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Learning Spanish

Posted 02/21/2017

Hello Everybody!

Hope you are doing fine!
Are you interested to learn Spanish, by using Cantonese and English.
No homeworks and test, just learning, practicing and having fun.
Send me a message for rates and place to learn.

Best regards,

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My Spanish for your English

Posted 02/20/2017

Hi Everyone,

I am a native speaker Spanish interested in practicing my English with a native speaker English at least twice per week (1hr) between 7pm to 9pm, in return I can teach you speak Spanish or reinforce your skills in Spanish. If you are interested please let me know in my email

Many Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon! Nos vemos

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Cantonese for Japanese

Posted 02/06/2017

My wife and I want to learn Japanese on a regular basis. In return, we can teach you Cantonese.

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English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese - French

Posted 01/25/2017

Interested in language exchange with native speakers of any of the above languages. I am a native french speaker, male.

Looking for serious language learning and practice. Meetings in Central/Sheung Wan is preferable, flexible hours.

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Cantonese vs English/ French/ Mandarin

Posted 01/25/2017

For speakers of the above languages interested in learning some Cantonese, to meet in central :)

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Discovery bay Korean-English Language exchange

Posted 01/25/2017

I am currently living in DB and I would like to do a language exchange for KOREAN-ENGLISH.
Since I am usually staying in DB in the weekend, so if there is anyone who living in DB, we can keep in touch!

I have worked as a Korean language teacher in HK for a year.
So I enjoy teaching Korean and also learn English.
I am sure we can do a cultural exchange as well and we will enjoy it!

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English for Cantonese (meet at HKU)

Posted 01/24/2017

Hello, I recently began work at HKU and would like to find a language partner to learn some conversational Cantonese. I am a 25-year old female from the US (also used to live in mainland and speak Mandarin) and can help you with oral English or academic essay writing in exchange. I hope to find someone who can meet for lunch (1-2pm) once or twice per week on HKU campus. Please send me a PM if you're interested.

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eng <->cantonese/mandarin

Posted 01/20/2017

hi all, i'm looking for a native english speaker for my little 3-yr-old boy at choi hung. i shall teach cantonese/mandain as you want in return. it is perfect to have 1-2 times per week.


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English for Cantonese

Posted 01/20/2017

Hello, I am an an American English teacher living in Mong Kok. I need to learn to speak Cantonese. Ordering food, shopping, and general conversation. I have a good amount of time available to study. I am a 49 years old man. I have taught English to all age groups and levels. I have a BA degree and a 100 hour TEFL certificate.

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once a week practice to speak french

Posted 01/16/2017

i'm a <female> high school student taking advanced french classes and would want to improve my french speaking skills.
anyone there who might be able to help me out. once a week regular conversation is fine.
thank you.

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Looking for Native Italian Speaker

Posted 01/10/2017

Hello- I am looking for a Native Italian Speaker who can help play and speak with my kids, ages 7,5, and 2. Live in Repulse bay. Flexible days and hours during the week. 5 & & year old only available after 3 pm... If interested/qualified, please send me a message with more information about yourself and your availability.

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Chinese or yoga for Spanish

Posted 01/08/2017

local male likes to learn Spanish. looking for another male.

in return, i can teach you Chinese or yoga.

love to hear from you.

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Language Exchange French VS English

Posted 01/04/2017

Hi everyone,

Looking for a native English speaker who would be able to teach me advance English (mainly for business).

I can propose French lesson in return (was french tutor during more than 1 year).

Happy new year!

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Looking for a female Cantonese teacher (once, twice a year)

Posted 01/03/2017

I'm a 50s Japanese female in Japan and I come to Hong Kong once or twice a year. I'm looking for a female of the same generation who teaches me Cantonese, when I come there. Instead of that, I teach you Japanese (I'm a qualified Japanese teacher).
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Lunch time language exchange - English and Mandarin

Posted 12/30/2016

Hello, I'm looking for a language exchange parter who can teach me mandarin. and have regular exchanges in the Sheung Wan/Central area during lunch.

I am intermediate speaker of Mandarin and a fluent English speaker. Please send a message if you have free time. I'm thinking about 1 time a week.

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Mandarin speaker, look for French language exchange

Posted 12/28/2016

Hi all, I am a mandarin speaker, from Suzhou and stayed in HK for 7 years. Look for French native to exchange language. Wanna keep it simple and no hook up please. :)

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Cantonese/Mandarin exchange for English

Posted 12/23/2016

Hi, anyone can help to improve my English Speaking and Listening? I can teach you Cantonese and Mandarin ( includind Pinyin) in return. If you are interested, please message me, thanks!

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Australia accent wanted, in exchange for native cantonese

Posted 12/18/2016

I wish to get some Australian accent please, if you also want to learn some cantonese, let's share at whatever time you like? I am female speaking english and cantonese.

PM me thanks

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Posted 12/12/2016

Happy to pay or drinks or dinner or whatever - couple of hours a week - teach me basic cantonese and/or mandarin - just enough to get around HK and a bit for social

can meet after work or weekends - i live in the wan chai area

can teach you english if required

just dont want the formality of a classroom !

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Native Cantonese speaker learning Spanish

Posted 12/11/2016

hola todos, soy Michelle de Hong Kong, yo hablo Cantonés y Ingles. Encantada
that's probably all the Spanish i can speak for now as I'm starting to learn the basics jaja...
I'm a HK native, looking for native Spanish speaker interested to practise Cantonese. whether having coffee, lunch, hiking or exploring the city, just drop a message if you want to know more about Hong Kong and don't mind teaching me some Spanish :)

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