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Just arrived

Ref ID: b699cc83-3873-4001-86a5-c1e9df5dec8e

I was originally going to post this to "just friends" so maybe that will give you an idea of where I am going with this? Long story short, I am a professor, yes I have the PhD and all of that nonsense. I will be backin HK for a new role in the City in May, 2015. Do we call HK a city? Or special administrative district? Maybe I will just call it the Kingdom of the North in the Continent of Westeros? You get points if you get that reference :) Anyhow, I would like to meet a lady for friendship and perhaps more, but that "more" is less important to me than the friendship at this point. Maybe we could go hiking, take in a film, grab a coffee, cruise SOHO galleries, or something along those lines? Age and looks don't especially matter to me, nor does ethnicity - personality does. I am mid 40s, brown hair, quite tall, blue eyes, and posses an active mind. I suppose one could say that I am relatively handsome, though I prefer the "relatively" part. I can share dashing photos with you. If it matters, I should say that I am not "Mr Fit" if that is your cup of Joe. I am just on the normal-ish side. But does all of this really matter if we are looking at art? Maybe so, maybe not?

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long term relationship and married

Ref ID: 75acb74b-06c8-4fd4-89c5-55df23cd61e5

I am from Italy but i have live all my life in United State i am a simple and happy man just looking for a nice woman to spend the rest of my life with you. thank you and hope to hear from you

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Looking for love

Ref ID: bfc85d73-8101-4cb0-82d7-c3ee718233e2

Hello I'm a 33 nearly 34 year old man from the UK .5 ft 8 and muscular build. I am looking for a young minded lady to have fun with and enjoy life. Age isn't a major factor however being wealthy is a must. Drop me a line :-)

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Architect and Design Professional

Ref ID: 93b3944c-2bac-4756-bfc0-0779065797d2

Working too much, traveling too much.... Whatever excuse takes a toll on your personal life and I'm guilty. Is there a classy lady out there that can put up with me and entice me to try and fix that deficit.

My relationship with GOD is important.

A little about me: 50 something but very young for my age. The 20 something guys that work for me cannot keep up, in or out of the gym. Have a couple hobbies that I neglect, but motorcycles and Italian sports cars are two of my favorite interests. Went to Italy in September to look at my latest car order. I like to travel, but another thing I do too much of. I almost never watch TV, because I'm too busy living my life to watch someone else live theirs. I would watch it with someone special or go to a movie if it was important to them. But hopefully we will be making our own movie of life.

In case it's a problem I'm mostly Caucasian American. I'll tell you more if you are interested..

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looking for the one to spend the rest of my life with

Ref ID: d37df1c4-18f6-4023-bb6c-600dbc8bcbbd

i am lee and searching for love here,if you are interested in knowing me more,just send me a message.thanks

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Seriously Searching for My Soulmate.

Ref ID: 9c753162-5f97-461e-9a8b-732a41e32cad

A lot of people tell me they admire so many things about me .....mostly my looks. Friends say I'm reliable, caring, decent and trustworthy.I like to think I am Smart, intelligent, good looking, witty, fun to be with, of good cheer, and passionate about things, and people too.I'm fun to be with,I like to believe and see the best in people. I like to be kind to others, cos I believe that if your color your actions with kindness, they'll come back to you in kind.I love sports, and I'm a soccer fan, and I love basket ball too. I enjoy swimming, running, and aerobic exercises. I run at least 4 to 6 miles four days a week. I swim almost every weekend, and I love the ocean too. I love to go to the beach whenever I can.. I want to meet a very serious woman for a relationship.. Please write me if you are interested.

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Not long in Hong Kong :-)

Ref ID: 500bd114-b50f-406f-a1bd-820e986ace07

Hi There,

I've been living in Hong kong for 8 months & originally from Australia, late 30s & quite enjoying life here so far, Just looking for nice girl mid 20s-mid 30s to hangout with on weekends, siteseeing etc & all goes well may lead to more..I certainly have a soft spot for attractive & inteligent asian women :-)

Active & outgoing, enjoy sports & the great outdoors & a few beer/ glass of wine on weekends..... If your out there pls drop me a line & we can catch up for dinner of something.

Best regards & all the best for 2015,

Phil :-)

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looking for a woman for a serious relationship

Ref ID: fa5800a5-251f-4ed6-b826-6af0604b6d1a

hello i am a british living in hong kong, i am an IT Engineer currently handling a project with hong kong broad band network. i am a widower with one son he lives with me here in hong kong, i am here to finding my perfect match that will lead to a serious relationship, i am humble, honest, decent, loving, down to earth and responsible man. interested and responsible woman should contact me. thanks

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English captain looking for mandarin-speaking friend

Ref ID: 75b736c3-f522-4ca1-bbed-8eb8f6441b97

English captain looking for a mandarin-speaking friend or possibly girlfriend. After studying mandarin in Taiwan at university and living in Hainan for a year I find myself in Hong Kong.

I miss chatting in mandarin and would like to meet somebody for tea, coffee, coconuts, cocktails, hiking, surfing, dumplings or just tea and maybe even cake.

34 years old, blue eyes, handsome, single, very fit from lots of swimming (I like to think I'm a fish).

Whether you're interested in simply having a chat or looking for something more, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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submissive Prince seeks dominant Princess

Ref ID: 27c55b0d-a673-4af3-bc5c-b197db00a859

Friendly, sincere and well educated western British expat, 36, seeks a dominant minded Asian lady who would enjoy and be comfortable taking the lead in the relationship. Enjoy dining out, travel, cozy nights in and sports together..Drop a reply, tell me about you and let's connect!

