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Travel Buddy - Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines.

Posted 12/03/2016

Well, as the title suggests am looking for a travel-mate. I work as a regional manager for an engineering firm and travel quite often into Asia-Pacific. Sometimes it does get really boring.
I am 6 ft tall, broad shouldered, athletic built, well educated & a good conversationalist. The stay is always in 4 to 5 star hotels as previleged. So if you want to travel sometimes on & off, it would be good as my companion. Age & Race is not a criteria. As long as you are decent, friendly, easy going, open minded and love traveling you are welcome to join. Best Wishes.R.

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Single female wants to explore HK during NY's!

Posted 11/23/2016

Hi there,

I am 32 YO single Asian female. I am turning 33 in Jan so I would like to treat myself a trip in HK during New year's. I have traveled to Europe and America but I have never been in HK so I need someone (can be local or a non-local traveler) who wants to join me there or show me around the city. Date should be from 30th to 2nd Jan 2017.

This is just a tentative date. Anyway....I am nice and professional.I speak fluent English and French.

I also would like to make new friends. Please reply this ads if you are interested,
Please give me your line ID

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Dec Trip

Posted 11/21/2016


I am a Chinese female and I am planning a trip to Singapore, or, Bangkok for vacation. Rather than being travel alone this time.....anyone out there would be able to join me ? I am open-minded and happy to hear any other suggestions to me, too. Probably I am available to travel after 15 Dec.

I am a good conversationist and aged 40.

Just hit me up and let's plan together !

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Trip to The Netherlands Europe? I live there and ccan host, or we can go to other locations

Posted 10/18/2016

Hi, thanks for opening this ad... It is a sort of double ad. I will travel again to China somewhere in January and then will stay there for a few months. In the current period I am in The Netherlands and am free to 'move around'... so I can host for a female partner in my country (did that before and she enjoyed it a lot (to Amsterdam, cute non tourits locations in Holland, special mature party, mixed Europe style sauna, etc)... or also take a trip to a warmer place like the small Island of Spain (Tenerife etc).

I am a white man, 43 yr, 1,89, healthy, none married and no kids, considered smart and with positive attitude to life, open lifestyle and yes, through the years become more and more open minded too....

I can stay in Europe until the end of the year, or I could also move my ass for a few weeks to for example a country Cambodia before I go to China.

I do not look for a serious relation developing from this encounter, although you never know how life develops as it makes its twist and turns. Bit I do look for a person to feel comfortable with and 'connected to' in a way, so we feel at ease and pleased with thatever we do during the encounter

If you are interested to get to know me a bit, then I look forward for your reaction...

Greetings, Vincent

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Female Travel Buddy

Posted 10/15/2016

Seeking a female travel buddy for travel somewhere in Asia, ie Japan, Korea, etc. I'm an overseas-born Chinese female.

Interested please message me.

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Travel to HK from US end of Oct look for a female activity partner

Posted 10/07/2016

I travel to HK from US end of Oct through Nov 6 for business. I'd like to meet someone while I am in HK. If you are interested in meeting me please drop me a note. I enjoy outdoor, exercise, hiking, yoga but I also like clubbing and night markets. About me, I am chinese, educated and work in US, decent, fit and easy going. Please email me and exchange picture and information. Thanks.

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Hong Kong

Posted 09/26/2016

Hello Everybody,
I am traveling to HK from Oct 23 to Oct 30 from USA. If someone is traveling at the same time or any locals would like to show me around that would be awesome.
Then I will be in Nepal for 2 months where I can show you around there.

Safe travels

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travel partner

Posted 09/26/2016

Hong Kong local lady would like to travel to Malaysia, Vietnam or Japan in mid Dec, and wanna find a travel partner.

pls message me.


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Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted 09/12/2016


I am seeking a fun female HK local that would love to spend a day exploring Disneyland! I am a single guy on a business trip to HK for the first time from America and planning on spending one day in October at the park. It's more fun going with someone and I would love a companion! Enjoy the day with me and I will cover your ticket and of course the tasty food. I only ask that you enjoy your time as much as me - nothing more!

Send me a message and lets chat. I guarantee I am a fun person to hang out with.

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Scandinavian countries July-September 2016

Posted 06/30/2016

Traveling the Scandinavian countries July-September 2016

Having the experience traveling solo +60 countries, I am taking this opportunity for any traveler or groups who would like to join me or need a travel planner/guide.

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a partner to Korea

Posted 06/19/2016

Hi everyone:) I'm looking for a partner of my Korea trip. I've already booked the flight ticket and accommodation.
I'm a girl, 20.
My journey will start from 19/8 to 22/8, then back to HK at midnight.
I planned to spend 3 days in Busan and 1 day in Seoul, living in homestay.
my partner could be a native Korean/ student in Korea / any HK guy :)
If you're interested, please let me know:)

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30 Female Looking For Travel Companions

Posted 06/18/2016

I am mostly in HK but have plenty of free time. I like to travel and I am looking for friends to travel with for a few days. My schedule is flexible and I am an easy going person. Not interested in travel to the mainland as I can't be bothered with visas.

for the time being I am interested to go to:
Jeju Island
Sri Lanka

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Tibet 8 day trip

Posted 06/15/2016

Looking to travel Tibet w a tour group sometime in July. Solo travel is more expensive than in a group- if interested, pls send me a message!
I'm a 33 yr old female.

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Going to Europe (Prague, CK, Austria, Germany, Poland) from from early to mid June, anyone going there too?

Posted 05/23/2016

Going to Europe (Prague, CK, Austria, Germany, Poland) from from early to mid June, anyone going there too?

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travel buddy

Posted 05/21/2016

Hi girls, Im looking for a travel buddy to EU in Jun, my friend is sick so she can't come along, accommodation will be free so all you need for book a ticket :) Please drop me a line if interested. thanks.

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hi, I am living in Shanghai

Posted 04/05/2016

hi, i am chinese girl who is 33 years old working and living in shanghai...I just registered here, JUST REALISE THAT it is only for HK area,any honest friend want to travel / work or make friends in Shanghai, if you are interested in me, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Travel mate / new friend (Hong Kong)

Posted 03/20/2016

Hello everyone, I am a 30's local Chinese female in Hong Kong.Feel free to let me know if you are visitors / travelers stop by Hong Kong.I look for wider my social network and a strictly platonic friendship for a start.

NO sexual or any other service should be implied. All genders are welcome. I can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.If you are interested, please give your self-introduction (Origin, Age, Gender, Visit dates and what are you looking for) or else no response will be given. Happy to have your picture if it is available.

**Only shortlisted person who have provided SKYPE / LINE ID in the message will get reply since I do not reply email often**

Thank you.

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Sports & Travel

Posted 03/20/2016

Hi ..I'm looking for travel buddies for diving, skiing,trekking, cycling, golf, canoe, trips, any and all of the above. Off and on the beaten track. I'm female, early 50's, and pretty flexible when it comes to plans etc, so maybe suits like minded travellers. Thanks, have lots of ideas & be great to hear back!

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Sawadee Ka/Krup

Posted 03/19/2016

Hi guys.

Looking for Travel buddies who is in love with the beauty of Thailand.

Food, culture, livestyle etc.

Feel free to drop me a Text.


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Thai travel in easter holiday

Posted 03/15/2016


i will travel to bangkok in easter holdiay, anyone ?

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