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Ref ID: 76a4b1d9-e865-44c5-8d6d-6203562c41aa

I am male , in my forties , calm, cool ,understanding and jovial ,kind, divorced for 5 years now single have a daughter who is 10years old, am here looking for a partner who is willing to grow old with me , who is willing to make me love her for who she is and vice versa, a partner who will teach me in my flaws and i teach her in her flaws, a partner who knows as humans we have the attitude in us to make mistakes, and also forgives mistakes, i am not looking for a perfect lady, rather am looking for a lady who will make us work towards perfection ......................Hoping to find YOU soon lots of Love Mwahhhh!

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Soulful and passionate expat seeks match

Ref ID: 846d0d64-1fa0-42ee-ab5b-56dee08442a4

I am a sensitive, kind, masculine, witty and passionate Western professional in my mid-40s, with a deep interest in culture and the arts, especially literature and music. I'm compassionate and principled and am striving to live more purposefully. I have a deep love of nature and play sport, and am tall, attractive and vital. I’m fortunate to have had rewarding relationships for much of my life, but have been single for a while and am now seeking a partner to grow with and to share the beauty and challenge of life. I’m seeking a kind, intelligent and warm woman in her 30s with similar values and outlook, and who is life-affirming, grounded, attractive and sensuous. If you think you might be interested, please drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: b003fa60-11b0-4992-a18e-d10f99a1e1ba

I am gentle, tall ,down to earth as I love nature, I am here for a serious relationship with any good, nice and good one with good heart, I am not looking for miss perfect but someone to share, talk and build relationship, I really looking for matured woman, maturity not really about the age but that of the mind, sense of reasoning, someone to trust and share idea.
we never know when the right person will come into our life,keeping our hands of friendship open will opens the door for new friends especially the right and good ones..if you agree and share the same view with me,kindly reply back and we take it from there
I lived and worked in Hong Kong before, love it there and I am planning to relocate permanently there as long I see someone to be my partner that possibly lead to marriage, no games.
I speak 4 international language and wish to add Chinese and Cantonese to my list of language.
I will like to receive message from any good person irrespective of the race, colour, age or language.

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Looking for marriage

Ref ID: d8d0f575-21e5-4a56-8829-940f79723c7a

I am a single white American male age 35 and I am currently looking for a long-term relationship and or marriage. I will be in hk after the summer and I am looking for someone who is looking for the same thing I am. I enjoy travel reading zoos and aquariums. I don't drink and I don't smoke and I have never been married before

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looking for a soulmate

Ref ID: d8a8bc61-230c-4ffb-a095-da42c4adf02e

I am an expatriate in the construction industry, i am an Hong kong resident and i work between Hong kong and Macau SAR. I am originally from the states. I am looking for a woman who is attentive, trustworthy and Charismatic. Please write me if you interested. Thank you

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Searching for a lifelong friendship with a nice woman

Ref ID: 9b4a64fa-0236-4331-b3bc-3437bc22a173

I am an honest and God fearing person. Physically strong.
Want to meet friends to share and to encourage one another.
God bless you all.
You are most welcome to write to me.

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Architect and Design Professional

Ref ID: 93b3944c-2bac-4756-bfc0-0779065797d2

Working too much, traveling too much.... Whatever excuse takes a toll on your personal life and I'm guilty. Is there a classy lady out there that can put up with me and entice me to try and fix that deficit.

My relationship with GOD is important.

A little about me: 50 something but very young for my age. The 20 something guys that work for me cannot keep up, in or out of the gym. Have a couple hobbies that I neglect, but motorcycles and Italian sports cars are two of my favorite interests. Went to Italy in September to look at my latest car order. I like to travel, but another thing I do too much of. I almost never watch TV, because I'm too busy living my life to watch someone else live theirs. I would watch it with someone special or go to a movie if it was important to them. But hopefully we will be making our own movie of life.

In case it's a problem I'm mostly Caucasian American. I'll tell you more if you are interested..

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Looking for mature lady 40+

Ref ID: 08b29c33-4c65-48a4-a3a3-a886882c0c66

Am Man in late 30s, looking for mature grown up lady 40+ to have some meaningful conversation - going out, walk, - and may be more.

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OK I concede...

Ref ID: 0e5bcbda-994b-4a81-a221-ae2d0975decb

Hey there ladies,

Happy to give up: spent last 20 years trying to find "the one", fall in love, relationship, marriage, kids... all that stuff.

Had to learn my lesson the hard way - it's just not out there. Ladies don't want any of it.

So here it goes: I concede. I'm up for anything. No commitment needed. No love or even attraction. It's ok, you don't need to even pretend.

Me: mid-30s, 6ft+, normal built, exercise regularly, very successful in business, dark hair, brown eyes. I don't drink excessively, don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't spend my nights in Wanchai...

Just a normal man in his 30s.

