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looking for companion/relationship

Ref ID: d0f94774-59bc-44fe-bb4d-f8d4429732e0

This is my first time to post message about myself. I don't know what should I write but anyway please send me a message about yourself to start.

About me:

Born in hong kong but lived and educated in Canada and USA
Returned to hong kong recently
Athletic, non smoking, healthy Chinese
I speak Cantonese, English & Mandarin
Like travel, yoga, gym a lots, dancing
You will know more about me...

About you:

Has north American background
Has Sense of humor
healthy...definitely no smoking
You will tell me more about yourself...

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Let's love!

Ref ID: 3bd586bc-3e74-4071-b4ff-e22faac6c828

I'm looking for a stable partner for meaningful relationship:

A brief intro about me:

I'm late 30s Chinese,
I have good education, expat;
I'm nice looking and pleasant personality;
I'm divorced with no kids;
I'm sensual and love sexual moments between two.

I look for a nice match to develop our future. Age is not an issue for me (younger or older), how much you earn is not an issue for me so long you like what you do, and a mind with intelligence and a body with energy are very much important to me.


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A Beautiful Marriage : A True Nice Handsome UHNW White Gentleman

Ref ID: 6b08f8b4-2f27-4b7a-8fc0-9006bd499122

​The true fate brings someone special into your life with your warmest heart; it doesn't matter where are you located. Distance is not a matter. I am looking for ​​a true nice handsome ultra high net worth white gentleman who I can rely on & leading to a beautiful marriage very soon & then a healthy family.

You can do what I want & need as your first priority with good intentions & fast actions take. You​ have the understanding of loyalty & commitment. ​​​​I wanna to make sure I would move to somewhere beautiful, warm, very safe, cozy, peaceful & clean to have you & marriage; travel & stay in different nice places happily with you together. I don't mind to moving out of Hong Kong and/or staying in Hong Kong & settle down for marriage. You can treat me very well. You can protect, cherish & spoil me; most of all truly love & care about me unconditionally of who I am & whatever the mood I am in ! ​You have good husband materials so you ​will become my ​very nice husband.​

I am :​

*​ I am single, a Hong Kong born Asian woman in my ​early ​40s, I've never been married with no kids. I am beautiful with a proportional slender body shape, nice, sane, attractive, honest, realistic, straight, worth loving, affection, family oriented. I am being told that I look younger than my actual age.
* ​​I am 5'5" tall with​ the short sophisticated hairstyle & dark-brown blue colored eyes. ​​​​​​I do not have any Indian, South & ​​Southeast Asian descent; nor with illegal immigrants in Hong Kong. ​I am comfortable in decent casual clothing to chic elegant feminine style; be a little bit striking & ​stylish fashion. I could be the 9 in the room, depends on what I wear.

* I am located in a clean & good side on Hong Kong Island close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cozy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I love playing with a family's lovely & cuddly little sweetheart as far as she is happy​, beloved​ & is being taken care. I am not a fan of sports or a sporty person working for sports channels; I just don't seem to have too much sports energy & genes but I can walk, run, eat & sleep! ​

* I like ​​simple-classic-elegant-chic custom design, fine arts, jewelry, antiques​​ & collectibles​, ​high quality & beautiful things, ​​​perfume, SPA & massage, shopping, techo light music, cinema, ​yachts, ​etc.​

* I have table manners. ​​I like to cook sometimes, I may cook good tasty foods. I like dining out at different good restaurants. I like various types of Western & Asian foods (not too oily, too spicy or too sweet - not vegetarian & no weird foods), healthy & refreshing drinks, ​sorbet, ​herbs, fresh fruits & juice.​ I enjoy going to the beaches & BBQ sometimes.​

​* I am healthy, DD free, a non-smoker & not into drugs. I drink occasionally at the gatherings (just a glass of wine or beer). I am not an alcoholic because I don't suffer from alcoholism. I don't enjoy ​very noisy crowds​. ​​​

* I am not interested in getting into any people in politics, wars, political issues, racism problems & religions matters.​ I am not preaching to the converted.​​ I am not a person using guns shooting the animals.​ ​​Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, farming, hunting, dangerous activities, weird & wild events​ that do not make you look superior.​

