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(Not so) Lil' ol' me...

Ref ID: 3898815d-f6f0-4237-9451-9093f62895f5


Born and raised in Hong Kong and graduated college in Hawaii. I work with kids and live at home as mom is sick. Living a busy yet simple life, I go out maybe once or twice a month to catch up with friends over drinks.

Looking for someone to exchange a few Whatsapps during the day and maybe a quick call before bed to start with. Ultimately I am looking for a drama-free relationship with a guy that actually adores me the way I am. Not looking for ONS as I'd rather get to know the person before getting intimate.

So if you're interested then drop me a line... :)

(and incase you do wonder... Am 37, 5'9, curvy and plus size)

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Hope to meet a nice guy under 35 years old

Ref ID: 784ffa64-1320-43e1-b681-681510098a60

Hi there, i am a girl at 30 years old with overseas studies experience, I didn't have luck to meet a nice guy yet. I would like to meet someone genuine, good heart , sports and like cooking as share interests to share life with. Perhaps give it a try on this advertising would bring fate ?

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Looking for Mr. Nice Guy

Ref ID: deaa1f19-1dbf-43a3-89c5-a80e00baa2fe

Hi I am an early 30s westernized Chinese girl. I am looking for a companion who is like me - kind-hearted, stable job, and open to eventually having a long-term, committed relationship. I prefer someone who speaks good English and is around my age to share similar life stories and interests such as nature, hiking, sports, beaches, baking (?), arts or literature. You name it and I'll be your partner! And yes, I am a brainy chick with a pretty face. I can't wait to hear from you!

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Single and ready to mingle

Ref ID: a204c76a-2a36-4576-9409-ea365fc4b1fc

As the title says, bored of being single. Now just ready to mingle.
In my 40s

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50+ Chinese or Western Single man

Ref ID: 6d6e7792-59a3-4044-9ac2-e0e1d3818b5e

50+ smart or well educated, caring, stable, single chinese / western man with healthy life-style, open-minded, no religion better, sophisticate, never worry being poor, traveled or worked in quite a few countries, like kids and pets, peace, arts, music, sports, walk, talk meaningful, laughing topics, think, love home.
A single Chinese woman has very little money(who knows), love good man, wisdom.

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Fun Friendship Future

Ref ID: 76e20c2c-3f74-41ab-a818-c8d90437050a

Attractive, brilliant, classic, decent, elegent, friendly, gorgeous, happy, incrediable, kind, lovely, matue, nice, open-minded, positive, sexy, unique, wise international Chinese lady has multiple good hobbies, also have traveled many countries.

Looking for fun, friendship and great future with the aspirant, intelligent, fit and kind gentleman to enjoy good conversation, activities and cuddle together. Living southside will be extra bonus !

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life just too short

Ref ID: 5805a3e4-4777-4514-a405-1a77474e7664

not too complicated would love to meet someone who like to have fun sometimes,married,single not the subject......me non chinese

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Any plan for CNY?

Ref ID: 40224cb3-83cb-4af3-88e1-a4a0ec9e3cf7

40+ HK professional looking for new friends to enjoy the festive season. Hope can be long term relationship if things work out.

Anyone enjoy wine,dine, hike ,dance, music and movies will be perfect .

Prefer expat over age of 38. Mature, inspiring while positive guys will be awesome

Happy new year everyone

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Early 40's HK lady

Ref ID: 46505450-8e99-4c6b-954a-8ced51a2139f

i am looking for a honest guy here, don't mind he
Is local or expat . Drop me a note if you fancy to
Catch up for coffee. By the way, I am not interest
To go to the bar at LKF or Wanchai .

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Looking for Companionship

Ref ID: 06b992d3-aaf3-4f15-b4ee-2d8acece8e44

Hello, I'm a Chinese female in my mid-thirties who grew up in Canada. I'm content at this stage in my life with a supportive family and great friends. To make it even better, I'm looking for someone fun and easy-going who I can share this happiness with. I enjoy traveling, cooking, eating, and going to the movies.

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Start from Friendship (HK Local Woman)

Ref ID: 6aa05e7f-3b56-413e-8277-dd39feda60d6

I'm a Hong Kong local woman. I am told I am quite sweet. I am normal, nice, simple, and healthy. I am not a clubbing type. I am looking for my Mr Right - a good white gentleman with kindness and the warmest heart to be ready for relationship who can devote yourself to me, marriage and a family.

If you are ready to start from friendship with me, please write back to me via WECHAT. [My ID: lovevbest]
Thank you.

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Let's love!

