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My french for your english

Ref ID: 20d2daf5-f0ac-4ef7-9ac2-6866fda2eabb

I'm a french girl of 33 years old. I would like to practise my english and be more confident. I am living here for few months only. So I need to exchange.
If you want I can teach you french language, the romantic language!!
Let's meet for a coffee, a lunch or a glass of wine !

Hope to meet you soon


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My french for your english

Ref ID: aec3de59-ff31-4837-9626-143bfec9d490

Hi everybody,
I am a 27-year-old french woman who would like to improve her English. I would be happy to help you to learn my native language and to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!

If interested you can contact me.
Hope to hearing from you soon,

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Looking for guy friend who wants to learn Cantonese

Ref ID: 11cd0052-9377-43ed-896c-1a86719ba650

Hi there, I actually don't really need language exchange but I am willing to teach you Cantonese when we will be friends, prefer guy in 20s or early 30s as I am in this age range as well.

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We can help each other

Ref ID: 8020484c-7a21-446d-b559-361f0a6b9495

I wish to perfect my English and would be happy to help you brush up your Cantonese if you've already attended some elementary course and know a little about this dialect. So, what about language exchange over a cup of tea, no hustle, just a bit fun in learning?

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Native English Speaker seeks Cantonese Language conversation

Ref ID: 39902af1-f966-4ac0-b39b-7a6c48bdf39b

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Recently started Cantonese lessons so looking to share laid back English/Cantonese exchange. In return, I can offer Native English conversation and writing - I am a fully trained UK teacher.

Let's talk!

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Russian lessons

Ref ID: f1d40fe6-09ca-4e94-8acc-3347d618a7c5

I've always been intrigued by Russia. I had some basic Russian lessons many summers ago in St Petersburg (i.e. all forgotten now) and never had the chance to pick it up again. Only few places teach the language here and the courses don't work with my schedule. I'm just looking for the basics, alphabets, pronunciation, and perhaps a bit of grammar. Don't mind if it's just a one time help or it isn't your native tongue. I'm happy to help you with Cantonese, Mandarin or English in return. I'm an early 30s female professional. Thank you.

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Chinese for Foreigners

Ref ID: bcbdffbc-47cb-4831-978b-476574497d38

I have 2 CDs to study Chinese Language to sell because I have an apple computer which doesn't read CDs. Just send me an offer and I'll tell you where to meet. I'll be in HK until tuesday.

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Your Cantonese for my French

Ref ID: b3667ba3-31db-4407-ad10-3f3de854a124

Hi there!
I am Marie, native French and have been studying Mandarin before. My new goal is to learn Cantonese. Basically I have a book and I need someone to help me with the pronunciation and stuff. In exchange I could teach you French? One hour per week would be brilliant. I am very motivated! Thanks

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French - Taobao exchange

Ref ID: 22d130fa-a833-4186-b1ec-0fcb41a9dc49

I am looking for someone to help me buy things on Taobao.
I can teach you french (I used to teach at university in Shanghai for 1 semestre) and/or graphic design (I am a graphic designer)
The goal is to buy tee-shirts and other things for my creative projects.
I am 30, woman, and I am around fortress hill, causeway bay,

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My Mandarin/Cantonese/English for your Korean

Ref ID: cc51c143-c63c-4eb7-b079-b390655dddba

I am native in Mandarin and Cantonese, and near native in English. I need a native Korean speaker in Hong Kong to interact with me and together translate some content (about music) into Korean. Any time spend for my purpose, I will return double in teaching/practicing my languages with you. Thanks!

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Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 73229c50-59bc-44a9-856a-b6a2499b24d9

a 30s guy looking for native English speaker to hangout and talk. come on.......

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Korea/English for Japanese

Ref ID: 5e11be61-c263-48ec-8590-867b586e159f

Hi, I'm native Korean who is working in HK.

I have learend Japanese but did'n have much chance to use it.

so I want to exchange my Korean/English with Japanese.


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i want to learn cantonese

Ref ID: cc1c25c2-dd2e-491e-b669-61f795cc8bd3

i want to learn cantonese, call me 53715454 and i am 22 year old boy .

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My Mandarin for your english

Ref ID: f661ea71-3e39-4925-89ea-04378a0a07ce

I am a 25-year-old girl from mainland China who would like to improve her oral English. I am have been working in HK for about 1 year and would be very happy to make new friends here.

Feel free to contact me.

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Language exchange partner (Female only)

Ref ID: 896b5f68-53c8-4350-b9ee-550e9e7cc5e4

hi, i am 33yo chinese guy and have been abroad for many years so my chinese accent has disappeared. I hope i can speak like locals and seek someone who can help me my spoken cantonese and in return i can improve yr spoken eng. I am nice to talk with, outspoken and sporty.
I hope to receive yr reply.

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Native English speaker here

Ref ID: 17e27cf9-34fb-4c0f-8f32-01403b1939f5

I'm a native English speaker from the US looking to learn Mandarin from a native Mandarin speaker. I work full-time at a multi-national company (so I'm not a teacher) but I have an MBA from a top tier university and can teach you business English.

Native Mandarin = from Taiwan or mainland China.

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i want to learn cantonese

Ref ID: 2dd0a2df-d96b-4380-b88f-38f2ea921fd1

i am 22 year old and want learn cantonese . age range is 20 t0 28 year because similar age is better.

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Language exchange (My Spanish - your Cantonese)

Ref ID: bf5856cd-9caa-4dff-a32b-45a4e2c7d3f6

Please contact me

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German / English / Cantonese / Mandarin (I speak all 4)

Ref ID: 2c0b6d86-6f22-4f20-9ec0-84a7c807be54

I am multilingual, but native English, and rather rusty in German and Mandarin. Seeking German or Mandarin native speakers who would like to improve their English or Cantonese.

About me:Third Culture Kid, 24 years old. Grew up in Hong Kong, international school and overseas educated. Love people of all cultures and their ideas, languages, experiences. Love to share and exchange.

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My Japanese for Your French

Ref ID: daa7c5dd-25aa-432b-9d80-eb9732ef4719

Hi! I am a Japanese female professional in her 30s who wants to learn to speak French from basic. I know a little basic and want to improve my pronunciation in French.
I am fun, artsy and into fashion. Prefer area in Sheung Wan or Central.

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