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Native English Speaker seeks Cantonese Language conversation

Ref ID: 39902af1-f966-4ac0-b39b-7a6c48bdf39b

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Recently started Cantonese lessons so looking to share laid back English/Cantonese exchange. In return, I can offer Native English conversation and writing - I am a fully trained UK teacher.

Let's talk!

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Korean for your english

Ref ID: 1d2ff34f-8159-4dc2-a2a8-4be6446cd68c

I'm Korean. I want to learn English.
Please drop me a message If you want to learn Korean and the culture.

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English for Mandarin ( Putonghua)

Ref ID: 4873054d-c0b3-4a07-8dbe-f7f26612d8a0

I am a native English( American) speaker with some basic Mandarin.
Would like to have language exchange with native Mandarin speaker preferably from China or Taiwan. Nothing too formal just meet over for coffee/tea afterwork or weekends.
I am professional male working in finance field.

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English speaker looking to learn Japanese

Ref ID: 381e5ba2-4d63-4436-8768-76f516ffe7e9

I'm a Canadian looking to learn Japanese from a native speaker, preferably female. If you are interested in practicing your English in exchange for Japanese lessons, please send me a message. :)

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My french for your english

Ref ID: 06b3fdfb-0459-4f6b-978c-de79076748e6

Hi everybody,

I am a 27-year-old french woman who would like to improve her English. I would be happy to help you to learn my native language and to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!
If interested you can contact me.

Hope to hearing from you soon,

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Russian lessons

Ref ID: f1d40fe6-09ca-4e94-8acc-3347d618a7c5

I've always been intrigued by Russia. I had some basic Russian lessons many summers ago in St Petersburg (i.e. all forgotten now) and never had the chance to pick it up again. Only few places teach the language here and the courses don't work with my schedule. I'm just looking for the basics, alphabets, pronunciation, and perhaps a bit of grammar. Don't mind if it's just a one time help or it isn't your native tongue. I'm happy to help you with Cantonese, Mandarin or English in return. I'm an early 30s female professional. Thank you.

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French - Taobao exchange

Ref ID: 22d130fa-a833-4186-b1ec-0fcb41a9dc49

I am looking for someone to help me buy things on Taobao.
I can teach you french (I used to teach at university in Shanghai for 1 semestre) and/or graphic design (I am a graphic designer)
The goal is to buy tee-shirts and other things for my creative projects.
I am 30, woman, and I am around fortress hill, causeway bay,

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Italian/English - Chinese language exchange

Ref ID: 8bb9d13b-aa92-41f7-b811-3d03256a43de

Hi everyone,

I am a 32-year-old Italian guy and I am currently staying in Hong Kong. I would like to make new friends and practice my Mandarin. Although I have been studying it for a few years already, my level is just intermediate. I would especially like to improve my reading skills, so native speakers of Cantonese are also welcome, since the written language - so I've heard - is just the same as standard Mandarin.

I am obviously a native speaker of Italian, so if anyone would like to practice this language please do not hesitate to contact me! I can also offer English. Here are a few articles I wrote in English, so you can judge by yourself if my level is good enough for you

I would love to hear from you and I hope we can help each other : )

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My Cantonese/Mandarin for your English

Ref ID: 94dd3946-3b89-4ef7-b8e1-94f7961e30a6

Hi, I'm a native Hong Kongese (20s) so I can speak fluent Cantonese as well as Mandarin. Please feel free to meet me up for language exchange. As I'm also a language tutor teaching Chinese, I can definitely give you some tips to pick up these languages quickly.

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My Russian to your Mandarin

Ref ID: 635e2960-85ed-4b0a-bc5b-25bcafb536a4

Looking for friend to exchange language

Feel free to WhatsApp me

Thank you :-)

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Need Cantonese lessons

Ref ID: 74471ae7-ceb1-4ffd-adb3-0ca204918928

I'm an American living in Hong Kong. I speak some Cantonese and looking to improve. Please message me if interested in teaching me.

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My Japanese for your English or Mandarin

Ref ID: 04ce78cf-1233-4e85-858b-dbe7d52a3df8

I'm a native Japanese speaker, 40s female.
I'm looking for a female native speaker who is close in age.
Please message me. Thank you.

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Ref ID: 0e26965a-06b7-4ed5-9125-e52c85e89403

Hello, I'm a 25s female native Korean speaker who can speak Chinese(mid-level, mostly working with Chinese company).

I would like to enhance my Chinese skill.
Mostly i work with China company, speaking daily conversation no problem for me.
But i want to take my language skill to the next step.

If there is someone who is looking for Korean/English, feel free to contact me.

Good day.

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My Mandarin for your English

Ref ID: 2d646eca-4e96-4ef2-9063-a3c6f3187cb4

Hi, I am a native Mandarin speaker, can speak English but not so fluent.
I would like to improve my English in exchange I can teach you Mandarin.
I work in Shenzhen city but I can visit Hongkong on Saturday weekly.
Or we can meet in Shenzhen some local place like park.
If you are interested please contact me.

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My Mandarin and Cantonese for your English :)

Ref ID: 28660329-d9e3-463e-b080-868110e796a5

Lets exchange :)

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Have fun in learning – your English, my Cantonese

Ref ID: 360e574e-93ec-4c66-98d5-3da721b341b7

I wish to perfect my English and would be happy to help you brush up your Cantonese if you've already attended some elementary course and know a little about this dialect. So, what about language exchange over a cup of tea, no hustle, just a bit fun in learning?

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My English for your Cantonese

Ref ID: ff0a7d38-2190-44e3-a9ea-33f615d7bb60

Hi, I'm a female in my 30's, moved to Hk a year ago. I'm would like to practice speaking Cantonese(beginner)/ French(intermediate)as I like the culture and would like to learn it for casual everyday use. I like travelling, movies, healthy living, learning new cultures. I am looking forward to having interesting conversation and Learning . We could meet up for coffee during the afternoon time near Central on weekdays. I speak English very fluently, I can help you with English at all levels to improve your English speaking and listening abilities in a fun and casual manner. if You are Interested Let's meet.

I would love to hear from you and I hope we can help each other : )

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Need Cantonese lessons.

Ref ID: b88338df-08fb-4279-b15c-18d7d6875127

I'm an American living in HK for 15 years.

Please email me:

luxchina at gmail dot com

Look forward to speaking with you,


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Language exchange partner (Female only)

Ref ID: 896b5f68-53c8-4350-b9ee-550e9e7cc5e4

hi, i am 33yo chinese guy and have been abroad for many years so my chinese accent has disappeared. I hope i can speak like locals and seek someone who can help me my spoken cantonese and in return i can improve yr spoken eng. I am nice to talk with, outspoken and sporty.
I hope to receive yr reply.

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English for Mandarin or Cantonese

Ref ID: 1ea8c044-472d-43cf-becd-7d6fae7e5ca3

Hi, I am a native English speaker from the U.S. looking to learn Mandarin or Cantonese in exchange for English. I can teach either American or British English as I received my Master's degree from Oxford University. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to expand your grasp of business English for meetings, fine-tune your pronunciation or sentence structure, or pick up a few more idioms that may arise in informal conversations.

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