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New friends

Ref ID: b2b96adc-1d22-4ed2-a7d0-9fbaac6ecd1d

Hi All, sassy charming lady middle-aged, works & lives in SH, who is willing to have new friends here...I love running and reading. Love to travel and see new places near the sea. That would be great to meet you in person as you wish. :)

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Kind funny quiet and serious like a mango roll

Ref ID: 1a961c88-049d-4c1b-9849-d873aa728fd0

Hello everyone,

I am nearly a 40 year female, single looking for friends in Hong Kong. I have recently moved here and living in the Sai Kung area. I would like to meet more friends 35 upwards to go out and have lots of smiles and fun.

I enjoy eating out, shopping and arts. It would be great to make good friends who are honest, decent and clean.

Email me if you would like to know more about me.

See you soon.

Stay happy.

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looking for a Companion

Ref ID: 49f17657-3ee5-49d9-818b-a6dd31b3409c

Hi, early 40 HK woman, outgoing & full of humor personality.
Happy to meet new friends to chat with, & also to share drink, good food or even a movie.
Feel free to leave me a message.

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Lonely women walking

Ref ID: 8bf3234c-b7e9-468b-a5fc-c016396947a6

How many lonely women are walking with their thoughts on a hand and a plastic bag full of unnecessary things on the other.
A lonely woman is a hidden paradise where you don't have the right keys to enter.
Me I am not chinese, and never been to Paradise yet.
but.. I have a lot of beautiful keys.
Don't feel lonely.

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New to HK and looking for new friends

Ref ID: 422dde35-97a1-493c-8386-dfc4c36cb2dd

I am in my early/middle 30s, originally from China, have lived in a few different countries in Europe and Asia. Would like to meet some new female friends for dinning, dancing, shopping, or even travelling together if you also have the same interests.

Well, i guess male friends are welcome too, but sometimes it is just much more fun to go shopping with girls :P

Looking forward to your reply. :)

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companions for free time

Ref ID: a3b4fd4c-c816-4bd6-bcce-b101dff73801

Middle age Chinese. Look younger than I should be ( heart as well )
Wish to get some interesting . fun pals for gathering or quiet social drinking .

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Just saying hello!

Ref ID: f22e0b73-e760-40de-9c50-953cc2add611

Hi everybody! I'm a local female in my twenties looking for new friends here. I enjoy good conversations about anything. I also like films and walking around town when the weather is good. Just say hi and see you soon :)

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who doesn't want more real friends?

Ref ID: 8b945469-c67a-422d-9696-15093d75ff46

i'm a 100% local Girl , age 25
i would like to make more outgoing friends,who can enjoy meal with ,laugh with ,play with ...
i don't mind male or female,only human required
i can speak cantonese and ok English lol

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Ref ID: 345345c6-2a7f-4a09-b007-1006f0c287ab

Hey everyone !

Im a female in mid 20s originally from New Zealand(NZBC).

I have been in HK for about 3.5years but spent 3 years in Shenzhen. Just ended my China journey and is starting my new journey in Hong Kong. Most of my friends are back in my hometown New Zealand , so it would be great to have new bunch of good female friends around my age.


I have two whatsapp groups going on ; mixed & ladies only

If you would like to join, please feel free to PM me your number and I'll add you in :)

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Lets meet for a few drinks ! (32/M)

Ref ID: 5b4a54ee-1a17-400f-9ab6-b17c004d9dfe

32-year-old man of Indian origin in HK for a few weeks, looking for people to hand around with and network over drinks/coffee/dinner and talk about anything and everything. Open to meeting both ladies and gents as long as they are interesting enough.

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New Life

Ref ID: 3852da61-a31d-400e-be1f-11aaf8c1309a

I am late 20, 164cm tall and born in hk. It may be a bit awkward to say i am not a typical HK lady and I think respect is very important nowadays. Just end up a decade relationship and I think it's about time to keep my head up. Hope i am lucky enough to find a company to share life. Please drop me a note if you don't mind to start from friendship.

Look forward to hearing from you ^-^

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Looking for new friends

Ref ID: e990ef2b-7ea8-451f-ba47-fa36180cbcb8

Hi! I am a twenty something female looking for meeting new friends! Friendship/gathering/chatting/badminton is welcome! I can speak Cantonese, English and mandarin...

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African lady looking for an eastern male friend

Ref ID: 061f9380-81d6-427e-adea-f81c7d865387

I am a 25 south african woman who frequent hong kong and would like to have a hong kong native to show me around n go out n have fun with or maybe more"I would love that"

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want a friend to talk with me

Ref ID: fa971bcd-1d18-41d8-b39a-66ecb22ab583

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Looking for honest and kindhearted friends

Ref ID: 939de7f6-0a2b-4dcf-b051-aa18adc0d7ee

I am working for an airline in HK.

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companions for free time

Ref ID: 68c3017e-41cf-4977-856c-1f881ab9aa89

HI. middle age Chinese . fun, pleasant, open-minded. Happy to meet more friends around the world. let's go gathering , drinks, good food .. even a sip of coffee :)

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Looking for some friends

Ref ID: 199743e9-d1a7-491f-981c-8f966a57ac60

I'm Asian in my early 30s, and have been in Hk for 4mobths now. Would like to meet some new friends to do things with: coffee, meal, hiking, walks , galleries and movies.

If you feel the same, pls drop me a line.

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50+ Fun Loving Friends

Ref ID: 61c80446-12cb-447f-995d-a889c54d78f7

50+ Fun Loving Friends
Do you find most friends sites and Meet Up groups are made up of people in their 20's and 30's? While many welcome you to join, do you sometimes feel like you are hanging out with your son or daughter? Most dating sites and clubs won’t even consider taking on women over 40. Are there any mature people out there looking for friends who enjoy music, arts, theater, movies, dining and enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer?

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Looking for some new friends after breaking up with BF

Ref ID: 07661df7-621c-4121-861d-8be0da86a18d

The title says it all 😪
Chinese female in 40s, still taking time to move on.
Looking for new friends to hanging out with. No more club scenes to me, though enjoy good food, walking around, movies etc.,.

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Ref ID: 0ec08188-e131-4164-a608-4227c519fff8

I am a local Chinese lady and would like to meet new friends. I love movies, travel and hiking.

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