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Ref ID: 7e42ffe0-96bc-4d0a-b1ca-8218b66efc89

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice spring time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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Looking for a military guy

Ref ID: 3b7500c2-4b0b-467b-876e-65790ba798b9

I am an adorable local in my 20s, well-educated and with unique perception to the world. Looking for a patriotic man with pride, not arrogance. I could offer you towel at your order but would eat all your MREs if you angered me.

Please no players. You would turn my heart into minced pork.
Please no PLA. My admiration only saves for those who defend civilisation.

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Looking for a lifetime partner, preferably Caucasian

Ref ID: 6437d059-25c0-45c5-8c6a-d014fa16649a

Hi there, I am 34, 5f5, local Hong Konger. I have spent most of my time on working, and I think it is time to find someone to grow old with. I really need love in my life. Let's meet up for a drink and see if there's chemistry between us. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

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Looking for a companion

Ref ID: c9aea22d-ea5d-47c5-aceb-5768ae0bef49

Hi there,

I'm Asian in my mid-30s. I'm 168 cm tall and have dark hair. Have been in Hk for a few months for a new job. I love arts, walk, exercise.

Would like to meet some friends and see how things are going. It'd be nice to meet up for a cup of coffee, going to galleries and movies, doing exercises or walks together in order to get to know each other.

Drop me a line of you're interested.

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Looking for a serious relationship

Ref ID: 0c572ae0-5f43-4d73-8ea6-663c1b605a66

Hi, I am a local HK born lady at mid 30s. I like sports, movies, baking.. and live in a healthy style. I travel a lot for my work. I am looking for a mature man who is interested in a serious relationship. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers.

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Two Brains Are Better Than One

Ref ID: 7c1976af-82e2-4eb1-8846-c3a1867569aa

I believe in two brains are better than one; the more I grow, the more I find it true. Not simply because I'm slowly becoming retarded, but because I feel like life is only going to be more and more complicated than when we were just a kid. In this sense, creating a home that contains simplicity and purity of love and support earn the extra value in my heart.

I'm 27 years old now. Remembered when I was 26, one of my seniors told me- reaching 26 was a great age for your career; and she was right that my career has started to blossom since then. And just because of that, I don't want to be passive anymore to just wait for my life partner to appear in my life, I want to be active seeking for him.
And I hope this will be YOU :)

To be honest, I had never had a dream man figure in my mind, but I do believe in personality is the key, and being respectful to people is the basic.

A bit of background of me:
- Work in the art scene(means I always get invitations and accesses to interesting events in the city);
- Because of that, I travel around the world too;
- I respect personal space a lot because of the training as an artist;
- People is my art, so come into my life to inspire me :)

Look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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looking for friend or boyfriend

Ref ID: 7608b0ec-76e6-459e-a38b-3e30ab0fd79c

A 29 years old hongkonger looking for a gentlemen to have a nice chat.

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Working or not? Just try it out!

Ref ID: 5a227f4e-f1e1-48a8-bb15-6c4ef1f3c078

Hey, I am new to this page... just wondering where is my Mr Right so I tried to get my answer from Google and he told me to try this... Hope he didn't lie to me :p

I'm a 33 years old local and hope to find someone to share my ups and downs... it would be good if you are my Mr Right... but if not, we can still be good friends to share our moments :) Drop me a line if you want to know more about me!

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single filipina looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: 542e69cd-b569-46a7-a186-271776c32a64

Hi a fun and loving filipina here seeking a serious relationship and get married soon.
I prefer white western aged 45 up. Im 27 year old tan curvy beauty type. Having a good personality, very friendly , likes to go hike, beach lady.not a bar type .if you are interested to know me more drop me a message with your contact or etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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I want you, i really do!

Ref ID: eee1a334-9556-4ec8-b585-0c22b2da32b2


I'm new here, but i've been to HK several times. I'm 29, single mom, adventurous ( depends on what's being asked of me ), love to travel, and have fun.

