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Interested? :)

Ref ID: d50bd6f7-f011-429c-ab10-fae3ca31ae4d

Hi.. I am a 35yo Caucasian Male fun, easy going polite educated..
I am looking for a female who wants a man as his pet, slave, companion, cleaner.. Basically anything you want and need.. Nothing in return expected.. I just want to serve a woman..

Hope to hear from you , please ask me anything you would like to know or what you expect from me :)

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Travel Partner required

Ref ID: d6e2a854-def3-47fe-84e0-d46c741cd754

Me successful western Brit - late thirties seeks a companion who is available this month or next month for some European (was thinking Spain, and maybe Croatia as a start) and Asian travel. I enjot tennis and a wrestle with the right girl :)

Ideally you will have some time available and are not afraid to go for it and enjoy the sun.

Live at home with mummy types who cannot make time for anything need not apply.

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Look for Sub / Bi Chinese Woman

Ref ID: 3425a235-470f-4347-9cb1-17533a6d93b5

I'm tall good looking Western man living in HK and look for long term
relationship with a submissive slim bi Chinese woman in HK
Reactions with pc will get mine. No fake !

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36 yr old American with amazing diversity, humor and other awesomenessnessness

Ref ID: c5221890-e8f5-4bb1-a3ee-fb0cf7e17817

Hey Honey--

looking around here? Hmm what is it you are on the prowl for? Excitment? Intrigue? Ordinary friend? nourishment for your mind and emotions?

Im Stefan. Briefly, im from L.A., French Italian family background and living in Asia 9 years. (Japan 4, Thailand, HK). Yes I speak Italian, Japanese and some Thai.

Im a people person, I'm into meeting NEW people, not just staying with old clicks, I believe everyone in the world is important and I want to meet many of them.

Anyway, maybe i'm looking for a date, maybe im not. I'm picky with women I date so lets go platonic first as thats always best and more fun and relaxed.

So, I'm cool to meet new interesting women that do interesting things on their off days, such as um, junk boat parites! lol Yes i like to drink and go out on the scene but do new things to. Tell me what you are into. Maybe ill join in with you.

For July ill be doing Hiking and Sai Kung beach often, so if you dig it, let me know.

Whatever you're into. Maybe you'll want to learn and try the things I'm into and we exchange new experiences.

As long as we vibe OK and can communicate etc. we can hang.

So lets do this, we'll exchange tel or app ID's to chat(I have every chat app, like 15 of them), and exchange pics, then talk on the phone about what activities are comming up. We'll take it from there.

I prefer hanging out with the zodiac signs of Aquarious, Gemini and Libras and um, Virgo's, I hear they are "fun" in a special way ;) If thats you, try me.

Im a Gemini thats into humour and laughs, talking about the world and things that matters, not shallow subjects. Can I hold a conversation? Um can YOU keep up with me? Thats the question.

I an ambitious person, aim high in life, thirsty for knowledge and I do want the best life has to offer sooner or later, and that includes women. I dont just settle for whatevers convenient.

I am experienced when it comes to women, in "many ways", so you'll love me are hate me, it depends what you are trying to do.

I'm an avid reader in subjects as… oh you'll have to find out yourself-- and the rest is a secret until you pass to level 2 or 3. ;)

Anyway, reply with your personal interests, days/times off, location and exactly how much money you got in the bank, pls. ;) lol

Heres my rules:

No nut cases (Unless you're really hot, a perfect 10 / model)

no brats (unless you are a 10 and I can tame you)

no gold diggers (no exceptions here dear)

no drama queens (unless you allow disciplinary action which you have yet to have, by me :D)

no feminists who want to be the man (go back to America)

no BS.

No fakes, but a little fake is OK.

If we keep it real, we can have some good times.

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Ref ID: 9c8742f9-0091-4c56-8f1c-709bf34830de


The title describes me in an alphabetical order. and if there's anything more than this, it's not of importance to me. If you can relate to the above or more or better send me a note.

