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Serious Relationship

Ref ID: 50d2fe9e-fb7b-408d-b11c-8049ea40e3ff

I want a lifetime relationship with that special man I have been waiting for,my other half,someone who is understanding,loving, caring,like to laugh, outgoing,someone who cherish their partner's heart than anyother material things,someone to be together through good and bad time

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find a steadfast,hardworking, kind and warm companion

Ref ID: 3c1d986d-95f0-486f-acb4-8a7b08ff0887

Hi, I've been single for 15 years. I am a 50-year-old Chinese woman. I have no family burden, my kids are all grown up and have left to deal with their own lives. I own a small shop in Kowloon.
I'm healthy, kind, hardworking and clever, my appearance is comfortable.
I hope to find a steadfast, kind and warm companion.

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Looking for gentleman life partner

Ref ID: 408cb866-0e85-4f15-aca7-d1ef91b22dbf

I am a Japanese woman living in Japan. Visit HK often. Looking for a gentleman who has experience in living in Japan and would like to have a warm home in Japan. We can be business and life partner in Both Japan and HK. too.

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Soulmate who is charm and loving - are you my ONE?

Ref ID: 3ffc13eb-240a-4ee5-af14-b0fdd56ad7bf

I am local HK gal, lovely and tall. Looking for a right guy who can spend time to go beach, movie, travel, share happiness about life. Communication is an art, I am keen in words than body language. I am sincere to people around me. i enjoy life but sad that I lack of luck to meet my Mr Right. I hate dead air..if you have sense of humour ,look decent, loving, caring, generous to share your mind, please write to me. Cheers

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Find a right one~~~

Ref ID: 5233fce0-2775-4f22-b799-285321986849

I'm the local married woman, live in Kowloon side. Hope can find the right one to share the moment. Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

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Seeking western gentleman

Ref ID: fa8888bc-9bc0-4bc7-9f95-084bb843a938

I am Australian and looking for a well educated, kind and western male companion in his late 40's or 50's. I am single, with a secure job but I seem to work too often to go out and meet others. I am fit and healthy and looking for someone to share the good times with.I am good company and fun to be with. I love to cook, walk, and I still love exploring HK. I am a non smoker and a genuine and caring person who enjoys life.

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if possible!

Ref ID: aaabac16-d1fc-459a-97ce-4f17d15386a5

hope..if there is a chance to know someone single, genuine and nice here.
local hk, mid 30s, looks very young and easy on the eyes.
NOT looking for ons and casual hook ups. for those who are looking for that pls ignore me. thanks.

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hi there

Ref ID: 2f9365d4-7b6b-4520-84ae-1f5cea633547

hi there,

a very simple intro of myself: a local lady, age of 39, round face, big eyes, sweet smile, well-rounded figure, positive...

like hanging out with friends for good food (I can cook and bake cakes :)), travelling (very typical...who doesn't like?), sitting at the praya during weekend sunset.

have a very stable career and financially independent (yes, I like working). comfortable with westerners coz I went to college in Canada and work for a MNC now.

being single for couple of years, now want a company / partner to share things in life. try my luck to look for a normal sincere and kind man here. prefer 39-46. Send me a message with contact details so I can add u to wechat.

look forward....

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Lonely divorcee

Ref ID: ff66dc25-aa46-42b9-97b1-d18f128d6b6a

It's better to step out a non-working marriage; but after that, have moments of loneliness, particular in this autumn season, missing intellectual conversation and warm cuddles. 30s elegant Chinese professional lady seeking good companionship and perhaps more.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: c8d242e3-b52b-4fd0-9d45-25f8c0c0eb09

I am a single lady in my late thirties. Anyone fancy a movie or drinks in this early summer time? Please write to me if you are interested! Married or attached men are not welcomed. Single and not attached guys preferred.

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Lift time partner

Ref ID: 3033fd54-0788-4c45-b491-6332013b2ad3

Some people recommend this website and told me successful story.

Not sure if this works to me, any late 40's plus Gentleman is looking for life time partner?

