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locking for a friend and more

Ref ID: 7a343923-9c64-4733-a026-251384192981

Hi I am looking for a friend and more. Looking for to meet someone on weekday's have drink , hang out

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Lunch in Sheung Wan

Ref ID: cc5a0533-5e15-4b26-a35c-f19c2257ad9f

With all this social media and digital communication, i thought it might be nice to meet someone new, for lunch or a coffee and chat in real time, face to face. Lets swap a few emails, compare our interests or topics of discussion and meet up once in a while for lunch and catch up on anything and everything.

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Expat Seeking Friendship/Life Partner.

Ref ID: 192d39bd-7f96-408c-9f00-eca87a79a4cb

Good day,
I live in Hong Kong Cause Bay,

I want to meet a lady who is kind,Sincere,Interesting,Outdoors,Understanding and Easy Going to share and spend a long term Friendship/Life Partner with the Heart of a Best Friend too.

Interested person should write me.

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A True story for you this CNY...on how Sheep can change...!

Ref ID: 73336a23-7d1f-460d-a6d3-05027fadec6b

From February 19th it will be the year of the Sheep!!

This is a true story about my interesting experiences with sheep...

While at Uni I would go to Ireland to spend summers in that beautiful country with it's fantastic people...and would stay on a sheep farm. Normally you couldn't get within 20 metres of a sheep without it dashing off away from you..sometimes we had to gather them together to put them through the sheep dip (to get rid of bugs in their wool and various nasties ) and without a sheep dog it was murder to coral them..

But - when the ewes were having their lambs we were on high alert for any newbown little ones that seemed poorly we'd have to take them into the farmhouse to treat them.. You'd pick up a newborn lamb and it's mother- who would normally run a mile from you..would follow you up the path to the farmhouse...
the only time that sheep would overcome their fear of humans....

This this your 'breakout' year- whether you were born in the Year of the Sheep or not?

Time for you to break free of the herd?

Time for you- for good or bad- to be brave about seeking out the type of relationship you want....rather than waiting..hoping...wishing for something to come along?

If so good luck with that!

And all the best to you in CNY 2015!

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Mr. Frank

Ref ID: 742d8c70-48db-43f2-b6ee-dc5c3b4c8dd5

I am seeking for a well mannered lady from Hong Kong or any other national for a relationship/marriage. I am a tall, good looking and educated gentleman. An interesting woman should contact me immediately. Thank you

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looking for a Muslim girl interested marriage..

Ref ID: a7d51a38-6a23-4a04-9e23-41ed71f571b1

I am 40 years old muslim man, holder of hk permanent I'd card, have decent
job, interested to find a muslim life partner, not asking to much, love, care, respect,
loyalty more than enough..

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Let's enjoy our summer together.

Ref ID: 99932de3-6d17-4eeb-bc49-36394704fdb0

Are you tired of your daily life? Are you tired of your relationship? Do you want to have a break just to relax and have fun with an amazing young guy? Then I am the one you are looking for.

I am 26, college educated, out going and open-minded. I like all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking, watching movies, food tasting and drinking wine. Also, I am a good listener. I respect who you are and the way you are.

Anyone age between 18-30 may drop me a line if you are interested. Let grab some drinks and see how it goes. Try me, you would never regret it.

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Let's MEET :)

Ref ID: a8ac02be-b92f-4e2c-86b6-3e28e489fa64


This is a platform for two strangers to meet and get to know each other. If you are a good looking white, black or asian girl under 30 then lets meet up for coffee / drink and get to each other more. In my early 30’s, workaholic, fitness freak, fun to be with and believe in living life to the fullest. Relationships are not easy but with a simple approach we can build a strong one. So plz drop a line with your Pic and we shall meet. CHEERS!!!

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Looking to connect with someone friendly

Ref ID: 90c87ea1-d78b-4f48-b187-c622ed29a9ab

Hello all.

I am a British man, recently arrived in Hong Kong looking to meet new friends or potentially something more with the right person. I am 26 years of age. I am friendly, happy and loving person who enjoys music, films, cooking and at the moment, trying my best to learn some Cantonese. Very hard work!

If you are interesting in chatting, then feel free to send me a message, I will send a picture if you request! :)

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Submissive British Expat, 36, seeking.......

Ref ID: f2d8828d-a4f9-4d5f-934a-0d7ed68ede10

Hi, I am a friendly, professional ,single, British Expat, 36, in HK, seeking a dominant local lady to develop a LTR with. I live a busy professional life, enjoy keeping fit, travel and international cuisines. I would like to explore many aspects of a D/S relationship with the right partner. I would like to submit, be controlled by a strong minded woman who enjoy developing a meaningful and long term relationship with a submissive partner who will obey and serve her. If you are a dominant asian woman and would like to connect with a sincere and submissive guy, I Iook forward to hearing from you and connecting soon..drop me a line and let's chat :)

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Enjoy life!

