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need some excitement lonely heart looking for similar situation

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Looking for friends

Ref ID: ed0125ca-88b6-4de7-b271-92695f260e80

Hello everybody.
Im 25 years old single asian girl.
I will travel to Hong Kong from 9 to 15 Sep 2015.
Looking for some friends to meet up when im there.
Send me a message if your interested.

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looking for friend or boyfriend

Ref ID: 7608b0ec-76e6-459e-a38b-3e30ab0fd79c

A 29 years old hongkonger looking for a gentlemen to have a nice chat.

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A Beautiful Marriage : A True Wonderful Handsome UHNW White Gentleman

Ref ID: b1482b6b-d04e-480f-90df-3e26a0992f71

The sky brings someone special in your life, ​distance is not an issue with a strong connection. I am looking for a true ​​wonderful handsome ultra high net worth white gentleman who I can rely on, leading to a ​beautiful​ marriage very soon & then a healthy family. I really don't mind to move out of Hong Kong for marriage pretty soon & relocate to somewhere​ very safe, peaceful, clean, beautiful, warm & cozy; travel & stay in different nice homes & beautiful places​ with you​.

You can protect, support, cherish, spoil me & care for me; most of all truly love me unconditionally ​​of who I a​​m & whatever the mood I am in. You have the excellent husband materials with kindness & your ​warmest heart, you can treat me really nicely. You are trustworthy and responsible. You have the understanding of monogamous & commitment. You can do what I need & want with prompt fast actions take & good intention as your first priority because of me.

​No, I am not looking for those womanizers who are quite messy in relationships, who can only care for themselves & make them for granted. I don't deserve any pigs, I am not looking for someone who is full of shit & bullshit. I am not bullshit. I hope all of you feel happy reading this advert when those people deserve pigs' actions & AIDS. Of course, I couldn't be with someone who cares for himself more than me. I am not trying to be rough or funny.

** I am **​

** I am very single, a Hong Kong born Asian woman in my early 40's year old, I've never been married with no kids. I am beautiful, attractive, realistic, honest, nice, straight, worth loving, affection, family oriented. I look ​​younger than my actual age, probably with genes related.

** ​​​​​​​​I am 165 cm in height with​ ​a trend short haircut​ (either long or short hairstyle that looks fine for me)​, dark-brown blue colored eyes & my body is proportional. ​I am comfortable in casual clothing to elegant-feminine-gorgeous-stylish style without strong makeup. I could be the 9 in the room, depends on what I wear​​ but ​​I am not in the limelight showing off.​​

** I am located in a Hong Kon​​g Island side close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cozy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I love playing with ​a family's little sweetheart (not my daughter) as long as she is happy​ & beloved. I just don't seem to have too much sports energy & genes, nor an underdog or a top dog.​

** ​I like simple-classy-chic custom designs, fine arts, antiques​​ & collectibles​, special & beautiful things, ​​​perfume, flowers, SPA, shopping, techno light music, cinema, ​yachts, ​west highland white terrier, golden retriever & collie, etc.

** I have table manners. ​​I like to cook sometimes, I may cook yummy foods. I like dining out at different good restaurants of most tasty international cuisines, except Indian cuisine. I love seafood, steak, great salads & various types of Western & Asian foods (​​no weird foods​, not too oily, too spicy or too sweet​). I am not a vegetarian​ or a ​super ​fan of organic​ food), healthy & refreshing drinks, sorbet, ​herbs, fresh fruits & juice.​​
** I am healthy, DD free, a non-smoker & never used drugs. I drink occasionally at the gatherings (just a glass of wine / beer / a good cocktail). I am not an alcoholic because I don't suffer from alcoholism. I wouldn't be keen to enjoy​ staying in crowded & noisy places​.
** I am not interested in getting involved with any mafias activities, political allies' issues, protest matches, extra-marital affairs, tran​s​sexual ​people​ & gay matters, drug dealers & takers, wars, racism problem, religions brainwashing, wild & weird animals, terrorist groups, refugees or illegal immigrants' activities.​ Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, climbing, hiking, farming, camping, hunting, dangerous activities, weird events & wild things​.​ I dislike mosquitoes, flies, the most disgusting looking insects, snakes, frogs & rats around & the smell of deet.
** I don't have any Indian, Black, ​South​ Asian​, West or ​​Southeast Asian, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, ​Jewish ancestors, neither their traditions with their cultures & religions​.​ I am not preaching to the converted​. I am not racist.​ ​I am an agnostic.

