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Young, Pretty and Educated HK Chinese Looking for a Long-term Relationship

Ref ID: d60b789a-1f1a-4a45-a1bb-bede71db81ce

Hi, I'm a local Chinese girl born and raised in Hong Kong. I am smart, pretty, tall & slim, caring, well-educated and fun to be with. I like going to the gym to stay fit and healthy. I work very hard but when I have free time I do enjoy meeting people over drinks. I'm a decent drinker though. What I enjoy most is to chill and have a nice drink with a good company and a nice conversation. I speak fluent English. Western men aged 30 to 45 are preferred, but if you think you are of good quality which can impress me, give it a try ;)

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Ref ID: 84293b64-7f9b-4b95-8e42-7f99594f5122

I am a local Chinese lady who lived in Australia for 15 years, single and no kid. Looking for a partner who would like to have fun and romance who is also ready to build a stable relationship. I am a friendly caring down to earth lady and would also love to meet some nice friends from all over the world.

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Looking for friendship or serious relationship

Ref ID: 62645029-3829-4506-9995-7e3419188807

Hi, I am a locallly born Chinese in my 30 and looking for friendship or more. I am nice, considerate and traditional. I like cooking, music, chating and meeting new people.

Pls reply with yr whatsapps number.

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Dating in Hong Kong is hard...

Ref ID: f21a2c0a-f5f0-4f57-9000-a73c2564d37a

I moved back to this great city about 4 years ago and I have to say, it's not the easiest of places to just start up a conversation up with someone that has caught your eye. So, I am going to try this, and see how it goes.

I'm 35, slim built, from an asian background. I started my own business 6 months ago and I love being my own boss. What I miss about my time in England is being able to meet great men to meet and go on a date with.

I'm not looking for a man to take me out and pick up the bill, as we all work very hard for our money, I feel that going dutch is the appropriate thing to do in this day and age.

Saying that, if a man does open the door for a lady, that is appreciated (and it also shows that your momma brought you up right). So that's it really. If you want to grab some dinner sometime or go wake boarding sometime, and you are not jaded by some of the women in HK, then drop me a line.

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Looking for some male company

Ref ID: 365e14ac-3455-4629-bea3-83a11b098166

Would like to meet someone to help me to move on with life. If u are friendly and easy-going, i would like to meet you.

I am in my late 30s, from Hong Kong worked and studied in overseas previously.

Leave me a message and we can get to know each other from there.

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A HK Lady with a Matured Western Mindset seeks a Meaningful Encounter

Ref ID: 0a22a730-a749-48a4-87d9-768b89b4e1dd

Hi there! Going online to find some like-minded souls is never promising, I guess you are probably thinking the same way too. ;-p Well, life is full of surprises, so here I am to see what will come to me next...

I am a local with a wide exposure to western culture in my professional work and education in her late 30s. As things come naturally, I enjoy and feel exceptionally comfortable exchanging ideas and sharing interests with well-educated and decent westerners of a mature mindset. I have passion in the arts and culture, traveling, reading, good food and healthy lifestyle. I am here to try to see if I could meet someone special to enjoy the beauty of life together. If you are a single caucian living in HK who shares similar interests and line of thoughts, I would be happy to make your acquaintance and meet up for a coffee if the chemistry is right.

Have a good day and all the best!

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Looking for a special friend

Ref ID: 9bc1469f-57f9-4d86-8f42-76edc2108a29


I am a chinese lady, petite, 36 years old. Am married but wanting to find a gentleman for special friendship, prefer caucasians and must be hygenic. I am not cheating my hubby as this is having his consent and encouragement.

Just looking for some fun, no strings.

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Life is simple

Ref ID: 15b62347-4c5e-499a-a6e8-082f76dca93c

I'm going to keep this simple as that's how life should be;
I'm a 44 year old British, caucasian, woman who is genuine, attractive and possesses a good sense of humor. Amongst other things I like healthy living, travel, and playing games (board not emotional).
Looking for someone with complimentary similarities and differences to share life's experiences.

Drop me a line and let's hook up.

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life just too short

Ref ID: 5805a3e4-4777-4514-a405-1a77474e7664

not too complicated would love to meet someone who like to have fun sometimes,married,single not the subject......me non chinese

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Special friend

Ref ID: e79c774c-ec51-4369-b33e-b7b2111c3e71

I am a local chinese lady, 154cm tall 98 lbs. Married and want to look for a special friend to have casual fun. This is with my husband's encouragement as he is open minded. He won't get involved during the date.

If you are hygenic, respectful, have stamina & skills, then please get in touch. Caucasians preferred but others will be considered too. NSA.

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Simply good

Ref ID: ee00b76d-e96f-451e-8f3c-11356d963c74

Good looking HK woman with cheerful character, is very mature to know life, but young and silly enough to make you laugh. I look for an unattached guy, has decent character, very mature, can laugh and laugh at himself !

