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A Kindhearted Man Wants to Meet a Serious Woman

Ref ID: ba06a7f4-6fe7-4611-934a-fbd3fa49f6fc

The best thing that can ever happen to a man is if he finds a good woman for a relationship. I am a single and hardworking man and i want to meet my Soul mate. Write me if you want to know me more.. Kisses

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I am looking for an nice Hong Kong woman

Ref ID: 69041871-dbcd-4613-9710-488f622dc3f8

I am look for an Hong Kong woman who is understanding, caring and loving. Someone that is full of life and love to laugh always.

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Life partner

Ref ID: 6d39283f-c9f5-42c1-8223-7547dda040c7

I am looking for life partner we can live together have own family
I love honest faithful lady
I am 37 year old man w good work
Any local lady interested pls keep in touch
Hopefully can find soon

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submissive Prince seeks dominant Princess

Ref ID: 27c55b0d-a673-4af3-bc5c-b197db00a859

Friendly, sincere and well educated western British expat, 36, seeks a dominant minded Asian lady who would enjoy and be comfortable taking the lead in the relationship. Enjoy dining out, travel, cozy nights in and sports together..Drop a reply, tell me about you and let's connect!

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I am looking for good lady can study madarin and share time/hobby

Ref ID: 6c5347af-cc83-472a-8457-34c32e72c745

Hi i am mid 30 aged gentle man.

I am studying mandarin by myself whilst working at hk.
At moment i am staying hk alone. Thus i will be pleased to find good girl friend who can teach me madarin and understand each other.

Hope your reply in my email.
Open & Wait for yours.

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Ref ID: a7a7a2d9-3df6-4afb-ad44-f04f70fdff7b

Hi, i m 33 year old want a cute girl for long realationshipif anyone interested plz contact me
Must age of 22 to 32

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Start with sweet friendship

Ref ID: 1340cf8c-8c70-469c-a0e7-7d13f0965d30

Hi to all hk and other local girls
I'm 37 year old man live in since 1998
I love to start sweet friendship with nice good girl
Work on honesty faith love care and respect
We can go out for shopping dinner watch movie
Walk around share each other happiness and sadness
Hopefully can be goes for long term relationship
Thx sent me SMS

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Ref ID: dc4ef978-a8b3-4503-acee-46435287d178

I am just a simple and since man searching for a loving and caring woman to spend the rest of my life with. If interested please write back.

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look to meet someone

Ref ID: 44fd9a6a-849c-49d8-b9ea-742d8a917482


I am new at this

Tall charming fun to be with, mature with great looks is looking for making new friends

I spend so much at work so no time for a life after work

want to change that , take a chance contact me

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Ref ID: ee30f836-db37-4913-90ae-0733258704f6


I am a single British man (very much separated from a previous life). I am in my early 40s and am a successful senior IT Manager. I live on my own and want to be kissed and have nice conversations about the world.

I am looking fior a fun easy-going lady who wants to be romantic and sensual with me.

I am happy with an easy-going lady who wants euther a serious ir relaxed relationship.

I can meet you any evening and make you smile the moment you meet me. Please send your pic and your smile.

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Ref ID: 2a65e107-5ea1-4ce7-ac52-f5cb1b846965

You found me. Here I am, just testing the waters to see who is out there. I really enjoy meeting people in the real world but am giving online a try. I'd like to find that beautiful type of relationship where life can be shared on a deeper level. I’m looking for someone who is genuine, intelligent and has a good sense of humor - being genuine is very important for me. An ideal long-term relationship is easy to maintain, involves lively discussions, engages our friends and family around us, contains laughter and a mutual pursuit of our passions.

I am smart, fun, authentic, affectionate, and love to try new things. You could say that I am a true "man's man", with my priorities in order and I know how to treat a lady. I balance professionalism and fun in all of life's adventures. I work hard and am very close with my family and friends.

At work I'm creative and driven. I've founded in my business and have ideas for a few more. I get to do many creative things, and love every second of it. Few things are more rewarding then bringing your own idea to life.

I'm always up for trying new things and rarely afraid to take risks in life. In fact, I thrive on it.

Write me if you have any level of interest... Let's see where it goes. I love a woman who initiates.

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Companion wanted

Ref ID: 48e6b31a-3953-4fb1-95b4-ed8e8cb8b013

Hi, I am a British expat professional living and working here in HK. I am a divorcee, here on my own, and have grown up children who live in the UK who I am close to. I am early fifties, fit, active, a bit sporty (not excessively) and in good physical and mental shape. I am relatively new to HK and would like to meet a genuine, down to earth lady (non-smoker) for meet ups for dinner, evening strolls, weekend exploring, maybe a concert, on a friendship basis and see how it goes. I am a down to earth guy, into the arts and literature and love the outdoors and walking so fast cars and night clubs are not really my thing. Hope to hear from you.