** I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in ​Europe, Australia, USA, Asia, etc.​ ​I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.​ ​I wouldn't be keen to live in say the locations of ​war zone, ​thugs, bone-chilling cold, desert, ​snowy mountains​, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.

** You are **​

** ​You are white, open minded, genuine, clean cut, ​handsome, ​good teeth, clean shaven, at least 180 cm in height, age between mid 30's - 50's​. I am not looking a generation gap. ​​You are healthy, DD free, non smoker, not a drug taker. You ​are not a huge fan of sports, don't follow those underdogs or top dogs. You do exercise but you are not a gym-head or a yoga's bad brain. You are not a disabled person. You do not often hang out in nightlife districts, not a macho heavy drinker & you wouldn't come home drunk as a lord. You are not a workaholic. You are an agnostic.

​** ​You we​​ar what you like to wear but keep it men's style, comfortable, decent, tidy, suitable, casual or classy as far as you feel comfortable & look good but you are not into a beard fashion. You are athletic, don't have too much abdominal fat.

** ​You​ must be very single without emotional baggage & ex. baggage. You have no kids. You are heterosexual - a one woman man, uncomplicated, affectionate, courteous, respectful, emotionally mature & mentally stable, marriage minded with a positive direction, very supportive, generous, gentle, romantic. You are easy going, loving, caring & understanding. You are easy to talk to but also serious. You are family oriented with moral; you can respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.
** ​You ​are ​financially extremely strong & secured. ​​​You should be able to arrange the ​supplementary Centurion card & bank cards for me without delay. You inform the banks to open the joint bank accounts & share your personal net worth to ensure our family's good prospects & security with your private capital, real estate, trust assets, valuable property, ​etc. You can prove & do all these with fast actions take. You can afford the whole family's.​

** ​​​You can appreciate a woman who can stay at home by being with you. We might hire 2 nannies, 1 temporary gardener, 1 safe & responsible private driver but they must be clean & better​ ​so they can take care of our family's members.​​ ​​​​You can do a wire transfer of a lump sum to my bank account, I shall buy a new luxury waterfront house with 3D interior design & decoration in Stanley, Shek O, Repulse Bay or South Bay ​as our Hong Kong asset & set up our own family office,  you probably own luxury homes somewhere else. I assume you have elite cars ​& you can buy a new super yacht for our marriage & family.

** ​​You will become a good father & Uncle Perfect greatly supporting & taking care of our family's children, maybe to have our own kid or adopt a child (either a girl / a boy) in the coming future so he or she shall play with a family's little sweetheart together. You can teach them how to learn & play correctly.​

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel to very nice places together where we like to go & live together happily. Happiness is not a feeling, it's all about actions & doing. Chemistry & attraction has to be there.​​
You believe you are the right man who is completely what I deserve & you meet with my criteria, fulfill my expectations & requirements then you can propose the engagement ring very soon & then ​we'll ​have to ​select a pair of ​our ​wedding rings, process to get married legally & arrange our beautiful wedding.​​ ​The marriage agenda can be on going. No hidden agenda.​
Please write back positively with your decent photos, real first & last name, tel. no., email address, full contact address & tell me about yourself then ​I'll speak with ​you. I'll provide my ​personal ​information ​directly ​so you can arrange everything. Than​ks.

​​​​​The sky brings both of us together on life's journey​.


Legit me

​​*** This is a very serious, real & legit marriage advert.​​ It's not a spoof.***

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want to meet men 45 or above

Ref ID: 25a16d59-747c-4e8b-9895-b8e2d691d271

I was educated and have lived almost three decades in Europe and N. America, now residing in Hong Kong, Sometimes need friends to share weekends with, like short hikes, coffee, sunset….movies…travel….
Preparing myself to commit into serious relationship if meeting a soulmate, otherwise friendship is also welcome. I would describe myself as fun loving, charismatic and artistic.
Let's start with texting, chat….see how things go.

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Japanese expat seeks Westerner!

Ref ID: f30061ea-5ab8-4c0d-be53-369854e22d2a

I have come from Tokyo, I am at early 40's but I look much younger than my age!! I used to live in some Western countries before so people say i am very Westernized!! I like travels, beach, outdoor activities, reading and cooking. I just feel lonely sometimes on my own here in Hong Kong so I thought I can give it try for the first time and to see how it goes. I am friendly, independent, funny and adventurous. I am looking for the same expat from Western countries. If you are interested, please drop me a note.