​* I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in U.S., Spain, Monaco, Australia, etc. I am not accustomed to very cold weather with snow. I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.​ I am an agnostic​.​

You are :​ ​​

​* You are white, genuine, handsome, clean cut, good teeth, clean shaven, around 6 ft tall, athletic, age around​ 35 ​- early ​​50s​​ years old. ​​You are healthy, DD free, a non-smoker, not drugs / marijuana / cocaine user & not a macho heavy drinker. ​​​You're not a huge fan of sports​. You work out but you are not a gym-head or yoga's bad brain. You are not the club type at nightlife districts. You are not a workaholic. You are an agnostic.

* ​You wear what you like to wear but you don't wear cultural or religions clothing; just keep it men's style, comfortable, tidy, suitable, casual or classy as far as you feel comfortable & look good.

* ​You are very single without any emotional baggage. You have no kids, heterosexual - a one woman man, uncomplicated, affectionate, courteous, respectful, responsible, emotional & mentally stable, loyal, marriage minded with a positive direction, very supportive, trustworthy, reliable, generous, gentle, romantic. You are easy going, loving, caring & understanding. You are easy to talk to but also serious. You are family oriented, traditional with moral & honor; you can respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.​​

* You ​are ​financially extremely secure & strong. You inform the banks to ​arrange the ​supplementary Centurion card & bank cards for me without delay, share your net worth & open joint bank accounts with me​. You assure our future family's good prospects & security with your private capital, real estate & trust assets, properties, ​etc.​​ You can be honest & upfront with me. You can do all these. Actions & proving is believing. You will not confuse me as a scam.​

​* You can buy a new luxury custom waterfront home where I like for ​our marriage & a family​. You don't have to live or work in a very tall building. You have elite cars & a luxury yacht, etc. You can hire better nannies, a private & safe driver. You would like to become a good father & Uncle Perfect who can love, take care & greatly support the children so they will play with you & learn with you.​​​

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel to very nice places together where we like to go & stay in happily together. Chemistry & attraction has to be there.​

If you can be the right man who can meet my criteria & satisfy my requirements so I shall let you know my ring size then you ​may prepare the right size of an engagement diamond ring & then we will select our wedding rings & confirm the venue of our wedding.​​ ​I believe your actual actions & continued efforts to keep a real relationship in our life.

​Please ​reply & provide your full official name, email address, tel. no., full contact address, your recent photos & tell me about yourself on your first reply. I promise I will provide my official name, photos & details directly. We can talk over the phone. You can arrange everything.

Shall I wear the most beautiful wedding dress & marry you?

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Soulmate who is charm and loving - are you my ONE?

Ref ID: 3ffc13eb-240a-4ee5-af14-b0fdd56ad7bf

I am local HK gal, lovely and tall. Looking for a right guy who can spend time to go beach, movie, travel, share happiness about life. Communication is an art, I am keen in words than body language. I am sincere to people around me. i enjoy life but sad that I lack of luck to meet my Mr Right. I hate dead air..if you have sense of humour ,look decent, loving, caring, generous to share your mind, please write to me. Cheers

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Love Me Anyway.

Ref ID: 8270cf54-1159-41f8-ab57-e25791991b7e

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway!

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by
the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

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Ref ID: 29024c63-f627-4a33-8b26-58fa564c6b91

Looking for a good looking, decent, nice, generous, white gentleman.

Prefer white only. You are new to Hong Kong, that would be great.

Dinners, drinks, hang out, like to go to the beaches and visit new places, etc.

I am a nice HK local woman.

If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you.

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Japanese expat seeks Westerner!

Ref ID: f30061ea-5ab8-4c0d-be53-369854e22d2a

I have come from Tokyo, I am at early 40's but I look much younger than my age!! I used to live in some Western countries before so people say i am very Westernized!! I like travels, beach, outdoor activities, reading and cooking. I just feel lonely sometimes on my own here in Hong Kong so I thought I can give it try for the first time and to see how it goes. I am friendly, independent, funny and adventurous. I am looking for the same expat from Western countries. If you are interested, please drop me a note.

