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Posted 12/02/2016

IF you need to pass through or want to pass through or in fact care to spend your holiday vacation in ISTANBUL or CAPPADOCIA for that matter, this could be a discovery opportunity for you to relax your mind, soul and body...!

Ever tasted real Turkish coffee? Ever tasted an Oven rice pudding made of buffalo milk, that has a crusty sugar cane based caramelised top? Ever experienced a Turkish steamy bath to later privately top it up with coffee scrub? Ever experienced an olive oil soap bubble body wash? To only than afterwards to feel the effects of essence rose oil on your mind, soul and body...!

Well, if you haven't already, you missed out on lots to relax your mind, soul and body to unite them!

I am an expat caucasian partly based in İstanbul, who was in the past based in various Far Eastern countries long-term. Out of these I was based three years in Hong Kong, which I enjoyed greatly but the moment it got boring I left! I utilised all the opportunities I had to discover Hong Kong's: trekking routes, underwater, above water, its culinary diversity, its markets, its culture, its arts! Hong Kong was an experience, that I value to this day drawing lots of people with global visions.

I never had time for facebook, twitter, aimless internet surfing, TV program swapping, or watching a movie and doing 1000 other things at the same time! In fact I don't have a TV at the moment, and I rather prefer to focus on what I do and everything related to it! Here single, mid 40's, charming, romantic guy, athletic, tall, globally well read and traveled, with diverse hobbies, and interests, multilingual.

As a professional in Hong Kong, I experienced first hand overtimes are a norm, as were multi-stop business trips with just a days notice, and one never gets enough time off in one block to be able to switch-off completely to be able to recharge one's mind, soul AND body into one. I love deep constructive conversations, chocolate, tea and coffee, culinary delights, self kitchen explorer, enjoying long walks surrounded by nature, visits to museums,
art exhibitions, amateur gigs, but also workout my weekly program at the gym, and attend my spa sessions too!:)

What am I looking for through this posting? Well, at the moment something that could be long-term, but not into drama's, no strings attached...!

Race, age or marital situation is of no importance to me, as long as you are healthy, fit, have passion for life, and energy, and love laughs. I am not after everyone at all! With my charm, I can meet if I want through my work and social circles enough females. However, I am seeking an interesting female who understands the meaning of my keywords, who have experienced globalisation through their studies & work, as they matter to me very much! The objective here is to discover, reach, and pleasure through combined connections of mind, soul and to explore new frontiers together. You are at least 163cm tall, slim, feminine, you know how to take good care of yourself inside-out.

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to meet someone similar

Posted 11/30/2016

i am expat divorced and unattached man living + working in Hong Kong.
i wish to meet someone similar in thoughts and chemistry.

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26 Year old CBC looking for a mature lady

Posted 11/30/2016

I spent my entire life abroad and recently moved to HK for work. I am very western minded and I enjoy movies, MMA, boxing, hiking, art and fine dining. Looking for a mature lady 35-48 to have real conversations with, younger girls are too complicated and play games! Lets get to know each other. Looking for someone to travel with and try new things with! I also love to least try to haha

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Posted 11/26/2016

I am 45, I live in Kowloon side. I am interested in meeting someone for a proper relationship built on love and mutual respect. Are you interested??

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Love comes

Posted 11/26/2016

I am an Easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh. Looking for someone to share life with both in love and friendship.

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Looking for Female for long term friendship and relationship

Posted 11/26/2016

i am 32 year old dynamic and energetic male from India.I shifted to Hongkong few week before. I am working at manegerial level in shipping company.

I am looking for female friend true friend and long term.
Please message me or whatapp

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my view of love/relationship.

Posted 11/24/2016

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

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The Beauty of Mature Woman

Posted 11/23/2016

The title tells everything ...
I am Chinese, non-smoker, optimistic, down to earth...

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Daytime Partner

Posted 11/21/2016

Lonely heart needs love care & some excitement ! I would like to gradually pick up more mentally and spiritually nurturing. Any like-minded woman is interesting to meet guy in late 30s, healthy, considerate and humity.

All we need a calm relaxation in our everyday life. Willing to try something new experiments. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in jogging, movie & music, massage ... Love to create and explore new things while creating a sense of well being.

If the above raises your curiosity somewhat you are welcome to drop me a line and let's take it from there. Will you be my daytime partner in crime ... full discretion assured.

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Looking for kind woman

Posted 11/20/2016

Male from The Netherlands and working for airline. I am looking for a slim/normal-size lady. Who is kind, openminded social, bit sportive and successful with healthy lifestyle who is easy-going, positive, social and open-minded.
During my world trip on my own, I have recently started to feel that my life would be much more enjoyable if I have someone special to share my life and times with.
My age can limited the choice since I am not so young anymore but I still look young, active and as many (Western) people say: "you look good for your age and i thought you are 48". Anyway, i just wait and see what time will brings me.
Further I am open minded, social, friendly but also direct and can be stubborn sometimes (but easily to say SORRY YOU ARE RIGHT and everything will be all right), doing volunteer work, like cooking, travel, sports, movies, music. If you want to know more... JUST ASK pls? Or if you want. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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Heart to Heart.

Posted 11/19/2016

I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.

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Life is a series of moments

Posted 11/19/2016

I am a black English male, well traveled and educated and enjoys cooking as a form of relaxation is looking for a nice lady to share my life and my dreams. I am 1.88m sunny personality who seeks similar. Must be willing to change location if circumstances dictate.

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Posted 11/15/2016

looking for fun, i am here for few days, hope can find someone living in HK can show me around... we can chat...

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Waiting for you.

Posted 11/14/2016

I have died every day waiting for you, I have loved you for a Thousand years I'll love you for a Thousand more. Hope to find you soon.

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African American male for Asian girl

Posted 11/12/2016

I am a 38yr old African American just moved to HK for the next 2 years and i am looking for an educated pretty local woman. You can send pixtures

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Chinese looking for Caucasian

Posted 11/09/2016

Hi, I'm mid-thirties, have a profesional job. Average build, intelligent I've travelled many places in Europe, america and in Asia. I like the feeling of being in an totally unfamiliar environment and culture. I like sport, work out every week and also like watch movie, wine and good foods. Feel free to drop me a line describing yourself. :)

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Expat woman of substance.......wanted!

Posted 11/08/2016

Looking for a fun, fit and happy expat woman who enjoys life and all it has to offer.
I am also an expat and in my 50's with a zest for life.
Do drop me a line if you fit the bill.

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Why not give it a go

Posted 11/06/2016

Student here in university , from India, in mid twenties, tall, slim, with good sense of humor, studying masters, looking for kind, friendly and caring local hk girl. I love music, movies, talking, travel.

If you wish to talk more, why not give it a go, looking forward to hear from you.

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looking for causal partner

Posted 11/02/2016

are you free for drink, movies or fun in leisure time? would you like to meet Hong Konger in late 30 as start as friend? Look forward to your reply..

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Seeking gentle lady from Southeast Asia

Posted 11/01/2016

I’m a middle-aged American of Asian origin who is considerate, polite, well-educated. I would like to make friends with an attractive, gentle, kind and simple lady from Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc.). I am very fond of the region’s different cultures and ways of life after having lived in the region for many years. Thank you.

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