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Newbie from UK

Ref ID: 634ac504-d6ba-4e29-bd7e-19c19ec3acde

Hi all
Kind and friendly guy, 55 but 18 in mind, would like to meet a female, any age, for friendship. Personality is much more impirtant to me over looks. I am on a long term contract and am based in North Point.
I am a non smoker but have no problems if you smoke. I arrive on 1st August and would love to meet a local, indonesian, filipino, european, japanese....... just about anywhere. I also dont mind if you are a professional, domestic or a student.
Hope to hear from you soon

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Paasionate, handsome and fun Mexican-American

Ref ID: 3068ec65-9d25-420f-b49b-72ef9510e8c9

I just moved a week ago from California. Looking for someone special.
I'm stable and drama free person; healthy, handsome , fun, passionate , good kisser, romantic, educated and I love to explore nature. And of course traveling around ;)
I really love to be in good shape, so I'm fit!
173 centimeter, age 41. Let me know if you are the one !
Kisses and hugs !

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Looking for a friend First

Ref ID: 8a698513-a842-4275-b639-f9cfb4242609

I am a British expat professional living and working here in HK I am a divorced,live in hk here on my own, and have grown up children I am in my mid fifties, fit, active, a bit sporty (not excessively) good mental shape. Been in HK almost three years and would like to meet a genuine, down to earth lady (non-smoker) lunch coffee or dinner, evening strolls, weekend exploring, maybe a concert, on a friendship basis and see how it goes. I am not into hiking, i do like swimming although never swim in the ocean in hk water too yucky I love motor racing i used to race cars when ii was younger.

I am not into long messages back and fourth would rather meet face to face
I also want to meet someone that is educated as i am myself .
If you do not have the time to talk or meet then please do not answer my add i am very direct and very honest

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Wanna come with me?

Ref ID: 255509a7-ff16-49e6-85a2-3a8d48a5f456

Expat returning to HK. I was born in HK, but left for New York City 25 years ago. I'm down to earth and easy going. I love good food and good company. I'm athletic, but not overly muscular (5'10" 172 lbs). I'm also Ivy League educated and well traveled. Over the years, I have lived and worked in many corners of the world. Now, I've come back to Hk to settle down. If you are good with restaurants and activities, and/or do not mind helping a nice guy (me) to re-acquaint with Hong Kong and sharing life stories, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Canadian knight to the rescue!

Ref ID: 35979d16-0144-4794-aa0f-ddf70aa4be9d

I believe in love, finding it is not easy but it does exist, still. I am positive minded, I love to see the glass as half full. I am half Canadian, half Asian and I have been thinking of moving to Hong Kong for a while. My last visit was way to short, I only visited 2 of the places I had in mind (Victoria peak and the Tian Tan Buddha). Third place on the list is Clock tower, I will be visiting that destination next time I am there.

Is there a chance I will find meet someone here, someone with who I could begin a friendship that could turn into something else, maybe? Its up to us to find what we are searching for, I guess.

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looking for an older woman.

Ref ID: 8d319749-453f-4985-bc6c-aa36c501cd32

I'm a English born Chinese man living in Hong-kong for the past 16 years. Speaks both English and Chinese

Never married and i don't have children.
I would like to find casual relationship with older woman (38 - 48 years old.) preferably dominant.
I would like to find my special friend
I am honest, kind, gentleman,and open minded, i have other interests such as fitness, trail running and overall body conditioning
I am searching for smart women for share good time, life and create that special relationship
I'm not particularly rich but I am handsome, smart, kind and very open minded.
If you are a working hard girl or just a simple and nice girl and don’t want to be alone, write me and i can send you pic of me.
I believe in the law of attraction...

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Anyone Out There?

Ref ID: da7826a4-708c-4d5c-8583-65c6dc6f3b89


New to this forum, relatively new to HK so go easy.

I'm Irish, early 50's, single, owner of a new business here in HK. 6ft, love to walk/hike, best way to explore a city. Would be kinda nice to explore this intriguing place with someone though.
I'm easy going, not easily phased, non judgemental

There, kept it brief so as not to bore you. Can obviously tell you much, much more in subsequent messages.

So what about you, lets hear it. Bring it on!

