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My french for your english

Ref ID: 06b3fdfb-0459-4f6b-978c-de79076748e6

Hi everybody,

I am a 27-year-old french woman who would like to improve her English. I would be happy to help you to learn my native language and to make new language-exchange friends here in Hong Kong!
If interested you can contact me.

Hope to hearing from you soon,

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Cantonese for English/ Japanese

Ref ID: 540c3669-e80c-4fa2-8bbc-69a4ba212d1e

Hi there! I'm 23 girl, was born and raised in Hong Kong. I hope to improve my spoken English and elementary Japanese. I can offer you native Cantonese and fluent Mandarin. Prefer English/ Japanese native speakers in twenties/ thirties, to learn and have some fun together! Drop me a line! :)

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Mandarin/English exchange for Cantonese

Ref ID: 8f13f928-a840-4953-bbb7-38a3b5455c16

We r a couple, recently moving to Hong Kong. We are native Mandarin speakers and good English speakers as well. We would like to learn Cantonese by exchanging Mandarin/English.

Anyone interested, just drop me a line here.

Thanks and regards,


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Dutch and/or English in exchange for Cantonese

Ref ID: 01b4d32c-2f1e-4e36-b727-111f6e2190aa

After some years in Hong Kong I am eager to get a better understanding of Cantonese. In exchange I can offer Dutch or English. Hopefully you could meet in Sheung Wan/SYP/Kennedy Town over coffee tea or a drink, preferably in the afternoons. I have no teaching background but have decent language skills and a Master Degree. Its not my ambition to learn or teach all detailed technicalities on past/current/future tenses but rather have an interesting conversation while learning a language.

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My English for your Cantonese

Ref ID: 51e7ee73-a9f8-4e56-9de1-5119d6bb56d2

Hi All,

I am a native English speaker and I am looking for someone to help me with basic Cantonese. I cannot claim to be an English teacher, but I am a post-grad educated professional and can also help with marathon/distance running training plans if that is of interest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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Cantonese for English

Ref ID: 74d10c96-38c0-4e94-86de-753c249e8aa9

Dear Friends,

I am a Chinese Hong Kong People. I born in Hong Kong. I am a JingJin Physiotherapist.

I wanna to language exchange partner to improve social social chat, business english and all relative in English.
Also, helping my career conversation as well.
I speak Cantonese well and Mandrain and speak chinese english.

I live in Tai Wo (N. T.) and I am working in Hong Kong Island too.

Drop me a line if you needs Cantonese speaking or Mandrain.

Best, Rejoyce

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Ref ID: 66c0c93f-c5ce-4d75-89ef-c561801b62e7

I am sincerely looking for language exchange partners for the following languages: (Prefer native speakers or mix) English, Japanese and Korean.
I am a common HK citizen but I also hold a Canadian passport. My first language is English but I feel like it is deteriating after I came back from studying abroad (Japan and Australia) because I have no foreign friends to talk to here.

Anyway, I am trying to look for long-term friendship. If you are just playing around, you can move on to the next post/ad. Thank you for your time!

Have a great day! ^^

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Cantonese and Mandarin speaking girl looking for a French partner for language exchange

Ref ID: 624bc8e5-dedb-484b-9086-a54ea314bac3

I am around 40. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I just want to learn some basic French. I have got some books for reference.

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Seeking HK native for Eng-Cantonese exchange

Ref ID: c9bfcc82-d1a8-4b8d-bee5-6b9f18693370

I am an American male and I moved to Hong Kong less than a year ago. I just started self studying Cantonese with the textbook A Shortcut to Cantonese. (Great book!). Looking for a female partner to meet in a cafe once a week or so and help me with my pronunciation, answer questions, practice etc. in exchange for my helping your English.

I am not a bad teacher as I have an MA TESOL :) although I do not teach for a living any more.

I prefer a female not for any sinister reason other than I just prefer female company. You don't have to have teaching qualifications but hopefully some teaching traits like patience and ability to explain Cantonese rules and usage.

Drop me a line if interested.

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My Mandarin and Cantonese for your Hungarian

Ref ID: cdd75a94-9891-4169-be71-c3fddb26d24f

I'm Chinese girl.working in Hongkong.and I can speak cantonese and Mandarin.I want to learn Hungarian.Have someone helpme?please~~~

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Cantonese/English for your native Mandarin or Japanese

Ref ID: 28249ffb-7a5e-44be-a0ce-70d2cbe41822

Hi there,
I am local in HK and have been living in North America for over 15 years. I can speak moderate mandarin and little (level 3) Japanese and I am hoping to improve them. If you are native in either of these two languages and you are looking to exchange for my Cantonese and English, please whatsapp me at 98293398. Preferred location in HK, thank you.

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need a cantonese tutor

Ref ID: fd8b63ec-c3a4-403b-b9f5-17d36775d970

Hi,I need a cantonese tutor for my 7 years daughter ,I cant afford much.plcont

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Cantonese for your English

Ref ID: cf97fb9b-cbee-48ca-b5e8-668eb5d9d933

I would like to learn daily English conversation. in return, i can offer you Cantonese. I stay in Tung Chung and be around in Tsim Sha Tsui most of the time. i like traveling around and feel good to talk to others. I'll take you to local attractions and restaurants. Hope you enjoy!

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Mandarin/Beijing dialects/Shanghai dialects/CN northeast dialects exchange for English

Ref ID: af215c67-0254-4515-81d5-1612d8e23ff3

Hi, I'm looking for a English speaker to improve/perfect my language skill. I'm female and learn my English in college school.Now I am working in HK, use English in my daily work and need a chance to improve it. If you are interested in leaning Mandarin/Beijing dialects/Shanghai dialects/CN northeast dialects, I will be more than happy to know you over a cup of tea. Drop me a line to get in touch.

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Language exchange (My Spanish - your Cantonese)

Ref ID: bf5856cd-9caa-4dff-a32b-45a4e2c7d3f6

Please contact me

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Chinese languages for American English

Ref ID: 9ead3c99-a4e3-4fa7-8f7e-5a59b5c5aee0

Hi, I'm looking for Native American English speaker to improve/perfect my language skill. I'm female and have been returning from the states for many years and didn't get chance to keep up with the language. If you are interested in leaning Chinese/Mandarin, Cantonese or Shanghai dialects, I will be more than happy to help you with. Drop me a line to get in touch.

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Korea/English for Japanese

Ref ID: 5e11be61-c263-48ec-8590-867b586e159f

Hi, I'm native Korean who is working in HK.

I have learend Japanese but did'n have much chance to use it.

so I want to exchange my Korean/English with Japanese.


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Help with Spanish Language

Ref ID: 0fcfbbf1-13f2-4dfa-a68d-28ea75e65481

Hi ,

I am a Native English speaking male seeking help with my bacis Spanish language skills - I can be flexible on time and location.


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My french for your english

Ref ID: 20d2daf5-f0ac-4ef7-9ac2-6866fda2eabb

I'm a french girl of 33 years old. I would like to practise my english and be more confident. I am living here for few months only. So I need to exchange.
If you want I can teach you french language, the romantic language!!
Let's meet for a coffee, a lunch or a glass of wine !

Hope to meet you soon


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mandarin/english for italian

Ref ID: ec2b44b9-de16-4806-a664-99e1f20b5e93


I'm fresh graduate who wants to continue her italian study.
contact me if you are native italian speaker, :p


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