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Thursday, 11/27/2014

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Real Man Wanted

Ref ID: 0a849075-a7bf-42ec-881a-8336a7024520

I am an attractive 50 year old professional woman. I have been single for around two years and feel ready for a relationship.

I am a sociable person, I love to be out and about meeting new people. I enjoy new experiences and am interested and interesting. I would like to meet someone to share the enthusiasm I have of life.
To be specific I'd like to meet an attractive, passionate man who is respectful, caring and kind. Someone who can step up and take control when it's needed - and most importantly can make me laugh.

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No plans for Christmas ...

Ref ID: 98dd33b7-ab84-4d18-bf65-f13058ebba03


Slim, sexy 48 year old lady looking for a sweet companion. I'm looking for a funny, kind man who likes to travel, hike, explore Hong Kong and other cities, try different restaurants, watch movies - all of those simple things that are more pleasurable when shared.

Drop me a line....

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Dating in Hong Kong is hard...

Ref ID: f21a2c0a-f5f0-4f57-9000-a73c2564d37a

I moved back to this great city about 4 years ago and I have to say, it's not the easiest of places to just start up a conversation up with someone that has caught your eye. So, I am going to try this, and see how it goes.

I'm 35, slim built, from an asian background. I started my own business 6 months ago and I love being my own boss. What I miss about my time in England is being able to meet great men to meet and go on a date with.

I'm not looking for a man to take me out and pick up the bill, as we all work very hard for our money, I feel that going dutch is the appropriate thing to do in this day and age.

Saying that, if a man does open the door for a lady, that is appreciated (and it also shows that your momma brought you up right). So that's it really. If you want to grab some dinner sometime or go wake boarding sometime, and you are not jaded by some of the women in HK, then drop me a line.

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Looking to settle down and share the life with you

Ref ID: 8133081a-f2b5-4b59-88b2-d83a3730e9d1

A HK Chinese woman in her early 40s, single and unattached, kind and reasonably fit and pretty, enjoyed music /reading /traveling/swimming/cooking/gardening, Looking for a serious relationship and ready to settle down… If you are a single honestly gentleman, age between 45-60, living in Hong Kong / GuangDong area, let’s contact…

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Looking for a long term relationship

Ref ID: 651cb403-b833-46d4-8de2-173a741ab481

Hi, I am a local HK Chinese lady in early 30s, 164 cm, fat, not sexy but with a cutie face^^
Studied aboard for a few years. Like making new friends, especially with foreigners.
I am looking for a long term relationship, wanna find someone who would love me, and share my life...my feeling....
I am interested in a gentlemen who are mature, funny, tall and take serious in relationship.
Hmmmm....I don't know what I should write in here.....if you are interested in me, then msg me and let's chat more details ^^

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searching love, man!!

Ref ID: 8512ebd1-96fe-4825-845f-43fc023e2f47

I'm Chinese grew up here but I like western men especially blue/ green eyes. I've some before but they're not near.
I'm open-minded but also have traditional Chinese side. I like travelling, swimming, smile ; ) and am fit.
Find me in FB orOKCupid or Lovoo, if u can't reply!

Best Regards,

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Looking for serious Latin Dance Partner

Ref ID: 1ec08136-b74c-4397-b835-25cbff7e96f0

Hey there

Early 30s local female here 165 cm w/o heels. I am looking for a Latin dance partner who can go the weekly class/practice with me.

It'll be an ace if you think you are born to dance, or even already have had the skills, experiences and the ambition to compete in the dance pool one day coz eventually that's what I'm aiming for ;)

Yet, if your a beginner but you luvvvvvvv Latin dance and think going competition is bit too much for ya, no problem, I'm happy with just sticking to the classes and dance for fun as long as you got the rite height which is over 175 cm ideally without heels HA!

No one's really born to dance so dun be shy. If you are interested, please drop me a few lines about yourself and I'll make sure to get back to ya. Thanks for reading my post.

Oh BTW I speak native Mandarin & Cantonese as well if that helps with anyone who's also looking for Language exchange :D



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Look for someone to hang out with and more...

Ref ID: 207c1c47-3eb5-42cb-b6ed-9e24f77c5454

It would be nice to have someone to hang out with after a busy demanding working day. I am a good catch, a total package, fun to be around. You are a professional, fit, well-read, decent and cultured. If you like the idea, please drop me a line.

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Life Partner / Soul Mate

Ref ID: e7359a24-b0b8-4eba-985f-50c5baa0083c

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt" class="MsoNormal"><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">A mutual, wisdom, thoughtfullness, feminine, elegant, professional overseas Chinese lady, age 50, young looking and young heart, slim and tall,would love to seek her life partner now. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes"></span>I live a simple, healthy and fun life style with activities like hiking, painting, photography, reading, traveling, movies, cooking etc.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes"> </span>If you are lively, dynamic, and enjoy life like me, I hope you could drop me a line and we could explore further to connect our hearts and feeling&#8230; only if you are also seriously looking for life partner or soul mate.<o:p></o:p></font></font></p>

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Looking for Mr. Nice Guy

Ref ID: deaa1f19-1dbf-43a3-89c5-a80e00baa2fe

Hi I am an early 30s overseas Chinese girl. I am looking for someone who is like me - kind-hearted, successful career-wise, willing to commit and eventually marry after falling in love with the right person. I prefer someone who speaks good English and is around my age to share similar life stories and interests such as nature, hiking, sports, beaches, baking (?), arts or literature. You name it and I'll be your partner! And yes, I am a brainy chick with a pretty face. I can't wait to hear from you!

