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Wednesday, 10/1/2014

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wanna join

Ref ID: b9a7531c-2943-412b-b9c2-b629d98cf91e

hi,dear friend. me and my beautiful girl are yound and good people, we want to try some fun together. would you like to join us.
tell me more about you.we will choose.
thank you,leave me your contact.

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looking for nice guy

Ref ID: 85388cb6-917b-425c-bdbd-0b185c601db0

My name is cindy and I am looking for nice guys .If you have good personality and are between 23-35yrs coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy. ”

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Looking for....

Ref ID: a893bf98-c296-4980-bbb6-5a2557174d20

Looking for a 40 – 55 year old left-leaning, good food-loving, travel-hungry, independent, compassionate, emotionally stable and generally happy partner who has a strong sense of self, knows the art of good banter and wants to stay up late having political discussions in between long lazy groping sessions. In return you will get a 43 year old, fit, feminine, recently single, Australian woman whose passions are photography (mostly while traveling), cooking (in my very small kitchen), fitness (to combat the cooking) and traveling (carry on luggage, homestays and B&Bs rather than suitcases and 5 star hotels). Short-term goals – Be able to do one chin up , cook perfect chapatti and complete my PhD. Long-term goals – share a good, meaningful and mostly happy life with a man I love and respect.

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Drive me crazy

Ref ID: 1a23d4fb-4068-4df6-b865-b538ec552491

Fast woman with fast car seeks man who can take it slow.
I'm old enough to know better...... Young enough to feel adventurous. How about you ?

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I heard - Hong Kong's shortage of women has forced men to turn to desperate.. Really?

Ref ID: 033f6765-68d9-49ac-b9bb-73b3008c5ab2


Hi there - I am a HK Chinese lady, early-40s. Tall, apparently quite OK looking! Have been in HK since 70s and I am looking to meet someone with good heart, charming and with sex appeal to me, maybe dinner and possibly more. Maybe nothing - we just simply go to church and worship GOD. Just as happy going to a movie as well as nice restaurant. I didn't work much and I seldom travel lately. You will be gentleman, caring and well educated with wisdom and courage. I know there is someone perfect out there - is that you?

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A good looking woman looking for a non-committed (tbc) relationship

Ref ID: cfb3f38a-578f-4750-b6b4-97d5b29cd604

Hello, I am a local woman in mid-30s, working as an in-house lawyer in a financial institution. I am financially independent, very good looking, tall, curvy and sexy. I don't mind being blunt about my appearance, but if you want proof, your picture gets mine.

I was educated in HK, US/Canada, and spent a bit of time in France. I speak perfect English, Mandarin & Cantonese and also holds a few degrees. I would say that I am the most ideal mixture of the East and West.

I just finished a long relationship. Not quite ready to start a new one yet (but hope I can do so soon). I am just getting tired of sitting alone at home specially when all my friends are now married with kids, and I am too tired to go to LKF and clubs anymore.

To put it short, I am looking for someone who can take me out for dinners, drinks and movies sometimes. No strings attached but you must not be married/engaged or having an official gf somewhere else. I am honest and don't want to get involved in other people's mess. If you are also lonely but not sure if you are ready for a committed relationship yet, maybe we can take a chance. If things go well, maybe we will be a match. But, let's just keep it cool now. I am a nice and sweet girl.

Due to my upbringing, I prefer you to be white or ABC, tall, decent-looking and not bald, have a good body (no need to be muscular but at least not having a big fat belly), successful in career, intelligent, fun, mentally stable, between the age of 37 to 47. And please don't drag me to junk trips or hiking, I am an indoor girl, but I don't use whitening cream. I am a musician apart from my day job and my hobbies are more on the "introverted" side.

Hope to hear from u soon. No scorpion pls, it never works. I tried and failed too many times.

