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Saturday, 11/1/2014

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Looking for mature woman to hang out with

Ref ID: 1c334240-0bf1-4833-851a-f1fb4daf238a

I just moved to Hong Kong from the states and would like to meet a woman who is fun, easy going, and enjoys life. I am 47 years old, I try to work out daily, thinning hair, almost always happy, love dancing, and lots of laughing. I like creative spirits with open minds. I'm certainly not perfect and don't expect you to be. Let's see what trouble we can get into.

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Good Match

Ref ID: 8651eb20-cfe4-42d5-ad6d-e9dba5e55376

I enjoy being around genuine, kind and beautiful people. To me, the inner beauty is just as important as the look, if not more important. I relate better to people who don't think the world evolve around them and are good communicators. I offer all attributes that I care in return. Me: local Chinese, professionally trained and educated overseas, so I have both Eastern and Western influence. I appreciate some of the finer things in life-especially in people. Well traveled and have a board perspective in life, romantic. I like music, outdoor, golf. So, if you are local Chinese, ABC, BBC, CBC, single and unattached, mid 40s, kind and reasonably fit and pretty, who has made something interesting in your life but has not found someone worthy of your affection, we should connect. A genuine and meaningful response with witty connotation will certainly get my attention fast. Your pic get mine.

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Looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: b003fa60-11b0-4992-a18e-d10f99a1e1ba

I am gentle, tall ,down to earth as  I love nature, I here  for a  serious relationship  with any good, nice and  good one with  good heart, I am not looking  for miss  perfect but someone  to share, talk and  build relationship, I really looking for matured woman, maturity not  really about the age  but that of the mind, sense of reasoning, someone to trust and share idea.
I lived and worked in  Hong kong  before, love it there and  I am planning to relocate permanently there as long  I see  someone to be  my partner that possibly lead to marriage, no games.
I speak 4 international language and  wish to add Chinese and Cantonese to my list of language.
I will like to receive message  from  any good person irrespective of the race, colour, age or language.

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Looking for a serious relationship

Ref ID: 1279a5ab-fb28-4a61-b984-cdd3edee257a

Athletic built....healthy mentally....spiritually and physically...looking for someone who is ready to settle down and have kids...as I love children
I prefer a permanent resident, as Im permanent resident too
If youre here for games please do not bother to waist mine and yours time 

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Gentleman looking for a friend

Ref ID: 4d9590cb-d476-4132-bc70-2227146dadab

I'm an American pilot based in Hong Kong. I may be old in years 56yo, but still young at heart. I have gray/brown hair along with brown eyes. I'm tall 185cm and weight 84kg...fit and a non smoker. As my profession would indicate, I'm well traveled but still enjoy new destinations.
I consider myself a gentleman that's very down to earth, one who enjoys all the great outdoors has too offer. I enjoy travel good food and conversation. It has been a long time since my last relationship, and I miss the companionship of an intelligent and beautiful woman. 
My years of life's experience's have taught me that a good / best friend first. And if the magic / chemistry is there, it could possibly lead into a beautiful relationship.
Well I've opened up...and spilled out heart and thoughts. So if your an intelligent down to earth....easy going lady. That might like to take a chance, on not your average guy. I would love too hear from you.
Thanks for reading my post,

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My favorite place

Ref ID: 4edfd7ca-60a3-458c-978e-9c69be7f325c

Hong Kong is my favorite place in the world. I have traveled a lot and lived in Europe, US and Australia. 40something, 5.11, caucasian, blue-green eyes, brown hair, well-rounded personality and almost very happy. You?

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I'm looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: 345672e0-69de-4b71-8037-3ce30dfd579a

I am not a social man, that is why leave this message to here,
I am 34 years old, looking for a serious relationship, if you too than leave me message, thanks

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Ref ID: 63a2ab9d-98d5-47a9-b3f1-5da36426a93a

will not write a long ad as lifes short , looking for a smart beautiful girl in her mid 30's to share a good drink and dinner , I am Asian guy , good personality , well spoken..hope to hear from you

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Ref ID: ca68ba34-f61d-42c7-8349-9ecb50c40e28

I joined recently, I am new in HK and i would love to know more about you. I am a very Easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh. Looking for someone to share life with both in love and friendship. Are you interested?

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just come back from busy world

Ref ID: 9f555a99-25ba-4f9a-ab75-4807037ed56e

just come back from a crazy world there just can work and sleep... no time for drink, social entertaintment, causal dinner...of course no time to look for the one I want to get together forever....

just come back and found the time I have to change..i would try to make new friends. learn something I haven't tried, date the lady who can make me laugh and tell me some about her…

not sure if I can find someone here but wouls try… if anyone would like to meet me… please leave me the message!

Look forward to meeting someone who can save me!


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Looking for an Attractive Chinese Woman

Ref ID: 482ff95b-b011-4633-a9a3-5898dc04bd28

I'm a tall good looking Western man , living in Hong Kong and I'm single ,humor , easy going and would like to meet an attractive slim Chinese woman above 40 years of age , to become friends and enjoy life . Reactions with pic will get mine. 

