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Cantonese for English/ Japanese

Ref ID: 540c3669-e80c-4fa2-8bbc-69a4ba212d1e

Hi there! I'm 23 girl, was born and raised in Hong Kong. I hope to improve my spoken English and elementary Japanese. I can offer you native Cantonese and fluent Mandarin. Prefer English/ Japanese native speakers in twenties/ thirties, to learn and have some fun together! Drop me a line! :)

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My English for your French, Italian, German

Ref ID: fb6eafed-5e11-4e74-9d6b-33c6a8f0357f

I'm a native English teacher living in Hong Kong. My French is quite good and I know some German and Italian.
I'm looking for a French, Italian, German speaker who would like to meet regularly
to improve her/his English through conversation, listening/speaking.
You could in return help me with your language through conversation.

HK Island or Kowloon is fine ... over a coffee?
Mail me .... regards

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Mandarin for English

Ref ID: d8f4cbf8-29f7-43e3-85a1-4b3b07bd330c

I'm native mandarin speaking girl in 20s working in bank. Would like to practice my conversational & business English after work around central.We can talk & jog together if you r into running.

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English for Mandarin or Cantonese

Ref ID: 1ea8c044-472d-43cf-becd-7d6fae7e5ca3

Hi, I am a native English speaker from the U.S. looking to learn Mandarin or Cantonese in exchange for English. I can teach either American or British English as I received my Master's degree from Oxford University. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to expand your grasp of business English for meetings, fine-tune your pronunciation or sentence structure, or pick up a few more idioms that may arise in informal conversations.

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Learning some cantonese, teach you french or english

Ref ID: fc398da4-b8da-4520-9183-c372f92a1702

I'm french graphic designer. I'm just arriving HK.
I would like to learn some cantonese (just conversational) in exchange I can teach you some french or english.
If you are interested, we can meet around a coffee at free time.
Kind regards,

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Italian - English language exchange

Ref ID: 14735dbb-0e6c-42ab-bcdc-b921c87255e1

Hi everybody,
I am a 28-year-old Italian lady who would like to improve her English. I can teach Italian to all levels and I would be more than happy to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!
Pm if interested

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Cantonese and Mandarin speaking girl looking for a French partner for language exchange

Ref ID: 624bc8e5-dedb-484b-9086-a54ea314bac3

I am around 40. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I just want to learn some basic French. I have got some books for reference.

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Cantonese/Mandarin for French/German

Ref ID: b33331d8-3bb1-47ed-a1c4-2006a5575038

I am a native Cantonese speaker, learnt fluent Mandarin while living in China for years, speak fluent English while educated in boarding school in Canada,and Ivy League college in the US. Would like to offer Chinese lessons in exchange for conversational French or German from a native and educated speaker. Flexible schedule for mutually convenient pace.

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My french and mandarin for your arabic

Ref ID: b699e3e9-cbe9-4894-b378-c32ac11d2377

I'm looking for native arabic women for me and my son.
As I'm French and a mandarin teacher in an Intl School in HK,
I can teach you french or mandarin.
Hoping hearing from you soon,

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Communicate in English or Cantonese! Make friends!

Ref ID: 8d57a4fc-b8e5-46ea-8abe-00caeb412be4


I am a student from Mainland China. I want to practice my spoken English and Cantonese. And I also want to make more friends here. If you want to learn Mandarin, I am the best choice!

Please contact me! We can learn more about each cultures!
Thank you!

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English for Primary Five Student

Ref ID: 410b341f-6790-48d0-9ed8-1f2432204225

I'm looking for a native English speaker or tutor who can teach my son for English at home or
wherever convenience. The suitable timeslots may be one or two lessons per week after school during weekday or weekend. It may mainly focusing on his homework and conversation.

He can speak good Mandarin and Chinese in return for exchange. Location is in Sheung Wan or anywhere suitable.

If you are interested, please send message here

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Mandarin / Cantonese for your french

Ref ID: 5de6091a-c096-44da-97e9-c1468efb3087

Hi there. I'm a woman in my early thirties, speak native Cantonese and fluent Mandain.
I've been learning French by myself for a little while and would like to have someone to practice the language.

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Cantonese for your English

Ref ID: cf97fb9b-cbee-48ca-b5e8-668eb5d9d933

I would like to learn daily English conversation. in return, i can offer you Cantonese. I stay in Tung Chung and be around in Tsim Sha Tsui most of the time. i like traveling around and feel good to talk to others. I'll take you to local attractions and restaurants. Hope you enjoy!

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Cantonese Exchange French

Ref ID: f9f1345c-8ec7-4f51-a772-fdd4e86c3365

Want to learn basic French exchange my Cantonese

Time in the morning

Location sheung wan to Kennedy town

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Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 74d10c96-38c0-4e94-86de-753c249e8aa9

Dear Friends,

I am a Chinese Hong Kong People. I born in Hong Kong. I am a JingJin Physiotherapist.

I wanna to language exchange partner to improve social social chat, business english and all relative in English.
Also, helping my career conversation as well.
I speak Cantonese well and Mandrain and speak chinese english.

I live in Tai Wo (N. T.) and I am working in Hong Kong Island too.

Drop me a line if you needs Cantonese speaking or Mandrain.

Best, Rejoyce

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Cantonese for your English

Ref ID: c2df1f3c-7821-4fe3-904c-7a7a15f87c43

I'm Woman (35) , born in Hong Kong , work in Tsuen Wan.
I 'll speak Cantonese , Mandarin ,and a little bit English , I hope that friends can make English has improved, and i can make you Cantonese has improved.
And looking for new friends .

If you are interested, Please email me here if you see this message.


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my korean and mandarien for your english.

Ref ID: ba5a68ac-841f-4dfc-a46e-fb9bd8c2f788

I am a korean.
and I have taugh korean and mandarin.
also I want to make friends too.
if you are right person. feel free to contact me.
thank you.

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Cantonese/Mandarin for your French

Ref ID: b7304385-38af-49f5-9796-2da407829b3f

Je m’appelle Crystal .Je suis hongkongese.Je amie la france !Je parle un petit françis!
I stayed at france 3months last year !I enjoyed it !
I learing french at Hong Kong !I would like to meet a friend who can help me to improve this romantic language!Of coz I can exchange my Cantonese for you !
Also I like to travel and meet a new friend , We can exchange our difference culture as well .
Mail me if you are interesting
Merci :)

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Native English Speaker seeks Cantonese Language conversation

Ref ID: 39902af1-f966-4ac0-b39b-7a6c48bdf39b

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Recently started Cantonese lessons so looking to share laid back English/Cantonese exchange. In return, I can offer Native English conversation and writing - I am a fully trained UK teacher.

Let's talk!

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Mi español for your English!

Ref ID: 188e4405-fb1c-4a22-b754-a4804c4da355

Hello! I'm 29 and I come from Spain but I've worked and lived for 6 years in France, so I speak fluently French. I've just arrived in HK and I'm looking for someone to practice and improve my English, at least once a week and in person. I've done other language exchanges before, both in Spanish and French.
If you are interested, please send me a message! Hope to meet you soon :)

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