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Thursday, 10/23/2014

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I love to hear......

Ref ID: 66281281-be00-46d8-a107-e9a0715adbec

that special laughter you have with someone during an intimate moment?
Oh I love that....

So let's talk like REALLY OPEN-MINDED, liberated, honest, adults.....

I ask you, can you have a conversation with me about what you like..honestly

No fakes or faking, no time wasting

If you are interested please send me your mobile number and photos ...if you like...

I'm from London, a HK permanent resident.....


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26 year old CBC

Ref ID: 31e68bda-2be7-4d73-894b-ad534ec0356e

26 Year old CBC looking for a mature minded woman. I spent my entire life abroad and recently moved to HK for work. I am very western minded and I enjoy movies, MMA, boxing, hiking, art and fine dining. Looking for a mature lady 30-45 to have real conversations with.  

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Would you like the companionship of a wild-eyed, sporty dreamer?

Ref ID: 68412988-5c17-4dee-82ca-bf7a39742a4a

I'm on a mission to meet, date and fall
madly and deeply in love with an optimistic, cute and vivacious woman.
Could you be my guardian angel? Before you decide, here's what you need to know about me.
I'm twenty-five years old. I have brown, curly hair and a tanned complexion sans facial hair. I weigh 157 pounds at 1.82 meters. My lady friends say I have a baby face. (Not anything like Justin Beiber; more like the brother of Daniel Radcliffe, that is, if he even has a brother).
I was "made" in Hong Kong.  My father who is Australian married my mama who is Chinese. That makes me a guy with an appetite for “local flavors” as well as women of
international persuasion.
And what do I like to listen to and watch? Well, let me tell you. My taste in music ranges anywhere from artist on the top of the charts to good ol’ rock ‘n roll. When I’m feeling edgy I depend on bands such as Linkin Park and the Rolling Stones to smooth out my rough edges. On the other hand, Adele appeals to me when I’m chilling out.
If you are looking for sugar daddy to rescue you from the depths of poverty, then you need to look elsewhere. I’m neither a Bill Gates (not even in close) nor do I depend on my parent’s munificence to live out my life of adventure. I work as a personal trainer transforming mostly overweight housewives into hot, sex goddesses (not).
Am I the right guy for you? That depends. What I’m really looking for is to start a relationship with someone who can enjoy sailing, rock climbing and other heart-pounding, “physical” activities with me… not what you’re thinking …
but neither am I opposed it ;-)
Marvel Marcus

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Cheeky Brit seeks a wild woman

Ref ID: 2b36e82a-0854-4106-b7d3-82e20e05da69

Single white man in early 30s, average height, good build, seeks fellow expat for wine, chats and kissing. Good legs and a dirty mind are a bonus.  

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Seeking Fun

Ref ID: d0797af8-bfbf-44d7-84ca-951512c0b0e1


I am a 48 year old English teacher and lecturer from the UK. I am coming to Hong Kong, my favourite city in the world, at the start of July for three weeks of holiday and much needed rest and relaxation. I would like to be in touch with a beautiful, educated, slim, non-smoking female companion of any age and nationality for some holiday romance and to find and share things of mutual pleasure.

I am well educated, I have a smart appearance, I go to the gym regularly, I have short brown hair, good teeth and I am nearly 6 ft tall. I am tolerant and gracious towards people, and I like to laugh. I am in very good health and I have enough money to live well. I have never been married and I have no children. I am old enough to be experienced, and young enough to be able to enjoy it!

If you would like a few weeks of hedonistic summer pleasure please leave me a message. Whilst I am not looking for a long-term or long-distance relationship, I do visit Hong Kong at least once a year, so if we get on you would definitely see me again if you wished.


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Any mature Asian Lady for a 48 old mature white man for friendship and dating out there?

Ref ID: df10240e-4842-4577-8fcc-045b93d25976

Living in Canada, im a 48 old man,Self employed, visual artist and has been traveler. illustrations, comics, cartoons, kids-book,etc.. i am an agreeable man. i am tempered but not mean. social. sense of humor... in love, even if i am Romantic, im dominant by nature. lets be clear: i'm not a mean man. im Masculin, leader, Captain of his ship and believe in that the true natural state of men and women are to not trying to be what they are not.

so, id love to meet a traditional, submissive, loving, caring, Asian woman who loves to make her man happy. Having a great sense of humor, im also a lots of fun to my lover. LOYALTY, FAITHFULNESS, DEDICATION, HONESTY AND SINCERITY! are mandatories! without those qualities, it can't work for me...

in return, i'm a loving, caring, loyal, trusting, protective man. i treat my woman well and make her happy too. i'm old fashion and I am known to be a Gentleman. I have a good reputation and intent to keep it. but, i will never be no woman's doormat! no man bosses me, so, even less a woman... So, take it all for what it's worth, but, you may appreciate my honesty... :-)

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Looking for companion

Ref ID: 9cb97e68-fbb0-4cd3-8f7d-2e62bb903b70

Sophisticated retired professional European expat, much traveled, fluent in English (obviously) and French, but speaking appalling Cantonese (even after many years here) seeks mature (age 50 or more), independent, slim, HK Chinese Cantonese speaking lady, preferably with professional back ground for companionship  and to share lunches, dinners, typhoons, social occasions, cinema, laughs and perhaps also travels. She should preferably live on the South side of the Island. I hope to hear from you soon

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Meetup - hang around - learn

Ref ID: 569ab67c-614c-44ae-aba4-6dafeb33faff

Independent; any race; any religion! Would like to meet new people, spent time and hang around while I'm in Hong Kong! Thanks for your interest and time!

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Cinema or Sin-e-mumma

Ref ID: bfbdb436-df25-404e-97d5-e699c1b9071f

Any one like a mid week lunch time cinema trip? Go on , treat yourself!