Someone to laugh together, holding hand and walk, be honest and have good heart. If you consider you are the one and would like to start with chat, please send me reply.


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Coffee and Movie

Ref ID: 4941ef32-8591-485a-a595-c666440820b9

Hello there. I am a Filipina with a great personality wanting to meet someone for coffee and a movie. I am in my mid 40's. I prefer someone who is older than me. For more details please send message. thank you

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Taking chances

Ref ID: 3fab7eec-dde0-4141-98c8-52edb1f45a49

Hi, i'm 100 % woman looking for a male friend who would be interested in getting to know me more as a person. I like hiking whenever i have extra time and sunday is a special day to go to church and be refreshed and refresh others. looking for someone who is around 38- 50 yrs old. Someone who is single, Height and physics might just come as a bonus but not so important as with a great sense of humor and stability. Someone who values his relationship with God as much as he values others. Im looking forward to know you... Have a great day!🙂

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Looking for Friendship and May Be More

Ref ID: 215989e0-a012-4c96-ab26-47240dffcb64

I am a single lady in my late thirties.
Anyone fancy a movie or drinks in this early summer time? Please write to me if you are interested!
Married or attached men are not welcomed.
Single and not attached guys preferred.

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Serious relationship

Ref ID: 5d6cbc12-9404-45cb-b471-422cc731efd2

Hi,a fun Asian is looking for a stable relationship with lots of laughs. I'm kind,fit,loyal,honest and sweet.
My work keeps me busy,so I just signed up. Hopefully I can find a person to spend the rest of my life with.
I'd love to meet a decent,fit,down to earth man who is ready for a serious relationship. It would be great if you are late 30's-mid 40's. I'm not into bars or clubs but love outdoor activities,traveling,dining out,cooking and gym. I also love going to gigs,museums and art events.
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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Looking for Mr. Nice Guy

Ref ID: deaa1f19-1dbf-43a3-89c5-a80e00baa2fe

Hi I am an early 30s overseas Chinese girl. I am looking for someone who is like me - kind-hearted, successful career-wise, willing to commit and eventually marry after falling in love with the right person. I prefer someone who speaks good English and is around my age to share similar life stories and interests such as nature, hiking, sports, beaches, baking (?), arts or literature. You name it and I'll be your partner! And yes, I am a brainy chick with a pretty face. I can't wait to hear from you!

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Let's get connected:)

Ref ID: 25bb6d60-461b-435c-8372-29cc25e59537


Does this really work?!

Here we go...early 30s, browsing through asiaxpat too see what is happening with fellows on this.

If anyone that are looking to get connected whether it will be a chit chat or a hang out pal to whatever else in our digital age.

Don't be a chicken, be brave and drop us a line!

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Ref ID: 4ff9c5e7-75e3-46fb-9ca3-d2cb43582fd9

Hello !!I'm a Filipina in mid 40s...Any questions and more information about my life please drop me a line with your contact number and will call you ...have a wonderful day..

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Looking for loving and caring guy aged 40+ with kids

Ref ID: b6e972b4-fa4d-4563-ba74-cad155306baf

I am a positive thinking woman love to find someone for sharing of love and passion for life. I love hiking,going to gym,watching movie and travelling. I hope to find someone who think life is beautiful does not matter what bad experience he ever had. I love to find someone who can be my soulmate to share feelings for all kinds of things.I am returned overseas Chinese aged 41 5'5" talk. Write me.

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Forty-two woman with empty boat seeks gentleman campanion to make boat less empty

Ref ID: 59e738a7-7cc8-4718-80e0-3ed5d6684451

First off, I’m 42 year old princess, very fit, and a little obsessed with skating. I’m also a teacher with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in HK. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain. Co-captain requirement include: •must be over 35; •not required to laugh at my jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them; •must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook; •physical dimensions are irrelevant; •must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies; •must be patient with a teacher’s unpredictable schedule; •must have brilliant mind of his own. I love religion and Moscow...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a handsome man with a goofy laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports. I want my lover to be my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my bracelets (those things are impossible). Cheers to you.

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