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Hong Kong born UK returnee looking for friendship and relationship

Ref ID: 5381153c-921e-4f6e-9ad8-dcd007e45b88

I am 30, average built/looking girl. I recently moved back to HK from the UK in order to have more time with my family and am currently looking for a job. I'm a very happy person, easy going and full of fun. I enjoy everything I do but I love travelling, hiking, bodyboarding, going to the gym, cooking/baking, eating and playing the piano.

I am looking for a companion to explore HK with. Although HK has changed a lot from what I remember, I can be your travel partner as well as your guide.

If you are kind hearted, aged between 25 and 40 and think we can become good friends then pls don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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Seriously Searching For a Husband

Ref ID: fd2879b1-abae-4184-b522-cc9d85b3557a

​​I​ am looking for a ​nice decent high scope white gentleman for not just a relationship but a relationship will lead to marriage. If you want a serious relationship and want the same thing I want. I am not here for jokes.

You know you are a kind dedicated and serious man, loyal, ​white, successful​, nice, polite, gentle, caring, loving, stable, trusting, trustworthy, etc.

I prefer to have a man who is fit, ​clean, ​DD free, good looking - not into a beard fashion, etc.

I am a real HK local woman living in a quiet residential area on HK ​island ​side. I am nice, simple, single.

You are generous. You can buy me nice things​ and share everything.

We should be always​ together. Dinners, lunches, drinks, cinema, shopping, travel, etc.

Please reply with your recent photos, phone no. and tell me something about yourself that's better to have our own communication so we'll talk on the phone.

Hope to meeting you in person very soon.

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A super good well-to-do white gentleman - Ready for marriage

Ref ID: af1e2109-6775-40d7-987e-4134b7617038

Rainbow comes out after rainy days. I don't have the world's high hopes. I guess some ladies could find some super good white gentlemen through the internet then they decided to get married. I hope I can have a super good well-to-do white gentleman​ who can devote yourself to me, marriage and settle down to have a family. You should be super supportive in a family. You must be ready for a positive, loving and meaningful relationship.

​​I am a Hong Kong Asian woman​​ living in HK island side. ​I am nice-looking, simple, direct yet polite, family oriented, DD free, ​​non religions,​ emotional and physical healthy. I ​have good common sense. I like really nice, elegant and good quality stuffs.
You must be single, a good white male, down to earth, serious, genuine, ​straight, decent, a 1 woman man,​ kind, gentle, loving, caring, reliable, easy going, nice, family oriented, affection, emotional​ stable, ​responsible, understanding, sincere, educated, polite​.​​​ ​In terms of physical appearance, you are decent looking, clean-cut, fit and healthy.​

​1. ​You are financially very secure that you can share.

​2. ​You have your own nice houses, ​nice cars, etc.​ ready for marriage.​

​3. ​You are loving, you love children and dogs.

​4. ​You can buy a luxury house in Hong Kong as a family's assets​, we can arrange it together once you arrived into Hong Kong.​

​​5. You can book the air ticket and come over Hong Kong very soon because of me and meet me in person then we may arrange everything, apply a spouse visa & relocation to have our marriage.

We go out, fine dining out, watch movies, go shopping, travel, relaxing at home and so on.....enjoy our healthy and stable lifestyle.​ I am willing to relocate or you are willing to relocate to HK.​

Pls​ respect and​ introduce yourself includes your real name that may confirm your identity, decent photos,​ age, a valid email address, phone no. so we can start a dialog between the two of us that I will feel you can be trusted and safe.​

I ​need to assure that you can give and prove it with your greatest marriage proposal in front of me. You would like to have marriage and a happy family life.

This posting is very true.

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Lets be honest

Ref ID: 360ba170-3c0c-442a-b1b0-d17c4dbaf871

Im a filipina 26y/o i love photography and arts. Im looking for honest man. Who will love me and respect me. Im a very loving and sweet person. Simple things makes me happy. Im only looking for serious relationship. No games please. Thank you God bless us,

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A sincere matured man

Ref ID: e98988ca-8a96-4567-a46c-70e40398410b

I hope this isnt going to be difficult but is there a man who is sincere and matured in thinking looking for friendship in this busy Hong Kong city? Caucasian or local gentleman with overseas education or upbringing is fine. Have a sense of humour and willing to listen would be nice. Would prefer ages between forties and fifties.

