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Looking for the special one

Ref ID: 3b3e464c-39dc-4a11-ae30-b7e1866ac97a

I believe having a great life styles that is balanced in mental, physical,and spiritual stimulation is essential for true peace n happiness. Looking for a person where we both love to be around each other, no matter what we are doing. We don't shrink our individual identities as a result of our relationship but rather each realises more of our true potential as a result of our connection and yet grow together as's not about sacrificing for each other..but about nurturing each other and having a higher experience for life because we have found each other.

If this catch your eyes and enlighten you , please write me and we can start from here .

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Hello there

Ref ID: 1e2271bc-b55f-4f36-9cb9-c0c43dd5f1b5

Hi there, i am an American-born Italian, born and raised in California, single and 49 years old. I am a father of two boys and i am hoping to meet someone here, if interested please feel free to hit me up.


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Soulful and passionate expat seeks match

Ref ID: 846d0d64-1fa0-42ee-ab5b-56dee08442a4

I am a sensitive, kind, masculine, witty and passionate Western professional in my mid-40s, with a deep interest in culture and the arts, especially literature and music. I'm compassionate and principled and am striving to live more purposefully. I have a deep love of nature and play sport, and am tall, attractive and vital. I’m fortunate to have had rewarding relationships for much of my life, but have been single for a while and am now seeking a partner to grow with and to share the beauty and challenge of life. I’m seeking a kind, intelligent and warm woman in her 30s with similar values and outlook, and who is life-affirming, grounded, attractive and sensuous. If you think you might be interested, please drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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OK I concede...

Ref ID: 0e5bcbda-994b-4a81-a221-ae2d0975decb

Hey there ladies,

Happy to give up: spent last 20 years trying to find "the one", fall in love, relationship, marriage, kids... all that stuff.

Had to learn my lesson the hard way - it's just not out there. Ladies don't want any of it.

So here it goes: I concede. I'm up for anything. No commitment needed. No love or even attraction. It's ok, you don't need to even pretend.

Me: mid-30s, 6ft+, normal built, exercise regularly, very successful in business, dark hair, brown eyes. I don't drink excessively, don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't spend my nights in Wanchai...

Just a normal man in his 30s.

Fancy a chat? Or whatever? Up to you

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Hi I'm Hong Kong people

Ref ID: 7ee6f8db-54f6-4778-9155-6a16d85efe77

Hi I'm Hong Kong people
i waiting you

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While male in HK searching for a lover, a friend and a soul mate all in one ..

Ref ID: e0f23db0-c68b-441a-9c36-de48d74020cf

Hi, Not sure how this works but it seems fun, not that am looking for fun though, am actually looking for a lot more, a local woman I can spend the rest of my life with.

Am 45 years old white male. New in Hk, Own my company and I have a child back in the states. All I lack now is the right woman in my life. Am hoping this should be better than match making agencies all around Kowloon district. Please serious minded person's only

Waiting to hear from you

Warm regards...

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Seeking for lady in 40s please

Ref ID: 3bb48266-edcf-4b63-a193-8cfe9c6cd506

am well educated man, handsome with sense of humor,
I like going out, financially dependent- seeking lady in her 40s, for long relationship - going out - drink together and dance and may be more

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Ref ID: dcbbc95f-0480-4d4e-a459-050710680314

Mature professional guy in fifties originally from the UK.

Hi, I'm looking to meet a someone anew, to share and laugh life's good times. I am fun to be with and will always make you enjoy life.

Looking to meet a like minded a lady. I believe in chemistry. I have been in HK a for 3 years , I love outdoors hiking, books, cinema, music , good conversation.

Enjoy going out for dining , music , a night out from time to time in nice places.

Upbeat on life , always things to do in Hong Kong , lets do it together.

Get in touch if I sound like the person you would like to meet.

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26 Year old CBC looking for older lady

Ref ID: e1c35ba3-022f-4053-8020-9e2bf494bffe

26 Year old CBC looking for a mature woman. I spent my entire life abroad and recently moved to HK for work. I am very western minded and I enjoy movies, MMA, boxing, hiking, art and fine dining. Looking for a mature lady 30-45 to have real conversations with, younger girls are too complicated and play games! Lets get to know each other.