Fancy a chat? Or whatever? Up to you

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New in town

Ref ID: 49f4ffaf-69cc-4618-b66c-4df16db87781

Hi, I am an Australian man in the process of setting up a permanent residence in Hong Kong.
I'm a non smoker and social drinker and walk daily and exercise frequently to maintain a good level of health and fitness.
Would like to meet someone who takes pride in her appearance (as I do ) ,enjoys meeting people , kind hearted and honest. Enjoys eating out , going to the movies and a good conversation now and then.
Drop me a line if this sounds like you :)

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Ref ID: ee30f836-db37-4913-90ae-0733258704f6


I am a single British man (very much separated from a previous life). I am in my early 40s and am a successful senior IT Manager. I live on my own and want to be kissed and have nice conversations about the world.

I am looking fior a fun easy-going lady who wants to be romantic and sensual with me.

I am happy with an easy-going lady who wants euther a serious ir relaxed relationship.

I can meet you any evening and make you smile the moment you meet me. Please send your pic and your smile.

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Ref ID: bde0cc61-f900-49ee-a0bc-eb34ffee32e2


I'm a fun loving busy expat from the US. New to hk. Looking for dinner, activity partner and more. Please drop me a line.

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Good hearted man Seeking a soul mate & life long partner.

Ref ID: 871cd624-04f7-4627-855e-0f45f1049cc3

I am originally from the northern part of Italy Verona but living in London and presently in Hong kong,Am passionate man, I'm a happy person with a nice balance between being alone and partaking in a social environment,I enjoy adventure and trying new things as long as they don't interfere with my values. I am honest,kind,compassionate and loyal.I do believe in opening doors and pulling out chairs for ladies. I was raised to respect women,i love to laugh,i also love to read,cook,and traveling,am affectionate easy going,i am romantic and caring,to me l really desire a woman to build a future with a woman who is sincere,responsible, caring and understanding,someone who knows and understand the true meaning of love and relationship...hope a king finds his queen not always here so feel free to skype so we could know and learn more about each other.cheers

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Ref ID: c27f97df-1042-44cb-a87b-9dcbe5ba987b

A generous, elegant lady with active character. Looking forward to meet the one who has passion for our life together. Sharing experience, dream-fulfilling romance. We share dreams and goals as we need each other for because without the other the goal is pretty meaningless. Also, It is blissful to stay with someone where there is contentment, warmth and love.

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Looking for friends initially

Ref ID: f4b93183-7e80-4072-a5e6-0ff1e0a6e439

Hi. I am in my very early 40s and a British born Chinese. I have been in HK for a number of years. Couple of months ago I split with my long-time girlfriend. Life is short and would like to meet more female friends. My ex took a lot of my time and I didn't really make any new friends during this time. I’m fine without any commitment. You can never have too many friends. Would like to meet Western born Chinese because this is where I feel our relationship broke down. I'm OK if you are not Western born Chinese but I would need to speak in English most of the time because my Cantonese is not so good!

I have a stable professional job. I'm good at my work and enjoy it. I do believe in giving your best whatever you do. I studied in the UK and worked there. I also worked in US before and now I am working in HK. I enjoy music, movies, jogging, walking, hiking, travelling, culture, museums, cooking, eating and having the odd drink

Please send a message if you have similar interests or experiences and would like to meet up

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Ref ID: 27f25959-1cc3-438f-b39b-f1164c555dfb

I'm originally from Nether-land working presently in Hong Kong as interior designer.. I am a lot of fun and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.. Please reply back with your contact info so that we can get to know more about our selfs.

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Hoping for the best here

Ref ID: c64ec967-04a8-4367-b9c8-64f6490a1463

A closed heart is like a closed book, the heights we attend depends on the depth of our roots, i am here with my hopes that i will meet that special someone who i have been missing in my life, a journey of a thousand miles always begin with a step i guess that is why we all are in this dating scene to, you never can tell what fate has in stored for us until we give it our best shots...

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26 Year old CBC looking for older lady

Ref ID: e1c35ba3-022f-4053-8020-9e2bf494bffe

26 Year old CBC looking for a mature woman. I spent my entire life abroad and recently moved to HK for work. I am very western minded and I enjoy movies, MMA, boxing, hiking, art and fine dining. Looking for a mature lady 30-45 to have real conversations with, younger girls are too complicated and play games! Lets get to know each other.

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In pursuit of happiness

Ref ID: 320f341b-fb83-465a-a159-473eb0e7f2c5

I believe friendship is the basic foundation for any golden relationship and I am looking for a serious and honest relationship, I am happy to exchange messages with you and see where it leads, no pressure. I am British Professional in Hong Kong at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 50 and I am ready to love and be loved again, drop me a message if you're interested. Cheers

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One Day Someone Will Walk Into Your Life and Make You Realize Why It Never Worked Out With Anyone Else...

Ref ID: 22de2ae2-4b31-43e8-af15-b23451de6ee7

I desire a real, honest and passionate woman... a woman that knows how to love and be loved in return...A woman i can hold her hands and together we will both write the chapters of our forever together...!

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