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looking for dinner companion

Ref ID: 634dbc48-c9b5-41ca-8bb7-05b0601fb22f

I will be in Hong Kong April 26-30 for a trade show. I really want to go to a few of the nicer restaurants but don't want to dine alone. Especially for dim sum. Looking for the company of a curvy woman between 30-50. I am 47. Lunch or dinner and drinks. Hopefully more than once. Im staying at the Hyatt Regency.

Hoping to dine at:

Lung King Heen
Bo innovation
Lei Garden

My treat obviously.

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Curious yet discreet

Ref ID: 885e6a50-303a-49fc-8773-baf945da204f

Curious yet discreet

40+ gentleman, well-educated and young looking, enjoy good work life balance. I am seeking in a NSA fun with like minded Japanese woman, Willing to try something new experiments.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps others find themselves in similar boring situations between existing relationships, work and family.

If you are happy to correspond discreetly, yet meet openly (or discreetly) in here then lets share a drink and discover if we can have a connection.

Prefer simple and uncomplicated. Available in day time! As we all know HK can be a small place :) full discretion assured.

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Ready to make the lucky lady happy..

Ref ID: ef85fe43-4047-47ca-86df-22822287e376

I am a British Professional living here in HK at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 55 and I am ready to make a lucky lady the happiest woman around. I am ready to love and be loved again by the right Lady, please leave me a message if you're interested. I am happy to start exchange messages and happy to see where it leads. Cheers.

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i really need a woman in my life

Ref ID: eb259af6-cc55-4439-a2a8-cc08cccc2db5

I'm British .i am hard working, kind and caring.i am in Hong kong presently for some time now, i am on this site coz i need a woman in my life, a woman to love, care and also grow old with. if you want to know more about me just drop me a line.. God Bless.

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looking for girl who want to grow old

Ref ID: 2e5f401b-542a-4862-99a8-81a3975acd4c

im a gymnastic ,i spend a lot of time in gym and sports

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A Kindhearted Man Wants to Meet a Serious Woman

Ref ID: 9c6fb69e-96ca-41d3-85c3-2efadfb327f5

First of all I have a very good sense of humor, I am honest, Understanding and down to earth. I am a very good cook and a good singer as well so i am blessed with the talent of playing the Spanish Guitar, And the piano... I Am single and i have a daughter which i cherish and love so much with all my heart. I want to meet a very serious woman for a serious relationship.. I am romantic and i am going to take very good care of her, serve her breakfast in bed every morning and sing for her because yes i want her to be happy... Hope to hear from you.

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Caucasian Gentleman

Ref ID: ccb44428-49d5-40fc-b965-2215c157194b

Attractive, strong Caucasian Gentleman(48, EU/Netherlands) seeks well-developed, visionary, lady-like lady (25-35 years without kids (yet)).

My ideal lady has preferably had a good bilingual school education (eg. St. Pauls Convent in HK, Raffles Girls' High School in Signapore, etc.) and of course a University graduation. As I adore etiquette, she of course knows how to correctly hold her fork and knife, and speaks english fluently. With an international orientation, very open-minded, maybe even a bit naughty. Although she had a 'tiger-Mom', she (you ?) is not the type who seeks a fighting relationship, but rather seeks conversation over discussion, and prefers One to make the final decisions and to be able to rely upon 'say what you do', and 'do what you say'.

About me; 48, never been married, no kids, has had a childhood with expat parents, travelling the world, dominant, very open-minded. Originally from the Netherlands, but now living in France. After obtaining my Engineering degree and having done Administrative Science at Uni, I had a career seeing many types of small and big companies. Then became entrepeneur in the French high-end real estate realty & development.

I'm searching for a life partner in private and business, with the business covering Real-Estate and Finances in EU, HK, Signapore, etc. A partner to laugh and cry with, to rely upon in high and low times.

Your pic gets mine.

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Ref ID: 266bb16e-e53f-4206-a46c-f7b6aec14ce9

I'm Garret a widower with a son. I do projects across Hong Kong.. I would like to meet a serious mindset woman for a true relationship...

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Spiritual, Smart and Successful, 38 yo East Indian

Ref ID: c0a2c352-9a6b-4e38-b9f8-f87aa5b8d7b2

Hello and welcome to my profile.

I truly believe that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. So being positive and happy is a choice and making this choice will transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

I believe the above, but over the past several years all of my energy has been focused on work - which has gone very well, but now it's time for more. I have chosen this year to be the year of change - I am reconnecting with my friends, exploring new hobbies and looking for that special someone.

I'm 38 of East Indian decent, was born and brought up in Canada and moved to Hong Kong ten years ago after living in New York for several years. I love spending my time doing relaxing activities - walks in nature (notice how I didn't use the word hike), going to the spa, yoga and meditation, reading, silly funny movies and tv shows as well as traveling.

