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French for Mandarin or Cantonese

Posted 09/20/2016

I'm just arrived in HK and would like to learn Cantonese or Mandarin. I can teach you French (I live more than 30 years in France, and was teacher in high school). Contact me if interested.

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My Mandarin or Cantonese for your Italian

Posted 09/16/2016

Hi there, I am a Mandarin & Cantonese speaker and have many years teaching experience to expats in HK. I studied Italian to middle level and would like to improve on daily conversation & business Italian. If you are interested in learning Chinese and exchange with your Italian, please drop me a line. Thank you!

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Spanish native speaker

Posted 09/10/2016

I just moved to study finance in Hong Kong and would like to make some money or learn Mandarin or Cantonese in exchange for my Spanish.
I am a 33 year old man from Colombia. If you want to practice your Spanish or learn it send me a message.

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Cantonese/ Mandarin/ Shanghaiese for German

Posted 08/31/2016

I am 35 year old and I have been living in Vienna for 3 years. I will be back in Hong Kong in September. I am looking for a german speaking friend who could practise German with me like once or twice a week. I am at B1 level

Please email me if you are interested in learning Cantonese/ Mandarin/ Shanghaiese.

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Native Cantonese for English ~~~

Posted 08/27/2016

Hi all, i am a local girl who are looking for cantonese exchanging english.
I am an easy going and patient person. Hope we can be friends!!!

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Mandarin-Francais language exchange ONLY! Je peux meme vous apprendre gratuitement mais SVP NO dating!

Posted 08/18/2016

I happen to have some free time at the moment and as I just came back from a long stay in France I would like to teach someone Mandarin if she/he is serious in learning my native language.
Je parle deja pas mal francais. du coup je peux meme vous apprendre le mandarin en francais ou en anglais gratuitement si vous voulez. Bien sur moi je prefererais utiliser francais pour que je ne l'perde pas.
L'echange peut etre TRES TRES difficile et complique, mais moi je suis bien patiente et tres expérimentée car j'ai eu bc d'etudiants pendant les annees. Vous pouvez me contacter si vous etes quelqu'un de serieux et si vous avez besoin d'apprendre/progresser votre mandarin pour de vrai.
Si vous ne cherchez quelqu'un pour developper une relation romantique, alors la je ne suis pas votre genre du tout.

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Cantonese for your English

Posted 08/14/2016

I'm a female, 40+ and native Cantonese( Hong Kong) speaker with some basic Mandarin.
Would like to have language exchange with native English speaker. Just meet over for coffee/tea afterwork or weekends.

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Mandarin for English/Japanese

Posted 08/09/2016

I am a female Mandarin speaker, 42, single. Looking for living English or Japanese languages exchange. thanks.

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Cantonese for English or other languages

Posted 08/07/2016

Hi there, I am a 28 man and was born in Hong Kong, my English speaking is bad and have to overcome it. I am looking for native English speakers for language exchange (English-Cantonese).
Hope to receive someone message who wants to learn Cantonese as well :)

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My Mandarin for your Spanish or French

Posted 07/25/2016

Hi there, I am a native Mandarin speaker with a very standard pu-tong-hua accent, female, mid 30s, working in Finance. Newly moved to HK a few months ago, did a few lessons on Spanish and French before and would love to continue learning. I've been lived in UK for quite a few years before and speak fluent English. Hope to find someone patient and fun to learn together!

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My Cantonese for your English (US preferred)

Posted 07/18/2016

Hi everybody,

I am a native Hong Kong cantonese speaker. I am a 30s Chinese male. I would like to meet friends from US or UK to learn more about idioms, slangs, pick up some new words in a causal manner. I have studied in the US for a few years and as a fervent traveler, I speak some French, Japanese, Korean too (and surely, I can speak Mandarin Chinese quite well, I would say business level). I can meet on weekdays in Kowloon or Hong Kong side. I am a talkative, upbeat, funny person who embraces culture so there should be lots to talk about between us! Look forward to hear from you very soon. :-)

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Posted 07/17/2016


I have arrived in HK a couple of weeks ago and I want to learn Mandarin, please drop me a message if you are interested in learn Spanish.


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my Cantonese and Mandarin to your Italian

Posted 07/14/2016

An Asian lady working in an international bank stationed in Hong Kong.
I love Italian culture, so I would like to take a chance to know more Italians in Hong Kong.

Nice coffee shops, or we can go around places in HK and let's exchange language in Daily Life.

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I'm looking for Mandarin lessons

Posted 07/11/2016

Hi There,
I'm French, and i'm going to live in Shanghai in September,
i'm looking for someone who can teach me this wonderful Mandarin language 2 or 3 times a week.
please contact me it's very urgent.

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My Cantonese to your English/Korean/Spanish/German

Posted 07/08/2016

I am a local Chinese woman, looking for a language exchange.

We can meet for a drink after work in Wanchai.

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Looking for Native Spanish/Danish teacher for my Cantonese, Mandarin or English

Posted 07/07/2016

Hi everyone! I am looking for a Native Spanish or Danish speaker/teacher who wants to learn Cantonese, English or Mandarin.

I am a 27 y/o female working in the legal field in Hong Kong. I am native in English and Cantonese , and am looking to learn Danish or Spanish.

I am proficient in Mandarin and have passed the national proficiency exam in Putonghua.

I lived in Copenhagen previously and picked up Danish there. I was at Level 3 Danish. Looking for someone to practice with.

Recently also interested to learn Spanish. Please message me if interested and committed if we can find a time!

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My English/Korean for your Mandarin (Central) Time to do it!

Posted 07/06/2016

Anyeoung haseyo:) I am a female professional who is looking for someone to teach me Mandarin as an language exchange partner or a tutor.

I have lived in both Korea and the US so happy to teach you either English or Korean.

It would be fantastic if we can meet 3-4 times per week in the morning. I am free from 8am-10:30am. Otherwise, in the evening after 7pm.

I have a Mandarin learning book if you would like to use it for my Mandarin. For your English/Korean(depends on the level), I can prepare some materials or you can bring something you like.

It's been half of a year since I decided to this. Same to you? Let's do it then:)

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My English for your business Mandarin

Posted 07/04/2016

Hi from London.
I speak fluent international English, having lived in London, Hong Kong and Australia.
Seeking a patient Mandarin speaker, who can train my listening and reading abilities.

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Konnichiwa :)

Posted 07/03/2016

Konnichiwa! Wa ta shi wa MoMo desu :)

Hello everyone. I'm a 22-year-old local female who's learning Japanese. I've been to Japan recently and I'm totally in love with this country - food is nice (especially the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki) and people are very polite and cute! And I find Japanese guys really gentle, caring and attractive. I'm looking for Japanese native speakers who can practice Japanese with me or just be friends with me. If you're down, feel free to drop me a message!

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Have fun in learning – your English, my Cantonese

Posted 06/21/2016

I wish to perfect my English and would be happy to help you brush up your Cantonese if you've already attended some elementary course and know a little about this dialect. So, what about language exchange over a cup of tea, no hustle, just a bit fun in learning?

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