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any Thai trip buddy ?

Ref ID: ada6a37b-e5a2-4912-832f-ca3b002de829

30'. Female. Love travel to Thailand. Few times a year. 3-4 days trip. Anybody in love with Thai also?

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Travelmate wanted

Ref ID: 1e64e43f-f272-4af1-b44b-0dda0aa173fc

Hi there, I am a 36 year old Filipina and looking for someone to travel with within asia.
Male or female is ok. If you're going to travel and need someone to travel with, then do message me here.

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one night trip - to clark philippines

Ref ID: 7b7243af-b587-4154-9293-d2155effd143

am going to clark next Monday 29th - to pick up my 5years old daughter and bring her back to hk for school - will fly Monday morning and back Tuesday morning - 1 night in nice hotel - looking for travel companion - just as friends nothing more - hating waiting at the airport and travelling alone that's all - will pay all expenses

let me know asap if anyone interested - any nationality no problem

I am 45 years old single irish guy !

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hi, I am living in Shanghai

Ref ID: c40712c1-fd4b-47f7-9f9d-c84c790b10fe

hi, i am chinese girl who is 33 years old working and living in shanghai...I just registered here, JUST REALISE THAT it is only for HK area,any honest friend want to travel / work or make friends in Shanghai, if you are interested in me, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Travel Travel Travel

Ref ID: f433cff1-340b-466b-a344-55a57a5b3550

Looking for a travel friend to go to Korea or Thailand during Xmas holiday. Please write back if you are interested. I am hk local female.

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Weekend Getaway! (Southeast Asia) (I am a guy)

Ref ID: 5f2f1451-1333-464a-b761-b456d77251fc


I am in need of a holiday! Would be nice if someone accompanied me!
Guy, 19 years old! Age doesn't matter as long as you're a female haha.
No males allowed sorry!

A short trip to a beach in Thailand or Bangkok would be cool!

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Travel mate / new friend (Hong Kong)

Ref ID: f86f4f76-9b0a-4d06-8319-52688f5ffc69

Hello everyone, I am a 30's local Chinese female in Hong Kong.Feel free to let me know if you are visitors / travelers stop by Hong Kong.I look for wider my social network and a strictly platonic friendship for a start.

NO sexual or any other service should be implied. All genders are welcome. I can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.If you are interested, please give your self-introduction (Origin, Age, Gender, Visit dates and what are you looking for) or else no response will be given. Happy to have your picture if it is available.

**Only shortlisted person who have provided SKYPE / LINE ID in the message will get reply since I do not reply email often**

Thank you.

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Sept to Bangkok

Ref ID: 48fd91d1-2530-43af-821c-a288b47a81c1


I would like to plan a Leisure trip to Bangkok in early September. Do you interested to join me ? Please let me know and exchange more in details.

Me: Chinese female in late thirties, adventurous, like to explore new things and good conversationalist.

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Travel buddy(ies)

Ref ID: fe82bad6-68db-4ddb-beea-f3fcd5004fc1

Anyone also looking for weekends travel buddy, rather than swinging it solo. Early 30s, female.

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Tibet 8 day trip

Ref ID: debd71d4-b70c-4033-a86b-398e184c4bc4

Looking to travel Tibet w a tour group sometime in July. Solo travel is more expensive than in a group- if interested, pls send me a message!
I'm a 33 yr old female.

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Ref ID: 857b8d0d-6ce7-4f6e-8255-3bcb9831c53e


I am a 30s local chinese female.

Please let me know if you drop by Hong Kong.

My purpose is to wider life social network.


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30 Female Looking For Travel Companions

Ref ID: f02b1e36-cec3-4eb1-87aa-76201cf35d8e

I am mostly in HK but have plenty of free time. I like to travel and I am looking for friends to travel with for a few days. My schedule is flexible and I am an easy going person. Not interested in travel to the mainland as I can't be bothered with visas.

for the time being I am interested to go to:
Jeju Island
Sri Lanka

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Looking for travel friends

Ref ID: 3ae632c4-c9d1-46d0-af8b-31c7dfe0fdf1

Indian woman looking for travel friends, prefer female travel friends from any country.

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Australian guy, single, 42yo looking for travel buddies.

Ref ID: 3bec2538-ff0b-4893-af82-01a40eb10d75

Australian guy, single, 42yo looking for travel buddies.
I work Friday and Saturday so I usually fly somewhere on Sunday and return Thursday night.
I'm independent and well traveled but thought it might be nice to do some short trips with someone. So drop me a line if you're interested in a 3-4 night getaway. I can pay your airfare.

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September trip

Ref ID: 2aeb09d7-57b9-4688-a112-11fed3978ba1


I'm a woman in my early 30s and I'm seeking a travel buddy for early Sept or end of Sept when we have public holidays. Let me know if you are up for a short trip of 4 to 5 days.

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Travel Partner

Ref ID: de3d824f-c955-438e-9947-13ab1125658c

Hi there, I am looking for tour mate to go to China in the coming few months. I am easy going Chinese female with overseas background. I plan to visit Sichuan and Tibet any time from May to August. Drop me a line if you are interested.
Have a great day!

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Female travel buddy wanted

Ref ID: 87a84c25-4478-45bc-a30d-2cbee8b19123

I'm a local female (late 20s) looking for a female travel buddy to either Bangkok or Krabi during Xmas and New Year.

I'm independent but would like to try this as it can lower the cost. Also it's nice to have some good company to chat with and it feels safer.

We could go shopping, sightseeing, hiking and exploring together. We don't have to be together 24/7 though.

I'm not picky but would like a quiet, clean place near the metro (if in Bangkok), preferably with a pool and a gym.

Look forward to hear from you.

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Cebu 25Sep 2015 to 2Oct2015

Ref ID: 4f7a5609-ae2b-4fe5-b291-2a9bd7d609f2


I am a HK girl and will travel to Cebu on 25Sep15 to 2Oct15 for diving, please let me know if you would like to join.


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Looking for a female travel companion or a group to travel

Ref ID: 66d9bf3c-0a5d-4f4a-8864-651635da50d1

Hi Ladies, I am a female in my 40's. I have free time and would like to visit travel.Destination can be discussed. I would like to find someone to share the expenses as well as the fun. We can go sightseeing, shopping and dinning together. Do write back soon as I am so itchy to go away. I like to explore the places and take pictures.



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Travel to Macau August

Ref ID: 3905f915-8ccf-4628-91e7-172c88123186

I am hoping to travel to Macau with someone in the first week of August, have some fun, great good and wine. Email me if you are interested. I am 40+ male, outgoing personality, and would like to travel with anyone, preferably female. It will be a day trip, 2 days and one night.

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