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Gathering together in Mid-Levels and Central

Ref ID: e66348e1-c9f3-4f3b-9049-924c91bbc511

Hi folks,

I'm Danny, 32,m, from Switzerland. I arrived in Hong Kong in September together with my better half and I have to say it's an amazing city with fabulous people so far.

I am new to the city and I like meeting new people from all around the world, so if you like to go out for drinks, dinner, to do sports, go for a hike or to have fun and explore this exciting city in any other way drop me a pm or your whatsapp.

Would also be very cool if there is a few people so that we can open a whatsapp group to organize a nice dinner, a junk boat cruise or something else. Women, men and couples as well as good ideas more than welcome.

btw: I am living at Caine Road but of course I am happy to discover other areas of HK

see you around

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Lets be friends

Ref ID: 06a073b7-eacb-4116-a547-4eb721e0a8c1

Hello everyone!

Anyone here who feels the same? Someone who needs something New like new friends,activities etc. I need something or someone to help me divert my sad thoughts. PM me if you feel the same.

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looking for a Companion

Ref ID: 49f17657-3ee5-49d9-818b-a6dd31b3409c

Hi, early 40 HK woman, outgoing & full of humor personality.
Happy to meet new friends to chat with, & also to share drink, good food or even a movie.
Feel free to leave me a message.

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need friends

Ref ID: ac3db48c-2aa3-418b-9b20-750a17d99702

I am a young at heart woman, love lots of things, want to meet friends who may also feel lonely at times, Men or women. I am not a clubbing person, enjoy chatting over food, walks on nice cool days, sipping coffee, wtaching movie.... simple life. Not to expect from each other but share time.

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Wine or dinner

Ref ID: 6caa13d7-7077-4242-995b-0d9e5cb94ac3

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy wine, dinner, movies and conversation.

Wanting to meet new friends in hk. I am 33 yr old western woman, looking to enjoy the balmy evenings in hk with new friends.

Look forward to meeting you!!!!!

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Ref ID: 848f06e2-f5ad-4934-a6ce-e3eadae70786

I would consider myself to be a very honest and sincere, fun loving, easy going, down to earth and faithful man...I'm a goal oriented man who believes in hard work...I like meeting new people and travel most times for work.I'm that kind of man who respects the value of a home and true love when I see one...i would always want to hurry home after work to spend time with my family......I like going to the gym, the parks, seating on the sea shores, taking a walk in the woods. I'm willing to go an extra mile for true love... In short I would say I'm outgoing and warm-hear ted, Feel free to contact me. Hope to read from you soon.

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willing to go with flow ??....

Ref ID: 8cec7f1a-b448-41fd-9895-6c2a968310b0

I'm not young -- but I look at least 10yrs younger than I should be
I'm not a fashion icon - but I dressed in good taste
I'm not a super model - but I'm quite eye catching
I'm not a smooth talker - but I'm genuine
I'm not rich - but I have a stable job and supporting myself easily
I'm not single - but I'm stuck into a fake marriage , looking for a way out and yet , I would like to live out my life . I surely need some care from a man . Not looking for hit and run.
If you don't mind to start as a friend and u don't mind to go with flow without any commitment . If you are non-asian and you are interested to know me more , message me ......
you would like to be with me

Cheers .....

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companions for free time

Ref ID: 68c3017e-41cf-4977-856c-1f881ab9aa89

HI. middle age Chinese . fun, pleasant, open-minded. Happy to meet more friends around the world. let's go gathering , drinks, good food .. even a sip of coffee :)

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New York Arrival Looking For Artistic Intellectuals for Friendship

Ref ID: 5ef87327-7b50-42e5-af21-2b01f44f11c2


I'm a single mature female just arrived from New York, looking to build friendship with artistic intellectuals who share passions in classical music and literature. I love Bach and Glenn Gould, piano and violin, Steinbeck and Graham Greene. I also enjoy French and Japanese cuisines (a cook myself with all that free time I have). I'm well traveled (not within Asia though) and experienced with different cultures (American, French and German in particular), Would kill for a stimulating conversation and opportunities to grow. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Kind funny quiet and serious like a mango roll

Ref ID: 1a961c88-049d-4c1b-9849-d873aa728fd0

Hello everyone,

I am nearly a 40 year female, single looking for friends in Hong Kong. I have recently moved here and living in the Sai Kung area. I would like to meet more friends 35 upwards to go out and have lots of smiles and fun.

