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Wednesday, 10/1/2014

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Ref ID: 857b8d0d-6ce7-4f6e-8255-3bcb9831c53e


I am a 30s local chinese female.

Please let me know your skype if you drop by Hong Kong.

My purpose is to wider life social network.


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Looking for a travel companion

Ref ID: b29830ab-862e-4159-a60b-2539a5b9e803

I'm a 30 year old Single Local girl have a week off on the week on Sep 22 looking for a company to travel together. Nothing have been booked yet, will probably check the fanfares next week and decide where go! Both male/female are welcome!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers~

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Looking for a male or female travel companion

Ref ID: 66d9bf3c-0a5d-4f4a-8864-651635da50d1

Hi Ladies, I am a female in my 40's. I have free time and would like to go somewhere near for a few days like Nagoya, Hokaido, Thailand...etc. Destination can be discussed. I would like to find someone to share the expenses as well as the fun. We can go sightseeing, shopping and dinning together. Do write back soon as I am so itchy to go away. I like to explore the places and take pictures. 

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looking for a travel partner

Ref ID: 50eb037c-2fc8-4700-84e1-7ab7d9fa960b

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a travel partner to European country. I am flexible and able to leave HK at anytime=) 

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trip to Russia (seeking for a guy to travel with)

Ref ID: eec1c0c2-bc6c-441f-935a-10d21db7a950

i'm planning to join a group tour to Russia on Aug 3-10 (Aug 2 midnight flight out, Aug 11 early morning lands HK at around 6am). i'm looking for a cute, sexy & fun guy to travel with. Me: local HK girl (cute, sexy & fun too), speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese. FYI, the tour that i plan to join is organized by a local travel agency, total cost around HKD 28k per person (of course i’ll bear my own fees), and i guess the tour guide only speaks Cantonese, not sure if non-Chinese speaking guys will be interested.... anyways, hope to hearing from YOU. :-)

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Ref ID: a9b42d25-a263-4970-ab26-4a08dc849d6c

Looking for a travel companion.
I have quite a few trips in mind and it's always nice to have a friend/companion, rather than be solo.
For the avoidance of any doubt this is all totally above board.....I pay my way, you pay yours.
I am a fit caucasian expat in my 50's, with a young outlook....
If are are interested in exploring this further please email.

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wanting travel prtner

Ref ID: e67dcc4b-108f-47ff-a637-f89834659a06

Hi I am planning a trip to Asia country, Korea, Japan or can discuss ways of driving travel in China, it can be 4 o 5 days within Sep, I am male 30s, I like to invite travel partner, girls and guys, 2 to 4 persons, can join this trip. 
If you just have free days, also interest to go travel in Sep, details can discuss later, just drop me message and let us start the talk and plan an exciting trip.  

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