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Looking for someone of substance and integrity to share the joy of life

Ref ID: f4e8adb7-1415-4f01-b768-7bcfa35d5b72

Loved and lost. Ready to move on. A light-hearted, sweet, elegant yet playful local lady at her mid-30s working in the arts and cultural sector. I was described as classy, refined and smart by many. Well, you better check it out yourself. I have diverse interests in the arts, food and wine, cooking, music, traveling, exercise, animals, and many more. Determined to live a quality life.

Definitely looking for someone of substance and integrity to start an interesting conversation, have some joyful moments, and hopefully leading to dating with a view to developing into a serious relationship if the chemistry is right. I'd love to meet some like-minded genuine western/causcian expats from mid-30s to 50s who are based in Hong Kong for an established career.

Note: I am not your cup of tea if casual or short-term relationship is what you are looking for. Life is too short for the wrong match.

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Looking for Friendship and May Be More

Ref ID: 12ff2f48-b91a-402f-8f4b-3537818dff19

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this chilling winter time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me. It's better if you could speak Cantonese, or it's fine too if you do not mind my broken English.

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Ref ID: 1a45cc24-e756-46eb-97d9-93cef7d5c7f9

Hi, I 'd like to meet an interesting person for sharing life.

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I just want to get some info for analysis.......

Ref ID: 90d926f5-98ba-4500-ac0d-0b081a39a77e

OK. Are you ready? First off, what is your name? Second, where are you from? Thirdly, how old are you? Forth, can you speak Cantonese?

Fifth, have your married before? Ok. Your turn - do you have any questions for me? I will answer you shortly.

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Looking for a long term relationship

Ref ID: 651cb403-b833-46d4-8de2-173a741ab481

Hi, I am a local HK Chinese lady in early 30s, 164 cm, fat, not sexy but with a cutie face^^
Studied aboard for a few years. Like making new friends, especially with foreigners.
I am looking for a long term relationship, wanna find someone who would love me, and share my life...my feeling....
I am interested in a gentlemen who are mature, funny, tall and take serious in relationship.
Hmmmm....I don't know what I should write in here.....if you are interested in me, then msg me and let's chat more details ^^

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Ref ID: 7e424f07-f65c-4a2b-a770-0a9814edf218

Hi. You are in between 35 and 45, handsome and nice; I love you already. Answer please.

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Looking for that special guy..

Ref ID: 31891029-157e-45a8-9e2c-fa9c9058fad5

Hi guys; if you're hot, between 35 and 45, and living in Hong Kong, call me to talk and take my heart.

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wanna join

Ref ID: b9a7531c-2943-412b-b9c2-b629d98cf91e

hi,dear friend. me and my beautiful girl are yound and good people, we want to try some fun together. would you like to join us.

tell me more about you.we will choose.

thank you,leave me your contact.

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Looking for Friendship and May Be More

Ref ID: ab590f72-2b86-4e58-9725-39615ea28337

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice autumn time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: 5ef356f3-f2d5-45df-9c35-6247f6bcaed9

Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this chilling winter time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me. It's better if you could speak Cantonese, or it's fine too if you do not mind my broken English.

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Ref ID: 3bc71fde-5955-4bd8-8c42-f9319230a761

Is there anyone here looking to marry a Filipina?

My name Is Anne and I'm currently working here in Manila.

Looking for a serious relationship or maybe marriage.

Please leave me a message with ur email address if possible.

Looking forward to visit Hong Kong again and finally meet someone.


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Looking for an easy going, kind and caring guy

Ref ID: e47524cb-bfe0-4000-9e9a-c2fe67ad4794

I am Caucasian, fit and reasonably attractive. Generally happy with my life, but would like to meet a special person to share good times with. Start as friendship and see where it goes. I have a wide range of interests, so there shouldn't be a problem in finding a common one (or more, I like trying new things). My ideal partner would be honest, tolerant and easy going, nice and kind, and with good communication skills. Age range prefererrably late thirties to late forties.