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Looking for Friendship or relationship

Ref ID: 5e4f29f1-b545-4fd3-9b48-26353e1b2cf2

Hi, I am a friendly, professional ,single, Indian Expat, 34, in HK, seeking a dominant HK,Japanese or white lady to develop a friendship/LTR with. I live a busy professional life, enjoy keeping fit, travel and international cuisines. I would like to explore many aspects of a D/S relationship with the right partner. I would like to submit, be controlled by a strong minded woman who enjoy developing a meaningful and long term relationship with a submissive partner. I Iook forward to hearing from you and connecting soon..drop me a line and let's chat :)

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Ref ID: 506c2678-eed0-4fa8-a1fc-abb9a4889f4b

If you can remember the original "Summer Nights" that will be a good start.
I am a long term expat here in Hong Kong and looking for a partner in crime....so to speak. No long list of prerequisites, but please be able to converse well in the same language as this posting.

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New to Hong Kong

Ref ID: 500bd114-b50f-406f-a1bd-820e986ace07

Hi There,
Im new to Hong Kong, from Australia, Mid 30s  enjoying life here so far, Just looking for nice girl mid 20s- mid 30s to hangout with on weekends & all goes well may lead to more..
Active & outgoing, enjoy sports & the great outdoors..... If your out there pls drop me a line.
Best regards,
Phil :-) 

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Travel Partner required

Ref ID: d6e2a854-def3-47fe-84e0-d46c741cd754

Me successful western Brit - late thirties seeks a companion who is available this month or next month for some European (was thinking Spain, and maybe Croatia as a start) and Asian travel. I enjot tennis and a wrestle with the right girl :)
Ideally you will have some time available and are not afraid to go for it and enjoy the sun.
Live at home with mummy types who cannot make time for anything need not apply.

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Submissive Western Gentleman seeks LTR

Ref ID: dacdd662-7fa8-41e5-918c-0f723ac7f153

Hi, I am a friendly, professional ,single, British Expat, 36, in HK, seeking a dominant local lady to develop a LTR with. I live a busy professional life, enjoy keeping fit, travel and international cuisines. I would like to explore many aspects of a D/S relationship with the right partner. I would like to submit, be controlled by a strong minded woman who enjoy developing a meaningful and long term relationship with a submissive partner who will obey and serve her. If you are a dominant asian woman and would like to connect with a sincere and submissive guy, I Iook forward to hearing from you and connecting soon..drop me a line and let's chat :)

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Summer time

Ref ID: 53960e24-703f-4fb6-90f1-2153b69c70e6

Anyone want to go for lunch in stanley or sai kung over the weekend? How about a drink at a roof top bar? we can start with that and see how it goes.
I am Chinese grew up in Canada 40 years old.

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With Respect and Care

Ref ID: 51d49f0e-fddc-4551-83d9-1d58e9c571fb

 i am 36 non chines s guy, i am looking for a good mature lady,with who i can spend  good time, like can have dinner or lunch or can go for movie, i am very  lovin caring and Give the Respect to the womens  If ur looking  the  same  pls drop a line for me

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Good looking, inteligent, educated, looking for someone

Ref ID: 129abf26-3284-412d-8ea8-056cfe8c1ca7

I am a white guy from Spain (not blonde with blue eyes) who has been coupled for looong time. Tired of coming back home and being alone. Been in HK for short time so don't know many people. 
 I am just looking for somebody to share some time and have fun, but no commitments, I am not ready for it yet, plus I will only stay for a year. Not feeling like going to LKF anymore and pretending to be intereted in people I don't know, so I thought through here (and apps, I have them all tinder, okcupid, blendr, you name it) I could find somebody and have a sincere relation (firends with benefits).
About me, I just turned 30 but look younger, 185cm, tanned, good looking, athletic body (not a muscle freak more like a dancer type of body,  some tone but not bulky) and still have hair all over my head (starting to receed though), I know women like me, specially chinese (I think it is because of my nose). Currently I am studying toward my PhD, so basic sallary. I wont be able to treat you for dinners and to fancy restaurants everyweek, not that I like those places either, I'm an ambitious but simple person.
About you, you don't have to be a super model, just have any feature that catches my eye (I need to feel attracted to you). Really turn ons are freckles, red hair, white teeth, and intelligence. Don't care asian or western, but you should be doing something with your life, even if it is travelling, I need to feel attracted to your intetelect too. Not looking for Mr. Right, just for a friend to share some time. If you never smile, and you think I should worship you, that won't work, I am looking for a 50/50 relation,
Wow, I think that all. If you feel interested send me a message, and we will start from there.

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Asian guy looking for friends.

Ref ID: b88b1943-9ee5-4661-9ae6-862fe669a44c

I'm looking for a local girl or expat, preferably with the ability to chat about what's happening in the world and an interest in exploring what Hong Kong has to offer.

Would like to start of friendship, and being intimate and see where it goes.

Let's have dinner or grab a drink and see what happens.

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Ref ID: 9c8742f9-0091-4c56-8f1c-709bf34830de


The title describes me in an alphabetical order. and if there's anything more than this, it's not of importance to me. If you can relate to the above or more or better send me a note.

Further more if you want to explore HK on weekends; Islands, Peaks, Country Parks, that would be great!

20+ or early 30's but if you are late 30's that's fine too.

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Need someone serious!

Ref ID: 538e5258-c546-4a56-9bf8-d2ceada60ebd

Single 30's dad who travels a lot looking for a honest hardworking single mom or someone who can't or has no desire to have any kids of their own, preferably someone who has their own career or own business, any nationality or relationship status works. Not looking for a short term fling unless it can develop into a serious relationship.

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