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friends or not?

Ref ID: f8c5a6ae-e3e1-4e79-8277-419c414b8d97

Hmm…I think..I want to make some new male friends

Me, local hongkongese, 30s, as I just broke up with my bf and still moaning about the love loss…

It takes time to recover but Im trying my best…

I got some male fds…just they are all married and it’s not so good to bother them too often.

So..try to post here and see how it goes.

But better clarify something first..Im NOT looking for fds with benefit, ons or causal fun, so don’t try, if you are looking for that…

Really just someone to talk…..from men’s perspective…and sometimes, it’s really fun to talk with male fds…

Not sure..it’s possible but let’s try.

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female chat friend

Ref ID: 6bf362a6-6f45-464f-a2eb-0750f4b75a5e

Looking for matured blonde or local female friend for chat and.not FWB.

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who doesn't want more real friends?

Ref ID: 8b945469-c67a-422d-9696-15093d75ff46

i'm a 100% local Girl , age 25
i would like to make more outgoing friends,who can enjoy meal with ,laugh with ,play with ...
i don't mind male or female,only human required
i can speak cantonese and ok English lol

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Making new friends for hanging over the weekends

Ref ID: f8976d73-256b-4721-8cc3-a2f550eb77e2

Hi, I'm late 30s female and looking for hanging out over the weekends, dining, drinking, dancing & shopping etc. I love arts and music... Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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recovering fr a relationship, same?

Ref ID: 6af5a830-5f04-4eb1-9335-387fdbd38f8d

hi, I have ended a relationship with my bf recently, still need time to recover. I lost interest in doing things alone. If you do not mind to have a drink or go to movie together, leave me a message. f, mid-30s.

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Is it me or everybody?

Ref ID: 400c7e52-32fc-4fae-b016-c3554488c59b

hongkong it's the most city that I love but after living in it from time to time I feel lost connection, living with my bf, everything was perfect but when he is not around I feel useless. I think I needed to meet some people who might enjoy my company, who might become real friends. I mean not just friend who like to go through great time but also there in your hard time. i start having this question in my head is there possibility of finding true friends in your adulthood?

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Hiking Buddy / Boat Trip / Chillin' in Bar

Ref ID: 058f2b56-841b-41ad-86fe-cf02db21473d

I'm a 20 years old Singaporean girl living and working in Hong Kong right now.

I love to go on hikes and visit the outlying islands during the weekends (my off days).

The weather is starting to chill and it's the perfect time to go all out hiking in the breeze, before it turns too cold!

I would also love to go on a junk boat party, as I didn't get any chance yet! Really wish to go on on before it gets too cold!! Any opportunities for me out there? Please page me!

Also, I wouldn't mind just chilling at a nice bar or dancing in a cool pub too! :)

Reach out! Cheers!


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Looking for like minded friends

Ref ID: 90c4d51a-ddb0-4a0a-842d-141986bb8050

Recently moved to Hong kong , i'm 22...Australian Indian mix.

looking for adventurous,intellectual, friends for coffee ,hang out.

i'm more of an entrepreneur,would be nice to meet people who are into that.

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Looking for a Lady Companion

Ref ID: a7b35bd9-ff24-43ac-a42d-cacd2ea90273

Elderly English Gentleman. Single.
I have lived in Hong Kong for 12 yrs.
I would like to meet a lady. age 45 plus.
for Companionship. visit restaurants, walks.
shopping, Willing to teach you English if required.
If you wish to know more about me,
Please, e-mail or Phone Thank you.
Strictly platonic. No, commitment.
Mentor, Tutor and Author.
My Whatsapp will be back on line the
second week in May, as I am changing
over to another server.
Sorry no photo, as they do not allow photo's
I will send photo by e-mail if you wish.

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looking for new friendships

Ref ID: b8957cea-1ca5-4706-beb8-733064ea7fef

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy dinner.
I am a 24 years old Chinese woman=)

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Find some foreign friends aged from 16 to 20 .

Ref ID: abcd379c-f3a8-435f-824b-401bd5f447c3

I'm a hongkonger,a Christian, studying in secondary school(S.6). I sincerely hope that i can find some foreign young friends here in order to practice my english (become more fluent) and know more about different culture as well as have a good friendship with you guys. I hope to have a chance to hold a gathering which lets the local teens and foreign teens to communicate more and build up friendships:) !!!!!!

