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Mature Male

Ref ID: d8ce66e7-b860-4d71-9885-778874c553b8

I am not sure if these ads work but if I don't post then I will never know. I am a mature and often busy businessman in HK and I travel a lot. I would like to meet youngish lady that is independent, fun, slim, speak English, non smoker that has an interest in life, enjoys being taken care of and has varied interests. Age range would be 25 to 35 preferably.

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Companion wanted

Ref ID: 48e6b31a-3953-4fb1-95b4-ed8e8cb8b013

Hi, I am a British expat professional living and working here in HK. I am a divorcee, here on my own, and have grown up children who live in the UK who I am close to. I am early fifties, fit, active, a bit sporty (not excessively) and in good physical and mental shape. I am relatively new to HK and would like to meet a genuine, down to earth lady (non-smoker) for meet ups for dinner, evening strolls, weekend exploring, maybe a concert, on a friendship basis and see how it goes. I am a down to earth guy, into the arts and literature and love the outdoors and walking so fast cars and night clubs are not really my thing. Hope to hear from you.

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Is there any Decent lady for mutual sharing

Ref ID: 9a585470-d400-4dbc-a46e-68b03f63868d

Let us communicate to explore about each others thoughts and chemistry . we might be having something in common to click and share mutually and sincerely.

cheers and greetings for all best to every one for a very happy and prosperous CHINESE NEW YEAR.

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New in town

Ref ID: 49f4ffaf-69cc-4618-b66c-4df16db87781

Hi, I am an Australian man in the process of setting up a permanent residence in Hong Kong.
I'm a non smoker and social drinker and walk daily and exercise frequently to maintain a good level of health and fitness.
Would like to meet someone who takes pride in her appearance (as I do ) ,enjoys meeting people , kind hearted and honest. Enjoys eating out , going to the movies and a good conversation now and then.
Drop me a line if this sounds like you :)

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25 year old Software Engineer looking for a partner

Ref ID: e9618404-7b6a-48f4-b90d-541695e25efe

I am a 25 year old Software Engineer looking for a girl of around the same age. In my free time I like hiking, photography, Taekwondo, gym and playing guitar. I am 180 cm tall, athletic build, non smoker, and enjoy an occasional social drink. I live and work near Central / Sheung Wan area. Please message me if you are interested and would love to have a cup of coffee sometime if you are around this area, and get to know you more :) .

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In pursuit of happiness

Ref ID: 320f341b-fb83-465a-a159-473eb0e7f2c5

I believe friendship is the basic foundation for any golden relationship and I am looking for a serious and honest relationship, I am happy to exchange messages with you and see where it leads, no pressure. I am British Professional in Hong Kong at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 50 and I am ready to love and be loved again, drop me a message if you're interested. Cheers

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Looking for a nice, kind and serious woman

Ref ID: 349d5ea2-acc6-41b0-b983-de3f7683be26

35yo, 6ft2, dark haired westerner looking for a nice, kind and serious woman in her mid-20s to early-30s, who knows what she wants, preferably a professional (banking, law, management etc.) or entrepreneur.
I've spent my 20s and early 30s building a successful career in finance, so missed out on finding the one. Not a party animal, I enjoy to entertain and be entertained. Travel very frequently both for work and leisure. I'm in reasonable shape, enjoy ski, gym, diving, hiking, among others. Enjoy equally going out for dinner & drinks, or staying in for home cooking & a movie.

If you're intrigued, please do get in touch!

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Galleries on a Sunday? Newbie to HK

Ref ID: 3eeadb50-68fb-4c9f-a685-1f18ffa59cf1

I was originally going to post this to "just friends" so maybe that will give you an idea of where I am going with this?

Long story short, I am a professor, yes I have the PhD and all of that (non)sense. I have finally (let’s just say it took far longer than expected) arrived back in HK for a new role in the City. Do we call HK a city? Or special administrative district? Maybe I will just call it the Kingdom of the North in the Continent of Westeros? You get bonus points if you get that reference :) Is Jon Snow still alive – now there is the real question?

Anyhow, I would like to meet a lady for friendship and perhaps more, but that "more" is much less important to me than the friendship at this point. Maybe we could go hiking, take in a film, grab a coffee, cruise SOHO (or better yet, lesser known galleries), or something along those lines?

