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companions for free time

Ref ID: a3b4fd4c-c816-4bd6-bcce-b101dff73801

Middle age Chinese. Look younger than I should be ( heart as well )
Wish to get some interesting . fun pals for gathering or quiet social drinking .

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Looking for a special friend

Ref ID: e2b4db56-bafc-4e05-87f0-9155e93b42de

I am a local chinese lady, 154cm tall 98 lbs. Married and want to look for a special friend to have casual fun. This is with my husband's encouragement as he is open minded. He won't get involved during the date.

If you are hygenic, respectful, have stamina & skills, then please get in touch. Caucasians preferred but others will be considered too. NSA.

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Ref ID: 4f6caf12-12a6-4d7d-aa36-deb6513dbe0d

i am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. 165 cm and 114 lbs, nice personality. Cantonese speaker preferred.

pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested.

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i entered a new life cycle, but where have all my friends gone?

Ref ID: 490c3acc-5424-4daf-9848-28e9c860b5cb

I have been in HK for nearly two decades and thought i had become used to the ebb and flow of social life in such a transient place. And yet i discovered that as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet like-minded people. I spent a year travelling, i got out of a long-term relationship, death took my best friend, close friends relocated...and all of a sudden i feel like a newcomer in the city that i used to call home. These days i seem to spend more time skyping and messaging old friends in Europe than engaging in social activities in HK. I miss throwing parties, hiking, going to the cinema, attending cultural events with friends. I am a divorced, fit, child-free European woman, still a bit wild, possibly acting too young for my age :-), love reading and writing, can let my hair down after a couple of glasses of wine. Not interested in status symbols, shopping or manicure.
I would like to meet people (40-50 y/o) who are open-minded, non-religious and can talk about something other than their jobs. Some degree of existential angst is appreciated.

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recovering fr a relationship, same?

Ref ID: 6af5a830-5f04-4eb1-9335-387fdbd38f8d

hi, I have ended a relationship with my bf recently, still need time to recover. I lost interest in doing things alone. If you do not mind to have a drink or go to movie together, leave me a message. f, mid-30s.

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am a female, Indonesian, working as professional in Hong Kong. If you don't wanna be friend with me because of my race, that's fine with me. I've been experiencing that a lot! I'm looking for friends here, those who can accept me regardless my race, religion, gender etc. Looking for those who like going to cinemas.Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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Looking for Friends

Ref ID: 7738ea35-1339-41c3-b7a5-05536a3c5ea4


I am new to HK on a rotation from work. I don't know anybody and while my team is great they aren't much for hanging out after working hours. I am looking for friends (male and female) to get together with. I am very open to trying new things and exploring this island and surrounding areas. I'm in my mid 20s, tall, African American female from NJ/NY.

I live and work in Quarry Bay but close to the MTR :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Find some foreign friends aged from 16 to 20 .

Ref ID: abcd379c-f3a8-435f-824b-401bd5f447c3

I'm a hongkonger,a Christian, studying in secondary school(S.6). I sincerely hope that i can find some foreign young friends here in order to practice my english (become more fluent) and know more about different culture as well as have a good friendship with you guys. I hope to have a chance to hold a gathering which lets the local teens and foreign teens to communicate more and build up friendships:) !!!!!!

If you are interested in it. contact me.

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Nice to meet you :)

Ref ID: c4dcdb73-1d4b-4081-9eab-e50962d46391

Hi there, would like to meet some new girlfriends to try out new restaurants or drinks in Central after work, shopping definitely one of my choices too :)

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Dinning / conversation Partner

Ref ID: 440825df-435a-4562-9580-faf7fa152dbd


Aussie male new to HK, not new to Asia. Looking for quality friends to dine and chat with, or alternatively meet for a quiet social drink (live Central area)

Not looking for much, just looking to pass some time alone outside work, travel with conversation and maybe explore a little of HK.

Me = late 40's, fit run, swim, cycle = triathlon when time permits, enjoy quality food wine and beer (sometimes)., movies, travel and relaxing doing little.

Please feel free to reach out and contact, lets see how we connect.

