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Native English Speaker seeks Cantonese Language conversation

Ref ID: 39902af1-f966-4ac0-b39b-7a6c48bdf39b

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Recently started Cantonese lessons so looking to share laid back English/Cantonese exchange. In return, I can offer Native English conversation and writing - I am a fully trained UK teacher.

Let's talk!

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My Japanese for your Spanish

Ref ID: 3c468d17-c5e6-44d7-bc75-8f06fce8c4c4

I am a female. I would like to restart my Spanish learning. I really like the language.
In retrun I can offer you Japanese, I think spanish speakers will learn Japanese fast :p
If you are interested please message me.

have a good day

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English for Mandarin ( Putonghua)

Ref ID: 4873054d-c0b3-4a07-8dbe-f7f26612d8a0

I am a native English( American) speaker with some basic Mandarin.
Would like to have language exchange with native Mandarin speaker preferably from China or Taiwan. Nothing too formal just meet over for coffee/tea afterwork or weekends.
I am professional male working in finance field.

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Need Cantonese lessons

Ref ID: 74471ae7-ceb1-4ffd-adb3-0ca204918928

I'm an American living in Hong Kong. I speak some Cantonese and looking to improve. Please message me if interested in teaching me.

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Korean for your english

Ref ID: 1d2ff34f-8159-4dc2-a2a8-4be6446cd68c

I'm Korean. I want to learn English.
Please drop me a message If you want to learn Korean and the culture.

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English for Mandarin or Cantonese

Ref ID: 1ea8c044-472d-43cf-becd-7d6fae7e5ca3

Hi, I am a native English speaker from the U.S. looking to learn Mandarin or Cantonese in exchange for English. I can teach either American or British English as I received my Master's degree from Oxford University. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to expand your grasp of business English for meetings, fine-tune your pronunciation or sentence structure, or pick up a few more idioms that may arise in informal conversations.

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Cantonese to German

Ref ID: 4d598545-2c2f-4b05-9aed-61cffa68277d

Hallo, hat jemand Lust auf Kantonesisch lernen? Ich würde gerne einen Sprachaustausch mit Ihnen für Ihre Deutsch haben. danke.

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Learning some cantonese, teach you french or english

Ref ID: fc398da4-b8da-4520-9183-c372f92a1702

I'm french graphic designer. I'm just arriving HK.
I would like to learn some cantonese (just conversational) in exchange I can teach you some french or english.
If you are interested, we can meet around a coffee at free time.
Kind regards,

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Mandarin for English

Ref ID: d8f4cbf8-29f7-43e3-85a1-4b3b07bd330c

I'm native mandarin speaking girl in 20s working in bank. Would like to practice my conversational & business English after work around central.We can talk & jog together if you r into running.

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Mi Ingles por tu Espanol

Ref ID: 2d841c58-143c-4ea6-b980-23a087e145e6


Necesito practicar mi español porque no tengo amigos aqui q lo hablan y no quiero perder mi español. En cambio, puedes practicar tu Ingles, or just get free food or coffee haha. Happy to meet up for brunch, lunch, dinner, or coffee, or even go for a hike. Will be eternally grateful to you!

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teaching german

Ref ID: 38643f35-f81e-4c93-8260-1fd7356c41c8

My name is nana.i am 22 years old and i am a native german speaking girl.I am keen on
learning language.i have took many language course when i was in high school.
such as Japanese,Esperanto,French,English.^o^ At the moment i am learning cantonese.

In the future i want to be Linguistin on the subject of German and Chinese.(✿◠‿◠)
I am interested in baking cakes and watching series.My favorite series are The
walking dead.I love playing video games ,for example :kingdom hearts,final fantasy,
pokemon....(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ besides, i LOVE Kpop music, i am a big fan of Big Bang,2ne1,girls generation and many more.
Of course i also like other music from america or germany for example: linkin park,taylor swift and cro.≧◡≦

At the moment, i am looking for a german teaching job.I enjoy teaching other people my knowledge and see them
improving their skills step by step.Please,feel free to contact me . every age is welcome.

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My french for your english

Ref ID: 20d2daf5-f0ac-4ef7-9ac2-6866fda2eabb

I'm a french girl of 33 years old. I would like to practise my english and be more confident. I am living here for few months only. So I need to exchange.
If you want I can teach you french language, the romantic language!!
Let's meet for a coffee, a lunch or a glass of wine !

Hope to meet you soon


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Spanish / Italian / English for French

Ref ID: 84f0aaae-9b18-4365-81b4-abb67be8dd07

Looking for native speakers of any of the above languages for language exchange with native french man.

Venue in Central / Sheung Wan is preferable, flexible schedules, serious language learning, practice.

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My Cantonese for your English/Spanish

Ref ID: 90422472-abc6-481a-a093-65b2f9e81823


I'm a female, native Hong Kongese

I can speak fluent Cantonese, English, Spanish (hablo un poco español) & mandarin (basic) ... looking for language exchange :)

Let's talk!

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Looking for guy friend who wants to learn Cantonese

Ref ID: 11cd0052-9377-43ed-896c-1a86719ba650

Hi there, I actually don't really need language exchange but I am willing to teach you Cantonese when we will be friends, prefer guy in 20s or early 30s as I am in this age range as well.

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Mi español for your English!

Ref ID: 188e4405-fb1c-4a22-b754-a4804c4da355

Hello! I'm 29 and I come from Spain but I've worked and lived for 6 years in France, so I speak fluently French. I've just arrived in HK and I'm looking for someone to practice and improve my English, at least once a week and in person. I've done other language exchanges before, both in Spanish and French.
If you are interested, please send me a message! Hope to meet you soon :)

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Mandarin for your English

Ref ID: 870dd27b-05c5-47a8-b53d-fec6ea307093

Hi there.
I used to work as a Mandarin teacher.
I'd like to keep ability in Oral English.
If you are interested in doing a language ex
please drop a line.

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English or Spanish for Italian

Ref ID: 7856e18c-2e3c-462d-a94c-0ab9f8d09fda


I am currently taking an Italian language course and I'm in level 4. I would like to practice speaking Italian outside of the classroom environment with a native Italian male/female. I am a native English speaker from the US and my mother tongue is Spanish. Therefore, I can exchange any or both of the languages for Italian. If interested please send me a message and we can exchange contact information.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.

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Cantonese for English/ Japanese

Ref ID: 540c3669-e80c-4fa2-8bbc-69a4ba212d1e

Hi there! I'm 23 girl, was born and raised in Hong Kong. I hope to improve my spoken English and elementary Japanese. I can offer you native Cantonese and fluent Mandarin. Prefer English/ Japanese native speakers in twenties/ thirties, to learn and have some fun together! Drop me a line! :)

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My Cantonese for your english

Ref ID: 31e5df83-8a5e-48e0-9016-1a671e15c0ac

I'm a female hongkonger. Seeking native English speaker train my conversation. In return, I can teach you Cantonese and Mandarin and Chinese cultures.

Looking forward to talking with you.

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