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When Chinese vs Western

Ref ID: f03be20d-f804-4917-9e7e-d17036fe05df

Looking for a relationship with a Caucasian gentleman who at around 6' talll. Must be caring, decent, tolerant and considerate. I'm a tall, slim, divorced easy-going local woman who is gorgeous with a good figure. Of course, you will find my inner beauty when we start. Want to have a long term relationship. Please send me your photo and phone number and you may help me to fulfill my wish! P.S. No game players or ONS.

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Drinks to a new friendship

Ref ID: 710ec277-1b77-4850-9898-982fee7ae444

Let's meet up for a drink to get to know each other, if nothing romantic develops, a friendship can still be made.

I'm a professional female in her 30s, message me if you want to find out more

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A good looking woman looking for a non-committed (tbc) relationship

Ref ID: cfb3f38a-578f-4750-b6b4-97d5b29cd604

Hello, I am a local woman in mid-30s, working as an in-house lawyer in a financial institution. I am financially independent, very good looking, tall, curvy and sexy. I don't mind being blunt about my appearance, but if you want proof, your picture gets mine.

I was educated in HK, US/Canada, and spent a bit of time in France. I speak perfect English, Mandarin & Cantonese and also holds a few degrees. I would say that I am the most ideal mixture of the East and West.

I just finished a long relationship. Not quite ready to start a new one yet (but hope I can do so soon). I am just getting tired of sitting alone at home specially when all my friends are now married with kids, and I am too tired to go to LKF and clubs anymore.

To put it short, I am looking for someone who can take me out for dinners, drinks and movies sometimes. No strings attached but you must not be married/engaged or having an official gf somewhere else. I am honest and don't want to get involved in other people's mess. If you are also lonely but not sure if you are ready for a committed relationship yet, maybe we can take a chance. If things go well, maybe we will be a match. But, let's just keep it cool now. I am a nice and sweet girl.

Due to my upbringing, I prefer you to be white or ABC, tall, decent-looking and not bald, have a good body (no need to be muscular but at least not having a big fat belly), successful in career, intelligent, fun, mentally stable, between the age of 37 to 47. And please don't drag me to junk trips or hiking, I am an indoor girl, but I don't use whitening cream. I am a musician apart from my day job and my hobbies are more on the "introverted" side.

Hope to hear from u soon. No scorpion pls, it never works. I tried and failed too many times.

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Petite Asian girl looking for friendship that may lead to something special

Ref ID: 29b93252-868a-40d0-8de5-2edcb3164f1e

Relatively new on the site. An attractive tiny Asian girl in her early 30s, never been married, whose "default setting" is happy, easygoing, stress-/drama-free, with a good head on her shoulders and hopelessly optimistic with no emotional baggage. Playful but knows when to be serious. Also someone who takes good care of herself, but is far from being vain or superficial.

Apart from all that, I'm just a girl who loves what every other person on here seems to love: travel, good food, great company... And while I love my high heels and enjoy getting all dolled up for a romantic night out with my man, I equally enjoy strolling about the park in a hoodie and sneakers taking in the crisp fall weather.

Oh and though I have a respectable job and am no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued in a castle, every now and then I do dream of being this uber cool Bond Girl (and a tiny one at that) who gets swept off her tiny feet by none other than her very own James -- in a well-tailored suit, no less lol!

I'm looking for someone who is kind, loyal and with integrity, everything else is negotiable if the chemistry is right... after all, beauty will fade, wealth can be lost, but character remains forever, right?

Ideally, we will start as friends and see where the chemistry will lead us. If that sounds about right to you, drop me a line and we'll start from there.

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Submissive Asian female for long term relationship

Ref ID: 53c2a207-35cf-4eb1-8ce0-06ed10d4207e

Asian woman 39 years old (no one believes my age...) looking for a dominant male in 30s for a long term relationship. I am attractive, sexy, cheerful, down to earth, genuine and smart.
What l seek in men are sense of humor and kindness but that does not satisfy me to have fullfilling relationship. Amazing sex is absolutely a must and l would like to meet a caring and generous gentleman who like to see me in sexy, naughty lingerie with the use of various sexual toys.
I am not looking for casual fun nor playboys. If you are interested please send me an email with your photo. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Gentleman LifePartner

Ref ID: 7126c588-d18a-4743-b650-be30871ce0f8

I am a pretty Japanese lady living in Kobe of Japan. Looking for a gentleman who would like to live in Japan and invest Japan too. Please send a pic and drop me a line . Thank you!

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Want to make friends or more (;

Ref ID: 684c84e0-4035-44b6-bcda-fbbf30bd092a

Hey everyone
Im Suki
A easygoing and positive young women
I like hiking jogging movies etc ⋯
I want to make friends here or more
We can talk about everything
I would like to talk to you whatever its work family friends whatever haha
We can hang out together
Message me if youre interested

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Ref ID: 94d6ec05-029c-4fa2-965a-f75c3ec1e21a

I'm local Chinese woman, sexy, petite, has a sense of humor.

Looking for a White guy, preferably in his 40s, with happy personality, so we can go out for dinner or fun.

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wanna join

Ref ID: b9a7531c-2943-412b-b9c2-b629d98cf91e

hi,dear friend. me and my beautiful girl are yound and good people, we want to try some fun together. would you like to join us.

tell me more about you.we will choose.

thank you,leave me your contact.

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looking for nice guy

Ref ID: 85388cb6-917b-425c-bdbd-0b185c601db0

My name is cindy and I am looking for nice guys .If you have good personality and are between 23-35yrs coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy. ”

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