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looking for new friends into music, hiking, and chatting

Ref ID: 8411d154-8675-4069-8399-c159912cf666

I lived and worked in a few metropolitan cities such as New York, Toronto, Singapore and now Hong Kong. I'm quite familiar with both eastern and western culture. Just wonder if anyone with like-mind would like to meet, listen to music (really into New Age, classical, and some pop), hiking...

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who doesn't want more real friends?

Ref ID: 8b945469-c67a-422d-9696-15093d75ff46

i'm a 100% local Girl , age 25
i would like to make more outgoing friends,who can enjoy meal with ,laugh with ,play with ...
i don't mind male or female,only human required
i can speak cantonese and ok English lol

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looking for new friendships

Ref ID: b8957cea-1ca5-4706-beb8-733064ea7fef

Looking for friendly men/women to enjoy dinner.
I am a 24 years old Chinese woman=)

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some one to hangout

Ref ID: 26e071a8-014f-49c2-b6cd-67f9eac8f81e

Hi im a asian guy , in mid forties,who works in hong kong as a driver, in search for lady with, good easy going , who doesn't have a discriminative attitude twds small ppl like us , u know nice simple lady...to evade boring life sometime we all feel...specially when u happen to work far away from home.....waiting to hear from any one who feels the same as me.

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Looking for honest and kindhearted friends

Ref ID: 939de7f6-0a2b-4dcf-b051-aa18adc0d7ee

I am working for an airline in HK.

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looking for new friends into music, hiking, and chatting

Ref ID: 6578fd02-976a-4585-9cfc-d57ef20aca7c

I'm a few months new to Hong Kong, but have been living here before. So I'm quite familiar with restaurants and hiking trails. Looking for new friends who are into music, hiking, travelling, age in 30s and 40s. Also like to get companion for fine dining.

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just to make firends

Ref ID: 9c337cd7-c767-4f44-9268-f144e1a2d313

Hi , there I am 41 year Indian living in HK for last 10 years, Went to NYC for 2 years for completing studies. I am a chef by profession. And want to learn Cantonese. I love watching movies n photography. Let's meet for a cup of coffee, and take it from there.

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Lonely Transgender Woman looking for some companionship

Ref ID: 3aafbdce-7386-4f95-a71b-7ecb818f9bd0

I know it's a long shot, but I still dream that i can find something i wanted. its not the first time i used personals, but previous experience tells me that this simple dream won't be fulfilled as transgenders are too often associated with sex trade (ladyboys, anyone?) so my personals response will typically be "hi, whats your name." and the next line would be "i like it when woman wears silk. do you have any silky clothes?" like i have to be an object of desire. i just want some companionship, an occasional movie, some conversations, that's it. i don't need to flirt to be happy. a lot of people think that because transgenders like to stay in the shadows so they would be perfect for NSA BS. i know people are afraid to do LTR with us, and seriously, I'm a realistic transwoman, i have already wasted a lot of time in the past being someone i shouldn't have been, and why would i waste more time on LTR when there is so much in this world to explore? sorry for ranting, but just need to get things off my chest.

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need friends

Ref ID: ac3db48c-2aa3-418b-9b20-750a17d99702

I am a young at heart woman, love lots of things, want to meet friends who may also feel lonely at times, Men or women. I am not a clubbing person, enjoy chatting over food, walks on nice cool days, sipping coffee, wtaching movie.... simple life. Not to expect from each other but share time.

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Looking for a friend

Ref ID: 6b240cb8-0eda-43a2-82e0-0b9b518333c4

I will be traveling to Hong Kong between the 5th and 25th of June I am looking for a woman to relax and go out with while I'm in town. If you reply we can swap pics and I will give you my personal e-mail to we can chat until I arrive.

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Calling all food lovers

Ref ID: 787b7a62-ce5a-4836-b006-fbdbbe67485b

I am a newly single, early 50's HK woman, looking for dining companions. While I eat out on my own regularly, I prefer company for fine dining. If we enjoy each other's company, we could even plan trips to Copenhagen, San Sebastien, Shanghai, Tokyo, you name it - all in the pursuit of a good meal.

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: c9c35e2d-32d9-409a-8747-6b27a0dd2721

Hi, I am an Asian, female, 30+ looking for friends especially those who like going to cinemas. Probably would be good chance to get to know you while we have coffee, tea or share meal. Just drop me a line if you wanna meet up. I have good ears to listen to, so if you need a friend to listen to you, I probably can offer my ears to you.

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Speak British English / English

Ref ID: 51d6927b-843b-4c28-a64a-1752782ec0d4


I studied in Brighton, UK 13 years ago, and I realise that my British accent is gradually lost after I returned to Hong Kong. Plus, It's difficult for me to meet and know the new people and friends. So, you don't mind to be new friend, please kindly email me, I would love to meet the new people and friends. Cheers! 💗

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Looking for Friends

Ref ID: b88d1e49-e421-4172-827f-60a851e1ad55


I am a asian guy new to Hong Kong and just looking for friends to spend the weekend , go for a coffee , movies , swimming etc..

Casual drinking / No smoking and Lets meet and explore this new place.

Please leave me massage if you interested.


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Ref ID: 48645665-4d5c-43c4-99ef-cbe5e89771bc

im Asian male in hongkong lookin for chat friends or more cheers

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A Lovely Start

Ref ID: c911f048-dd02-4a91-acbc-41c1928df30b

Hi there, I'm an Indian, 164cm, Black hair, recently graduate from high school, would love to go out with any girl and have fun at the bar or a restaurant.

I'm the type of person that I am very nice, kind, outgoing, lovable, honest.

New to this, just contact me and weekend we can go out and have FUN!!

For start lets be friends, am hoping for the future as well.

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Dining and hiking companions!!

Ref ID: 81e0dd9c-0efe-40be-b571-105e8205309a

I am in my early 40's, have lived in London, New York and Tokyo. I am currently living in central. I am looking for female friends for fine dining ( i love all Western foods and Thai foods.) , drinking, cinema and hiking. I finished a long term relationship with a boyfriend recently so I think It would be better to go out more often !! All my friends are spread out everywhere in the world;) and I am new in Hong Kong still - i am friendly, easygoing and open-minded,
If you are interested, please drop me a note!!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for a partner in crime

Ref ID: f0d42ae2-aa9c-42bb-be36-b5e1a255b6cf

I am a western expat in my late 40s who has been in HK for a year and loving it here. I would love to find a fun, friendly and interesting woman to spend time together, particularly on weekends to share interesting conversation and a few laughs over dinner and drinks, see a movie, exercise, sightsee, yada yada yada...

I am tall and fit and you will find me intelligent, fun and friendly, able to converse intelligently on most subjects (and able to talk absolute rubbish when the opportunity arises), and having a very dry sense of humour.

The catch is... I am married. My wife and I live in different countries and see each other rarely. I am not looking for romance but simply miss the company of an interesting, fun and friendly female.

This is not for everyone, but I hope to hear from someone who is willing to take a leap of faith.

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Lonely women walking

Ref ID: 8bf3234c-b7e9-468b-a5fc-c016396947a6

How many lonely women are walking with their thoughts on a hand and a plastic bag full of unnecessary things on the other.
A lonely woman is a hidden paradise where you don't have the right keys to enter.
Me I am not chinese, and never been to Paradise yet.
but.. I have a lot of beautiful keys.
Don't feel lonely.

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There is nothing more beautiful than a big women

Ref ID: 8ca8b501-65b5-45b8-80d1-1007ef15d138

music, friends, travel, intimates, outing, drinks, dance, etc etc

send me a notes if you like any of these above

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