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Wednesday, 9/17/2014

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Ref ID: ca68ba34-f61d-42c7-8349-9ecb50c40e28

I joined recently, I am new in HK and i would love to know more about you. I am a very Easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh. Looking for someone to share life with both in love and friendship. Are you interested?

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Tall, good looking successful Caucasian American seeks partner for romance and...

Ref ID: c8e077ef-a653-47ce-a301-ed1abf35ca87

Tall, good looking, very active and fit Caucasian NYer wants to meet someone for fun and romance starting with dating that will lead to a long term relationship or more. I am a newly single, tall, good looking, 40's, well educated and unpretentious, cultured and adventurous. I am a fit American entrepreneur, who is seeking a pretty, fit Caucasian or American Born Chinese lady to enjoy evenings and weekends with. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in arts, sports and life. I am seeking someone who understands an American (ie. an independent and can-do spirit with compassion) and appreciates someone who speaks what is on their mind, yet is courteous and kind to strangers and "gives back" to others. I look forward to meeting you over coffee or a glass of wine.
PS. I am not seeking a penpal at this time and expect to meet within a short period of time.   

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Tall Athletic Aussie Expat - new to HK :)

Ref ID: bf7df949-accf-4b02-8559-10be4309ad0f

Hi there. I am new to HK but am loving it so far.

I am 190cm tall with an athletic build. I work out every day but am not a gym-head :)

I have salt N pepper hair and blue eyes. I am clean shaven and without tatts. I work in a very tall building in Central but still travel a lot.

Interested? :)

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Gentleman looking for a friend

Ref ID: 4d9590cb-d476-4132-bc70-2227146dadab

I'm an American pilot based in Hong Kong. I may be old in years 56yo, but still young at heart. I have gray/brown hair along with brown eyes. I'm tall 185cm and weight 84kg...fit and a non smoker. As my profession would indicate, I'm well traveled but still enjoy new destinations.
I consider myself a gentleman that's very down to earth, one who enjoys all the great outdoors has too offer. I enjoy travel good food and conversation. It has been a long time since my last relationship, and I miss the companionship of an intelligent and beautiful woman. 
My years of life's experience's have taught me that a good / best friend first. And if the magic / chemistry is there, it could possibly lead into a beautiful relationship.
Well I've opened up...and spilled out heart and thoughts. So if your an intelligent down to earth....easy going lady. That might like to take a chance, on not your average guy. I would love too hear from you.
Thanks for reading my post,

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Ref ID: 6bb20c40-6298-4a00-b04a-3202ac44f1d9

172 weight 68 kg

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Sweatpants to job interview = poor life decision

Ref ID: 94ae0d08-7728-44d3-92e9-cb55db940728

Tinder isn't working out as well as I thought. You ladies have any success with that app? Anyways, I will be 40 next year but thanks to my lucky Chinese genes or jeans, I have been told I look like I'm in my late 20s. I'm a CBC and have been in HK for about 4 years with no stars on my Hong Kong ID card. At the moment, I'm doing the Immigration time if I want the PR card with 3 years to go. Don't worry, my company is sponsoring me....for now.
I like ice hockey, snowboarding, candle lit dinners, long walks on the
beach and all that other good stuff. I have nice teeth and polished shoes.
What am I looking for? Someone to hang out with. I know my way around a kitchen and I prefer to cook. With my gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and other yummy meals, there is a high probability that you will add some inches in all the wrong places based on my previous experiences but if you are leading an active lifestyle such as working out, doing yoga, Pilates and all that jazz, you should be fine.  
I prefer someone with a western upbringing (can be western girl or ABC, BBC, CBC, XBC) as it's kinda easier to click with. Local girls are also certainly welcome to reply as well. I can definitely improve my Cantonese but I won't hold your handbag. Or buy you a (insert high end name brand here) bag. 
We all start out as strangers, right? What's your story? You can buy me a drink first.

