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Mandarin for English

Ref ID: d8f4cbf8-29f7-43e3-85a1-4b3b07bd330c

I'm native mandarin speaking girl in 20s working in bank. Would like to practice my conversational & business English after work around central.We can talk & jog together if you r into running.

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My Cantonese for your French

Ref ID: 06e8adc5-8846-49a5-b9f8-cf700cfe9954

Hi, I'm a native Cantonese speaker and have been learning French for around 2 years. I would like to practice my French and learn more useful vocabularies. I can teach you Cantonese in return. I work in Admiralty. It would be great to meet once a week or so and practice over lunch.

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Looking for guy friend who wants to learn Cantonese

Ref ID: 11cd0052-9377-43ed-896c-1a86719ba650

Hi there, I actually don't really need language exchange but I am willing to teach you Cantonese when we will be friends, prefer guy in 20s or early 30s as I am in this age range as well.

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French - Taobao exchange

Ref ID: 22d130fa-a833-4186-b1ec-0fcb41a9dc49

I am looking for someone to help me buy things on Taobao.
I can teach you french (I used to teach at university in Shanghai for 1 semestre) and/or graphic design (I am a graphic designer)
The goal is to buy tee-shirts and other things for my creative projects.
I am 30, woman, and I am around fortress hill, causeway bay,

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Language exchange partner (Female only)

Ref ID: 896b5f68-53c8-4350-b9ee-550e9e7cc5e4

hi, i am 33yo chinese guy and have been abroad for many years so my chinese accent has disappeared. I hope i can speak like locals and seek someone who can help me my spoken cantonese and in return i can improve yr spoken eng. I am nice to talk with, outspoken and sporty.
I hope to receive yr reply.

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Seeking HK native for Eng-Cantonese exchange

Ref ID: c9bfcc82-d1a8-4b8d-bee5-6b9f18693370

I am an American male and I moved to Hong Kong less than a year ago. I just started self studying Cantonese with the textbook A Shortcut to Cantonese. (Great book!). Looking for a female partner to meet in a cafe once a week or so and help me with my pronunciation, answer questions, practice etc. in exchange for my helping your English.

I am not a bad teacher as I have an MA TESOL :) although I do not teach for a living any more.

I prefer a female not for any sinister reason other than I just prefer female company. You don't have to have teaching qualifications but hopefully some teaching traits like patience and ability to explain Cantonese rules and usage.

Drop me a line if interested.

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Native English speaker here

Ref ID: 17e27cf9-34fb-4c0f-8f32-01403b1939f5

I'm a native English speaker from the US looking to learn Mandarin from a native Mandarin speaker. I work full-time at a multi-national company (so I'm not a teacher) but I have an MBA from a top tier university and can teach you business English.

Native Mandarin = from Taiwan or mainland China.

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My Mandarin/Cantonese/English for your Korean

Ref ID: cc51c143-c63c-4eb7-b079-b390655dddba

I am native in Mandarin and Cantonese, and near native in English. I need a native Korean speaker in Hong Kong to interact with me and together translate some content (about music) into Korean. Any time spend for my purpose, I will return double in teaching/practicing my languages with you. Thanks!

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Native English Speaker seeks Cantonese Language conversation

Ref ID: 39902af1-f966-4ac0-b39b-7a6c48bdf39b

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Recently started Cantonese lessons so looking to share laid back English/Cantonese exchange. In return, I can offer Native English conversation and writing - I am a fully trained UK teacher.

Let's talk!

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Looking for 31-32 caucasian male. French speaker preferred.

Ref ID: 216ad33e-ee0d-4877-9a8a-27ee3c486550

My name is Suki, 24 years old. I am looking for french speakers who are happy to help me with my French, I can help you with Cantonese in exchange.. I spent 12 years living in EU, returned to HK for good not long ago, would like to meet Expats living in Hong Kong. If you are 31-32 male, regardless of nationality, single, then message me :)

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My Cantonese for your English

Ref ID: b71214b9-0a28-4e83-9312-b3a58187e403

My Cantonese for your English

I am around 40, an elegant lady with MBA degree in HK, However, I was born in China and focus on China Market, my English is just self-taught. Moreover, I have over 14 years not get connect with westerner. I need to improve my English, including conversation and writing skill. In return, I can offer you my Cantonese and Mandarin (not native). I want someone who is patient and like to get along with mid age lady with good temper, I am afraid that my learning pace is too slow to be accepted by young peoples.

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Korea/English for Japanese

Ref ID: 5e11be61-c263-48ec-8590-867b586e159f

Hi, I'm native Korean who is working in HK.

I have learend Japanese but did'n have much chance to use it.

so I want to exchange my Korean/English with Japanese.


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Ref ID: 66c0c93f-c5ce-4d75-89ef-c561801b62e7

I am sincerely looking for language exchange partners for the following languages: (Prefer native speakers or mix) English, Japanese and Korean.
I am a common HK citizen but I also hold a Canadian passport. My first language is English but I feel like it is deteriating after I came back from studying abroad (Japan and Australia) because I have no foreign friends to talk to here.

Anyway, I am trying to look for long-term friendship. If you are just playing around, you can move on to the next post/ad. Thank you for your time!

Have a great day! ^^

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My Chinese or for your French or Spanish

Ref ID: 2bdfe048-10c7-42f1-a15d-a64f3268f124

Native English speaker from Canada in her twenties hoping to learn French or Spanish. I can read and write in Chinese. Fluent in Cantonese and moderate Mandarin. I live near the airport but work in the city. I'd appreciate two hours a week ( one hour for me to teach you, then the opposite for the next hour).

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My Mandarin for your english

Ref ID: f661ea71-3e39-4925-89ea-04378a0a07ce

I am a 25-year-old girl from mainland China who would like to improve her oral English. I am have been working in HK for about 1 year and would be very happy to make new friends here.

Feel free to contact me.

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Fun in learning

Ref ID: 49b9ea3d-3c86-4575-a1ed-ee2844b50ed1

I wish to perfect my English and would be happy to help you brush up your Cantonese if you've already attended some elementary course and know a little about this dialect. So, what about language exchange over a cup of tea, no hustle, just a bit fun in learning?

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My french for your english

Ref ID: aec3de59-ff31-4837-9626-143bfec9d490

Hi everybody,
I am a 27-year-old french woman who would like to improve her English. I would be happy to help you to learn my native language and to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!

If interested you can contact me.
Hope to hearing from you soon,

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looking for German offering Cantonese

Ref ID: f501bfbb-d6a4-4b04-b22d-93ee33bc4070

i'm a local hk girl who is eager to learn the German language on a regular basis. in return, i can offer you Cantonese. lessons could be causual and cutural exchange is what I look for. Of course, I can show you around some very local hk places and food in the city. :)

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My Japanese for Your French

Ref ID: daa7c5dd-25aa-432b-9d80-eb9732ef4719

Hi! I am a Japanese female professional in her 30s who wants to learn to speak French from basic. I know a little basic and want to improve my pronunciation in French.
I am fun, artsy and into fashion. Prefer area in Sheung Wan or Central.

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My french for your english

Ref ID: 20d2daf5-f0ac-4ef7-9ac2-6866fda2eabb

I'm a french girl of 33 years old. I would like to practise my english and be more confident. I am living here for few months only. So I need to exchange.
If you want I can teach you french language, the romantic language!!
Let's meet for a coffee, a lunch or a glass of wine !

Hope to meet you soon


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