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English captain looking for mandarin-speaking friend

Ref ID: 75b736c3-f522-4ca1-bbed-8eb8f6441b97

English captain looking for a mandarin-speaking friend or possibly girlfriend. After studying mandarin in Taiwan at university and living in Hainan for a year I find myself in Hong Kong. 
I miss chatting in mandarin and would like to meet somebody for tea, coffee, coconuts, cocktails, hiking, surfing, dumplings or just tea and maybe even cake. 
34 years old, blue eyes, handsome, single, very fit from lots of swimming (I like to think I'm a fish). 
Whether you're interested in simply having a chat or looking for something more, I'd be happy to hear from you. 

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the next corner

Ref ID: f6b354d2-f8c3-41ea-9809-93eebc59013d

I am looking for someone who wants to make a home with me rather than just dwell in this place. Don't expect a penthouse, and if the material is what you seek, then seek elsewhere. But  .. if you are happy travelling independently... dream sometimes of escaping on a yacht.. .. enjoy plausible yet still satisfying movies... get a thrill from storms, and peace from water and candles or perhaps sipping a wine in the odd funky bar - then come find me. At 48, I am attractive, a good sense of fun and a strong set of values that have little to do with money or status. So, if you are educated yet practical, have an elegance yet down to earth, and more seeking an interesting life than a privileged one... take the step..

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tweenty seven single looking for women

Ref ID: d4dbc8d9-1540-49b0-8de1-a4393a8a170f

Hey girl..let meet and have some fun...fullfill ur dream of having a solid build male firend who can ful fill all your dream ...27 yr 5'10" height single..it all yourss...

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I know what I want, do you?

Ref ID: 883e0c7b-4825-437c-9ca9-504a756633c4

Live in Japan, work in Hong Kong, no standard working hours, messy shifts, it's hard for me to keep a social life, but I try. I also feel lonely in Hong Kong because I don't know many people. I know you are all looking for a perfect man, rich, handsome and the list is long. I have some of those, but not everything. I am looking for a human being above all, no need to be perfect.

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Ref ID: a32e16fc-2da6-45da-8ad2-2343ad0a4785

Just arrived in HK for work. I'm was born and brought up in UK and well educated, origin! Medium build, attractive, seeking to meet single ladies to mingle and see how things are.:)

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Just arrived

Ref ID: b699cc83-3873-4001-86a5-c1e9df5dec8e

I was originally going to post this to "just friends" so maybe that will give you an idea of where I am going with this? Long story short, I am a professor, yes I have the PhD and all of that nonsense.  I will be back in HK for a new role in the City in May, 2015. Do we call HK a city? Or special administrative district? Maybe I will just call it the Kingdom of the North in the Continent of Westeros? You get points if you get that reference :) Anyhow, I would like to meet a lady for friendship and perhaps more, but that "more" is less important to me than the friendship at this point. Maybe we could go hiking, take in a film, grab a coffee, cruise SOHO galleries, or something along those lines? Age and looks don't especially matter to me, nor does ethnicity - personality does. I am mid 40s, brown hair, quite tall, blue eyes, and posses an active mind. I suppose one could say that I am relatively handsome, though I prefer the "relatively" part. I can share dashing photos with you. If it matters, I should say that I am not "Mr Fit" if that is your cup of Joe. I am just on the normal-ish side. But does all of this really matter if we are looking at art? Maybe so, maybe not?

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British male seeks fun wine drinking company

Ref ID: 9f971332-370c-466b-b17f-e7534bc72df8

Hi, I'm a 34 year old caucasian male living in Hk. Would like to meet a European or American woman to share chats drinks and fun times. Single status preferred but not essential, fans of naked twister given priority.

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Spiritual, Smart and Successful, 38 yo East Indian

Ref ID: c0a2c352-9a6b-4e38-b9f8-f87aa5b8d7b2

Hello and welcome to my profile.

I truly believe that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. So being positive and happy is a choice and making this choice will transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

I believe the above, but over the past several years all of my energy has been focused on work - which has gone very well, but now it's time for more. I have chosen this year to be the year of change - I am reconnecting with my friends, exploring new hobbies and looking for that special someone.

I'm 38 of East Indian decent, was born and brought up in Canada and moved to Hong Kong eight years ago after living in New York for several years. I love spending my time doing relaxing activities - walks in nature (notice how I didn't use the word hike), going to the spa, yoga and meditation, reading, silly funny movies and tv shows as well as traveling.

I'm looking for an open minded, spiritual partner to grow with.

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Interested? :)

Ref ID: d50bd6f7-f011-429c-ab10-fae3ca31ae4d

Hi.. I am a 35yo Caucasian Male fun, easy going polite educated..
I am looking for a female who wants a man as his pet, slave, companion, cleaner.. Basically anything you want and need.. Nothing in return expected.. I just want to serve a woman..

Hope to hear from you , please ask me anything you would like to know or what you expect from me :)

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