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Hello there

Ref ID: 1e2271bc-b55f-4f36-9cb9-c0c43dd5f1b5

Hi there, i am an American-born Italian, born and raised in California, single and 49 years old. I am a father of two boys and i am hoping to meet someone here, if interested please feel free to hit me up.


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Ref ID: 27f25959-1cc3-438f-b39b-f1164c555dfb

I'm originally from Nether-land working presently in Hong Kong as interior designer.. I am a lot of fun and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.. Please reply back with your contact info so that we can get to know more about our selfs.

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Generous, warm, fun loving gentleman

Ref ID: 38c36ee3-307d-439e-b812-90f3e9cc7cde

Greetings! I'm a 40 year young male, middle eastern, raised and educated in the USA. Looking for a fun loving lady to meet up with during my visit to Hong Kong in August. Interested in fine dining and visiting upscale bars.

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its good to try something new,maybe i might be lucky to find love here

Ref ID: 7ed0f3d5-3b70-4bf5-aa27-3f10a4fd612f

I'm British currently here in Hong Kong.i am humble, kind and honest man. i am single,i really wish to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with and i hope i find it here in HK coz it hurts to be happy all alone with no one to share that happiness with, if you are interested please drop me a line,thanks and God Bless

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Ref ID: cc087434-e465-4456-b5a7-742ad7b7be04

Hi dear, I'm a native from Hong Kong... Message me for a proper communication so we can know ourselves better. Don't writ me if you're not matured and have no plans of settling down in the future.. I'm 39yrs, Asian(HK), Christian, 170cm/65kg.... Hope to hear from you soon. Regards..

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Ref ID: 63e4ef47-461c-4288-817d-86ddc1e4326a

Hi !!!
This is BM here in my late 20s
I have been living and working in HK for past 4yrs
Looking for some cool and intersting weekend date or activity like hiking,swimming , water sports, beach and more
Let me know if you can squeeze in some time for yourself to keep fit and healthy
Also we can do some socialising activities like drinks , dinner , movies and more
Msg me of you interested
We can plan up something for ourselves
Make life better more fun

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OK I concede...

Ref ID: 0e5bcbda-994b-4a81-a221-ae2d0975decb

Hey there ladies,

Happy to give up: spent last 20 years trying to find "the one", fall in love, relationship, marriage, kids... all that stuff.

Had to learn my lesson the hard way - it's just not out there. Ladies don't want any of it.

So here it goes: I concede. I'm up for anything. No commitment needed. No love or even attraction. It's ok, you don't need to even pretend.

Me: mid-30s, 6ft+, normal built, exercise regularly, very successful in business, dark hair, brown eyes. I don't drink excessively, don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't spend my nights in Wanchai...

Just a normal man in his 30s.

Fancy a chat? Or whatever? Up to you

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Can you drive the get away car...and shoot?

Ref ID: bce54ec8-1d50-4855-a244-1f405355c8ba

I am a single western male, no kids...1.91m...I like to do something new at least twice a year...unwind every chance I get...want a house on the beach, state at the sky's brightness & darkness, contemplate my swing, be completely enveloped by the tide

For the rest of you who are on a higher plane I salute you...just aspiring for refinement in all things, honesty and hope are your best allies, life consists of a series of moments, you either pay attention or miss it

I'm of above average intelligence and you should be too...this doesn't meN you need to be self-righteous, it just meNs is prefer to spend the rest of my life with someone I can talk to and not have to draw things out in crayon...basically, a partner in crime-one that can drive the get-awY car and shoot...a sense of humor is a understand that family is important, you know why the book is always better than the movie, you should be able to dress up and go to a play and want to, but should be able to go to dome seedy hole in the wall bar, shoot pool, play darts and drink domestic beer. Can't have the yin without the yang

(People watchers get DOUBLE BONUS POINTS)

I love the people I love and that never changes. Those with similar goals but different ways of getting there. Thinkers and feelers with the balance I strive for daily. People who respect, love, trust, and take care of themselves and the people they care about. No "know-it-alls" pretentious, scathing but allegedly tender folks. Secure, sincere and scintillating people who are moving forward but not sprinting through this gamut we call life. Someone who will let me step into their portal & exercise the time machine dreams I have been having...

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Hope for a bright future!

Ref ID: 2442821e-131d-406c-837e-845b3cae4de3

Hi dear, I'm Troy a native from Hong Kong... Message me for a proper communication so we can know ourselves better. Don't writ me if you're not matured and have no plans of settling down in the future.. I'm 39yrs, Asian(HK), Christian, 170cm/65kg.... Hope to hear from you soon. Regards..