Ref ID: 3bd586bc-3e74-4071-b4ff-e22faac6c828

I'm looking for a stable partner for meaningful relationship:

A brief intro about me:

I'm late 30s Chinese,
I have good education, expat;
I'm nice looking and pleasant personality;
I'm divorced with no kids;
I'm sensual and love sexual moments between two.

I look for a nice match to develop our future. Age is not an issue for me (younger or older), how much you earn is not an issue for me so long you like what you do, and a mind with intelligence and a body with energy are very much important to me.


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Looking for long term relationship

Ref ID: b63667f2-4a99-4f0a-be22-1fb58616ba21

I'm a nice and attractive Chinese woman in my 30s. I have lived overseas, in both North America and South East Asia for over 12 years before I moved to Hong Kong recently. I have enjoyed every city I stayed in and cherished all different life experience under different culture.

I am passionate, positive and taking good care of myself. I like workout, travels, cooking and exploring all different new things in life.

I am looking for some one who is open minded, positive, caring and warm-hearted. I'm looking for developing long term relationship with some one with the same mindset.

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wanna met guy for serious relationship

Ref ID: f9985d83-257a-4a30-913f-a3cbabaa42fc

height 5'2
weight 45kl.

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Summer of love

Ref ID: 42ab4e53-be74-4fcd-92f8-96da045cc579

Without any stickiness! Don't get overly excited. This is not an ad for ONS. There will be strings attached. But we are both independent enough and aren't going to be clingy. We enjoy each other's company as well as our time alone. We are lovers as well as best friends. Yes, we do talk! I'm in my early 30's. The rest, please ask : )

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The Girl Next Door

Ref ID: 2a1e5341-02d9-489e-a48f-d8fd7c5f91c7

I'm a local Chinese girl 32 yrs old return for good to HK from Australia 5yrs ago.

I hold strong Asian values though I'm western mind and grew up educated in the West. I'm a family gal who is very attached to my family. Maybe an ideal partner could be Italian? I'm a very straight forward type of person no drama no religious. I enjoy working hard, play harder, and learn hardest. Have been focusing too long on my personal development and hobbies learning. Have been single for a long time since the last relationship which last 7yrs but ended 4 yrs ago.

I enjoy movies, opera, theatres, reading, jogging, dog walking, dining out, traveling, and learn new things which gives me passion and grow and be better!

I hope to find a companion who could possibility develop into a serious long term relationship. I'm tall 172cm and slim build.

Happy new year!

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A Chinese gal want to chat with you

Ref ID: 1a0e49b4-c325-4adf-b189-c927154ff82f

Hi there, I am in my 30 years old. I am caring, elegant, considerate and open minded. I love to try new things everyday. I admire those women who is pretty and success in their career. I think that iit is time to work hard in my relationship and career.

I am looking for some one who is within 28 to 38. No games player.

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Forty-one Woman with Empty Boat Seeks Gentleman Campanion to Make Boat Less Empty

Ref ID: f84d9db1-7bc6-4a3b-a088-4c89cfa2aedb

First off, I’m 41 lady, very fit, and a little obsessed with skating. I’m also a teacher with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in HK. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain.

Co-captain requirement include:

•must be over 32;

•not required to laugh at my jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them;

•must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook;

•physical dimensions are irrelevant;

•must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies;

•must be patient with a teacher’s unpredictable schedule;

•must have brilliant mind of his own.

I love religion and Romania...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a handsome man with a goofy laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports.

I want my lover to be my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my bracelets (those things are impossible).

Cheers to you.

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A Real Decent Lady Here! "Shall we have cup of coffee first?"

Ref ID: 315206cd-6f5e-44a5-bfa4-dccf4a7eee8f

am a very decent hk Chinese. Studied & work aboard long time now relacated.

beautiful, caring, sweet & kind. Mature in one sence bit naive in other sense.

fit & quite sporty, 1.65m.

looking for gentlement over 40 to have friendship first then see what it bring us to.
kindly drop me a mail if you are looking for a real decent lady with down to earth personality.

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looking to settle down with the Right Man

Ref ID: 5e8d88b4-d946-4521-8bb7-8ff0b317ab2c

Single woman in her early 40s, charming, strong, independent, who is looking for a nice western gentleman to settle down seriously. I love all natural stuff, like watching sports games, and sometimes I'd love to participate in outdoor activities like tennis, hiking, traveling...Hopefully you're coming from North America and we can exchange some emails and know each other from this way. Abnormal ones are not allowed to reply to this ad! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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