I'm looking for an open minded, spiritual partner to grow with or new friends on the spiritual path.

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Ref ID: 7a15ae9b-eee1-42bd-a2c1-2c5074cf5ddf

They said "Little drop of water, makes a mighty ocean" it's my sincere hope that every drop of my words will sound like a drop of water that will blossom into an ocean of friendship and i hope i can find a sincere, honest and simple lady here.

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New in town

Ref ID: 49f4ffaf-69cc-4618-b66c-4df16db87781

Hi, I am an Australian man in the process of setting up a permanent residence in Hong Kong.
I'm a non smoker and social drinker and walk daily and exercise frequently to maintain a good level of health and fitness.
Would like to meet someone who takes pride in her appearance (as I do ) ,enjoys meeting people , kind hearted and honest. Enjoys eating out , going to the movies and a good conversation now and then.
Drop me a line if this sounds like you :)

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White male seeking love

Ref ID: 5e8c789b-64fa-4e3d-bfc0-dc4695f6d618

I joined recently, I am new in HK and i would love to know more about you. I am a very Easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh. Looking for someone to share life with both in love and friendship. Are you interested?


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Ref ID: dcbbc95f-0480-4d4e-a459-050710680314

Mature professional guy in fifties originally form the UK.

Hi, I'm looking to meet a someone anew, to share and laugh life's good times. I am fun to be with and will always make you enjoy life.

Looking to meet a like minded a lady. I believe in chemistry. I have been in HK a for 3 years , I love outdoors hiking, books, cinema, music , good conversation.

Enjoy going out for dining , music , a night out from time to time in nice places.

Upbeat on life , always things to do in Hong Kong , lets do it together.

Get in touch if I sound like the person you would like to meet.

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am here now, read on.......

Ref ID: d48ce54b-395b-4d5e-a67c-8b9682489681

hi, am look for nothing serious because serious is boring, steady and fun and friendly is great, am an honest guy young fit not smoking, plenty of energy when required, above average components, likes to laugh, not too serious wants to meet like minded women, open age, write back ........

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Japanese Swiss in town ( only for people seeking long term relationship)

Ref ID: 9650c2cc-c35d-456b-b0aa-a39e8604bcec

Hi am both Japanese and Switzerland national, speak kanji, french, Swiss German and obviously English, am a medical researcher, am looking for a woman I can spend the rest of my life with, are you a lady living in Hong Kong? Please write me then, include your mobile number so we can chat via whatsapp.

Thanks for reading my post

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Mature Male

Ref ID: d8ce66e7-b860-4d71-9885-778874c553b8

I am not sure if these ads work but if I don't post then I will never know. I am a mature and often busy businessman in HK and I travel a lot. I would like to meet youngish lady that is independent, fun, slim, speak English, non smoker that has an interest in life, enjoys being taken care of and has varied interests. Age range would be 25 to 35 preferably.

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Swiss Japanese in Hong Kong

Ref ID: d1d87eba-b39b-47f0-819e-8b26e3e909a9

Hi, Am Swiss Japanese starting my Company here in Hong Kong. Any lady in Hong Kong looking for something long term should please write me so we can get to know ourselves more, at least be friends if no connection.. Please leave me with your we chat id preferable.

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Looking for a nice, kind and serious woman

Ref ID: 349d5ea2-acc6-41b0-b983-de3f7683be26

35yo, 6ft2, dark haired westerner looking for a nice, kind and serious woman in her mid-20s to early-30s, who knows what she wants, preferably a professional (banking, law, management etc.) or entrepreneur.
I've spent my 20s and early 30s building a successful career in finance, so missed out on finding the one. Not a party animal, I enjoy to entertain and be entertained. Travel very frequently both for work and leisure. I'm in reasonable shape, enjoy ski, gym, diving, hiking, among others. Enjoy equally going out for dinner & drinks, or staying in for home cooking & a movie.

If you're intrigued, please do get in touch!

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Ref ID: f4934ee7-ad4b-4a62-b9af-07d198bad158

Lets start with some basic conversation to get to know each other first.
I am overseas educated Chinese male, in my 40's, single, never married, no kids.
Have a good career and continue to try and better myself.
Healthy, body and mind. ( at least that is what i believe :))
Enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, and playing sports.
Write me and tell me about you.
Happy 2016!

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just hope to find that special one i could spend my life with.

Ref ID: f1f7a443-5096-441d-9b3b-01f1e82b0b5a

I am an English man,i am honest,caring and understand.i like music and sports and also traveling.i am currently here in Hong Kong for a while now and i hope to find that special one i could build my world with.,if you want to know me more you can write me here

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