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Looking for companion

Ref ID: 9cb97e68-fbb0-4cd3-8f7d-2e62bb903b70

Sophisticated retired professional European expat, much traveled, fluent in English (obviously) and French, but speaking appalling Cantonese (even after many years here) seeks mature (age 50 or more), independent, slim, HK Chinese Cantonese speaking lady, preferably with professional back ground for companionship  and to share lunches, dinners, typhoons, social occasions, cinema, laughs and perhaps also travels. She should preferably live on the South side of the Island. I hope to hear from you soon

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just come back from busy world

Ref ID: 9f555a99-25ba-4f9a-ab75-4807037ed56e

just come back from a crazy world there just can work and sleep... no time for drink, social entertaintment, causal dinner...of course no time to look for the one I want to get together forever....

just come back and found the time I have to change..i would try to make new friends. learn something I haven't tried, date the lady who can make me laugh and tell me some about her…

not sure if I can find someone here but wouls try… if anyone would like to meet me… please leave me the message!

Look forward to meeting someone who can save me!


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Looking for an Attractive Chinese Woman

Ref ID: 482ff95b-b011-4633-a9a3-5898dc04bd28

I'm a tall good looking Western man , living in Hong Kong and I'm single ,humor , easy going and would like to meet an attractive slim Chinese woman above 40 years of age , to become friends and enjoy life . Reactions with pic will get mine. 

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Just arrived

Ref ID: b699cc83-3873-4001-86a5-c1e9df5dec8e

I was originally going to post this to "just friends" so maybe that will give you an idea of where I am going with this? Long story short, I am a professor, yes I have the PhD and all of that nonsense, who just arrived in HK for a new role in the City. Do we call HK a city? Or special administrative district? Maybe I will just call it the Kingdom of the North in the Continent of Westeros? You get points if you get that reference :) Anyhow, I would like to meet a lady for friendship and perhaps more, but that "more" is less important to me than the friendship at this point. Maybe we could go hiking, take in a film, grab a coffee, cruise SOHO galleries, or something along those lines? Age and looks don't especially matter to me, nor does ethnicity - personality does. I am mid 40s, brown hair, quite tall, blue eyes, and posses an active mind. I suppose one could say that I am relatively handsome, though I prefer the "relatively" part. I can share dashing photos with you. If it matters, I should say that I am not "Mr Fit" if that is your cup of Joe. I am just on the normal-ish side. But does all of this really matter if we are looking at art? Maybe so, maybe not?

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Looking for mature woman to hang out with

Ref ID: 1c334240-0bf1-4833-851a-f1fb4daf238a

I just moved to Hong Kong from the states and would like to meet a woman who is fun, easy going, and enjoys life. I am 47 years old, I try to work out daily, thinning hair, almost always happy, love dancing, and lots of laughing. I like creative spirits with open minds. I'm certainly not perfect and don't expect you to be. Let's see what trouble we can get into.

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Seeking ... You?

Ref ID: 366abf84-7b65-4a01-bac0-32a23ddd9cb5

Hi there - I am a British guy, late-40s. Tall, slim, apparently quite OK looking! Have been in HK for a while and am looking to meet someone fun, charming and poised for cocktails, dinner and possibly more. Just as happy going to a movie as well as nice restaurant. I work at a large consulting firm and travel quite regularly. You will be self-confident, slim and attractive with a ready smile. I know there is someone perfect out there - is it you?

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Any mature Asian Lady for a 48 old mature white man for friendship and dating out there?

Ref ID: df10240e-4842-4577-8fcc-045b93d25976

Living in Canada, im a 48 old man,Self employed, visual artist and has been traveler. illustrations, comics, cartoons, kids-book,etc.. i am an agreeable man. i am tempered but not mean. social. sense of humor... in love, even if i am Romantic, im dominant by nature. lets be clear: i'm not a mean man. im Masculin, leader, Captain of his ship and believe in that the true natural state of men and women are to not trying to be what they are not.

so, id love to meet a traditional, submissive, loving, caring, Asian woman who loves to make her man happy. Having a great sense of humor, im also a lots of fun to my lover. LOYALTY, FAITHFULNESS, DEDICATION, HONESTY AND SINCERITY! are mandatories! without those qualities, it can't work for me...

