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New Zealand

Posted 01/13/2017

Wanting to know more about NZ?? drop me a line ill help if I can, if I cant rely then watch this section ill drop your some contact info
. Keep smiling have a lovely day.

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Gay couple looking for friends in Hong Kong

Posted 01/09/2017

Hey all,

We are a gay couple in our 30s (from UK and HK/America) recently moved to Hong Kong permanently.

To be honest... we don't have a social life... apart from watching movies and going to theme parks- but we are not geeks!

Have travelled and worked throughout the world and having recently moved to Hong Kong would be great to meet some likeminded people here. Pretty flexible in what for... a meal, cinema, theatre...!

Anyway, if you're interested, and in a bit of a similar situation, or just want to continue expanding your social network, feel free to give us a shout!

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Need your perspectives

Posted 01/06/2017

I want to make a travel vlog with interesting perspectives from local people from different countries e.g. Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Cuba and etc. The topics include the local culture, food, secret places, festivals and any interesting topics. Grateful if you can give me some ideas as a local of those countries I mentioned. I would be happy to share with you the interesting things in Hong Kong as I was born in Hong Kong.
Me: a Chinese mature lady with a creative mind, easy-going and happy to make friends with people from different countries.

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Looking for friends

Posted 12/13/2016

Hi there, I m in my mid-20s from HK.
I work during weekdays and always free in Weekends.
I like hiking, traveling, going on an adventure, not a big party animal but a drink won't hurt.
I am looking for like-mind people to hangout. Send me a message if you are interested!


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UK Expat

Posted 12/12/2016


I am a 29 year old male from the uk.

I have just relocated here for work and I am looking for some like minded friends to hang out with.

Interests are:
Hiking, Resturants/Bars, Cinema, Travel, Football, Climbing

Let me know if you fancy going for a drink!

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Any Portuguese here?

Posted 12/10/2016

I am interested to know more about Portugal as I would be going there. Grateful if you can give me some tips. I would be happy to show you some interesting places and give you tips on Hongkong as I am made in Hong Kong! Me: a Chinese mature lady with too many interests.

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pet dog

Posted 12/07/2016

i'm looking for new friends who have big pet dogs.

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Looking for friends

Posted 11/30/2016

Well, I just need someone to talk to.
We can hangout somewhere, anywhere.
Im just bored, Im on a vacation for 5 days and still don't know where to go..
Please message me if you want to meet.

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Meet people in HK

Posted 11/27/2016

Hi, I'm a 29 year old GIRL who moved to HK and I'd like to meet new people here ! I like sports, outdoor activities, movies, restaurants, shows, fun and interesting conversations. I don't drink cause I'm a convert Muslim, that doesn't make me selective or sectarian, I come from a international background and I believe on being open minded and tolerant to everyone's differences and beliefs. So I hope to find good friends here... See you soon.

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New friends

Posted 11/23/2016

Hi All, sassy charming lady middle-aged, works & lives in SH, who is willing to have new friends here...I love running and reading. Love to travel and see new places near the sea. That would be great to meet you in person as you wish.

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Female company for walks and hikes

Posted 11/19/2016

Single Australian male early fifties relaxed, down to earth, non smoker. If you would like to meet a positive kind patient good listener with high self esteem and enjoy 50/50 conversation please read on.

Travelling HK Dec, Philippines Jan.,Thailand and Malaysia Feb, Indonesia June and July. Living HK for 6 months after Sept.17.

Any reliable, easy going local or OCW from these countries I would like to share ideas and experiences. Occupation,race or age no problem, communication and good companionship more important. Anyone who wants to practice their English my ears work. I enjoy walking by the water and look forward to hearing other peoples favourite walks.

My interests include other peoples experiences, day hikes 10-20KM, listening to music, photography, walking, nutrition, local culture and tradition.

Travel is my passion. Look forward to spending time with a variety of people enjoying a few laughs and opinions. I arrive 06/12/16.

Thank you for reading.

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Posted 10/29/2016

I am a well educated man in mid 50's and like to meet people to share life experiences and true meaning of friendship. I lved in Europe most of my life, honesty and sincerity is the most important aspect of my nature. We can be open minded, down to earth and see what we uave in common in this short life on this planet.

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Looking for new people to hang out with!

Posted 10/20/2016

Hi, I'm a female expat, late 30s and relocated to HK last year.

I have many interests and would like to explore HK more but not many of my friends share all the same interests so would like to reach out to those who would be interested in:
- watching opera, musical, ballet, comedy, concert, etc
- trying new restaurants and different ethnic foods
- hiking
- doing day trips to the outer islands

I'm down-to-earth and enjoy a good laugh - please send me message if you would like to hang out! Thanks

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Looking for friend

Posted 10/16/2016

Hi I am here looking for friends to hang out on weekends in HK. I am HK local Chinese female like to travel , explore different kind of food and movie. Please leave me message if you are looking for the same. Thanks

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Posted 10/10/2016

will be in HK for one week;
i would like to meet new friends, if interested contact me or send me your wechat *-*

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Need friends to do sporty things together

Posted 10/03/2016

Hi girls and guys,
I am a sporty gal who likes to dance, lift weights and do kick boxing. I am Chinese Canadian and have been living in HK for 4 years. My sport partner recently got injured so I am looking for new friends to join me in sporty activities. If you are fit and keen to explore different gyms and activities in Hong Kong, drop me a line. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Make new friends

Posted 09/30/2016

I'm a late 30's lady who love arts and music. I just wanna make some new friendship for hanging out over the weekends, movie, shopping, dining and dancing etc. Please kindly drop me a line if you're interested. Thanks.

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Looking for Friends to chill/hangout/explore

Posted 09/23/2016

Hi everyone, I'm a Hong Kong male that just came back from Canada (CBC), and I need some friends to hang out with.

I'm down to do anything movies/shopping/exploring/hiking, but I need some friends to do it with - preferably in their early to mid 20s. Please let me know if you are interested.

Early 20s

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Life outside work

Posted 09/21/2016

Hey all u people out there. Hi. Just need a life outside of work. :) I'm a married guy who would love to meet new people for social chats & activities hotpot karaoke etc. Chilling time. I'm a Chinese guy who grew up in London but moved to HK 7 years ago. Hence, would love to practice my English. :))

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Wanted: International friends

Posted 09/12/2016

I am a 51-year old Chinese-Swede who returned to HK 3 years ago. It's so hard finding true friends right here so I turned to the Internet reluctantly. What I really want is a soul mate, a male companion age 40-65, expats or immigrations from Western countries.

Friends first, love comes later if you are Mr. Right.

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