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just new in hongkong looking for friend

Ref ID: 2f20dc37-89c4-4eb6-a2fe-481de5ffa43c

Im bella ... im from Philippines. Just new and i just start working here.. im looking for a men for friend.... someone to chat to as i dont have friend yet here..

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New friends

Ref ID: b2b96adc-1d22-4ed2-a7d0-9fbaac6ecd1d

Hi All, sassy charming lady middle-aged, works & lives in SH, who is willing to have new friends here...I love running and reading. Love to travel and see new places near the sea. That would be great to meet you in person as you wish. :)

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Nice to meet you :)

Ref ID: c4dcdb73-1d4b-4081-9eab-e50962d46391

Hi there, would like to meet some new girlfriends to try out new restaurants or drinks in Central after work, shopping definitely one of my choices too :)

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My British accent is fading away ....

Ref ID: 7218c7f8-ebbe-494c-9d21-4ffe16a35eac

What I'm after? Friends/buddies/pals for chatting, coffee, drinking, cinemas, hiking, etc. :)

Why ad? After 5 yrs in HK, my London accent is starting to go :( . Lol.

Who am I? Male late 30s, raised in London, born in HK. Speak fluent English, broken Canto. Reading/writing English only.

So if anyone is up for coffee/cinema or other activities in Sha Tin area in the mornings, give me a buzz. Or if u wanna make a new friend buzz me anyway. :) whatsapp/wechat/line

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New Friendship for fun during weekends

Ref ID: 0345e449-add5-48fe-b37f-1e4858c9785d

I'm late 30s female and just looking for female friends to hang out over the weekends continually, dining, drinking, dancing & shopping etc. I love arts and music... Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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Meeting Friends

Ref ID: ee774806-4925-499b-bf0e-117d9f9f5cd1


Female, single from HK. I am looking for new friends who enjoy meeting for coffee, eating out, casual talk, theatre, cinema, opera, walking etc.

Also, I appreciate if we can do the language exchange, I can speak native Cantonese, English, Spanish (hablo un poco español) & mandarin (basic) ... let's talk!

Down to earth and just looking for good company and conversation...

Looking forward.

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New friends wanted! "Uncle Sam wants you" :)

Ref ID: 2ff9d0cb-2e3b-4cb3-9e4d-44db6f4dfc07

Hi everyone,

Iam a 27 yr old male living in HK. Aussie born, Hong Konger (I am chinese of course). Lived in London for a few years, and now settled in HK. I am single (which is totally irrelevant). I am just looking for some people to hang out with. Male, female, couples, whatever! I am sick of doing things by myself and with the same people over and over again! =P

I can guarantee you won't be bored around me, and I am super interesting *wink wink.

As long as your not from your early 20's, I am sure we will be able to get on terms with conversations and mindsets; even in your 85, which I won't mind pushing your wheelchair around if we decide to go to ocean park for a day ;)

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Ref ID: 345345c6-2a7f-4a09-b007-1006f0c287ab

Hey everyone !

Im a female in mid 20s originally from New Zealand(NZBC).

I have been in HK for about 3.5years but spent 3 years in Shenzhen. Just ended my China journey and is starting my new journey in Hong Kong. Most of my friends are back in my hometown New Zealand , so it would be great to have new bunch of good female friends around my age.

If you feel the same , please feel free to PM me. =)

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Looking for like minded woman

Ref ID: b4080dd8-04f1-47ec-948d-761a9fd5b2d4

Unhappy in a relationship and want to have break to enjoy my life. Companionship and to share, drink, movie with like minded woman.

I'm 40+ professional, kind, positive and young looking, Prefer simple and uncomplicated. Meeting only in day time also fine ! Let see if any Chemistry to go next.