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Like minded woman

Ref ID: 42ddd60b-9d76-4201-a139-0f448fd63564

Local married lonely heart, back from the State, work hard in the past. Now seeking in soulmate with like minded woman to sharing, willing to try something new experiments.

5'10, well educated, unpretentious, caring, respect, fun and open minded. I enjoy being a contrarian with many diverse interests in jogging, travelling, movie & music ... Love to create and explore new things in my life.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps others find themselves in similar situations between existing relationships and work.

If you are happy to correspond discreetly, yet meet openly (or discreetly) then lets share a drink and discover if we can have a connection. Full discretion assured.

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Ref ID: e337ce8f-0f3d-4b99-ab06-22252e690b7d

Hi I am 29 year old Man. I have recently come in HK for long term
I am working as Software professional in MNC. I am looking
For a girl friend in HK. I am Indian citizens and come from Mumbai.
I want to say some good things about myself but is it really useful for you? ?
Becouse every body use to say only good things about self. So I not want
To say about me but only one thing that I will try to understand you and your
Filling and this thing will help me to make you happy....

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Ready to make the lucky lady happy..

Ref ID: ef85fe43-4047-47ca-86df-22822287e376

I am a British Professional living here in HK at the moment and relocating here soon. I am 55 and I am ready to make a lucky lady the happiest woman around. I am ready to love and be loved again by the right Lady, please leave me a message if you're interested. I am happy to start exchange messages and happy to see where it leads. Cheers.

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Ref ID: f6a39d6f-6d96-4cf2-be44-1916287e7c1a

Hi dear,
A Chinese born and raised in UK... I'm single never had kids and a lovely, caring and a hard working man searching for true love... I wish to tell you more about me only if you want to.. Hope to hear from you soon

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New city, New Streets so why not New Friends

Ref ID: f0085046-5433-4dde-a244-8431c16ae7a4


Moved to HK a week ago and going through the painful process of apartment hunting and setting up life here. Looking to meet new people, possibly make some new friends and explore further if there is a chemistry between us. Maybe, we just end up being good friends or maybe more than friends. Therefore, let's try :)

Btw, I am in late 20s, average looking, worked and lived across different geographies. Avid traveler and currently chalking out the plan to explore China and other parts of North Asia.

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Treasure Island

Ref ID: 6488318c-7d03-4acf-8705-371f68a75469

Greetings and salutations, this is the part where I am supposed to tell you I am Brad Pit on Steroids, funnier than Jack Sparrow, and my favourite pastime is movies about human suffering.

Truth being funnier than fiction, I am tall 6'1", but opposites attract, and I prefer smaller women. I am Caucasian (Australian/American passports), but I consider myself Australian, even though I grew up in HKG and don't know the first thing about cricket.

I spend my days between work, playing with my two kids (divorce is a modern disease), and hiking in Lantau to a new place to drink beer. Strangely, I feel that this is not really enough for me in life. In my perfect world, I would like to find an intelligent Asian woman who likes tall grey/blue eyed, red headed, neanderthals to either climb mountains or shock my system with good food and better conversation.

Preferably, the "Kitsune" (I just googled "rarest Asian mythical creature"), would like Monty Python humour, be somewhere between 35 and 40, and have no visible prison tattoos. Okay, pretty would be nice, but hey, this is the internet, I should be happy as long as men dont reply:)

People are lonely in this life because they stare at phones instead of people. I will never be lonely, I am loud, impossible to ignore and definitely not for everyone. Hilariously, in this world of too many people, none of us have time to meet new people, and so we throw little lines of words like this into the ether.

I am absolutely for you, and a great catch, but.....

(come on, this is life, there is always a catch)

I am 48, divorced, have two kids, son 8, daughter 12,. They are perfect, and insanely obedient and loving children (that part is serious, but I do spend an inordinate amount of time with them). Relationships are difficult, as I have the kids for two weeks of every month, so sometimes between work and the kids I can be hard to pin down. Run now while you still have a chance, I am a very lovable complicated man with kids.

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Ref ID: 7f20b290-8da0-4159-98cc-9f7dff398435

hello pretty singles, to be a single dad with two beautiful daughters is aint easy for me any more i really do need a gorgeous woman who will love me and care about me as well ,i dont need a perfect relationship ,i just need someone who wont give up on me ........

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True love

Ref ID: 9a3271d5-96b7-4dc8-b438-a298c89e8e68

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