Further more if you want to explore HK on weekends; Islands, Peaks, Country Parks, that would be great!

20+ or early 30's but if you are late 30's that's fine too.

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25 year old Software Engineer looking for a partner

Ref ID: e9618404-7b6a-48f4-b90d-541695e25efe

I am a 25 year old Software Engineer looking for a girl of around the same age. In my free time I like hiking, photography, Taekwondo, gym and playing guitar. I am 180 cm tall, athletic build, non smoker, and enjoy an occasional social drink. I live and work near Central / Sheung Wan area. Please message me if you are interested and would love to have a cup of coffee sometime if you are around this area, and get to know you more :) .

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Submissive Western Gentleman seeks LTR

Ref ID: dacdd662-7fa8-41e5-918c-0f723ac7f153

Hi, I am a friendly, professional ,single, British Expat, 36, in HK, seeking a dominant local lady to develop a LTR with. I live a busy professional life, enjoy keeping fit, travel and international cuisines. I would like to explore many aspects of a D/S relationship with the right partner. I would like to submit, be controlled by a strong minded woman who enjoy developing a meaningful and long term relationship with a submissive partner who will obey and serve her. If you are a dominant asian woman and would like to connect with a sincere and submissive guy, I Iook forward to hearing from you and connecting soon..drop me a line and let's chat :)

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Hiking girls November 29 Twin peaks near Stanley around noon

Ref ID: 7ae80a82-df68-4d3f-83ec-f82ac7af3d2f

Why didn't I see you next day 1130?;)

Where were you?

If interested please contact!

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25 yr old engineer looking for a partner

Ref ID: 7db58893-9b39-4ec0-bd15-d44449cb1de8

I am a 25 year old Software Engineer looking for a girl of around the same age. In my free time I like hiking, photography, Taekwondo, gym and playing guitar. I am 180 cm tall, athletic build, non smoker, and enjoy an occasional social drink. I live and work near Central / Sheung Wan area. Please message me if you are interested and would love to have a cup of coffee sometime if you are around this area, and get to know you more :) .

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Would you like the companionship of a wild-eyed, sporty dreamer?

Ref ID: 68412988-5c17-4dee-82ca-bf7a39742a4a

I'm on a mission to meet, date and fall
madly and deeply in love with an optimistic, cute and vivacious woman.

Could you be my guardian angel? Before you decide, here's what you need to know about me.

I'm twenty-five years old. I have brown, curly hair and a tanned complexion sans facial hair. I weigh 157 pounds at 1.82 meters. My lady friends say I have a baby face. (Not anything like Justin Beiber; more like the brother of Daniel Radcliffe, that is, if he even has a brother).

I was "made" in Hong Kong. My father who is Australian married my mama who is Chinese. That makes me a guy with an appetite for “local flavors" as well as women of
international persuasion.

And what do I like to listen to and watch? Well, let me tell you. My taste in music ranges anywhere from artist on the top of the charts to good ol’ rock ‘n roll. When I’m feeling edgy I depend on bands such as Linkin Park and the Rolling Stones to smooth out my rough edges. On the other hand, Adele appeals to me when I’m chilling out.

If you are looking for sugar daddy to rescue you from the depths of poverty, then you need to look elsewhere. I’m neither a Bill Gates (not even in close) nor do I depend on my parent’s munificence to live out my life of adventure. I work as a personal trainer transforming mostly overweight housewives into hot, sex goddesses (not).

Am I the right guy for you? That depends. What I’m really looking for is to start a relationship with someone who can enjoy sailing, rock climbing and other heart-pounding, “physical" activities with me… not what you’re thinking …
but neither am I opposed it ;-)

Marvel Marcus

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Cheeky Brit seeks a wild woman

Ref ID: 2b36e82a-0854-4106-b7d3-82e20e05da69

Single white man in early 30s, average height, good build, seeks fellow expat for wine, chats and kissing. Good legs and a dirty mind are a bonus.