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Ref ID: 6ae1e93f-e5ce-4f65-8173-9f8a7245e27d

Dear All ♡
Happy CNY~~
I've just celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday!!
I would like to meet new friends (even a boyfriend of course) in a new chapter:P
I am a optimistic local girl with 167-168cm
love eating and laughing always haha
Also love making new friend!!
I was born in HK, studying in HK..
I have some foreign friends so I guess I am not afraid of speaking English
(Hope there isn't any big communication problem)
Hope to meet someone who can play sports or hang out with me
If you do not mind , we could build a friendship

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am a female, Indonesian, working as professional in Hong Kong. If you don't wanna be friend with me because of my race, that's fine with me. I've been experiencing that a lot! I'm looking for friends here, those who can accept me regardless my race, religion, gender etc. Looking for those who like going to cinemas.Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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Life work balance

Ref ID: 5309ebca-efc7-4713-8be8-f0f6e5c9d78d

Single, professional woman seeking new friends. I have been in HK for the better part of a year and I am eager to expand my social circle and meet new people (40-50 y/o).

When I first arrived I thought I would be here only for a short time, so I threw myself into work and did not mind the lack of social life. Now, it seems I will be here for longer than expected and, in the spirit of reclaiming life/work balance, I am looking for new mates who enjoy meeting for coffee, causal drinks or dinner and intelligent conversation.
Looking forward.

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Lunch/ Dining Companion.

Ref ID: 67d443ad-d759-4eb8-b4a1-fd1d55b2f566

Am looking for Lunch/ Dining companions,While I eat out on my own regularly,I prefer company for fine Lunch/ Dining.If we enjoy each other's company, we could even plan for more Treat Laughing and Crying and do something meaningful or meaningless together.

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visiting hong kong march 4,5,6 2016

Ref ID: d3bae22b-6ae1-4ad7-9542-9a101ebeceac

Visiting Hong Kong on the 4,5,6 of march 2016. would like to meet a sharp outgoing attractive female, that loves to laff, to spend some time site seeing around Hong Kong for 2 days. Museums,cultural events or fine dinning or theater my treat. Not looking for sex but just some good cultural exchange. I have traveled all over the world to 35 different countries. I am funny, outgoing creative and can guarantee to make you laugh and feel good about life. Freindship only. write me soon.

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Looking for a Lady Companion

Ref ID: a7b35bd9-ff24-43ac-a42d-cacd2ea90273

Elderly English Gentleman. Single.

Wishes to meet a lady. age 45 plus.
Companionship. visit restaurants, walks.
shopping, etc.
To know more
e-mail or Phone
Strictly platonic. No, commitment.
Mentor, Tutor and Author.
Sorry no photo, as they do not allow photo's
I will send photo by e-mail if you wish.

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Just Friend

Ref ID: 2df18514-8a80-4c0b-87ce-63e9fc243088

I am originally from Bangladesh, living HK permanently last 25 years, i am 52 years old but physically i dont looks like 52.
I am working as a Business Development in a Japanese Company.

Free to reply

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Relax. It's a beautiful life

Ref ID: f126ef13-25ad-4a9f-80b6-1df185a98c41

New year New plans. New resolutions. So lets monkey around this year, shall we? eg. coffee, cinemas, walks, pubs, etc. Who am I? Ex-Londoner, English speaking Chinese male. In life, you can never have too many friends. :)

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Dining and hiking companions!!

Ref ID: 81e0dd9c-0efe-40be-b571-105e8205309a

I am in my early 40's, have lived in London, New York and Tokyo. I am currently living in central. I am looking for female friends for fine dining ( i love all Western foods and Thai foods.) , drinking, cinema and hiking. I finished a long term relationship with a boyfriend recently so I think It would be better to go out more often !! All my friends are spread out everywhere in the world;) and I am new in Hong Kong still - i am friendly, easygoing and open-minded,
If you are interested, please drop me a note!!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: 37c8c71e-5e61-44ec-a6fb-0e330a1098d4

Hi there, i m professional local in my 20s is looking for friends. Well, we spend 5 days at work, only 2 days off. Shouldn't we enjoy ourself during weekend? I usually like hiking, walking around, staying in, watch a movie. Not à party animal hère but i can use à drink.

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want a friend to talk with me

Ref ID: fa971bcd-1d18-41d8-b39a-66ecb22ab583

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