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Find some foreign friends aged from 16 to 20 .

Ref ID: abcd379c-f3a8-435f-824b-401bd5f447c3

I'm a hongkonger,a Christian, studying in secondary school(S.6). I sincerely hope that i can find some foreign young friends here in order to practice my english (become more fluent) and know more about different culture as well as have a good friendship with you guys. I hope to have a chance to hold a gathering which lets the local teens and foreign teens to communicate more and build up friendships:) !!!!!!

If you are interested in it. contact me.

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Looking for some new friends after breaking up with BF

Ref ID: 07661df7-621c-4121-861d-8be0da86a18d

The title says it all 😪
Chinese female in 40s, still taking time to move on.
Looking for new friends to hanging out with. No more club scenes to me, though enjoy good food, walking around, movies etc.,.

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Wine or dinner

Ref ID: 6caa13d7-7077-4242-995b-0d9e5cb94ac3

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy wine, dinner, movies and conversation.

Wanting to meet new friends in hk. I am 33 yr old western woman, looking to enjoy the balmy evenings in hk with new friends.

Look forward to meeting you!!!!!

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New friends wanted! "Uncle Sam wants you" :)

Ref ID: 2ff9d0cb-2e3b-4cb3-9e4d-44db6f4dfc07

Hi everyone,

Iam a 27 yr old male living in HK. Aussie born, Hong Konger (I am chinese of course). Lived in London for a few years, and now settled in HK. I am single (which is totally irrelevant). I am just looking for some people to hang out with. Male, female, couples, whatever! I am sick of doing things by myself and with the same people over and over again! =P

I can guarantee you won't be bored around me, and I am super interesting *wink wink.

As long as your not from your early 20's, I am sure we will be able to get on terms with conversations and mindsets; even in your 85, which I won't mind pushing your wheelchair around if we decide to go to ocean park for a day ;)

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looking for friendship

Ref ID: 800d8f32-0115-42b5-b4c8-84dbc4bb7503

I m newly arrived in Hong Kong
Mature Englishman also speak French fluently as dual national
Looking for genuine friends
I like cinema that is art Films history and reading

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looking for new friends

Ref ID: c0adfd90-b6d3-40c2-b5c2-7ce0ef205907

I m a 63 year old Englishman newly arrived in Hong Kong
I looking to make new friends
I m married so just friends
I speak English and French
I m interested in the usual things like art,history and art
So if you are interested contact me

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Looking for friends, to start with at least.

Ref ID: ac1af26d-6d0a-4a05-a377-2a97f4d5bc2b

l'm a 30 years old, independent professional woman who works in design field. Marital status: married but separated. Children: 1 beautiful baby daughter. Interested in movies, art, music, literature and design. Worldly and curious, open-minded. l am looking for new friends who can have a good chat, stimuate each other's intelligence, for happiness and fun. Prefer to chat through whatsapp first. If the chemistry clicks a glass of wine would be wonderful indeed.

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Hello everyone!

Ref ID: ccc9cb54-65cc-4bb2-9dcb-8ca99ee4f9b5

Hi there! I'm in my late 20's looking to meet new people/friends and or any possible things develops, I'm easy going love music and movies, everyone is welcome to ask questions openly :)

Look forward to whoever is interested, thank you


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Travel somewhere arnd sep end

Ref ID: 9bb06252-00ce-47b1-a4d4-9b7897a204b3

Hihi...anyone wanna travel somewhere during the public holiday in sep end?...I spend most of the time alone and kinda very bored...wud luv to go arnd with someone.even if looking to hangout in HK on other days....am up for it...looking forward to it...:)

Am 30 single Finance....


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Just saying hello!

Ref ID: f22e0b73-e760-40de-9c50-953cc2add611

Hi everybody! I'm a local female in my twenties looking for new friends here. I enjoy good conversations about anything. I also like films and walking around town when the weather is good. Just say hi and see you soon :)

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50+ Fun Loving Friends

Ref ID: 61c80446-12cb-447f-995d-a889c54d78f7

50+ Fun Loving Friends
Do you find most friends sites and Meet Up groups are made up of people in their 20's and 30's? While many welcome you to join, do you sometimes feel like you are hanging out with your son or daughter? Most dating sites and clubs won’t even consider taking on women over 40. Are there any mature people out there looking for friends who enjoy music, arts, theater, movies, dining and enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer?