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just another sweet girl

Ref ID: d3f196c2-adf1-466c-a8c9-96de82d75815

I realize the essay is not just about who I look for; is more of who I am. So here’s my reflection: kind, sweet, down to earth, courageous with solid values, non- judgmental with just the tasteful/slightest hint of joyous rebellion. I like nutritious conversations and laughters. I enjoy going to movies, art galleries, and the occasional drinks with friends. I am more given to Cabernet than Carlsberg. I love exploring the outdoors as much as staying in with a good book and music. I appreciate the existential validity that comes from endurance sports. Last time I went shopping was 8 months ago. I also like cooking but do not have much practice when I am the only person to finish the dishes.

Some basics about me: in my early 30's, good looking (99th percentile:), 46kg, 5'3", slim with curves, top MBA, working in finance, from China, had lived in Singapore and London before relocated to HK.

If what I put down luckily caught your eyes; if you think yourself a kind person that is not afraid to care, to share, and to let others see his weaknesses, please do not hesitate to drop me a line; and if you happen to like spicy food, that’s just fabulous.

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Ref ID: f7bff817-3082-4fe6-b0b4-17bb87852949

I am a middle age local Chinese woman, well-educated, nice and young looking, have a pleasant character and enjoy good work life balance. I am seeking a compatible guy aged over 55, preferably a God believer, who will walk with me hand in hand our life journey. Please get in touch on hot mail if you are looking for a life partner on the long road you travel

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Any plan for CNY?

Ref ID: 40224cb3-83cb-4af3-88e1-a4a0ec9e3cf7

40+ HK professional looking for new friends to enjoy the festive season. Hope can be long term relationship if things work out.

Anyone enjoy wine,dine, hike ,dance, music and movies will be perfect .

Prefer expat over age of 38. Mature, inspiring while positive guys will be awesome

Happy new year everyone

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Looking for a serious relationship or partner

Ref ID: 322f0810-57e8-459d-bbb7-48c4728bf422

Local 42 Chinese lady. Educated and easy-goging. Spent much time on work and lost a lot chance in the past. It's time to look for a nice gentleman with charming smile and heart. Please message me with your photo if you are wanna explore the new friendship or life with me. Thanks.

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Love, Dating, Relationship, Marriage

Ref ID: f2207a3f-33ff-4d3e-8863-e794331238e6

Hi, I am a simple local HK woman, going to be 28 years old very soon.
I look young, slim, petite and sweet :)

I dont need a man to carry my handbag. Ladies' feminine handbags are designed to be carried by woman.
I dont like and I dont wear Pandora.
I like walking on grass, taking ferry and enjoying sea breeze everyday after work.
I love eating, travelling and writing.
I like Westerners.
I want to be in love and spend quality time with you.

looking for a genuine Westerner for relationship, about 28-40 years old.
I may consider for guys <45 yo, if you still look young, I dont want to look like having huge age difference in appearance.
Even if we cant make it, it's still good to be friends, but no players or gamers please, thanks.

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Ref ID: 1bedcfe4-94ca-4498-9689-221ab22af0b4

Hello - interested to meet someone out of my regular circle whilst transitioning through HK within a fortnight. Anyone interested in getting dinner, wine, a live show, coffee, hike, just soak up sun on a rooftop...open to anything. Drop me a line if you do! Early 30s female of Asian decent. English is my first language. Seeking friendship maybe more. Thank you

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White gentlemen only

Ref ID: 16d73fb2-7c55-4e97-9a7c-6d76ef2c2ef6

I am a​ nice HK ​woman living in HK side. I like to meet new people especially nice white gentlemen, ​normal, generous, caring, nice, single, good looking and gentle.

​Dinners, drinks, shopping, movies, hang out, etc.​​​​

Please reply includes your pic.​ &​ phone no. and tell me something about yourself. Thanks.

White gentlemen only, please. Business travelers are welcome as well.

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Very good + Super rich + White gentleman + Me = Ready for marriage

Ref ID: afc00670-1e48-4901-bceb-8def48e6a5f9

​​​​​I have no doubt that some ladies found some really nice gentlemen over the internet then they got married. However, I would prefer if I can find my Mr. Right so now I am looking for a very good super rich white gentleman who can be devoted to me, marriage and a family.​ I am hoping that I can find you when you are reading my marriage advert.....I am not afraid of marrying a billionaire if you are a very good and caring person with a warm personality, you will listen to me, respect me and loyal to me.​

I am a Hong Kong Asian woman living in HK island side. I am​ ​nature, nice, non-religions, DD free, quite pretty. I am single with no kids, family oriented, DD free, ​​non-religions,​ emotional and physical healthy. I like classy stuffs and beautiful places. I like fresh food and great restaurants, etc.​

​You are white, non-religions, easy going, emotional mature and stable, polite, sincere, supportive, serious, ​single (not married / attached), genuine, decent, a 1 woman man, affection, gentle, loving, reliable, ​responsible, understanding, educated​​.​​​ ​In terms of physical appearance, you are clean-cut, good looking, fit and healthy, clean, DD free.