Age and looks don't matter to me, nor does ethnicity - personality does. I am mid-40s, brown hair, quite tall, blue eyes, and posses an active mind. I suppose one could say that I am relatively/kinda sorta handsome. I can share "dashing" photos with you if you wish. If it matters, I should say that I am not "Mr Fit" if that is your cup of Joe. I am just on the normal-ish side.

But does all of this really matter if we are looking at art? Maybe so, maybe not?

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Hope to see you soon..

Ref ID: 7be9f18a-ebb4-4355-adb6-87eb05a32353

I am a Gentle Hongkong man , I am 48years old, I would consider myself to be a very honest ,sincere, fun loving, easy going, down to earth and faithful man...I'm a goal oriented man who believes in hard work, i would always want to hurry home after work to spend time with my family......I like going to the gym, the parks, Swimming, Yoga, Hiking, seating on the sea shores, taking a walk in the woods. I'm willing to go an extra mile for true love and I will like to meet a woman who Is faithful, Loving, caring and understanding for serious relationship. if you are interested please contact me I hope to read from you soon.

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Ready to make the lucky lady happy..

Ref ID: ef85fe43-4047-47ca-86df-22822287e376

I am a British Professional living here in HK at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 55 and I am ready to make a lucky lady the happiest woman around. I am ready to love and be loved again by the right Lady, please leave me a message if you're interested. I am happy to start exchange messages and happy to see where it leads. Cheers.

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Ref ID: 7f89e983-96f2-4704-af68-9d55f5405fc1

i am happy to be here, i am a General in the US Army, i need a serious relationship, please write me if you are interested in a serious relationship.. i am a simple loyal and understanding man.. i will wait for a reply.

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Mr. Frank

Ref ID: 742d8c70-48db-43f2-b6ee-dc5c3b4c8dd5

I am seeking for a well mannered lady from Hong Kong or any other national for a relationship/marriage. I am a good looking and educated gentleman. Feel free to contact me. Thank you

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its good to try something new,maybe i might be lucky to find love here

Ref ID: 7ed0f3d5-3b70-4bf5-aa27-3f10a4fd612f

I'm British currently here in Hong Kong.i am humble, kind and honest man. i am single,i really wish to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with and i hope i find it here in HK coz it hurts to be happy all alone with no one to share that happiness with, if you are interested please drop me a line,thanks and God Bless

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Seriously Need a Soulmate/Seriously Need a Wife

Ref ID: 6abd2d18-2845-4f7d-9de4-37f6516428ad


Hello and if you are reading this please you should know that i am a very hardworking, honest, loving, and truthful man looking for a soulmate.I posted here to prove i am serious and you should also reply me if you are serious lets get to know more about each other.

Thank you.

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Like minded woman

Ref ID: 42ddd60b-9d76-4201-a139-0f448fd63564

Local married lonely heart, back from the State, work hard in the past. Now seeking in soulmate with like minded woman to sharing, willing to try something new experiments.

5'10, well educated, unpretentious, caring, respect, fun and open minded. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in jogging, travelling, movie & music ... Love to create and explore new things in my life.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps others find themselves in similar situations between existing relationships and work.

If you are happy to correspond discreetly, yet meet openly (or discreetly) then lets share a drink and discover if we can have a connection. Full discretion assured.

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CHINESE NEW YEAR - any break opportunity to recharge mind, soul and body...!

Ref ID: 78bcd2fe-6e3e-408a-9e57-b93b12a56c31

...This is again an opportunity of a year one gets a certain off-time to use to relax, to recharge, and maybe to envision and work on a happier lifestyle!

Here, an expat caucasian, athletic, tall, well read and traveled, exposed to the elements of cultures lived / worked & explored languages in metropolises around the globe including Hong Kong on a long term basis, while being based in such locations!

I miss my time in the Far East and in particular in Hong Kong, where it was easy to meet fun, smart, and diverse global minded people! However, living in Hong Kong wasn't that comfortable to me, everywhere concrete and crows of people on a few square km2! Here charming guy, professional background, based partly in Istanbul, often these days commuting for projects between Europe & Asia. Keywords: Discretion, respect, trust, interaction through mental, intellectual exchanges.