I enjoy eating out, shopping and arts. It would be great to make good friends who are honest, decent and clean.

Email me if you would like to know more about me.

See you soon.

Stay happy.

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Looking for a partner in crime

Ref ID: f0d42ae2-aa9c-42bb-be36-b5e1a255b6cf

I am a western expat in my late 40s who has been in HK for a year and loving it here. I would love to find a fun, friendly and interesting woman to spend time together, particularly on weekends to share interesting conversation and a few laughs over dinner and drinks, see a movie, exercise, sightsee, yada yada yada...

I am tall and fit and you will find me intelligent, fun and friendly, able to converse intelligently on most subjects (and able to talk absolute rubbish when the opportunity arises), and having a very dry sense of humour.

The catch is... I am married. My wife and I live in different countries and see each other rarely. I am not looking for romance but simply miss the company of an interesting, fun and friendly female.

This is not for everyone, but I hope to hear from someone who is willing to take a leap of faith.

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Find some foreign friends aged from 16 to 20 .

Ref ID: abcd379c-f3a8-435f-824b-401bd5f447c3

I'm a hongkonger,a Christian, studying in secondary school(S.6). I sincerely hope that i can find some foreign young friends here in order to practice my english (become more fluent) and know more about different culture as well as have a good friendship with you guys. I hope to have a chance to hold a gathering which lets the local teens and foreign teens to communicate more and build up friendships:) !!!!!!

If you are interested in it. contact me.

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Friends to explore HK

Ref ID: cf8f07fa-eb68-48bd-90d4-9622eb552e35

In HK and have too much free time.
I am an expat guy and looking for like minded people to explore HK and enjoy an occasional coffee or glass of wine.
Happy to meet somewhere for a coffee and chat about the great places to go in HK.

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Looking for new friends

Ref ID: 5eb11c68-bdd4-4e15-972d-546860b70070

I am a hk local Chinese female looking for meet new friends to hang out on weekends. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

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Dining buddies

Ref ID: 127b5b7a-c857-4776-b96c-879244a250dd

Looking for dining companions. Currently on my list is a Curtis Duffy dinner (guest chef in September), Ta Vie and many more. Please contact me if you would like to join me. I am female, early 50's and easy-going...as long as the food is good.

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Girls go Clubbing with

Ref ID: beb410e3-1a69-43bb-9efa-c607d1580de2

I'm a model in Hong Kong and I would like to meet some girl friend to go clubbing with,please draw me a message :)let's share the fun in Hong Kong.

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looking for new friends into music, hiking, and chatting

Ref ID: 8411d154-8675-4069-8399-c159912cf666

I lived and worked in a few metropolitan cities such as New York, Toronto, Singapore and now Hong Kong. I'm quite familiar with both eastern and western culture. Just wonder if anyone with like-mind would like to meet, listen to music (really into New Age, classical, and some pop), hiking...

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Looking for Friends

Ref ID: b88d1e49-e421-4172-827f-60a851e1ad55


I am a asian guy new to Hong Kong and just looking for friends to spend the weekend , go for a coffee , movies , swimming etc..

Casual drinking / No smoking and Lets meet and explore this new place.

Please leave me massage if you interested.


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Lunch/ Dining Companion.

Ref ID: 67d443ad-d759-4eb8-b4a1-fd1d55b2f566

Am looking for Lunch/ Dining companions,While I eat out on my own regularly,I prefer company for fine Lunch/ Dining.If we enjoy each other's company, we could even plan for more Treat Laughing and Crying and do something meaningful or meaningless together.

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Meeting Friends

Ref ID: 757571dc-3736-4229-af67-6d159e2830a6

I live in HK for nearly 9 years. I want to break up my routine of just work, work, work and no play. I'm looking for friends who enjoy hiking, running, need a tennis partner or going to cinema/clubbing and coffee. If you are interested, please email me as I would love to hear from you.

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