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Petite Asian girl looking for friendship that may lead to something special

Ref ID: 29b93252-868a-40d0-8de5-2edcb3164f1e

Relatively new on the site. An attractive tiny Asian girl in her early 30s, never been married, whose "default setting" is happy, easygoing, stress-/drama-free, with a good head on her shoulders and hopelessly optimistic with no emotional baggage. Playful but knows when to be serious. Also someone who takes good care of herself, but is far from being vain or superficial.
Apart from all that, I'm just a girl who loves what every other person on here seems to love: travel, good food, great company... And while I love my high heels and enjoy getting all dolled up for a romantic night out with my man, I equally enjoy strolling about the park in a hoodie and sneakers taking in the crisp fall weather.
Oh and though I have a respectable job and am no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued in a castle, every now and then I do dream of being this uber cool Bond Girl (and a tiny one at that) who gets swept off her tiny feet by none other than her very own James -- in a well-tailored suit, no less lol!
I'm looking for someone who is kind, loyal and with integrity, everything else is negotiable if the chemistry is right... after all, beauty will fade, wealth can be lost, but character remains forever, right?
Ideally, we will start as friends and see where the chemistry will lead us. If that sounds about right to you, drop me a line and we'll start from there.

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Looking for a long term relationship

Ref ID: 651cb403-b833-46d4-8de2-173a741ab481

Hi, I am a local HK Chinese lady in early 30s, 164 cm, fat, not sexy but with a cutie face^^
Studied aboard for a few years. Like making new friends, especially with foreigners.
I am looking for a long term relationship,  wanna find someone who would love me, and share my life...my feeling....
I am interested in a gentlemen who are mature, funny, tall and take serious in relationship.
Hmmmm....I don't know what I should write in here.....if you are interested in me, then msg me and let's chat more details ^^

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When Chinese vs Western

Ref ID: f03be20d-f804-4917-9e7e-d17036fe05df

Looking for a relationship with a Caucasian gentleman who at around 6' talll. Must be caring, decent, tolerant and considerate. I'm a tall, slim, divorced easy-going local woman who is gorgeous with a good figure. Of course, you will find my inner beauty when we start. Want to have a long term relationship. Please send me your photo and phone number and you may help me to fulfill my wish! P.S. No game players or ONS.

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Qui va vouloir de moi?

Ref ID: 5f4073da-7d16-461d-9512-30eb82254509

I'd like to meet someone. Someone I can lose my appetite over. Someone who fills my head with silly daydreams. Someone who has the power to make me smile at complete strangers in the mtr. Someone who doesn’t know me well, ideally, as I’d like to be discovered little by little. Moi: 39, petite, love music, concert, movie, book, art, painting, travelling, cooking, strolling. PS: On va au cine? Ouais !!!

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Are you dancing ?

Ref ID: 623d677e-90ed-40f5-ad15-fe46d69cd7b3

i'm asking for a man to be happy with, to laugh, talk, kiss and respect.
You don't need to be a good dancer, I'm not really, but an enthusiasm for life is essential.  I'm in my forties and been in HK for a good few years now, still love it, from the jungle to the ocean. ( less so the mall) 

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Company? who knows what will develop

Ref ID: 18f6c65f-36ec-4320-9bad-c25ddaf259c1

Hey, Ive just moved to HK for work, 3 weeks in and exploring the city alone isnt proving to be as much fun as if I had some nice company to share the experience and make a memory.
So me... early 40's single. British but Ive lived in Asia 12yrs, coming down from Shanghai. A fashion designer, with a passion for teaching my field. Easy going, love exploring and this wonderful sunshine. I dont like shopping!
Im looking for friends, company and of course that man that keeps avoiding me, cupid really isnt working so well for me!! But on an easy start and see what happens.
If your interested in a happy go lucky British girl, drop me a line :-)

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Gentleman LifePartner

Ref ID: 7126c588-d18a-4743-b650-be30871ce0f8

I am a pretty Japanese lady living in Kobe of Japan. Looking for a gentleman who would like to live in  Japan and invest Japan too. Please send a pic and drop me a line . Thank you! 

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Woman Seeking Man

Ref ID: d9d7ee83-8c9b-4a0c-8c07-2954a376f69a

Hi! I'm never-married, fun-loving woman who lives and works (very hard) in Hong Kong. I'm 5'5" with black hair and bright green-painted toenails. I love all types of movies. I'm a huge fan of British Royalty; I even kissed Prince Charles on the cheek in London! Of course, I was only 5, so, forgive me. :-) What I value most in my life is my rather large family, the Earth, and my hobby -- photography. One day, I hope to become the coolest, sexiest mom with a van full of kids that you've ever seen. So, if you love mushroom ravioli, romantic nights by a fire, and springtime camping trips, please reply! I prefer an honest man between ages 35 and 50ish who wants kids, enjoys the same things I enjoy, lives nearby, and can appreciate a woman who's often been called "refreshing."

