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New Friends

Ref ID: b6479c1a-3705-4076-8e7f-10c9f5059f1e

Expat looking to make new friends to hang out, do sports, hike, drink, eat, travel etc.

Hope to hear from y'all.

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Gathering together in Mid-Levels and Central

Ref ID: e66348e1-c9f3-4f3b-9049-924c91bbc511

Hi folks,

I'm Danny, 32,m, from Switzerland. I arrived in Hong Kong in September together with my better half and I have to say it's an amazing city with fabulous people so far.

I am new to the city and I like meeting new people from all around the world, so if you like to go out for drinks, dinner, to do sports, go for a hike or to have fun and explore this exciting city in any other way drop me a pm or your whatsapp.

Would also be very cool if there is a few people so that we can open a whatsapp group to organize a nice dinner, a junk boat cruise or something else. Women, men and couples as well as good ideas more than welcome.

btw: I am living at Caine Road but of course I am happy to discover other areas of HK

see you around

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Looking for new friends

Ref ID: 5eb11c68-bdd4-4e15-972d-546860b70070

I am a hk local Chinese female looking for meet new friends to hang out on weekends. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

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i entered a new life cycle, but where have all my friends gone?

Ref ID: 490c3acc-5424-4daf-9848-28e9c860b5cb

I have been in HK for nearly two decades and thought i had become used to the ebb and flow of social life in such a transient place. And yet i discovered that as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet like-minded people. I spent a year travelling, i got out of a long-term relationship, death took my best friend, close friends relocated...and all of a sudden i feel like a newcomer in the city that i used to call home. These days i seem to spend more time skyping and messaging old friends in Europe than engaging in social activities in HK. I miss throwing parties, hiking, going to the cinema, attending cultural events with friends. I am a divorced, fit, child-free European woman, still a bit wild, possibly acting too young for my age :-), love reading and writing, can let my hair down after a couple of glasses of wine. Not interested in status symbols, shopping or manicure.
I would like to meet people (40-50 y/o) who are open-minded, non-religious and can talk about something other than their jobs. Some degree of existential angst is appreciated.

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Wine or dinner

Ref ID: 6caa13d7-7077-4242-995b-0d9e5cb94ac3

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy wine, dinner, movies and conversation.

Wanting to meet new friends in hk. I am 33 yr old western woman, looking to enjoy the balmy evenings in hk with new friends.

Look forward to meeting you!!!!!

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Ref ID: e1a537de-a1d0-49a0-bca8-0547faf3c60a

I am relocated to Hong Kong seven months ago. Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live and I love the contrast between the city and the green areas that we have on our doorstep. Looking to meet new friends to meet for a drink / food and find out more about this wonderful city.
I am based Island side, and interests include (but not limited to) Hiking, films, meditation and yoga, good food, good beer...😀

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New Friendship for fun during weekends

Ref ID: 0345e449-add5-48fe-b37f-1e4858c9785d

I'm late 30s female and just looking for female friends to hang out over the weekends continually, dining, drinking, dancing & shopping etc. I love arts and music... Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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Meeting Friends

Ref ID: 757571dc-3736-4229-af67-6d159e2830a6

I live in HK for nearly 9 years. I want to break up my routine of just work, work, work and no play. I'm looking for friends who enjoy hiking, running, need a tennis partner or going to cinema/clubbing and coffee. If you are interested, please email me as I would love to hear from you.

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Friends to explore HK

Ref ID: cf8f07fa-eb68-48bd-90d4-9622eb552e35

In HK and have too much free time.
I am an expat guy and looking for like minded people to explore HK and enjoy an occasional coffee or glass of wine.
Happy to meet somewhere for a coffee and chat about the great places to go in HK.

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looking for new friendships

Ref ID: b8957cea-1ca5-4706-beb8-733064ea7fef

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy dinner.
I am a 24 years old Chinese woman=)

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Looking For Female Friends esp. Filipina (professionals)

Ref ID: cbd2fba4-6399-4d84-8ba9-350b75b2c74d

Hi, I'm Jeck, 30y/o,Filipina and would like to make some friends here in Hong Kong. I moved in the city 2 years ago. I have few friends (unfortunately they are always busy working) and i seldom see them (1-2 times a month). I'm looking for women esp.Filipina (professionals) who share the same interests as me -- watching movies, sports, outdoor activities,love to cook, appreciate food and wine, arts, and yoga. I only speak English and Tagalog.

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Looking for a special friend

Ref ID: e2b4db56-bafc-4e05-87f0-9155e93b42de

I am a local chinese lady, 154cm tall 98 lbs. Married and want to look for a special friend to have casual fun. This is with my husband's encouragement as he is open minded. He won't get involved during the date.

If you are hygenic, respectful, have stamina & skills, then please get in touch. Caucasians preferred but others will be considered too. NSA.

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Ref ID: 345345c6-2a7f-4a09-b007-1006f0c287ab

Hey everyone !

Im a female in mid 20s originally from New Zealand(NZBC).

I have been in HK for about 3.5years but spent 3 years in Shenzhen. Just ended my China journey and is starting my new journey in Hong Kong. Most of my friends are back in my hometown New Zealand , so it would be great to have new bunch of good female friends around my age.

If you feel the same , please feel free to PM me. =)

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: edbc9abb-4878-4130-a8b6-01494622d21a

British, Female, 49, new to Hong Kong. Looking for friends for drinks, eating out, theatre, cinema, opera, walking etc. Down to earth and just looking for good company and conversation..preferably not about work!

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New friends

Ref ID: b2b96adc-1d22-4ed2-a7d0-9fbaac6ecd1d

Hi All, sassy charming lady middle-aged, works & lives in SH, who is willing to have new friends here...I love running and reading. Love to travel and see new places near the sea. That would be great to meet you in person as you wish. :)

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Looking for a new friends

Ref ID: 58969df5-ea6d-411b-9696-7ba6bc314ce5

Hi there! i am looking for some new friends to chat ! if you like to talk about foods places travelling please comtact me!

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am a female, Indonesian, working as professional in Hong Kong. If you don't wanna be friend with me because of my race, that's fine with me. I've been experiencing that a lot! I'm looking for friends here, those who can accept me regardless my race, religion, gender etc. Looking for those who like going to cinemas.Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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recovering fr a relationship, same?

Ref ID: 6af5a830-5f04-4eb1-9335-387fdbd38f8d

hi, I have ended a relationship with my bf recently, still need time to recover. I lost interest in doing things alone. If you do not mind to have a drink or go to movie together, leave me a message. f, mid-30s.

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New Life

Ref ID: 3852da61-a31d-400e-be1f-11aaf8c1309a

I am late 20, 164cm tall and born in hk. It may be a bit awkward to say i am not a typical HK lady and I think respect is very important nowadays. Just end up a decade relationship and I think it's about time to keep my head up. Hope i am lucky enough to find a company to share life. Please drop me a note if you don't mind to start from friendship.

Look forward to hearing from you ^-^

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looking for a Companion

Ref ID: 49f17657-3ee5-49d9-818b-a6dd31b3409c

Hi, early 40 HK woman, outgoing & full of humor personality.
Happy to meet new friends to chat with, & also to share drink, good food or even a movie.
Feel free to leave me a message.

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