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Wanted: International friends

Posted 09/12/2016

I am a 51-year old Chinese-Swede who returned to HK 3 years ago. It's so hard finding true friends right here so I turned to the Internet reluctantly. What I really want is a soul mate, a male companion age 40-65, expats or immigrations from Western countries.

Friends first, love comes later if you are Mr. Right.

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artsy friends

Posted 09/10/2016

hey guys!

im filipino/chinese 22,male I'm looking for new friends to hang out with, who likes art, music, movies or just hanging out. looking for fun activities or art/photography things or we can just go get drunk and wild for the night or just hang out in a chill place, it doesnt really matter I'm down with anything really!

so send me a message if you wanna hang.
i prefer hanging out with people in their 20s though, no offense

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Share views

Posted 08/29/2016

I am a man in my 50's looking for people with life expereince to share
good positive ideas with a strong mind. I am a born Romantic person
who is always patient,optimistic and caring. I am down to earth and honesty
comes first as lies we owe to know one.

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Meet ups

Posted 08/22/2016

Hi are there any lonely Ex-Pats wives out there. Who would like to meet up?

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Looking for a Joyous Company

Posted 08/17/2016

Hi, in 30s and Indian Origin. I travel to Hong Kong nearly every month for work and am looking for a friend(not interested in committed relationship) to spend sometime beyond the professionalism and chaos of the city. I love music (glam rock, classic, country), am a hardcore motor-biker (done some of the highest motor-able passes of the world). A "cool headed" and "kind of fit" man (Yoga does help :)), likes to travel and of-course partying sometimes. Am here right now, let me know if that interests you and we an take it further from there :) Look to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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Lets meet for a few drinks ! (32/M)

Posted 08/04/2016

32-year-old man of Indian origin in HK for a few weeks, looking for people to hand around with and network over drinks/coffee/dinner and talk about anything and everything. Open to meeting both ladies and gents as long as they are interesting enough.

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26 AU F New to HK, Looking to make some friends

Posted 08/01/2016

I never thought I'd be posting on an online forum to make some new friends, but here I am in a new city and am getting sick of going out for coffee by my self!

I have lived in Melbourne, Australia for most of my life and have now moved to HK with my boyfriend (he is working) approximately 3 weeks ago. I'm a qualified English / Humanities teacher in Australia and am currently trying to hunt down a job!

I am very social, enjoy hanging out with friends (...if only I had some here!), getting drinks / coffee / brunch / lunch / dinner (really any kind of food), cooking, travelling (just travelled in Asia for 6 months) looking forward to going for some hikes - but a little nervous about this one - and I'm super interested in meeting some gal pals to be able to share these kinds of things with.

I'm going to be here for at least 18 months, maybe 3 years, maybe even longer. I'm really hoping to meet some people that I can be friends with for this whole time. Again, I feel so weird posting this but I'm sure if you're in the same boat as me, or you have been in the past, you understand what I'm trying to say.

I'm not looking to just be added to another whatsapp message group with hundreds of members who already know each other! If you think I dont sound totally awful, send me a message, we can have a chat and maybe a coffee! :)

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Looking for friendship first (Female)

Posted 07/22/2016

Hi, I am 36yo oversea educated guy and have lived abroad for sometime. I am working in HK and looking for female friend to start with before moving further for serious relationship. I am 5'10 tall, sporty and fit. During spare time I like playing badminton and going to gym.

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Posted 07/14/2016

Hi There

Very recently single and in need of a some fun and a good laugh, I like going out for the usual stuff i.e. dinner movies. I am not looking for anything serious at this stage simply a friend who I can enjoy the little spare time I have. (Have 1 children)

I am an Asian guy 36 5f 9 body build,.

If you would like to do the same please send me a message and I will get back to you :-)

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looking for friendship

Posted 07/11/2016

I m newly arrived in Hong Kong
Mature Englishman also speak French fluently as dual national
Looking for genuine friends
I like cinema that is art Films history and reading

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looking for new friends

Posted 07/08/2016

I m a 63 year old Englishman newly arrived in Hong Kong
I looking to make new friends
I m married so just friends
I speak English and French
I m interested in the usual things like art,history and art
So if you are interested contact me

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Hello everyone!

Posted 07/06/2016

Hi there! I'm in my late 20's looking to meet new people/friends and or any possible things develops, I'm easy going love music and movies, everyone is welcome to ask questions openly :)

Look forward to whoever is interested, thank you


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Want to make new friends!!

Posted 06/19/2016

Hi everyone:)
I'm a 20 Hong Kong girl. Looking for some foreign friends.
It would be very nice if you are interested to be my partner of swimming / playing badminton / other sports :D
I love photography , reading, hang out and watching movie
hope to make some new friends, we can go hiking , theme park , watching a film etc
please send me a message if you want it too!!

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Japanese friend

Posted 06/01/2016

Hi. I am in love with japan since born until now 36yrs old.
Been studying japanese more than 12 years.
I have Japanese friends in japan but not in Hong Kong.
Hope to meet some goods friends in Hong Kong,

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New to HK and looking for new friends

Posted 05/28/2016

I am in my early/middle 30s, originally from China, have lived in a few different countries in Europe and Asia. Would like to meet some new female friends for dinning, dancing, shopping, or even travelling together if you also have the same interests.

Well, i guess male friends are welcome too, but sometimes it is just much more fun to go shopping with girls :P

Looking forward to your reply. :)

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Posted 05/02/2016

Hello i am here looking for friends lady any One intersted me
Pls send me messages I will reply

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Looking for sporty friends

Posted 04/30/2016

Hi, am a fit and active Chinese Canadian female who's into dancing, kickboxing, martial arts. If you have time during the day or early evening and would like to join me for some classes, drop me a line. Looking forward to expanding my social circle and trying new things with fun and fit people. Anyone out there looking for a fun fit friend?

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want to meet my fellow American

Posted 04/30/2016


I feel quite disconnected with my home country. I hope to find my fellow Americans here in Hong Kong to make some new friends.

Hope to hear from you soon : )

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Looking for freindship

Posted 04/25/2016

Hello Friend.
i am 40 years old and i live in HK
i am alone here doing job and some business as well

i am looking for any ethencity female partner who can share my life here
who can go for outing ,,, hiking ,,, we can do some fun,,, who can be friend
with trust and loving nature,

if you are interested please tell me

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New Friends

Posted 04/17/2016

Expat looking to make new friends to hang out, do sports, hike, drink, eat, travel etc.

Hope to hear from y'all.

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