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A Kindhearted Man Wants to Meet a Serious Woman

Ref ID: 9c6fb69e-96ca-41d3-85c3-2efadfb327f5

First of all I have a very good sense of humor, I am honest, Understanding and down to earth. I am a very good cook and a good singer as well so i am blessed with the talent of playing the Spanish Guitar, And the piano... I Am single and i have a daughter which i cherish and love so much with all my heart. I want to meet a very serious woman for a serious relationship.. I am romantic and i am going to take very good care of her, serve her breakfast in bed every morning and sing for her because yes i want her to be happy... Hope to hear from you.

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Our time

Ref ID: 06ffd9ac-07ad-4344-b61b-b155347df0bf

I'm very laid-Back and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment for women. I have a great sence of humor and like to spend time with someone i love, and loved ones. I am honest man rolled into one, and seek someone who is not afraid to show their many facets as well. Would love a great romance but believe starting with relationship is the best way

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Looking for casual friendship and maybe more

Ref ID: e94f2cea-246b-49d0-a34c-a72e56f6d0b8

Middle eastern Guy in 37, looking for mature lady 40+ for casual friendship and maybe more
am architect, with well build body- like going out, social, funny, handsome,
I like to have meaningful conversation with others. I am not buddiest but I do believe in his teaching.

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Looking for mature lady 40+

Ref ID: 08b29c33-4c65-48a4-a3a3-a886882c0c66

Am Man in late 30s, looking for mature grown up lady 40+ to have some meaningful conversation - going out, walk, - and may be more.

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Looking for mature woman to hang out with

Ref ID: 1c334240-0bf1-4833-851a-f1fb4daf238a

I just moved to Hong Kong from the states and would like to meet a woman who is fun, easy going, and enjoys life. I am 47 years old, I try to work out daily, thinning hair, almost always happy, love dancing, and lots of laughing. I like creative spirits with open minds. I'm certainly not perfect and don't expect you to be. Let's see what trouble we can get into.

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Looking for a serious relationship

Ref ID: e9a42732-4db3-4330-8567-cdbdafc99261

I am an accountant, chinese man, overseas educated and has been forcused too much in my career for the last 10 yrs, and suddenly i realized that i have missed my opportunities to meet the right lady and i believe that now is the time to find the right person and still believe that she is somewhere out there..

I am a quite person, not a party type, enjoy meaningful conversations, occasionally watch movies and enjoy good meals with friends and family, never married, family oriented..

My other half? someone who is SINGLE, honest, kind, intelligent, good manner, similar career (would be a bonus), seeking for the same....

Anyway, lets take it slow, see how things developed... hopefully that will lead to a serious relationship/ marriage..

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Just Joined

Ref ID: 066db46e-0646-4313-a0e8-f4c66bf7d5b0

I just joined and i am interested in meeting a lady with a good heart, someone to build friendship that will blossom into a beautiful relationship

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Serious Relationship

Ref ID: be4d0f3e-dc4b-401c-9a42-dce4f8e82a1f

Hi, i am Looking for HK girl who need real love.
i have no girlfriend or wife. a simple family is my dream.
if anyone wanna know more about more, pls ask

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Looking for a nice, kind and serious woman

Ref ID: 349d5ea2-acc6-41b0-b983-de3f7683be26

35yo, 6ft2, dark haired westerner looking for a nice, kind and serious woman in her mid-20s to early-30s, who knows what she wants, preferably a professional (banking, law, management etc.) or entrepreneur.
I've spent my 20s and early 30s building a successful career in finance, so missed out on finding the one. Not a party animal, I enjoy to entertain and be entertained. Travel very frequently both for work and leisure. I'm in reasonable shape, enjoy ski, gym, diving, hiking, among others. Enjoy equally going out for dinner & drinks, or staying in for home cooking & a movie.

If you're intrigued, please do get in touch!

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Ref ID: 1b3c792e-9d3a-4e18-b6a0-354bf3246e19


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Soulful and passionate expat seeks match

Ref ID: 846d0d64-1fa0-42ee-ab5b-56dee08442a4

I am a sensitive, kind, masculine, witty and passionate Western professional in my mid-40s, with a deep interest in culture and the arts, especially literature and music. I'm compassionate and principled and am striving to live more purposefully. I have a deep love of nature and play sport, and am tall, attractive and vital. I’m fortunate to have had rewarding relationships for much of my life, but have been single for a while and am now seeking a partner to grow with and to share the beauty and challenge of life. I’m seeking a kind, intelligent and warm woman in her 30s with similar values and outlook, and who is life-affirming, grounded, attractive and sensuous. If you think you might be interested, please drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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