Me - permanent resident with stable job and would like to meet a good gentleman for friendship (first) and possibly more if things work out.
If you have read this post, drop a line to say hello if you are curious or even feeling apprehensive.
Thanks for reading.

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Ref ID: 94337028-dfe1-4557-b9f5-db877f01e10d

looking for someone to meet sometimes about me indonesian small ,cute people said

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looking for nice guy

Ref ID: 85388cb6-917b-425c-bdbd-0b185c601db0

My name is cindy and I am looking for nice guys .If you have good personality and are between 23-35yrs coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy. ”

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want to meet men 45 or above

Ref ID: 25a16d59-747c-4e8b-9895-b8e2d691d271

I was educated and have lived almost three decades in Europe and N. America, now residing in Hong Kong, Sometimes need friends to share weekends with, like short hikes, coffee, sunset….movies…travel….
Preparing myself to commit into serious relationship if meeting a soulmate, otherwise friendship is also welcome. I would describe myself as fun loving, charismatic and artistic.
Let's start with texting, chat….see how things go.

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Looking for relationship

Ref ID: 767d8261-e4f7-4765-8540-7f115973773b

Hi I'm a 28 years old local girl. I like doing sports, watching movies and travelling. Looking for friends and hopefully a relationship. Send me a message if you want to know more about me or we can go out for a coffee and chat.

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just another sweet girl

Ref ID: d3f196c2-adf1-466c-a8c9-96de82d75815

I realize the essay is not just about who I look for; is more of who I am. So here’s my reflection: kind, sweet, down to earth, courageous with solid values, non- judgmental with just the tasteful/slightest hint of joyous rebellion. I like nutritious conversations and laughters. I enjoy going to movies, art galleries, and the occasional drinks with friends. I am more given to Cabernet than Carlsberg. I love exploring the outdoors as much as staying in with a good book and music. I appreciate the existential validity that comes from endurance sports. Last time I went shopping was 8 months ago. I also like cooking but do not have much practice when I am the only person to finish the dishes.

Some basics about me: in my early 30's, good looking (99th percentile:), 46kg, 5'3", slim with curves, top MBA, working in finance, from China, had lived in Singapore and London before relocated to HK.

If what I put down luckily caught your eyes; if you think yourself a kind person that is not afraid to care, to share, and to let others see his weaknesses, please do not hesitate to drop me a line; and if you happen to like spicy food, that’s just fabulous.

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When Chinese vs Western

Ref ID: f03be20d-f804-4917-9e7e-d17036fe05df

Looking for a relationship with a Caucasian gentleman who at around 6' talll. Must be caring, decent, tolerant and considerate. I'm a tall, slim, divorced easy-going local woman who is gorgeous with a good figure. Of course, you will find my inner beauty when we start. Want to have a long term relationship. Please send me your photo and phone number and you may help me to fulfill my wish! P.S. No game players or ONS.

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Mature woman seeking a man

Ref ID: 4d5173f4-206d-45de-a5d6-2d6dfd00266f

Hello there! Im a mature passionate, subbmisive, didecated loyal woman seeking for a mature and descent, family oriented man only for serious member only . By the way I am a contract worker . A low profile status in the community I wanted to make clear things so that u wont be able to expect so much about me. If you are interested in meeting someone o if it really doesnt matter to you my work we could probably click. Im mature 34 years old and Im not into games or just seeking someone for fun.....

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Ref ID: d9c03d90-a319-4478-b473-93498e0f8eb5

Seeking sincere, genuine gentleman (30-40yo) who can engage in interesting conversations.
Confident and comfortable with their position in life and looking for the potential significant other.
Think dinners, coffee, movies, jog, leisure activities etc to begin and just go from there.

I know looks has significant first impressions.
So I'm 160cm slim, I don't wear heavy makeup. Generally feedback from the opposite sex is attractive. General feedback from same sex is stylish. I'm bit of a rebel, comfortable in jeans and tee as I equally am in skirt and heels.

If you're geniunely interested in engaging in a friendship please contact me :)

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