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Looking for a decent man to share a meaningful life with

Posted 09/24/2016

A Chinese lady is looking for a decent man to share a meaningful and interesting life with. I am a person who has a passion to life, open minded, happy spirit, enjoy travelling, photograph, culture, outdoor activities, gourmet with a healthy lifestyle. Like to meet a nice gentleman (non smoker) who lives in Hong Kong, trustful, caring person with similiar hobbies. I am looking for a long term serious relationship, NOT one night stand person. If it sounds what you are looking for, please write me. Thank you!

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Just for you.

Posted 09/18/2016

I will write you a song with no words but you will hear the rhythm of my heart.

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i am in search of lovely woman

Posted 09/17/2016

Happy new year to that special one, i am 47 years old, i am strong and young in body and soul, i am fun to be with, i like singing and dancing, i am a good dancer and i like going to the beach, i like swimming you will have no regret knowing me, i am fun to be with,i am new here and i am here in search of a good woman who will be nice to humanity and i will like to state that i am here for a very serious relation, i will be happy if i find this special woman here, please drop me a message if you are my match so we can get along and get to know our self's better, i will expect a message from you my woman...

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50+ wanted

Posted 09/15/2016

50+ smart / well educated, caring, single man with healthy life-style, open-minded, no religion be better, sophisticate, never worry when poor, traveled or worked in quite a few countries, like cats>dogs, peace, arts, soul/jazz etc., sports, walk, talkative, laugh, think, love home... Why? cos a single Chinese woman want you. Let's work it together.

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Not Your Usual Local Stick Figure - Western Ex-Pat Looking for a Reader + Ravisher

Posted 09/14/2016

I'm a Western businesswoman who is very familiar with the male-expat thing of travelling here, and doing the "any port in a storm" thing. And nothing more. Are there any Western blokes here that really wish to converse with a woman that has a brain and is not solely a stick figure? (or in the American vernacular, arm candy?).

I could have been a current version of Audrey Hepburn with an attitude, but needs must - business had to come first. For a time. I've been engaged before but never built that particular trackrecord, as one says in investment. Perhaps it's time to. And not this bollocks about liking "long walks on the beach." Sharing good reads, classic movies, waltzing, Flanders and Swann, home cooking and perhaps my classic Roy Orbison. Not to mention someone with a sense of the romantic to prefer ravishing to something more earthy.

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Hi Gentleman

Posted 09/14/2016

Looking for a decent guy to spend time with and do things together to start with. You must be in Hong Kong. Kind, well mannered and honest. Preferably not too fat. All else doesn't matter.

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1 in 7 Million !?!

Posted 09/12/2016

Ever wonder why the search for a soul mate remains so elusive In this metropolis city of 7m people? Nevertheless, the romantic side of me still remains hopeful.;)

Me: A Zest for life , plus an open mind. Fit, slim, smart, professional, Asian expat looking for a soul mate in this big city jungle. The above package comes with occasional sarcasm and stubborn temperament at times, albeit mitigated with a great smile. Well, I am not perfect, what do you expect.

Interest: outdoors, art, music, hiking, traveling and food & wine. Yes, I enjoy my food and I am not the type who could survive on carrot and celery sticks. One needs real food !

You: Late 30s to early 50s, fit, with a good sense of humour and stable career. Honesty & humility are important. Able to carry meaningful conversation.

“No- List”:- Married, Engaged, Attached.

Also, any man looking for trophy model-like girlfriend, please go elsewhere. Go try a gene lab to customize your ideal clone.

Ooopss, with that No-List, I may have just narrowed my choice to only 1% of the population in HK .
Might you be within that 1% ??

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Looking for a nice gentlement

Posted 09/11/2016

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I'm a female in mid 30s . I love to smile and passion about life. I enjoy chating, cooking, reading, traveling, etc. But can't do bungee or roller coaster. Welcome for a proper communication or coffee.

Talk to you soon.

