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Travel buddy needed

Ref ID: db122271-f140-46f9-8de8-b5db0647f61d

Hello, I am a 19 year old female student looking for a female travel partner. I am planning to travel on every holidays I possibly got. I am also planning a cheap trip around Asia on December. Message me if interested.

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looking for a travel partner

Ref ID: 50eb037c-2fc8-4700-84e1-7ab7d9fa960b

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a travel partner to European country. I am flexible and able to leave HK at anytime=)

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Ref ID: a9b42d25-a263-4970-ab26-4a08dc849d6c

Looking for a travel companion.

I have quite a few trips in mind and it's always nice to have a friend/companion, rather than be solo.

For the avoidance of any doubt this is all totally above board.....I pay my way, you pay yours.

I am a fit caucasian expat in my 50's, with a young outlook....

If are are interested in exploring this further please email.

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Looking for travel friends

Ref ID: 3ae632c4-c9d1-46d0-af8b-31c7dfe0fdf1

Indian woman looking for travel friends, prefer female travel friends from any country.

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Australian guy, single, 42yo looking for travel buddies.

Ref ID: 3bec2538-ff0b-4893-af82-01a40eb10d75

Australian guy, single, 42yo looking for travel buddies.
I work Friday and Saturday so I usually fly somewhere on Sunday and return Thursday night.
I'm independent and well traveled but thought it might be nice to do some short trips with someone. So drop me a line if you're interested in a 3-4 night getaway. I can pay your airfare.

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Ref ID: f421b19f-587d-450a-8fea-5e44463b3a8e

Hi there,
Looking for anyone flexible and welling to travel to any of the following destinations between the 11th Dec and 5th Jan. (Dubai, Beirut, Casablanca & Oman).

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Going Macau around Xmas

Ref ID: 40c87985-28ca-486f-b88d-0649e28bf67e

Hi there, I am a HK girl who is planning to visit Macau around Xmas, I am looking for a single guy around 20s to 30s , maybe go there together and return HK within same day. Anyone interested?

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Ref ID: 0a7139de-8c01-4fe0-bd72-2ecb9d3ec220

Westernized Chinese girl in her late 30's ( from Manila) looking for travel buddies, I have a very flexible schedule and pretty much travel somewhere new once a month.
I'm pretty adventurous so I'm also up to trying things like bunjee jumping, skydiving, etc
My next stop:


Hope to hear from you guys!

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Travel buddy(ies)

Ref ID: fe82bad6-68db-4ddb-beea-f3fcd5004fc1

Anyone also looking for weekends travel buddy, rather than swinging it solo. Early 30s, female.

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Ref ID: d206c03c-364f-45c1-b3c5-b177420b6b6d

Hey, looking for a female that wants to travel to China with me. Would like to discover the beautiful scenery and it would be great if you can speak Mandarin.
Japan is also on the list.
I'm an easy going guy (44) who likes sport, movies, music etc.

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Food and hotel-centered travel

Ref ID: d8b8b15d-b6cc-4e4c-90a1-7bd90a8fe41d

Looking for someone who is an adventurous diner, enjoys fine dining, and is particular about travel accommodations. I am female, early 50's, and willing to travel to - you name it - Girona, Lima or Kowloon for a meal. Please send me a message if you would like to join me.

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A italian is looking for love

Ref ID: 8c7b00f1-960d-4d9a-b0e8-13b9bb84d414

The days are passing without you

I am looking for a passenger to travel Europe and the world

Working is enjoying part of life

Now look for a friend to enjoy the ride

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Travel Partner

Ref ID: de3d824f-c955-438e-9947-13ab1125658c

Hi there, I am looking for a travel partner to go Japan, China or northern Thailand. Drop me a line if you are interested. I am easy going Chinese female with overseas background.
Have a great day!

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Looking for a Travel Partner

Ref ID: ebe1f09e-2201-46c1-8124-095644786cff


I visit Hong Kong regularly. So am looking for a companion, so we both can witness the beauty of the town, together!

I enjoy and love travelling if I find a decent adventurous company to travel along to experience the heights of nature that is so diversified all across the globe. If you find it interesting and share the same passion, I would love to know more about you and vice-versa , to know if we can be good travel partners!

As someone said "the journey is more important than the destination and a good company can make it unforgettable treasure of your life"..Wait a min...was that someone me? ;-)

Look to hear from you very soon.

Take Care & Thanks,

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Thailand Travel

Ref ID: f683572c-50c2-4fdb-97ba-c0b6fcdbbbb2


I am looking for a travel buddy during the week October 16th to 24th. I'm british, 29, female living in Hong Kong. Keen to travel to Thailand for a short break away.

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Travel and Friends

Ref ID: e8dedb90-08cc-4a80-8f90-e4ea50f6df5b

I believe having an interesting companion can make the journey remarkable no matter where you go. Hope to meet someone who clicks and can enjoy a nice trip together. I am female, not old and not too young with a good heart, easy to be with. Very flexible with countries to visit and things to do. Look forward to hear from you, get to know each other and plan our trip together.

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travel in China

Ref ID: 764df5d5-ab12-401d-a6e4-921279f1b885

Hi, I'm looking for a beautiful woman who likes beer and having a laugh that speaks Chinese and wants to go to a few places in China to check out the scenery! ping me a message if thats you!

I'm a guy from uk, just hit 40, professional at working, and wanting to explore the world... or at least the china bit for now


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I Love Asia

Ref ID: d66065ea-7a13-4027-9e80-433b3c7137bf

travel in China

Hi, I'm looking for a beautiful woman who likes to enjoy life, travel &have fun with very sweet man and dine, vine & having great laugh. All expenses paid by me if you prefer. You speak great or some Chinese and want to go to a few places in China to check out the scenery! send me a message if that's you!

I'm a guy from USA, just hit 45, professional,and wanting to explore China for now.


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Looking for a female travel companion or a group to travel

Ref ID: 66d9bf3c-0a5d-4f4a-8864-651635da50d1

Hi Ladies, I am a female in my 40's. I have free time and would like to visit travel.Destination can be discussed. I would like to find someone to share the expenses as well as the fun. We can go sightseeing, shopping and dinning together. Do write back soon as I am so itchy to go away. I like to explore the places and take pictures.



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Ref ID: 857b8d0d-6ce7-4f6e-8255-3bcb9831c53e


I am a 30s local chinese female.

Please let me know your skype if you drop by Hong Kong.

My purpose is to wider life social network.


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