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American gentleman looking for copilot

Ref ID: 06486fc8-2ba0-40a4-9c10-2a429293f872

Hi Miss

I am looking for a genuine down to earth lady that's happy and comfortable in her life. But is missing that special someone to share her life with. I am a very easy going well mannered laid back guy that has traveled the world. And has been living in HK for the past five years. But until recently I have not had the time for a social life. I am 57yo 6'1 180 pounds with salt and pepper hair and a non smoker.

Please be fit, intelligent and a non smoker. I am not into long emails, and would prefer looking you in the eye over a cup of coffee or perhaps a cocktail. Please give a brief description of yourself and your interest / background in your first email....................thanks.

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Hello Ladies

Ref ID: 189bb2bb-4c95-469d-83a0-146374e6b2a5

not the right place for me but will try , single dad 37yrs , would like to meet matured ladies for drink and laugh.

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Ref ID: 76a4b1d9-e865-44c5-8d6d-6203562c41aa

I am male , in my forties , calm, cool ,understanding and jovial ,kind, divorced for 5 years now single have a daughter who is 10years old, am here looking for a partner who is willing to grow old with me , who is willing to make me love her for who she is and vice versa, a partner who will teach me in my flaws and i teach her in her flaws, a partner who knows as humans we have the attitude in us to make mistakes, and also forgives mistakes, i am not looking for a perfect lady, rather am looking for a lady who will make us work towards perfection ......................Hoping to find YOU soon lots of Love Mwahhhh!

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Treasure Island

Ref ID: 6488318c-7d03-4acf-8705-371f68a75469

Greetings and salutations, this is the part where I am supposed to tell you I am Brad Pit on Steroids, funnier than Jack Sparrow, and my favourite pastime is movies about human suffering.

Truth being funnier than fiction, I am tall 6'1", but opposites attract, and I prefer smaller women. I am Caucasian (Australian/American passports), but I consider myself Australian, even though I grew up in HKG and don't know the first thing about cricket.

I spend my days between work, playing with my two kids (divorce is a modern disease), and hiking in Lantau to a new place to drink beer. Strangely, I feel that this is not really enough for me in life. In my perfect world, I would like to find an intelligent Asian woman who likes tall grey/blue eyed, red headed, neanderthals to either climb mountains or shock my system with good food and better conversation.

Preferably, the "Kitsune" (I just googled "rarest Asian mythical creature"), would like Monty Python humour, be somewhere between 35 and 40, and have no visible prison tattoos. Okay, pretty would be nice, but hey, this is the internet, I should be happy as long as men dont reply:)

People are lonely in this life because they stare at phones instead of people. I will never be lonely, I am loud, impossible to ignore and definitely not for everyone. Hilariously, in this world of too many people, none of us have time to meet new people, and so we throw little lines of words like this into the ether.

I am absolutely for you, and a great catch, but.....

(come on, this is life, there is always a catch)

I am 48, divorced, have two kids, son 8, daughter 12,. They are perfect, and insanely obedient and loving children (that part is serious, but I do spend an inordinate amount of time with them). Relationships are difficult, as I have the kids for two weeks of every month, so sometimes between work and the kids I can be hard to pin down. Run now while you still have a chance, I am a very lovable complicated man with kids.

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Like minded woman

Ref ID: 42ddd60b-9d76-4201-a139-0f448fd63564

Local married lonely heart, back from the State, work hard in the past. Now seeking in soulmate with like minded woman to sharing, willing to try something new experiments.

5'10, well educated, unpretentious, caring, respect, fun and open minded. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in jogging, travelling, movie & music ... Love to create and explore new things in my life.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps others find themselves in similar situations between existing relationships and work.

If you are happy to correspond discreetly, yet meet openly (or discreetly) then lets share a drink and discover if we can have a connection. Full discretion assured.

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looking for a serious relationship.

Ref ID: 88396cb0-30fb-4bea-9659-cff46b7157f2

I am an Abc currently here in hk . i am single with no kids. i like cooking , traveling , reading and sports.i am here looking for some one nice ,understanding and caring for a serious relation, no jokes. if you are interested please drop me a text here. thanks

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Stuck in a loveless marriage? Divorced? Bored with your daily dull life?

Ref ID: 0115bc8b-ac21-4b91-9930-18546de6e519

Need love? Need excitement back in life?
Don’t let your life fade away! Pamper yourself with love!

