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Friday, 12/19/2014

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Russian lessons

Ref ID: f1d40fe6-09ca-4e94-8acc-3347d618a7c5

I've always been intrigued by Russia. I had some basic Russian lessons many summers ago in St Petersburg (i.e. all forgotten now) and never had the chance to pick it up again. Only few places teach the language here and the courses don't work with my schedule. I'm just looking for the basics, alphabets, pronunciation, and perhaps a bit of grammar. Don't mind if it's just a one time help or it isn't your native tongue. I'm happy to help you with Cantonese, Mandarin or English in return. I'm an early 30s female professional. Thank you.

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Communicate in English or Cantonese! Make friends!

Ref ID: 8d57a4fc-b8e5-46ea-8abe-00caeb412be4


I am a student from Mainland China. I want to practice my spoken English and Cantonese. And I also want to make more friends here. If you want to learn Mandarin, I am the best choice!

Please contact me! We can learn more about each cultures!
Thank you!

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Italian - English language exchange

Ref ID: 14735dbb-0e6c-42ab-bcdc-b921c87255e1

Hi everybody,
I am a 28-year-old Italian lady who would like to improve her English. I can teach Italian to all levels and I would be more than happy to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!
Pm if interested

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Mandarin/Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 95c9f3af-794d-411b-853c-56e400f3622a


I'm a native Mandarin speaker and also speak fluent Cantonese. Would like to find an English native speaker friend to learn languages in a casual and fun way.

I'm female in 20s, live in Causeway Bay.

BTW, I go to Pure regularly, so if you are looking for a work out buddy, I'm glad to go with you :)

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Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 74d10c96-38c0-4e94-86de-753c249e8aa9

Dear Friends,

I am a Chinese Hong Kong People. I born in Hong Kong. I am a JingJin Physiotherapist.

I wanna to language exchange partner to improve social social chat, business english and all relative in English.
Also, helping my career conversation as well.
I speak Cantonese well and Mandrain and speak chinese english.

I live in Tai Wo (N. T.) and I am working in Hong Kong Island too.

Drop me a line if you needs Cantonese speaking or Mandrain.

Best, Rejoyce

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Cantonese/English for your native Mandarin or Japanese

Ref ID: 28249ffb-7a5e-44be-a0ce-70d2cbe41822

Hi there,
I am local in HK and have been living in North America for over 15 years. I can speak moderate mandarin and little (level 3) Japanese and I am hoping to improve them. If you are native in either of these two languages and you are looking to exchange for my Cantonese and English, please whatsapp me at 98293398. Preferred location in HK, thank you.

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Mandarin Speaker for British English, Spanish, French and German exchange

Ref ID: 0aade999-918b-4a64-b697-4aea216d3f97

27 years old male from South of China who has been living in HK for over 3 years. Working for a multi-national company at Central. Native speaker of Mandarin can speak Cantonese & English fluently. Easy-going with sense of humor. Looking for international friends speaking British English, Spanish, French and German. As exchange, I will offer very systemic and dedicated Mandarin learning experiences. Currently, I am providing Chinese writing tutoring for a Singapore kids. This experience brings me significant understanding towards teaching Chinese as a second language, like issue we may encounter during learning, how to operate Chinese style thinking and what can be done in improving our efficiency. I can be reached by whatsapp at 54922853 or by wechat at xiang2jide. Thanks.

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Cantonese/Mandarin for French/German

Ref ID: b33331d8-3bb1-47ed-a1c4-2006a5575038

I am a native Cantonese speaker, learnt fluent Mandarin while living in China for years, speak fluent English while educated in boarding school in Canada,and Ivy League college in the US. Would like to offer Chinese lessons in exchange for conversational French or German from a native and educated speaker. Flexible schedule for mutually convenient pace.

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Native English speaker here

Ref ID: 17e27cf9-34fb-4c0f-8f32-01403b1939f5

I'm a native English speaker from the US looking to learn Mandarin from a native Mandarin speaker. I work full-time at a multi-national company (so I'm not a teacher) but I have an MBA from a top tier university and can teach you business English.

Native Mandarin = from Taiwan or mainland China.

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Spanish / Italian / English for French

Ref ID: 84f0aaae-9b18-4365-81b4-abb67be8dd07

Looking for native speakers of any of the above languages for language exchange with native french man.

Venue in Central / Sheung Wan is preferable, flexible schedules, serious language learning, practice.

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Looking for 31-32 caucasian male. French speaker preferred.

Ref ID: 216ad33e-ee0d-4877-9a8a-27ee3c486550

My name is Suki, 24 years old. I am looking for french speakers who are happy to help me with my French, I can help you with Cantonese in exchange.. I spent 12 years living in EU, returned to HK for good not long ago, would like to meet Expats living in Hong Kong. If you are 31-32 male, regardless of nationality, single, then message me :)

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Looking for Mandarin Tutor

Ref ID: db9e817b-3ae0-481d-bc29-1c0fa9d1dcee


We are looking for a tutor who can teach my 6-year old son Mandarin.

Thank you


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Cantonese / Korean language exchange

Ref ID: db4b76b2-26af-44b8-8e12-42227fce2c0c

A hk local female looking for learning Korean on weekends. I can offer cantonese in return.

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French tutor wanted

Ref ID: 0fbc18bc-8339-447a-85b1-61cd7f2dde60

I'm a Chinese looking for a French private tutor for adult, 1 or 2 times / week, can be arranged during lunch hour (1-2pm) in Central. Prefer to speak both French and English for easy communication, thanks!

I would also like to improve my Conversational and Written English. I can offer Cantonese for exchange.

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looking for German offering Cantonese

Ref ID: f501bfbb-d6a4-4b04-b22d-93ee33bc4070

i'm a local hk girl who is eager to learn the German language on a regular basis. in return, i can offer you Cantonese. lessons could be causual and cutural exchange is what I look for. Of course, I can show you around some very local hk places and food in the city. :)

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Cantonese Exchange French

Ref ID: f9f1345c-8ec7-4f51-a772-fdd4e86c3365

Want to learn basic French exchange my Cantonese

Time in the morning

Location sheung wan to Kennedy town

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looking to learn japanese

Ref ID: 8ab0a6e4-290a-4ddc-bcbc-4a0e7b017b3e

Greek Man looking to learn Japanese

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English/Chinese Language exchange/practice

Ref ID: e4c5ab90-3d7c-434f-a1c8-1d03ee0a3093

Hi, I am a Chinese Americanjust returned from the U.S. after living and working there over fifteen years asa professional. Feeling disconnected, I would like to meet new friends in H.K.
I am middle aged, U.S. advance degreed man fluent in English, Mandarin, and
Cantonese. My Mandarin may need somepractice. Please contact Henry (55009296
WeChat/Whatsapp/call) if interested in language exchange. Note: It is much easier to learn from someonewho is fluent in both your own and target languages. Right ?

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Cantonese/Mandarin to English

Ref ID: fa846bb5-cf77-4673-80ef-22300c973d12

I'ma Hongkonger andalso know well in Mandarin, I am looking for aEnglish native speaker friend or family who is alsoseeking for language improvement.

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