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i entered a new life cycle, but where have all my friends gone?

Ref ID: 490c3acc-5424-4daf-9848-28e9c860b5cb

I have been in HK for nearly two decades and thought i had become used to the ebb and flow of social life in such a transient place. And yet i discovered that as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet like-minded people. I spent a year travelling, i got out of a long-term relationship, death took my best friend, close friends relocated...and all of a sudden i feel like a newcomer in the city that i used to call home. These days i seem to spend more time skyping and messaging old friends in Europe than engaging in social activities in HK. I miss throwing parties, hiking, going to the cinema, attending cultural events with friends. I am a divorced, fit, child-free European woman, still a bit wild, possibly acting too young for my age :-), love reading and writing, can let my hair down after a couple of glasses of wine. Not interested in status symbols, shopping or manicure.
I would like to meet people (40-50 y/o) who are open-minded, non-religious and can talk about something other than their jobs. Some degree of existential angst is appreciated.

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Lonely women walking

Ref ID: 8bf3234c-b7e9-468b-a5fc-c016396947a6

How many lonely women are walking with their thoughts on a hand and a plastic bag full of unnecessary things on the other.
A lonely woman is a hidden paradise where you don't have the right keys to enter.
Me I am not chinese, and never been to Paradise yet.
but.. I have a lot of beautiful keys.
Don't feel lonely.

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Looking for some friends

Ref ID: 199743e9-d1a7-491f-981c-8f966a57ac60

I'm Asian in my early 30s, and have been in Hk for 4mobths now. Would like to meet some new friends to do things with: coffee, meal, hiking, walks , galleries and movies.

If you feel the same, pls drop me a line.

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Looking for freindship

Ref ID: 85c52e08-5e59-442b-a5a5-233d43280573

Hello Friend.
i am 40 years old and i live in HK
i am alone here doing job and some business as well

i am looking for any ethencity female partner who can share my life here
who can go for outing ,,, hiking ,,, we can do some fun,,, who can be friend
with trust and loving nature,

if you are interested please tell me

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looking for freinds

Ref ID: bc7e6bfe-cf03-45f0-95eb-135679438023

looking for friends

typical week for me
5 days gym
3 days meditation
enjoy cooking
practice Tantric massage therapies

have small trading business in textiles
do not smoke , social drinker , just wanna explore life .. activities , friends, discussions
you never know next tsunami .


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New Life

Ref ID: 3852da61-a31d-400e-be1f-11aaf8c1309a

I am late 20, 164cm tall and born in hk. It may be a bit awkward to say i am not a typical HK lady and I think respect is very important nowadays. Just end up a decade relationship and I think it's about time to keep my head up. Hope i am lucky enough to find a company to share life. Please drop me a note if you don't mind to start from friendship.

Look forward to hearing from you ^-^

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Looking for sporty friends

Ref ID: a3c51424-0503-4787-aae1-27460d52169d

Hi, am a fit and active Chinese Canadian female who's into dancing, kickboxing, martial arts. If you have time during the day or early evening and would like to join me for some classes, drop me a line. Looking forward to expanding my social circle and trying new things with fun and fit people. Anyone out there looking for a fun fit friend?

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A friend from overseas

Ref ID: 932b2913-aef4-46ae-8239-0e7084979682

I am a Chinese American male living in New York and have spent time growing up in Hong Kong with fond memories when I was young Looking to meet an intelligent and pleasant female friend (local or expat) to do things with during my visits to Hong Kong, with the next one coming up in two months....sightseeing, outdoor, events, cultures, drinks, dining, etc. Looking to the same person to stay connected and share conversations with otherwise. I am mid-40's, adventurous, open minded and have a good sense of humor. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: 37c8c71e-5e61-44ec-a6fb-0e330a1098d4

Hi there, i m professional local in my 20s is looking for friends. Well, we spend 5 days at work, only 2 days off. Shouldn't we enjoy ourself during weekend? I usually like hiking, walking around, staying in, watch a movie. Not à party animal hère but i can use à drink.

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