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Easy-going, relaxed Caucasian

Posted 09/10/2016

Hi there, Looking for "good, quality" company so are there any CAUCASIAN men who are interested in a caucasian female with European background? I am financially independent, good-looking, intelligent and in good shape. I am not interested in party goers or young guys (unless of course you are more conservative and not into drinking and partying). I would prefer more mature men who are easy on the eye, charismatic and who can have an intelligent conversation. A good head of hair and non-smokers only. OVER 183cm (6 feet) would be ideal ;-) Drop me a line if you are interested. Would you mind telling me a little about yourself if you reply. BTW, am not desperate for a relationship and am certainly not desperate to get married.

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Hello There!

Posted 09/10/2016

A pleasure to meet you,

Warm, affectionate loving lady, seeking knight with open heart. No armour needed with me!

Relatively new to Hong Kong. I still have so much to see and explore, would love a companion to do so with. Have travelled around the world many times on my own and lived in many countries on my own. I know the value of sharing experiences with another is priceless.

Enjoy the outdoors, being in nature, by the ocean.

Very active, though you don't need to be a machine for me. But I believe looking after ones body. I'm a big health foodie, love to explore new things and places constantly.

Hidden Galleries, Wine and cheese bars. Off the beat Jazz bars, rooftop venues. Music and love.

Never married, mixed race lady age is a number. You can ask me mine :)

Look forward to hearing form you, if you are genuine, warm and a gentleman.

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looking for a relationship

Posted 09/08/2016

hi there, I just found this site and its seems quite interesting, I am here looking for a relationship, I'm easy goin have sense of humor, understanding, love adventure playing volleyball, I am very open minded person n straight forward.hope to meet u soon

have a good day,

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Seeking adventure for LTR

Posted 09/08/2016

Single beautiful woman self employed, considered nice sweet, open minded, definitely not party animal, but would love to join yours...right now is seeking a nice guy for LTR, I am looking for a single gentleman with passion for life, adventurous, spontaneus, funny and caring. Somebody that doesn't take himself too seriously and that would like to explore the chances of meeting someone special. Looking forward to your reply. :))

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I hope you are the one

Posted 09/04/2016

Do you believe in fate? I do....

From the moment you read my message, I think something amazing can happen; of course there are lots to talk about.

A mature 40 woman looking for a partner, soulmate, lovers to share life with.

Do drop me a note if this catch your eyeball :)

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Looking for an honest long term relationship

Posted 09/04/2016

Hello all,

I am a HK lady in my early 40's. I am an honest, loving and caring lady. I wish to find someone to share my life with. If you enjoy someone to share bits and pieces of life with you. If you are a good listener, enjoy a healthy life style, like cooking, exercising, maybe seeing a movie once a week, walking around in little allies in HK. Hiking in the country side, traveling to new places, enjoy learning new cultures, then we have a lot of things in common.

I am 168cm, full figure and people think that I am sexy.... Short hair.... I am a very sensual person and wish to meet a gentle and caring man.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Posted 09/03/2016

I am Chinese aged 40+ and divorced. I am 5.5 feet tall ,smart and beautiful.

I am looking for a life long partner who share similar values, hobbies and interests. I dont mind if you have kids cos if we get along, I will treat your kid as mine.

Message me if you are interested. I will provide my photo upon request

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I'm waiting for you.

Posted 08/29/2016

Maybe i can't stop the downpour, but i will always join you for a walk in the rain and i will be here when you need me.

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A soulmate, Partner and Husband Needed!!...

Posted 08/29/2016

Thanks for reading here,I am looking for long term relationship,share my everything in the future with him.It could be you.

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An old fashioned hk girl looking for serious relationship

Posted 08/27/2016

i am an sincere , pure and old fashioned girl in my late 20s who are looking for life partner.
i am a family oriented person who prefer to stay home and look after the family in marriage.
looking for someone who respect and share similar value with me!!!
Looking forward to hear from you~
ooo, one important thing is i like tall man(above 175cm)!

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Hoping to find a single western gentleman

Posted 08/27/2016

I am Australian and looking for a well educated, easy going western male companion in his late 40's or 50's. I have a secure job and I am fit and healthy and most people say I am fun to be with. I enjoy life and would love to share it with someone. I am a non smoker and a genuine and caring person.

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Chemistry matters!

Posted 08/26/2016

Attractive Asian lady is seeking a man between 30s and 40s for friendship or more. Chemistry matters!

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