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Looking for not just a friend

Ref ID: 72147c08-974c-4cf0-960e-14aa29b5e59d

Hi I am a single lady in early 40's, 160cm, petite, educated, love travelling, exploring new things, work hard, play hard... looking for a man starting from a friend, but expecting to go further for not just a friend if you find something different from my eyes...
Would enjoy hanging out with someone mature, professional, fun and gentle. Would enjoy some time together in hiking, some time at coffee shop, some time in movies ... 
message me if you find the above interests you, lets chat in more details :-)


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Dating in Hong Kong is hard...

Ref ID: f21a2c0a-f5f0-4f57-9000-a73c2564d37a

I moved back to this great city about 4 years ago and I have to say, it's not the easiest of places to just start up a conversation up with someone that has caught your eye. So, I am going to try this, and see how it goes.

I'm 35, slim built, from an asian background. I started my own business 6 months ago and I love being my own boss. What I miss about my time in England is being able to meet great men to meet and go on a date with.

I'm not looking for a man to take me out and pick up the bill, as we all work very hard for our money, I feel that going dutch is the appropriate thing to do in this day and age.

Saying that, if a man does open the door for a lady, that is appreciated (and it also shows that your momma brought you up right). So that's it really. If you want to grab some dinner sometime or go wake boarding sometime, and you are not jaded by some of the women in HK, then drop me a line.

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impression - intellect, feelings, conscience

Ref ID: b9baad44-b08f-4bbc-93af-5822a59624a0

fresh, stylish, fashionable.. quite outgoing but i could spend all day at a library. ... gentlemen are hard to come by these days.. to be honest, i'm looking for a special one for marriage..... ........................ . .

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Forty-one Woman with Empty Boat Seeks Gentleman Campanion to Make Boat Less Empty

Ref ID: f84d9db1-7bc6-4a3b-a088-4c89cfa2aedb

First off, I’m 41 lady, very fit, and a little obsessed with skating. I’m also a teacher with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in HK. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain.

Co-captain requirement include:
•must be over 32;
•not required to laugh at my jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them;
•must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook;
•physical dimensions are irrelevant;
•must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies;
•must be patient with a teacher’s unpredictable schedule;
•must have brilliant mind of his own.

I love religion and Romania...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a handsome man with a goofy laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports.

I want my lover to be my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my bracelets (those things are impossible).

Cheers to you.

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Attracive intelligent early 40's blonde looking for an intelligent companion

Ref ID: b7a82197-5d2c-4164-ab3e-7077dad70e2a

I am a long term resident of HK, single of a few years after a long term relationship. Early 40's, very blonde, MM type and size, attractive. But:-) Well traveled, intelligent European enjoying good debates about life, current events, arts, and business. I am fairly independent and I enjoy company of intelligent attractive men who like an intellectual challenge, and fun interesting company to spend an evening with. I am busy professionally and tend to have very small circle of close friends even though I know many many people socially in this town. Got tired of LKF scene years ago so now trying here (never occurred to me before I might even consider this site for possible connection), and I am bored with lonely evenings. I am looking for a Caucasian, similar age +/-, or a young at heart/mature at heart depending on the age group:-). I like a classic classy manly man with own opinions and integrity, and no body art, please, no smokers. I love dancing and cooking, and I don't do enough of either (I am good at both though:-). I enjoy the warmth of Asian climate, and any activities to do with water and the beach. If you are not looking for a yes woman, but for the one with her own opinions, and a glow and a charisma, and a bit of a head turner, please PM me.

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searching love, man!!

Ref ID: 8512ebd1-96fe-4825-845f-43fc023e2f47

I'm Chinese grew up here but I like western men especially blue/ green eyes. I've some before but they're not near.
I'm open-minded but also have traditional Chinese side. I like travelling, swimming, smile ; ) and am fit.
Find me in FB or OKCupid or Lovoo, if u can't reply!

Best Regards,

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