in return, i'm a loving, caring, loyal, trusting, protective man. i treat my woman well and make her happy too. i'm old fashion and I am known to be a Gentleman. I have a good reputation and intent to keep it. but, i will never be no woman's doormat! no man bosses me, so, even less a woman... So, take it all for what it's worth, but, you may appreciate my honesty... :-)

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New to Hong Kong

Ref ID: 500bd114-b50f-406f-a1bd-820e986ace07

Hi There,
Im new to Hong Kong, from Australia, Mid 30s  enjoying life here so far, Just looking for nice girl mid 20s- mid 30s to hangout with on weekends & all goes well may lead to more..
Active & outgoing, enjoy sports & the great outdoors..... If your out there pls drop me a line.
Best regards,
Phil :-) 

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Can you drive the get away car...and shoot?

Ref ID: bce54ec8-1d50-4855-a244-1f405355c8ba

I am a single western male, no kids...1.91m...I like to do something new at least twice a year...unwind every chance I get...want a house on the beach, state at the sky's brightness & darkness, contemplate my swing, be completely enveloped by the tide

For the rest of you who are on a higher plane I salute you...just aspiring for refinement in all things, honesty and hope are your best allies, life consists of a series of moments, you either pay attention or miss it

I'm of above average intelligence and you should be too...this doesn't meN you need to be self-righteous, it just meNs is prefer to spend the rest of my life with someone I can talk to and not have to draw things out in crayon...basically, a partner in crime-one that can drive the get-awY car and shoot...a sense of humor is a must...you understand that family is important, you know why the book is always better than the movie, you should be able to dress up and go to a play and want to, but should be able to go to dome seedy hole in the wall bar, shoot pool, play darts and drink domestic beer. Can't have the yin without the yang

(People watchers get DOUBLE BONUS POINTS)

I love the people I love and that never changes. Those with similar goals but different ways of getting there. Thinkers and feelers with the balance I strive for daily. People who respect, love, trust, and take care of themselves and the people they care about. No "know-it-alls" pretentious, scathing but allegedly tender folks. Secure, sincere and scintillating people who are moving forward but not sprinting through this gamut we call life. Someone who will let me step into their portal & exercise the time machine dreams I have been having...

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I love to hear......

Ref ID: 66281281-be00-46d8-a107-e9a0715adbec

that special laughter you have with someone during an intimate moment?
Oh I love that....

So let's talk like REALLY OPEN-MINDED, liberated, honest, adults.....

I ask you, can you have a conversation with me about what you like..honestly

No fakes or faking, no time wasting

If you are interested please send me your mobile number and photos ...if you like...

I'm from London, a HK permanent resident.....


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looking for romance or friendship

Ref ID: f325e4db-613c-4d10-89dd-26a3c98402c2

Hi I am 42 years old, living in hong kong and looking to meet someone for a no pressure relationship or friendship. Looks not important just someone who I can have a decent conversation with and who is interesting funny. I work in the medical profession and like to enjoy time off travelling cooking and escaping the stresses of work. I speak 3 languages 2 well and 1 mediocre.....If you are keen to meet for a drink or coffee drop me a message

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Looking to connect with someone friendly

Ref ID: 90c87ea1-d78b-4f48-b187-c622ed29a9ab

Hello all.

I am a British man, recently arrived in Hong Kong looking to meet new friends or potentially something more with the right person. I am 26 years of age. I am friendly, happy and loving person who enjoys music, films, cooking and at the moment, trying my best to learn some Cantonese. Very hard work!

If you are interesting in chatting, then feel free to send me a message, I will send a picture if you request! :)

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Ref ID: e732b5b2-2966-4401-b96f-906cc2577e7a

I just joined, I am new in HK. I am a western guy, I am interested in friendship and a proper relationship. Are you?

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Ref ID: 506c2678-eed0-4fa8-a1fc-abb9a4889f4b

If you can remember the original "Summer Nights" that will be a good start.
I am a long term expat here in Hong Kong and looking for a partner in crime....so to speak. No long list of prerequisites, but please be able to converse well in the same language as this posting.

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