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My french for your english

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I live in Hong Kong since 2 weeks and I would like to practise my english to be more confident. I am 27 and I live in France since birth so I think I can really help you to speak french.

Would love to meet someone on a for coffee after work, lunch or a drink, and to converse/practise!

If anyone is interested, contact me!


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Cantonese for Spanish/German/Italian

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I'm a native Cantonese speaker and would like to learn Spanish/German/Italian. Educated overseas, I also speak English pretty well and Mandarin too. If you're interested in meeting up for language exchange, please drop me a line.


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English/Chinese Language exchange/practice

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Hi, I am a Chinese Americanjust returned from the U.S. after living and working there over fifteen years asa professional. Feeling disconnected, I would like to meet new friends in H.K.
I am middle aged, U.S. advance degreed man fluent in English, Mandarin, and
Cantonese. My Mandarin may need somepractice. Please contact Henry (55009296
WeChat/Whatsapp/call) if interested in language exchange. Note: It is much easier to learn from someonewho is fluent in both your own and target languages. Right ?

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Your Cantonese for my French

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Hi there!
I am Marie, native French and have been studying Mandarin before. My new goal is to learn Cantonese. Basically I have a book and I need someone to help me with the pronunciation and stuff. In exchange I could teach you French? One hour per week would be brilliant. I am very motivated! Thanks

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Mandarin/Cantonese/English for Spanish

Ref ID: 4d0f0927-3290-4459-84f0-d7e45d2c7751

Hi there! I'm native speaker for both Mandarin and Cantonese, my English is also not bad. I'm looking for a native Spanish speaker to do language exchange. I'm only beginner level since I was traveling in Spanish speaking countries last year, I learned some phrases and basic sentences, but I want to speak Spanish correctly. So drop a line here if you're interested :)

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Communicate in English or Cantonese! Make friends!

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I am a student from Mainland China. I want to practice my spoken English and Cantonese. And I also want to make more friends here. If you want to learn Mandarin, I am the best choice!

Please contact me! We can learn more about each cultures!
Thank you!

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Looking for Russian (or French) native speaker

Ref ID: 6a64f73a-77aa-44ee-a46b-48495846d25f

Hello. Guys,

My name is Emily Chan. I will visit Moscow and France this Summer. Therefore, I am looking for both native speakers for exchange of my mother tongue Cantonese (or my secondary language English... ) Ideally we can meet up once a week but of course any suggestions are very welcome. Thank you!

Em :)

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Spanish / Italian / English for French

Ref ID: 84f0aaae-9b18-4365-81b4-abb67be8dd07

Looking for native speakers of any of the above languages for language exchange with native french man.

Venue in Central / Sheung Wan is preferable, flexible schedules, serious language learning, practice.

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Italian - English language exchange

Ref ID: 14735dbb-0e6c-42ab-bcdc-b921c87255e1

Hi everybody,
I am a 28-year-old Italian lady who would like to improve her English. I can teach Italian to all levels and I would be more than happy to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!
Pm if interested

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Mandarin/Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 95c9f3af-794d-411b-853c-56e400f3622a


I'm a native Mandarin speaker and also speak fluent Cantonese. Would like to find an English native speaker friend to learn languages in a casual and fun way.

I'm female in 20s, live in Causeway Bay.

BTW, I go to Pure regularly, so if you are looking for a work out buddy, I'm glad to go with you :)

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Cantonese/Mandarin for French/German

Ref ID: b33331d8-3bb1-47ed-a1c4-2006a5575038

I am a native Cantonese speaker, learnt fluent Mandarin while living in China for years, speak fluent English while educated in boarding school in Canada,and Ivy League college in the US. Would like to offer Chinese lessons in exchange for conversational French or German from a native and educated speaker. Flexible schedule for mutually convenient pace.

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Native English speaker here

Ref ID: 17e27cf9-34fb-4c0f-8f32-01403b1939f5

I'm a native English speaker from the US looking to learn Mandarin from a native Mandarin speaker. I work full-time at a multi-national company (so I'm not a teacher) but I have an MBA from a top tier university and can teach you business English.

Native Mandarin = from Taiwan or mainland China.

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French - Taobao exchange

Ref ID: 22d130fa-a833-4186-b1ec-0fcb41a9dc49

I am looking for someone to help me buy things on Taobao.
I can teach you french (I used to teach at university in Shanghai for 1 semestre) and/or graphic design (I am a graphic designer)
The goal is to buy tee-shirts and other things for my creative projects.
I am 30, woman, and I am around fortress hill, causeway bay,

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My french for your english

Ref ID: 20d2daf5-f0ac-4ef7-9ac2-6866fda2eabb

I'm a french girl of 33 years old. I would like to practise my english and be more confident. I am living here for few months only. So I need to exchange.
If you want I can teach you french language, the romantic language!!
Let's meet for a coffee, a lunch or a glass of wine !

Hope to meet you soon


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Korea/English for Japanese

Ref ID: 5e11be61-c263-48ec-8590-867b586e159f

Hi, I'm native Korean who is working in HK.

I have learend Japanese but did'n have much chance to use it.

so I want to exchange my Korean/English with Japanese.


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language exchange , looking for japanese friends

Ref ID: 80c1c61e-71b4-44b3-b3c3-d948611ebb6c

i'm can speak cantones and japanese (level 3) ,i want to improve my japanese langague

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looking japanese female friend

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hi.. im asian 39 year old man.i live in hk. im looking japanese female ,i can speak japanese.. . language exchange or more..tks,,

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Indonesian/English for Cantonese/mandarin

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Hi, I'm from Indonesia, native Indonesian speaker, and have good English. Would like to learn Cantonese and/or mandarin, also would like to have more friend in Hongkong/Macau. I'm also a web programmer, and teach you in exchange.
I'm male in 35s, and planning to go to Macau, or probably Hong Kong on May this year. Meanwhile, we can have a chat using BBM/wechat/line/whatsapp
Pm if you're interested

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Cantonese / Korean language exchange

Ref ID: db4b76b2-26af-44b8-8e12-42227fce2c0c

A hk local female looking for learning Korean on weekends. I can offer cantonese in return.

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mandarin/english for italian

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I'm fresh graduate who wants to continue her italian study.
contact me if you are native italian speaker, :p


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