You can come to Hong Kong shortly when you are truly ready for marriage then we ​will process​ the marriage registration, spouse visas,​ etc. You give me the 100 % guarantee marriage proposal and a diamond engagement ring then we go and select our wedding rings & stuffs, etc.​
​I have no doubt that recently some super rich families bought the luxury homes in Hong Kong. They can provide and do a lot of things for their ladies, kids and families. You can buy a luxury mansion in Hong Kong where most of super rich men could have their luxury homes in Hong Kong as a security of family asset. I am willing to relocate to other countries and travel with you. We go out together, fine dining out, luxury shopping, travel, chill out at home, etc.

Let's get the ball rolling on this......I prefer to have a secret wedding with family members instead of having a huge wedding with many guests ! I am looking for a life partner, not just a wedding.

You can make this good decision then I am happy to speak with you. Please reply with your email address, phone number​​​ ​​for our ​own communication instead of going through this system. Thanks a lot.

P.S. I don't wanna be a victim of the type of ​cheaters or players. This ad is very true.

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Looking for good Catholic / Christian guy in 20s or early 30s

Ref ID: 6a7eeeda-123a-43d1-99e3-4a307608e7e9

Hi there, I am a girl around 30, I would like to make some male friends to go out for coffee, tennis, museum, sightseeing and by the time to know each others. I am not sure if anyone has similar value here?

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Looking for a healthy relationship/friendship

Ref ID: ab89d254-f621-41b1-8494-033f55924562

I'm looking for someone that is matured and open minded, who likes outdoor activities - a quick getaway for the weekend maybe. Have reasonable exercises - healthy is the key word, and for both physically and mentally :) Someone who knows what he wants for his life and also pursue a long term relationship.

A little info of me here: I'm in late 20s, originally from China and has been living in HK for a long time. Speak Mandarin/English/Cantonese, all fluently. I like traveling and I love nature. I don't drink too much but enjoy a night out dancing occasionally or long conversations over a wine with company. I'm not popular among Chinese guys because my skin is a bit tan....... I don't have a particular type of guy. I believe in chemistry. And I believe in working hard to build a relationship. I'm not a princess. I don't take pics with my food and I'm not a random Chinese. If you're interested, drop me a line here. Bisous and hugs.

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Searching for True and Long Relationship.

Ref ID: cdc1a0ec-e778-47e5-aa6f-84ab8eca7e1c

Good day,
I'm Foreigner. I have been in Hong Kong for the past 2 months now am a Designer by Profession,a Designer of Interior materials.I'm 47yrs am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor,fairly easy-going and I don't think that I'm too critical about things but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work...

Interested person should please write me here.

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Qui va vouloir de moi?

Ref ID: 5f4073da-7d16-461d-9512-30eb82254509

I&#39;d like to meet someone. Someone I can lose my appetite over. Someone who fills my head with silly daydreams. Someone who has the power to make me smile at complete strangers in the mtr. Someone who doesn&#8217;t know me well, ideally, as I&#8217;d like to be discovered little by little. Moi: 39, petite, love music, concert, movie, book, art, painting, travelling, cooking, strolling. PS: On va au cine? Ouais !!!

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Looking for a genuine and decent Westerner- serious relationship <3

Ref ID: 59ada65b-4d43-41ff-af2f-78c9d5d08ec1

Hi, I am a 27 years old local professional - born, study and work in HK, just sometimes need business trips in the Asia region. I look young and quite petite, a slim figure of 5 feet tall.

I would like to have a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. I like tall and handsome Caucasian guy. I am a simple woman, getting married with the one I love and who love me too is what I dream about since small.

It's really difficult to get to know a decent Westerner and I don't like nightlife in pubs or clubs. Would like to give it a try at here. No gamers or scammers please.

The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. <3

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Looking for relationship

Ref ID: 767d8261-e4f7-4765-8540-7f115973773b

Hi I'm a 28 years old local girl. I like doing sports, watching movies and travelling. Looking for friends and hopefully a relationship. Send me a message if you want to know more about me or we can go out for a coffee and chat.

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