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Wednesday, 10/22/2014

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I saw you infront of Fringe Club/FCC today, please contact the black dress girl

Ref ID: 6e381bc3-83a8-4bf4-b88b-e83207062732

I walked passed the busy junction towards Fringe Club/FCC today(Mon), around 6:30pm. Me in black dress and you in light blue shirt and dark brown trousers. Our eyes met for a split seconds and I hop into a taxi.... I like to see you again. No serious relationship, but to have a nice relaxing drinks and chat after work hours. Please contact. No time waster please. I will ask for a photo before we meet up. Thanks.

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Are you Mr. "JUST ARRIVED"?

Ref ID: 75e1920a-0bf6-4390-90e5-81f63c180621

Hi. I saw your ad. Please reply me. Thank you!

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Drive me crazy

Ref ID: 1a23d4fb-4068-4df6-b865-b538ec552491

Fast woman with fast car seeks man who can take it slow.
I'm old enough to know better...... Young enough to feel adventurous. How about you ?

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Looking for decent, attractive guy to hang out with

Ref ID: 705431e0-9f13-4332-9bf3-80157f03988f

I'm a petite local girl in my 30 working in finance sector just moved to Soho looking for someone who is decent, fit and attractive to hang out for a drinks or do some outdoor activities some time. Drop me a message if you are interested.

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wanna join

Ref ID: b9a7531c-2943-412b-b9c2-b629d98cf91e

hi,dear friend. me and my beautiful girl are yound and good people, we want to try some fun together. would you like to join us.
tell me more about you.we will choose.
thank you,leave me your contact.

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Walking weather soon

Ref ID: 7e288f80-423b-43da-a163-1d0bffbed5f3

This feels like the longest hottest summer ever, but walking weather is only weeks away. I'm tall and blond - but not dumb. Like to meet someone 45 plus, who's unattached and still optimistic - with baggage under control. Looking for a fun guy, expat or local, who likes a drink, a good meal - I can cook - bad jokes and intelligent chat - but doesn't take himself too seriously. Friends first and if the chemistry sings, that's a bonus.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: c2dc4fe8-ddce-4ca6-92ff-03432add969c

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more.  Nice, easy- going, simple.  Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice autumn time.
If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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Looking for....

Ref ID: a893bf98-c296-4980-bbb6-5a2557174d20

Looking for a 40 – 55 year old left-leaning, good food-loving, travel-hungry, independent, compassionate, emotionally stable and generally happy partner who has a strong sense of self, knows the art of good banter and wants to stay up late having political discussions in between long lazy groping sessions. In return you will get a 43 year old, fit, feminine, recently single, Australian woman whose passions are photography (mostly while traveling), cooking (in my very small kitchen), fitness (to combat the cooking) and traveling (carry on luggage, homestays and B&Bs rather than suitcases and 5 star hotels). Short-term goals – Be able to do one chin up , cook perfect chapatti and complete my PhD. Long-term goals – share a good, meaningful and mostly happy life with a man I love and respect.

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Drinks to a new friendship

Ref ID: 710ec277-1b77-4850-9898-982fee7ae444

Let's meet up for a drink to get to know each other, if nothing romantic develops, a friendship can still be made.

I'm a professional female in her 30s, message me if you want to find out more

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Life Partner in both HK and Japan

Ref ID: 198e2807-d7b0-483c-88a3-65c91f0fceaf

A successful pretty woman now Looking for a nice gentleman who would like to living both HK and Japan. I speak Japanese , English , Cantonese and Chinese too. drop me a line if you are serious.

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Look for someone to hang out with and more...

Ref ID: 207c1c47-3eb5-42cb-b6ed-9e24f77c5454

It would be nice to have someone to hang out with after a busy demanding working day. I am a good catch, a total package, fun to be around. You are a professional, fit, well-read, decent and cultured. If you like the idea, please drop me a line.

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I love to bake, so I might make you fat.

Ref ID: 80deadd8-ddf7-4018-9af6-29fa11e6d204

I’m like the walking dead when I first wake up, and I loathe cilantro. I save my compassion for those who truly need it, and I have horrible vision. My hair color changes with the season, and I’ve never liked mini skirts. I cool off just as fast as I get fired up. I don’t watch non-cartoon, but I love movies (dark comedy preferred). A great night in is multi-flavored popcorn and a BBC documentary; A great night out is rollercoasters followed by a rave followed by a motorcycle ride at sunrise. I’ve got three sisters, and they’re all as tough as me.