I’m in a similar position and I suddenly realized that life is passing by! I have a lot of love to give but no one to give it to!

ANY nationality welcome. Age: must be less than 38!

Not looking for One-Night-Stand. Looking for no-strings attached relationship filled with happiness & good times. Looking for someone to talk, laugh, have fun, share good times with and more!

I'm Asian Expat living in HK since many years. Tall, fit, easy going, friendly with a caring attitude. Great sense of humour.
Lets get to know each other. Your will not be disappointed!
Start with a simple chat and see where it goes!

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Tall, good looking successful Caucasian NYer American seeks partner for romance

Ref ID: 0da82edc-9ad4-48f1-948a-64f26fd1404f

Tall, good looking, fit, Caucasian NYer wants to meet someone for fun and romance starting with a short term relationship that may lead to a long term relationship or more. I am a newly single, tall,(6'2"), good looking, late 40's, well educated and cultured, unpretentious,fun and successful. I am a active and fit who is seeking a pretty Caucasian or American Born Chinese lady to enjoy evenings and weekends with. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in arts, sports, business, and life. I am seeking someone who understands an American (ie. an independent and can-do spirit with compassion) and appreciates someone who speaks what is on their mind, yet is courteous and kind to strangers and "gives back" to others. I look forward to meeting you over coffee or a glass of wine.

PS. I would prefer to meet only Caucasians or American Born Chinese (or an American school(s) education) due to the tremendous cultural differences of HK/China and the West, ie. dating in the West vs. dating in China and HK. I also do not have an interest in a Penpal or numerous text messages. Please plan to meet me after exchanging a few messages.

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Looking for marriage

Ref ID: d8d0f575-21e5-4a56-8829-940f79723c7a

I am a single white American male age 35 and I am currently looking for a long-term relationship and or marriage. I will be in hk after the summer and I am looking for someone who is looking for the same thing I am. I enjoy travel reading zoos and aquariums. I don't drink and I don't smoke and I have never been married before

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Mr Aaron

Ref ID: e41eff18-e346-471a-88da-2d19336e56b5

As a person I like to think of myself as confident and a humble man,I understand that there’s a time to give and be loving and understanding. I also believe in standing up for what I believe and not being walked on. I’m always there for my friends and loved ones. I don’t run from adversity. I care what people think of me because I believe in being the best man I can be. I want people who come across me to think “hey what a cool guy”. It’s not about attention for me. It’s about the importance of ones own honor and respect for those around him.

I am a decent man hard working and my friends say I'm down to earth, I'm divorced,my daughter is 4 years old. I'm American and I reside in California USA. I work for the Inter-pol and I enjoy my job, being a cop is difficult but I like to help and keep people safe.

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Seriously Searching For a Wife.

Ref ID: 5d9a4d4e-a654-4860-ae5d-5a697fc1135c

Hello Out there.

I am a man looking for a very serious relationship that will lead to marriage... i just watched a Tv commercial and i saw that asiaxpat made someone find a wife so i decided to come and post.. please only reply me if you want a serious relationship and want the same thing i want because i am not here for Jokes... Thank you...

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While male in HK searching for a lover, a friend and a soul mate all in one ..

Ref ID: e0f23db0-c68b-441a-9c36-de48d74020cf

Hi, Not sure how this works but it seems fun, not that am looking for fun though, am actually looking for a lot more, a local woman I can spend the rest of my life with.

Am 45 years old white male. New in Hk, Own my company and I have a child back in the states. All I lack now is the right woman in my life. Am hoping this should be better than match making agencies all around Kowloon district. Please serious minded person's only

Waiting to hear from you

Warm regards...

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Ref ID: dcbbc95f-0480-4d4e-a459-050710680314

Mature professional guy in fifties originally from the UK.

Hi, I'm looking to meet a someone anew, to share and laugh life's good times. I am fun to be with and will always make you enjoy life.

Looking to meet a like minded a lady. I believe in chemistry. I have been in HK a for 3 years , I love outdoors hiking, books, cinema, music , good conversation.

Enjoy going out for dining , music , a night out from time to time in nice places.

Upbeat on life , always things to do in Hong Kong , lets do it together.

Get in touch if I sound like the person you would like to meet.

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