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Ref ID: 644ff46b-98f7-4e42-bd37-22e0f5b40a9e

HI I am a Caucasian lady, born and raised in HK, looking for a soulmate, partner, companion to share some moments of intimacy......I love reading, dancing, painting and interesting conversation....I am a contrarian.......and been well travelled, very original, organic by nature, my favourite novelist is Haruki Murakami, and I speaks 4 languages.......if you have any interest to share your thoughts, or catch a dream in the Bahamas....perhaps at good moments, I may even share some of my most intriguing thoughts...

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looking for friend or boyfriend

Ref ID: 7608b0ec-76e6-459e-a38b-3e30ab0fd79c

A 29 years old hongkonger looking for a gentlemen to have a nice chat.

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do you like serious topic

Ref ID: e0a3ac60-0190-470d-b555-60f88ca9375d

When you feel lonely.. talk seriously may be good. I am mature hk-chinese, And hope you are mature too in case not Chinese.

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The one The super rich The white gentleman The marriage

Ref ID: c381c824-f8dc-4c2d-a07e-34afd78ae877

Don't be surprised when I am looking for a very good super-rich white gentleman to have marriage, you can be committed to me, marriage and a family.

I am a Hong Kong oriental woman living in HK island good side. I am​ nice, straight, honest, non-religions, DD free, quite pretty. I am single with no kids but I am family oriented, ​​non-religions,​ emotional and physical healthy. I have good taste, I like classy stuffs and beautiful places. I love fresh food, enjoy happy meals and great restaurants, etc.

You are white, ​normal, good looking, ​generous, non-religions, easy going, emotional mature and stable, polite. You must be sincere, supportive, ​single, genuine, decent, a 1 woman man, affection, gentle, loving, reliable, understanding.​​​ ​In terms of physical appearance, you are good looking, clean-cut, ​fit and healthy, clean, DD free.​

I know the super-rich men often have ​multi-million-dollars mansions in different countries. The super-rich gentlemen don't know where accidents might happen, ​​normally they can share billions dollars and give the luxurious life for the wives & children.​ I have ​the realistic expectations of the man becoming my really nice husband. You can buy me a multi million dollars mansion in Cayman​​ Islands or Hong Kong for our marriage.​

​​You come to Hong Kong shortly. You must be able to propose the 100 % guarantee marriage proposal and a diamond engagement ring in front of me, we shall choose our wedding rings & stuffs, etc. We can keep silent when we process the marriage registration, spouse visas, relocation, etc.

Please reply with your email address, photos, phone no. with whatsapp or line ​​for our ​own communication directly​​ in privacy and actions take that's much better. This posting is very true.

Love to meet you in person very soon. Thank you.

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The Red Pill

Ref ID: d07db103-8cef-4616-93ec-65eca2962d4c

I really dislike self description... But I'll try my best.

I believe the basic principle of life is that it only has the meaning that we inherently give to it. I train, I train others - and probably the most importantly, I share.
I place value in permanence over the temporary. My body is a testament of that. I can preform - I don't compete. Aesthetics are temporary. The physical form of self or temporary forms of pleasure never last, so it seems pointless to me to expend my life energy into these pursuits, when they will simply evaporate within the short term. Plus I don't really allow my social status or role to define me. If you really look around, most of society is conceptually hollow and lacks truer substance.

I have an inner desire for sincere inclusion - yet this realistically excludes me from most forms of social connection and interaction.. leaving me emotionally drained, because I don't quite get the same in return / if that makes sense. I'm rare, and there is only so much I can give before this leaves me empty as well without more direct input to satisfy my own various needs.

Perhaps I can find someone who shares the same mindset?

I am new to Hong Kong. But I was born here and now have been given the opportunity to reach out and explore my rich heritage and ancestry that was denied to me so many years ago. I am involved with several businesses here Canada/US and Europe mainly in health and fitness. Late 30's/5'3/athletic.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

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Looking for that special guy..

Ref ID: 31891029-157e-45a8-9e2c-fa9c9058fad5

Hi guys; if you're hot, between 35 and 45, and living in Hong Kong, call me to talk and take my heart.

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Generous German Gentleman

Ref ID: eb07c0f3-fdf5-4db0-bc1d-446f884e3711

I am a nice HK woman living in HK side. I would like to meet a German gentleman around 40+ years old working and living in HK.

We may hang out, dinners, drinks, etc.

Please write back with your email address and tel no so we might communicate directly.

Hope to meeting you in person soon.

Thank you.

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Good buddy

Ref ID: bd779eef-e652-4d40-9a3e-7c381d983717

A mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around. You're a single guy, non-smoker, aged 50-60, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people. I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.

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Looking a nice and serious man

Ref ID: c453f8dd-3784-4f0d-a6e6-2402a4e729f2

Hi,I'm looking for a man to be good friend or long term partner or be my husband .maybe 45 yrs old up be good for me ,I like old or we call matured enough to understand the real life, I'm Asia beauty good looking a lot saying so I'm proud about that down to earth personal ,have a good smile ever,and happy to be with.give me a good line to impress me should be and we start ,...ready and wait for you in the right time and righ place .

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