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British male seeks fun wine drinking company

Ref ID: 9f971332-370c-466b-b17f-e7534bc72df8

Hi, I'm a 34 year old caucasian male living in Hk. Would like to meet a European or American woman to share chats drinks and fun times. Single status preferred but not essential, fans of naked twister given priority.

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tweenty seven single looking for women

Ref ID: d4dbc8d9-1540-49b0-8de1-a4393a8a170f

Hey girl..let meet and have some fun...fullfill ur dream of having a solid build male firend who can ful fill all your dream ...27 yr 5'10" height single..it all yourss...

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Dating for Boring Lady to share Fun

Ref ID: 0aa9a82d-656e-458d-8b94-69cd5cc9c768


I am an local Chinese educated engineer in early 40s.

I am six feet tall smart causal look.

I am looking for a lonely lady to share fun,
we could date occasionally for lunch, dinner, sports, movies
or even more.

I am not keen in loking for long term relationship,
but you must be HEALTHY.

Look forward to receive your message.


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Meetup - hang around - learn

Ref ID: 569ab67c-614c-44ae-aba4-6dafeb33faff

Independent; any race; any religion! Would like to meet new people, spent time and hang around while I'm in Hong Kong! Thanks for your interest and time!

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Can you be my tour guide...?

Ref ID: 30259d66-4f33-4166-9dcb-a4a101febaa5

I'm an interesting, friendly, fun (and handsome!) British guy, 35, living in Tokyo. I've got my first weekend in HK (Sat 18 Oct, Sun 19 Oct), so I'm looking for a cool, fun local woman to show me the sights. I might even buy you dinner!

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Hong Kong sunshine

Ref ID: 2bd61986-8639-4ddc-a3f9-5777a44baadf


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Can you drive the get away car...and shoot?

Ref ID: bce54ec8-1d50-4855-a244-1f405355c8ba

I am a single western male, no kids...1.91m...I like to do something new at least twice a year...unwind every chance I get...want a house on the beach, state at the sky's brightness & darkness, contemplate my swing, be completely enveloped by the tide

For the rest of you who are on a higher plane I salute you...just aspiring for refinement in all things, honesty and hope are your best allies, life consists of a series of moments, you either pay attention or miss it

I'm of above average intelligence and you should be too...this doesn't meN you need to be self-righteous, it just meNs is prefer to spend the rest of my life with someone I can talk to and not have to draw things out in crayon...basically, a partner in crime-one that can drive the get-awY car and shoot...a sense of humor is a must...you understand that family is important, you know why the book is always better than the movie, you should be able to dress up and go to a play and want to, but should be able to go to dome seedy hole in the wall bar, shoot pool, play darts and drink domestic beer. Can't have the yin without the yang

(People watchers get DOUBLE BONUS POINTS)

I love the people I love and that never changes. Those with similar goals but different ways of getting there. Thinkers and feelers with the balance I strive for daily. People who respect, love, trust, and take care of themselves and the people they care about. No "know-it-alls" pretentious, scathing but allegedly tender folks. Secure, sincere and scintillating people who are moving forward but not sprinting through this gamut we call life. Someone who will let me step into their portal & exercise the time machine dreams I have been having...

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Ref ID: b916b9b6-7af3-4701-ab85-b185808affe6

Entry one : Tanned Complexion Guy of South-East Asian ethnicity.

Entry two : Good looking , tall , angular features, though falling short of "super hot" rating. :(

Searching : "EXPAT" girl 20-30yr


Activity : hiking , swimming , country park visit , dog walking, movies, lunches, dinners, conversations, laughter, friendship.

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anyone in shanghai?

Ref ID: 8b18e610-2b37-44b4-a6e3-44ef7de53fd2

hello,do any girl go to shanghai?I'd like to meet some beautiful and open minded women.we can talk and have dinner together, enjoy

moments in life.i am in my 30s,handsome,welleducated,healthy,kind and sense of humour.

waiting for your reply and leave me your skype,wechat or something like that,thank you.^_^

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