Ref ID: 1444b2ba-4216-4704-9949-0df940acf465

Hi you,

i'm 31 yrs old, 186 cm, good looking.
I love to enjoy life, drinking, sex, good food, travel and Interesting conversation ...... (no matter your age.)
Not looking for commitment relationship, just fun and relaxing.... some one to enjoy the moment, share and smile.

I base in HK.
You welcome to contact me any time.

Keep smiling.

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Ref ID: f39bcce3-ec2a-4f2f-afc9-36c7b3307596

Hey all... For now I`m only interested in the physical art. Think we all have our needs and when two adults are both up for it then have fun.
Good looking guy, mid 40`s, sporty,like to travel,explore this beautiful globe,movies etc.

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young engineer looking for a partner

Ref ID: 453d6c7b-aaef-484c-aa0b-e6489cb2bfa7

I am a 25 year old Software Engineer looking for a girl of around the same age. In my free time I like hiking, photography, Taekwondo, gym and playing guitar. I am 180 cm tall, athletic build, non smoker, and enjoy an occasional social drink. I live and work near Central / Sheung Wan area. Please message me if you are interested and would love to have a cup of coffee sometime if you are around this area, and get to know you more :) . Talk to you soon!!

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I love to hear......

Ref ID: 66281281-be00-46d8-a107-e9a0715adbec

that special laughter you have with someone during an intimate moment?
Oh I love that....

So let's talk like REALLY OPEN-MINDED, liberated, honest, adults.....

I ask you, can you have a conversation with me about what you like..honestly

No fakes or faking, no time wasting

If you are interested please send me your mobile number and photos ...if you like...

I'm from London, a HK permanent resident.....


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Athlete seeks athlete

Ref ID: 7b19ac66-287e-4bd7-a874-bc7cf1d82164


I'm a positive-minded, outgoing, tall, and athletic expat. I'm 35, from Canada (but don't cover my suitcase with Canadian flags.) :)

I enjoy travelling, playing sports, and doing stand-up comedy. I'm looking for a tall woman who has some similar attributes and interests.


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I am Romantic and want to Take Care of you.

Ref ID: 643c6cee-e0eb-4af1-a6bb-a25a4eff51b9

I am a very Sweet man, I say this because people around me always tell me this. I work as an Architect and i want to meet a very caring, understanding and simple woman for a relationship... please write me if you are interested. Thank you.

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I know You are here... I am now Here for you....

Ref ID: 69ca202e-0783-4907-8d17-8418e75e4c7f

I know you are out there... I want us to get to know each other better... You are going to be my soulmate if you send me a mail Kisses

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Ref ID: c4f6842b-1e02-487e-aa7e-3cd9b1bc29c8

In Canada. A 49 old man, Self employed, visual-artist and has been traveler. illustrations, comics, cartoons, kids-book,etc.. i am an agreeable man. i am tempered but not mean. social. sense of humor... in love, even if i am Romantic, im dominant by nature. lets be clear: i'm not a mean man. im Masculin, leader, Captain of his ship and believe in that the true natural state of men and women are to not trying to be what they are not.

So, id love to meet a traditional, submissive, loving, caring, Asian woman who loves to make her man happy.
(and, please, she has to be or single, divorced or separated. I don't touch married or already engaged ladies.).
Having a great sense of humor, im also a lots of fun to my lover. LOYALTY, FAITHFULNESS, DEDICATION, HONESTY AND SINCERITY! are mandatories! without those qualities, it can't work for me... Also, I am not a rich man, so, for the Ladies looking for a man with big pockets full... sorry, mines are big too, but not very full.

In return, i'm a loving, caring, loyal, trusting, protective man. i treat my woman well and make her happy too.
(Well, in the best i can, always...). i'm old fashion and I am known to be a Gentleman. I have a good reputation and intent to keep it. But, i will never be no woman's doormat! no man bosses me, so, even less a woman... So, please, take it all for what it's worth. Sorry to be bluntly honest and upfront, but, at least i do my best to avoid giving bad surprises, and you may appreciate my honesty... :-)

Thank You.

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Mr Romantic Wants to Cook for you.

Ref ID: 4ad87c3b-d699-4ec6-bcba-6e81dd8073d7

Hello... If you are a sing woman and you want to meet a very understanding, loving and romantic man... A man that can make breakfast for you in bed and a man that will take care of you.. please write me

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Don't Judge a book By Its Cover.

Ref ID: 553cc898-be49-421f-9c57-6cc99feb5d0f

I am single, I am calm, Loving and truthful... I want to meet a woman for a relationship.... I have a very good sense of humor and i love to cook... . Please send me a message immediately.. Thank you.

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