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Thursday, 9/18/2014

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English for Cantonese

Ref ID: b5d1d79c-6ad6-40aa-98aa-d235768b912d

Hello, I'm a native English speaker from the US working in HK in the financial services sector. I can help you with your business English.

My Cantonese needs improvement so I hope to find a language partner.

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Cantonese/Mandarin to English

Ref ID: fa846bb5-cf77-4673-80ef-22300c973d12

I'm a Hongkonger and also know well in Mandarin, I am looking for a English native speaker friend or family who is also seeking for language improvement.

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French tutor wanted

Ref ID: 0fbc18bc-8339-447a-85b1-61cd7f2dde60

I'm a Chinese looking for a French private tutor for adult, 1 or 2 times / week, can be arranged during lunch hour (1-2pm) in Central. Prefer to speak both French and English for easy communication, thanks!

I would also like to improve my Conversational and Written English. I can offer Cantonese for exchange.

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looking for German offering Cantonese

Ref ID: f501bfbb-d6a4-4b04-b22d-93ee33bc4070

i'm a local hk girl who is eager to learn the German language on a regular basis. in return, i can offer you Cantonese. lessons could be causual and cutural exchange is what I look for. Of course, I can show you around some very local hk places and food in the city. :)

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Chinese girl looking for simple German lessons

Ref ID: 45dde5dc-4ba1-488e-b3e2-f9d1ed236b0f

Hi, I am a mid-30s local woman, looking for a German man to teach me fundamental German pronunciation. I don't need real lessons, I just need to know how to pronounce some German words properly and in the right tone, for the purpose of mastering a German opera piece. I am a classically trained vocalist (amateur of course) for a few years. I don't think this will take more than two lessons.

I can give you Cantonese or mandarin lessons in exchange or tell you about the real local culture (not from an expats's view), where to eat good food, etc. And I can buy you a drink certainly.


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Looking for 31-32 caucasian male. French speaker preferred.

Ref ID: 216ad33e-ee0d-4877-9a8a-27ee3c486550

My name is Suki, 24 years old. I am looking for french speakers who are happy to help me with my French, I can help you with Cantonese in exchange.. I spent 12 years living in EU, returned to HK for good not long ago, would like to meet Expats living in Hong Kong. If you are 31-32 male, regardless of nationality, single, then message me :) 

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Cantonese Exchange French

Ref ID: f9f1345c-8ec7-4f51-a772-fdd4e86c3365

Want to learn basic French exchange my Cantonese
Time in the morning
Location sheung wan to Kennedy town

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