You will get spoiled. You will need to show that you appreciate it. You will get fat. (Did I say that already?) You will probably fall right in love. You will have impeccable etiquette but still be ruthlessly honest. You will have amazing taste in a vast array of music genres. You will be a little cocky. Maybe very cocky. Yeah, pretty cocky. You will a perfectionist like me. You will have your priorities in order. You will have your own hobbies and passions, which I will respect. And you will be adored and cherished by yours truly. Can’t wait to grab some cereal with you.

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Company? who knows what will develop

Ref ID: 18f6c65f-36ec-4320-9bad-c25ddaf259c1

Hey, Ive just moved to HK for work, 3 weeks in and exploring the city alone isnt proving to be as much fun as if I had some nice company to share the experience and make a memory.
So me... early 40's single. British but Ive lived in Asia 12yrs, coming down from Shanghai. A fashion designer, with a passion for teaching my field. Easy going, love exploring and this wonderful sunshine. I dont like shopping!
Im looking for friends, company and of course that man that keeps avoiding me, cupid really isnt working so well for me!! But on an easy start and see what happens.
If your interested in a happy go lucky British girl, drop me a line :-)

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I want you, i really do!

Ref ID: eee1a334-9556-4ec8-b585-0c22b2da32b2

I'm new here, but i've been to HK several times. I'm 29, single mom, adventurous ( depends on what's being asked of me ), love to travel, and have fun.
I wanna know you so please drop a line, who knows what happens next ;)

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Forty-one Woman with Empty Boat Seeks Gentleman Campanion to Make Boat Less Empty

Ref ID: f84d9db1-7bc6-4a3b-a088-4c89cfa2aedb

First off, I’m 41 lady, very fit, and a little obsessed with skating. I’m also a teacher with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in HK. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain.

Co-captain requirement include:
•must be over 32;
•not required to laugh at my jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them;
•must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook;
•physical dimensions are irrelevant;
•must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies;
•must be patient with a teacher’s unpredictable schedule;
•must have brilliant mind of his own.

I love religion and Romania...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a handsome man with a goofy laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports.

I want my lover to be my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my bracelets (those things are impossible).

Cheers to you.

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Late bloomer in the prime of life

Ref ID: 6d9aa5e3-668d-49e6-b58c-21b21a7ff397

Easy-going American chinese in 40s seeking a little excitement in life. Have spent too much time reading great books and travelling in organized tours. Looking for some spontaneity and sparkling conversation. Just friends okay, but you should preferably be single since I'm very single. I have no emotional baggage. Parents are both dead. I'm only responsible for myself. Race unimportant as long as you are decent and kind.
I'm normally reserved and can be happy with the simple things in life. Let's start by exchanging emails and photos.

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looking for nice guy

Ref ID: 85388cb6-917b-425c-bdbd-0b185c601db0

My name is cindy and I am looking for nice guys .If you have good personality and are between 23-35yrs coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy. ”

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Do you believe in fate?

Ref ID: 6e016c80-2db0-4597-b306-dce0c1acdef2

Will you be the one I am looking for? I don't know!
Will i be the one you are looking for? I don't know either!  
But I think we can try to explore if you are interested.  late 30 mature woman looking for a causal but sincere way to start with. 

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Indonesian looking for western man

Ref ID: 6a0a5f8c-e42b-421c-ac5e-dd115695f2fe

im 25 yearold indonesian looking for western man for dating ,etc ...email me and will tell you detail

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Woman Seeking Man

Ref ID: d9d7ee83-8c9b-4a0c-8c07-2954a376f69a

Hi! I'm never-married, fun-loving woman who lives and works (very hard) in Hong Kong. I'm 5'5" with black hair and bright green-painted toenails. I love all types of movies. I'm a huge fan of British Royalty; I even kissed Prince Charles on the cheek in London! Of course, I was only 5, so, forgive me. :-) What I value most in my life is my rather large family, the Earth, and my hobby -- photography. One day, I hope to become the coolest, sexiest mom with a van full of kids that you've ever seen. So, if you love mushroom ravioli, romantic nights by a fire, and springtime camping trips, please reply! I prefer an honest man between ages 35 and 50ish who wants kids, enjoys the same things I enjoy, lives nearby, and can appreciate a woman who's often been called "refreshing."

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