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Ref ID: 2a65e107-5ea1-4ce7-ac52-f5cb1b846965

You found me. Here I am, just testing the waters to see who is out there. I really enjoy meeting people in the real world but am giving online a try. I'd like to find that beautiful type of relationship where life can be shared on a deeper level. I’m looking for someone who is genuine, intelligent and has a good sense of humor - being genuine is very important for me. An ideal long-term relationship is easy to maintain, involves lively discussions, engages our friends and family around us, contains laughter and a mutual pursuit of our passions.

I am smart, fun, authentic, affectionate, and love to try new things. You could say that I am a true "man's man", with my priorities in order and I know how to treat a lady. I balance professionalism and fun in all of life's adventures. I work hard and am very close with my family and friends.

At work I'm creative and driven. I've founded in my business and have ideas for a few more. I get to do many creative things, and love every second of it. Few things are more rewarding then bringing your own idea to life.

I'm always up for trying new things and rarely afraid to take risks in life. In fact, I thrive on it.

Write me if you have any level of interest... Let's see where it goes. I love a woman who initiates.

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Can you drive the get away car...and shoot?

Ref ID: bce54ec8-1d50-4855-a244-1f405355c8ba

I am a single western male, no kids...1.91m...I like to do something new at least twice a year...unwind every chance I get...want a house on the beach, state at the sky's brightness & darkness, contemplate my swing, be completely enveloped by the tide

For the rest of you who are on a higher plane I salute you...just aspiring for refinement in all things, honesty and hope are your best allies, life consists of a series of moments, you either pay attention or miss it

I'm of above average intelligence and you should be too...this doesn't meN you need to be self-righteous, it just meNs is prefer to spend the rest of my life with someone I can talk to and not have to draw things out in crayon...basically, a partner in crime-one that can drive the get-awY car and shoot...a sense of humor is a understand that family is important, you know why the book is always better than the movie, you should be able to dress up and go to a play and want to, but should be able to go to dome seedy hole in the wall bar, shoot pool, play darts and drink domestic beer. Can't have the yin without the yang

(People watchers get DOUBLE BONUS POINTS)

I love the people I love and that never changes. Those with similar goals but different ways of getting there. Thinkers and feelers with the balance I strive for daily. People who respect, love, trust, and take care of themselves and the people they care about. No "know-it-alls" pretentious, scathing but allegedly tender folks. Secure, sincere and scintillating people who are moving forward but not sprinting through this gamut we call life. Someone who will let me step into their portal & exercise the time machine dreams I have been having...

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Summer coming up

Ref ID: 3ef754e8-1fa6-47db-8a4b-6b6a1c83548a

Gentleman free for summer rendezvous , could be a soothing after work drink , a weekend hike or laze on the beach , or a late night schmooze . Let me know your preferences and best free time and lets make the summer a pleasant one.

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Companion wanted

Ref ID: 48e6b31a-3953-4fb1-95b4-ed8e8cb8b013

Hi, I am a British expat professional living and working here in HK. I am a divorcee, here on my own, and have grown up children who live in the UK who I am close to. I am early fifties, fit, active, a bit sporty (not excessively) and in good physical and mental shape. I am relatively new to HK and would like to meet a genuine, down to earth lady (non-smoker) for meet ups for dinner, evening strolls, weekend exploring, maybe a concert, on a friendship basis and see how it goes. I am a down to earth guy, into the arts and literature and love the outdoors and walking so fast cars and night clubs are not really my thing. Hope to hear from you.

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Ready to make the lucky lady happy..

Ref ID: ef85fe43-4047-47ca-86df-22822287e376

I am a British Professional living here in HK at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 55 and I am ready to make a lucky lady the happiest woman around. I am ready to love and be loved again by the right Lady, please leave me a message if you're interested. I am happy to start exchange messages and happy to see where it leads. Cheers.

