref ID: 728dc4f6-50fb-4aee-960b-2cac85398f45

I am a mature Swiss traveler and I will visit Hong Kong for a week by the end of March 2015. It is my first trip to Hong Kong, and I'm really looking forward to this exciting city and its inhabitants.
I'm looking for a nice lady, I can invite to dining. Or wants to show me some special beauties of Hong Kong. Or accompanies me in an exciting exhibition...
I love good food and would get to know with pleasure some local specialties. I love Tango Dancing, you perhaps? I'm going to live in Central and I would like to get to know the fascinating areas of Hong Kong.
Write me please, I'm looking forward to your message.

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Dining and hiking companions!!

Ref ID: 81e0dd9c-0efe-40be-b571-105e8205309a

I am in my early 40's, have lived in London, New York and Tokyo. I am currently living in central. I am looking for female friends for fine dining ( i love all Western foods and Thai foods.) , drinking, cinema and hiking. I finished a long term relationship with a boyfriend recently so I think It would be better to go out more often !! All my friends are spread out everywhere in the world;) and I am new in Hong Kong still - i am friendly, easygoing and open-minded,
If you are interested, please drop me a note!!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for Friends

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I am new to HK on a rotation from work. I don't know anybody and while my team is great they aren't much for hanging out after working hours. I am looking for friends (male and female) to get together with. I am very open to trying new things and exploring this island and surrounding areas. I'm in my mid 20s, tall, African American female from NJ/NY.

I live and work in Quarry Bay but close to the MTR :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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some one to hangout

Ref ID: 26e071a8-014f-49c2-b6cd-67f9eac8f81e

Hi im a asian guy , in mid forties,who works in hong kong as a driver, in search for lady with, good easy going , who doesn't have a discriminative attitude twds small ppl like us , u know nice simple lady...to evade boring life sometime we all feel...specially when u happen to work far away from home.....waiting to hear from any one who feels the same as me.

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Good looking Asian Guy Need friends aged from 20 to 40.

Ref ID: cd251498-aa33-4831-9dea-54497b350684

I am 32 year old Asian guy. Need friend for chat and sharing all the good/bad things. Can spend sometime together after a working life.

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