If you are interested in it. contact me.

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some one to hangout

Ref ID: 26e071a8-014f-49c2-b6cd-67f9eac8f81e

Hi im a asian guy , in mid forties,who works in hong kong as a driver, in search for lady with, good easy going , who doesn't have a discriminative attitude twds small ppl like us , u know nice simple lady...to evade boring life sometime we all feel...specially when u happen to work far away from home.....waiting to hear from any one who feels the same as me.

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Looking for honest and kindhearted friends

Ref ID: 939de7f6-0a2b-4dcf-b051-aa18adc0d7ee

I am working for an airline in HK.

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New York Arrival Looking For Artistic Intellectuals for Friendship

Ref ID: 5ef87327-7b50-42e5-af21-2b01f44f11c2


I'm a single mature female just arrived from New York, looking to build friendship with artistic intellectuals who share passions in classical music and literature. I love Bach and Glenn Gould, piano and violin, Steinbeck and Graham Greene. I also enjoy French and Japanese cuisines (a cook myself with all that free time I have). I'm well traveled (not within Asia though) and experienced with different cultures (American, French and German in particular), Would kill for a stimulating conversation and opportunities to grow. Look forward to hearing from you.

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i entered a new life cycle, but where have all my friends gone?

Ref ID: 490c3acc-5424-4daf-9848-28e9c860b5cb

I have been in HK for nearly two decades and thought i had become used to the ebb and flow of social life in such a transient place. And yet i discovered that as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet like-minded people. I spent a year travelling, i got out of a long-term relationship, death took my best friend, close friends relocated...and all of a sudden i feel like a newcomer in the city that i used to call home. These days i seem to spend more time skyping and messaging old friends in Europe than engaging in social activities in HK. I miss throwing parties, hiking, going to the cinema, attending cultural events with friends. I am a divorced, fit, child-free European woman, still a bit wild, possibly acting too young for my age :-), love reading and writing, can let my hair down after a couple of glasses of wine. Not interested in status symbols, shopping or manicure.
I would like to meet people (40-50 y/o) who are open-minded, non-religious and can talk about something other than their jobs. Some degree of existential angst is appreciated.

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looking for new friends into music, hiking, and chatting

Ref ID: 6578fd02-976a-4585-9cfc-d57ef20aca7c

I'm a few months new to Hong Kong, but have been living here before. So I'm quite familiar with restaurants and hiking trails. Looking for new friends who are into music, hiking, travelling, age in 30s and 40s. Also like to get companion for fine dining.

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Looking for some friends

Ref ID: 86d35d7e-a618-41f8-8956-163616260690

I'm a 20 years old guy. I'm inexperienced with people. I'm looking for some friends and to enhance my social experience with people. If you're interested, then drop a message.

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just to make firends

Ref ID: 9c337cd7-c767-4f44-9268-f144e1a2d313

Hi , there I am 41 year Indian living in HK for last 10 years, Went to NYC for 2 years for completing studies. I am a chef by profession. And want to learn Cantonese. I love watching movies n photography. Let's meet for a cup of coffee, and take it from there.

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Lonely Transgender Woman looking for some companionship

Ref ID: 3aafbdce-7386-4f95-a71b-7ecb818f9bd0

I know it's a long shot, but I still dream that i can find something i wanted. its not the first time i used personals, but previous experience tells me that this simple dream won't be fulfilled as transgenders are too often associated with sex trade (ladyboys, anyone?) so my personals response will typically be "hi, whats your name." and the next line would be "i like it when woman wears silk. do you have any silky clothes?" like i have to be an object of desire. i just want some companionship, an occasional movie, some conversations, that's it. i don't need to flirt to be happy. a lot of people think that because transgenders like to stay in the shadows so they would be perfect for NSA BS. i know people are afraid to do LTR with us, and seriously, I'm a realistic transwoman, i have already wasted a lot of time in the past being someone i shouldn't have been, and why would i waste more time on LTR when there is so much in this world to explore? sorry for ranting, but just need to get things off my chest.

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need friends

Ref ID: ac3db48c-2aa3-418b-9b20-750a17d99702

I am a young at heart woman, love lots of things, want to meet friends who may also feel lonely at times, Men or women. I am not a clubbing person, enjoy chatting over food, walks on nice cool days, sipping coffee, wtaching movie.... simple life. Not to expect from each other but share time.

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