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Ref ID: dc0ca738-5fc8-4e98-80e4-81fbc96110fd

I am from England i am looking for a woman that will understand me and be with me in the rest of my life. I'm here to show her the true love and care of my heart, if you are the right woman please do not hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to meet you and note i do travel.

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Looking for serious Latin Dance Partner

Ref ID: 1ec08136-b74c-4397-b835-25cbff7e96f0

Hey there

Early 30s local female here 165 cm w/o heels. I am looking for a Latin dance partner who can go the weekly class/practice with me.

It'll be an ace if you think you are born to dance, or even already have had the skills, experiences and the ambition to compete in the dance pool one day coz eventually that's what I'm aiming for ;)

Yet, if your a beginner but you luvvvvvvv Latin dance and think going competition is bit too much for ya, no problem, I'm happy with just sticking to the classes and dance for fun as long as you got the rite height which is over 175 cm ideally without heels HA!

No one's really born to dance so dun be shy. If you are interested, please drop me a few lines about yourself and I'll make sure to get back to ya. Thanks for reading my post.

Oh BTW I speak native Mandarin & Cantonese as well if that helps with anyone who's also looking for Language exchange :D



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Looking for friendship / long-term relationship

Ref ID: 81fdcffa-3b16-495b-adbd-048743b0f8fc


I’m looking for someone to develop proper relationship with. Hope to find someone to start as friends, hangout on eves/weekends, share interesting topics, and get to know each other more and see where it might lead to.

I’m mid-30s, genuine and easy-going, live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.I don’t want to create a list of criteria here as I believe we can get to know others through real communication. Drop me a message if you are interested. Thanks.

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Young-at-heart American lady looking for someone to share a bottle of wine with

Ref ID: 50a28dde-5e9a-46aa-bf47-665ebec522f4

If you are passionate about life and what it has to offer, enjoy dinner parties anda bottle of wine,intrigued by the arts and like to sometimes indulge in sporting activities; if you arebetween 45-60 and arelooking fora like-minded someone to wind down with after work and spendlazy weekends with, I'd love to hear from you.

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Hope to meet a nice guy under 35 years old

Ref ID: 784ffa64-1320-43e1-b681-681510098a60

Hi there, i am a girl at 30 years old with overseas studies experience, I didn't have luck to meet a nice guy yet. I would like to meet someone genuine, good heart , sports and like cooking as share interests to share life with. Perhaps give it a try on this advertising would bring fate ?

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I love to bake, so I might make you fat.

Ref ID: 80deadd8-ddf7-4018-9af6-29fa11e6d204

I’m like the walking dead when I first wake up, and I loathe cilantro. I save my compassion for those who truly need it, and I have horrible vision. My hair color changes with the season, and I’ve never liked mini skirts. I cool off just as fast as I get fired up. I don’t watch non-cartoon, but I love movies (dark comedy preferred). A great night in is multi-flavored popcorn and a BBC documentary; A great night out is rollercoasters followed by a rave followed by a motorcycle ride at sunrise. I’ve got three sisters, and they’re all as tough as me.

You will get spoiled. You will need to show that you appreciate it. You will get fat. (Did I say that already?) You will probably fall right in love. You will have impeccable etiquette but still be ruthlessly honest. You will have amazing taste in a vast array of music genres. You will be a little cocky. Maybe very cocky. Yeah, pretty cocky. You will a perfectionist like me. You will have your priorities in order. You will have your own hobbies and passions, which I will respect. And you will be adored and cherished by yours truly. Can’t wait to grab some cereal with you.

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searhing for my life time partner in life

Ref ID: 7b38a8ea-af66-4caf-8d09-2d8c8cdcad69

hello everyone am marlyn malunes 3o years old single never got married and no child. current and living and working here in dubai.i post here to find my half the man sweet caring loving and willing to meet me in person.

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serious relationship

Ref ID: f71cede4-eeb5-4a4b-b365-20ad3eaab6a7

Hi..I am not a social women,I'm looking a men can spend the rest of my life with.

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