Enjoy your day :)

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African lady looking for an eastern male friend

Ref ID: 061f9380-81d6-427e-adea-f81c7d865387

I am a 25 south african woman who frequent hong kong and would like to have a hong kong native to show me around n go out n have fun with or maybe more"I would love that"

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Looking for a friend

Ref ID: 036f1f70-fe85-4d79-ac60-49b8be97c806

Hi there, a simple Filipina, 31 seeking for a friend to chat with....i'm bored most of the time...need a real friend whom i can lean on. I'll be waiting!

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50+ Fun Loving Friends

Ref ID: 61c80446-12cb-447f-995d-a889c54d78f7

50+ Fun Loving Friends
Do you find most friends sites and Meet Up groups are made up of people in their 20's and 30's? While many welcome you to join, do you sometimes feel like you are hanging out with your son or daughter? Most dating sites and clubs won’t even consider taking on women over 40. Are there any mature people out there looking for friends who enjoy music, arts, theater, movies, dining and enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer?

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New friends wanted! "Uncle Sam wants you" :)

Ref ID: 2ff9d0cb-2e3b-4cb3-9e4d-44db6f4dfc07

Hi everyone,

Iam a 27 yr old male living in HK. Aussie born, Hong Konger (I am chinese of course). Lived in London for a few years, and now settled in HK. I am single (which is totally irrelevant). I am just looking for some people to hang out with. Male, female, couples, whatever! I am sick of doing things by myself and with the same people over and over again! =P

I can guarantee you won't be bored around me, and I am super interesting *wink wink.

As long as your not from your early 20's, I am sure we will be able to get on terms with conversations and mindsets; even in your 85, which I won't mind pushing your wheelchair around if we decide to go to ocean park for a day ;)

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who doesn't want more real friends?

Ref ID: 8b945469-c67a-422d-9696-15093d75ff46

i'm a 100% local Girl , age 25
i would like to make more outgoing friends,who can enjoy meal with ,laugh with ,play with ...
i don't mind male or female,only human required
i can speak cantonese and ok English lol

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Looking for blonde Australian girl at Wanchai Post Office on Johnston Road

Ref ID: 876dfea0-11b0-455c-817d-fc88ac643451

Met you while queuing at the Wanchai post office on Johnston Road (with the trams) on Thu, June 27 at lunchtime.

You were from Australia and carrying a "LV does not suit me" bag. I stood immediately behind you in the queue and we chatted for a bit (while I was on-and-off on a conference call on my mobile).

Sorry but I was too caught up in my call to ask for your number. Would like to meet again though. Please email me here if you see this message. Thanks!

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Wanna make some new friends

Ref ID: 08fea764-ada3-4f71-8316-8c0ea7224dbf

Hi, there. I'm late 30s female and looking for female friends to hang out over the weekends, dining, drinking, dancing & shopping etc. I love arts and music... Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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Looking for new friends

Ref ID: e990ef2b-7ea8-451f-ba47-fa36180cbcb8

Hi! I am a twenty something female looking for meeting new friends! Friendship/gathering/chatting/badminton is welcome! I can speak Cantonese, English and mandarin...

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My British accent is fading away ....

Ref ID: 7218c7f8-ebbe-494c-9d21-4ffe16a35eac

What I'm after? Friends/buddies/pals for chatting, coffee, drinking, cinemas, hiking, etc. :)

Why ad? After 5 yrs in HK, my London accent is starting to go :( . Lol.

Who am I? Male late 30s, raised in London, born in HK. Speak fluent English, broken Canto. Reading/writing English only.

So if anyone is up for coffee/cinema or other activities in Sha Tin area in the mornings, give me a buzz. Or if u wanna make a new friend buzz me anyway. :) whatsapp/wechat/line

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Looking for like minded woman

Ref ID: b4080dd8-04f1-47ec-948d-761a9fd5b2d4

Unhappy in a relationship and want to have break to enjoy my life. Companionship and to share, drink, movie with like minded woman.

I'm 40+ professional, kind, positive and young looking, Prefer simple and uncomplicated. Meeting only in day time also fine ! Let see if any Chemistry to go next.

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