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Looking For my Other Half

Ref ID: 045efa90-b33f-4a22-8657-fe5a3d797819

Hi there, from London, England, am 36Years single British Born Male looking for females seeking relationship leading to marriage. If there are any single Hong Kong women without children looking for a single British male between the ages 30 to 50 years, please feel to write.

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Ref ID: 548bf5ec-a52f-42e0-9532-8fd4af4b0550

End 30s, well educated, sweet, independent, active, and subtle, western man, looking to meet a like minded and confident lady. I have in mind a long term relationship, with the right person, and I believe in chemistry.
I have been in Asia and HK a long time, I love long distance hiking, books, cinema, nature, deep conversations, a night out from time to time in nice places but also enjoying day time week ends outside. You will have all my attention if you send me an interesting email.
Looking forward to reading you.

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Where are the decent HK girls?

Ref ID: ded53028-5441-49c6-9f8e-f1d72a995ddd

34y old Western guy looking for decent and serious woman who knows what she wants.
Working in management position and hope I can meet someone with similar lifestyle.
I've never done this before but being quite tired of the LKF crowd I want to give this a shot and see who comes along....maybe I am lucky to meet someone nice on here.
Ideally, she is in her late 20s with a positive mind set, likes going out hiking or running, to nice bars and restaurants as much as staying at home spending time together cooking, watching movies etc.

I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you.....let's find out more about each other!!

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feeling lonely...

Ref ID: 84334617-7b3e-42ce-b6e6-1f8331673831

Hk is such a nice, exacting city but sometimes this city can make you feel lonely, I want to meet a non local girl feels the same way as I feel..I, 40, caucasian male..

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Looking for Life Activity Partner

Ref ID: d23138e4-0b5a-452f-bf50-cdaedd7eedb0

Chinese male early 30's banker looking for a charming and friendly lady to share life experience and other activities in HK. Love traveling, recreational sports, exploring restaurants, etc.

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long term US expat still looking..

Ref ID: 17565456-148f-4f8e-ac26-b2c3debdca23

I am an American male who just relocated to HK for a new career in banking. (I'm not one of the guys who makes the really big money so don't get excited!) But I'm a stable, financially secure guy who likes adventures. My goal on the weekends is to get some good exercise and or explore the outer islands around HK or mess around with some cultural events in the city. I love living the city but I am a big fan of exploring rural areas. (I feel like if I find myself in a stable relationship, I might actually enjoy living a little further out). I love eating out and having wine or beer with good company. I am 50 years old but therein lies the rub. I don't live or look anything like what you might expect. You might actually say I have a bit of a Peter Pan complex. Aside from my current career I still live my life like I just graduated from college. (As an example, I spent the last 3 years in a band signed to a major Canadian label, recording and touring with my 20-30 something bandmates.) I usually fall into circles of friends who are in their 20's or 30's because that's who I feel I have the most in common with lifestyle wise. (Maybe having something to do with never being married or having kids makes it harder to relate to my age group.). All this to say that I hope to meet someone a bit younger to share my life with. And while I'm not pushing for it, I am starting to think about finding someone who might be the one with whom a kid might be in the not too distant future. If you've read this far, then I hope you are youngish, active, financially secure yourself, adventurous, a little dorky, cute and attractive, and though I wish it were not important to me, slim to petite.

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Looking for Happines and Love Hong Kong Chinese or Japanese Accomplished Professional Woman

Ref ID: 6e44f981-b589-4ed9-b049-798bec17b08f

I am from Canada and living and working in Hong Kong
I am 56 , blue eyes , blonde hair and .Divorced
I am very serious about finding my soulmate
Prefer a professional Career orientated lady with good education.
I have an MBA
i am looking for elegance and someone that likes travelling.
Would relocate for the right person .
If you are serious then please reply

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Looking For Accomplished Business Woman

Ref ID: 70d2caaf-a228-4988-9682-e571e7bdf102

I am Caucasian from the uk 56 years old .5,8 height and 170 lbs blue eyes and blonde hair divorced with two older sons both of whom are married . I am looking for a partner for travel and the finer things in life. I would like to get married again.and fall in love . i am very respectful and i am very honest and frank. I am very serious so if you are not please do not reply I work as Sales Director here in hk i live in my own apartment alone My hobbies are tennis , golf , scuba diving and reading and travel i also write poetry as a hobby i am very passionate and very romantic Prefer a woman that is accomplished.and complete no drama no lies

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Looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: b003fa60-11b0-4992-a18e-d10f99a1e1ba

I amgentle, tall ,down to earth as I love nature, I herefor a serious relationship with any good, nice and goodone withgood heart, Iam not looking for miss perfect but someone to share, talk and build relationship, I really looking for matured woman, maturity not really about the age butthat of the mind, sense of reasoning, someone to trust and shareidea.
Ilivedand workedin Hong kong before, love it there and I am planning torelocate permanently there as long I see someoneto be my partner that possibly lead to marriage, no games.
I speak4 international language and wish to add Chinese and Cantonese to my list of language.
I will like to receive message from any goodperson irrespective of the race, colour, age or language.

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Soulful and passionate expat seeks match

Ref ID: 846d0d64-1fa0-42ee-ab5b-56dee08442a4

I am a sensitive, kind, masculine, witty and passionate Western professional in my mid-40s, with a deep interest in culture and the arts, especially literature and music. I'm compassionate and principled and am striving to live more purposefully. I have a deep love of nature and play sport, and am tall, attractive and vital. I’m fortunate to have had rewarding relationships for much of my life, but have been single for a while and am now seeking a partner to grow with and to share the beauty and challenge of life. I’m seeking a kind, intelligent and warm woman in her 30s with similar values and outlook, and who is life-affirming, grounded, attractive and sensuous. If you think you might be interested, please drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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