Like wise as a smart female, financially secured, it is naturally expected from you to clock lots of overtime in your managerial career, and to travel lots because you need to delegate much to make sure all is done to high standards! However, you never get enough time to be able to switch-off completely to be able to recharge your mind, soul AND body into one. I love deep constructive conversations over a drink, visits to museums, arts exhibitions, and amateur gigs too! I'm looking for a special friend for diverse activities, but something stable and long-term, but not into drama's, no strings attached...! Please, no chain smoking or misuses of anykind, incl., being fit and healthy are very important to me, as I go regularly to the gym and try to eat a healthy diet.

The objective here is to reach pleasure through combined connections of mind, soul and to explore new frontiers together. You are at least 163cm tall, slim female, you know how to take good care of yourself inside-out, how to dress up for the office as well as going out to an evening of fun jam session, or have a jogging treat after a coffee, or a long romantic walk what ever the weather or to make a culinary discovery, or maybe to create a cozy dinner together at home, no TV, all internet connected devices disconnected, all sensitivities switched-on on all levels!:)

Whats available: ONLY real milk chocolate, or real Turkish ice-cream (made with buffalo milk), or pine honey, grape's, real rose essence oil, virgin olive oil, and candle with herb essence, need anything else to fill the next 24hours?:)

You are as me funny, love laughs, natural smiles are as important to you, but equally enjoy constructive exchanges on very diverse topics! First and most this is about having a great time, anything that's fun for two - eating, smelling the air and discovering the markets, museums and sights TOGETHER. Trying out a Turkish hamam, trying real olive oil soap wash; pure essence oil massage - a very sensual experience to relax mind, soul and body!

The sensual massage that I in basic terms introduced, covers many areas though I am not able to go too deep into the topic now, as most would'nt understand it immediately! However, the approach covers Eastern and Western approaches of understanding the human body, with the combination in connection with a Turkish bath (hamam). Therefore, I'm not targeting any and every female out there, but rather those who work smartly, enjoy their life, and career, and know who they are, what's missing, what they want and need, who live a healthy lifestyle, who want and need opportunity to recharge with someone similar minded, with someone to create and share very special once in a lifetime moments!

I am looking for someone in a similar situation like myself, smartness is sexy, having maturity based on wisdom whatever the age is amazing, but still having enough energy, naughtiness and ability to combine it with fun, and laughter are great. Therefore your present marital situation, age, race is of no issue at all, though I am single in my early 40's.

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looking for an older woman.

Ref ID: 8d319749-453f-4985-bc6c-aa36c501cd32

I'm a English born Chinese man living in Hong-kong for the past 16 years. Speaks both English and Chinese

Never married and i don't have children.
I would like to find casual relationship with older woman (38 - 48 years old.) preferably dominant.
I would like to find my special friend
I am honest, kind, gentleman,and open minded, i have other interests such as fitness, trail running and overall body conditioning
I am searching for smart women for share good time, life and create that special relationship
I'm not particularly rich but I am handsome, smart, kind and very open minded.
If you are a working hard girl or just a simple and nice girl and don’t want to be alone, write me and i can send you pic of me.
I believe in the law of attraction...

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A Kindhearted Man Wants to Meet a Serious Woman

Ref ID: 9c6fb69e-96ca-41d3-85c3-2efadfb327f5

First of all I have a very good sense of humor, I am honest, Understanding and down to earth. I am a very good cook and a good singer as well so i am blessed with the talent of playing the Spanish Guitar, And the piano... I Am single and i have a daughter which i cherish and love so much with all my heart. I want to meet a very serious woman for a serious relationship.. I am romantic and i am going to take very good care of her, serve her breakfast in bed every morning and sing for her because yes i want her to be happy... Hope to hear from you.

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Chat Buddy

Ref ID: decf715f-aa48-414b-b619-b95785cf420f

Lonely heart searching for similar heart for chat.

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Lonely Heart

Ref ID: 06f98b5b-87e3-4d67-ab53-1694f5f6a73c

Married Lonely heart searching for similar heart for chat.

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