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Looking for casual friendship and maybe more

Ref ID: e94f2cea-246b-49d0-a34c-a72e56f6d0b8

Middle eastern Guy in 37, looking for mature lady 40+ for casual friendship and maybe more
am architect, with well build body- like going out, social, funny, handsome,
I like to have meaningful conversation with others. I am not buddiest but I do believe in his teaching.

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Galleries and Wine? (Beer Works too)

Ref ID: 74f464cd-4e57-46c4-9ed2-ce6b26210abd

I would like to meet a lady for friendship and perhaps more, but that "more" is much less important to me than the friendship at this point. Maybe we could go hiking, take in a film, share some nice wine and even nicer food, cruise SOHO (or better yet, lesser known galleries), grab a coffee, catch a film, or take the ferry to a place neither of us has been?

Age and looks don't matter much to me, nor does ethnicity - personality does. I am mid/late 40s, brown hair, quite tall, blue eyes, and posses an active mind. I suppose one could say that I am relatively/kinda ok to look at. I can share "dashing" photos with you if you wish. If it matters, I should say that I am not "Mr Fit" if that is your cup of Joe. I am just on the normal-ish side. But does all of this really matter if we are looking at art? Maybe so, maybe not?

I was considering posting this to "just friends" so maybe that will give you an idea of where I am going with this? Long story short, I am a professor, yes I have the PhD and all of that (non)sense. I have finally arrived back in HK for a new posting here. The posting was supposed to begin last year and it did no work out exactly as planned, so here we are again!

Since Jon Snow is indeed alive and Sansa is empowered and on a noble mission, the ad I wrote last year is clearly outdated. You get bonus points if you get the Jon and Sansa references.

Please do write. I am very easy to get along with and (unlike many in my profession), I am short on ego, yet tall in height :)

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Architect and Design Professional

Ref ID: 93b3944c-2bac-4756-bfc0-0779065797d2

Working too much, traveling too much.... Whatever excuse takes a toll on your personal life and I'm guilty. Is there a classy lady out there that can put up with me and entice me to try and fix that deficit.

My relationship with GOD is important.

A little about me: 50 something but very young for my age. The 20 something guys that work for me cannot keep up, in or out of the gym. Have a couple hobbies that I neglect, but motorcycles and Italian sports cars are two of my favorite interests. Went to Italy in September to look at my latest car order. I like to travel, but another thing I do too much of. I almost never watch TV, because I'm too busy living my life to watch someone else live theirs. I would watch it with someone special or go to a movie if it was important to them. But hopefully we will be making our own movie of life.

In case it's a problem I'm mostly Caucasian American. I'll tell you more if you are interested..

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Ref ID: 76a4b1d9-e865-44c5-8d6d-6203562c41aa

I am male , in my forties , calm, cool ,understanding and jovial ,kind, divorced for 5 years now single have a daughter who is 10years old, am here looking for a partner who is willing to grow old with me , who is willing to make me love her for who she is and vice versa, a partner who will teach me in my flaws and i teach her in her flaws, a partner who knows as humans we have the attitude in us to make mistakes, and also forgives mistakes, i am not looking for a perfect lady, rather am looking for a lady who will make us work towards perfection ......................Hoping to find YOU soon lots of Love Mwahhhh!

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i really need a woman in my life

Ref ID: eb259af6-cc55-4439-a2a8-cc08cccc2db5

I'm British .i am hard working, kind and caring.i am in Hong kong presently for some time now, i am on this site coz i need a woman in my life, a woman to love, care and also grow old with. if you want to know more about me just drop me a line.. God Bless.

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Fit partner required

Ref ID: ebf72878-edac-4702-b4ec-a6f878144972

I won't beat around the bush, am looking for someone for fun times / travel and possibly more - ideally you will have a few pounds but are not obese (i.e not a stick insect), would be good if you enjoy tennis and grappling - nothing like an early morning wrestle - enjoy days by a pool or the beach and weekends away out of Hong Kong.

Me: from the UK, 43, have been in Asia for a few years, work in finance, well educated, non drinker these days and in reasonable shape.

Please don't reply if :

You are under 5 ft 4
You are pale and use an umbrella to avoid the sun
You have chopstick legs
You take photos with dogs or food

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