I wanna know you so please drop a line, who knows what happens next ;)

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Just for fun

Ref ID: 0ff735db-c38c-4cb1-a14a-a906ab63d396

Was cheated once and never to be hurt again. Should you have same experience, I am happy to be your listener and comforter...

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Someone special..

Ref ID: b07f2b9e-ef54-41f1-ab22-564216c2d461

I am an ABC in my 30s who has been in Hong Kong for a year. Average looking girl with a caring heart and a love for movies, reading, hiking, traveling, eating, music, and some times, doing nothing! I am looking for someone kind, easy going and with a good sense of humour to explore the city with and hopefully lead to something special and serious. I am a Christian and in the financial services industry.

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Seeking life long partner

Ref ID: 7072aee9-f372-4a66-b8f7-b47c09edb4b8

I have been single for a while as didn't feel the urge to settle down before. Recently, having seen more and more of my friends getting married, I would like to start my own family and to have children possibly as my biological clock is ticking.

I am 34 years old, born in Hong Kong and has studied and worked overseas. I am a well-educated professional who speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. I am 5 ft 5 and weigh about 50 kg. I do not smoke or have any bad habits, and I am not spoiled and so I won't ask you to carry my bags or buy me expensive gifts.

I am open minded, down to earth, cosmopolitan, positive and optimistic, a good listener yet love to talk. I smile all the time as I believe that life goes on whether you are happy or sad. I am not an outdoor person but do enjoy bathing in the sun on nice sandy beaches. I also love travelling, easy hiking, strolling in the park or along the waterfront, fine dining, drinking, cooking at home, going to movies, musicals or art exhibitions.

I am looking for a lifelong partner who is aged between 33 to 45, 5 ft 8 or above, physically fit, sincere, kind, positive, willing to commit, family oriented and preferably share some of my interests. He should also be well educated, have good manners, good and stable career. Appearance is not my top priority but would be a bonus if you are good looking.

If you are interested, please briefly introduce yourself and leave me with your contact details. I am happy to exchange photos if you wish : )

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Sweet lady seeking a nice guy

Ref ID: 6f00db7d-3ee5-49f0-984f-79039a6d2652

I am local Chinese,in my 30s, slim and petite, working as a secretary here.
I am so busy with my work that there is no much free time for me to get to know a nice guy.
I would like to meet a nice guy from here and see how it goes.
Btw, you should be over 40 years old, sincere and honest, westerners are preferred.

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Serious friends only

Ref ID: 9b0b3f42-a3b5-4bf7-a8e8-d82a15276d1c

31, local Chinese, petite , native Cantonese speaker andspeak well in Mandarin.
Looking for someone who wouldn't mind to exhange language and culture with me.
Interested in true friendship and proper relationship.

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Longing for a serious relationship

Ref ID: 831b4878-f021-4dac-a0fc-ee6572a93f80

I am a Hong Kong born and raised woman in my early 30s.
Due to the job nature, I am just too busy to make friends in the town.
Want to meet some some nice people here to hang out together and to have some fun.
Hope we can explore the city and the lives together.

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Looking for good Catholic/Christian guy under 32 years old

Ref ID: e76deb46-10c5-4743-9a8e-a25316806701

Hi there, I am local girl around 30, I don't have many friends in Hong Kong after returned from overseas, hope I can meet a nice guy by channce and know each others more ^.^

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Love is an open door !

Ref ID: 61b945d7-97ec-458e-be6b-e4adc49d0504

I am from south china, I am a fully independent ,loving and caring with good sense of humor , my positive attitude always allows me seeking happiness in every little things .I have strong passion for colorful life , I am mature enough to know what I want and always aware of what is coming .I am looking for a man who is serious and faithful , never hesitate to pay himself for a real relationship ,life is short ,what are you waiting for ? Let's share the happiness and explore life together ! Please do ignore if you just looking for fun or playing ,I greatly appreciate your understanding .

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need serious male

Ref ID: b5388d04-9b42-4368-8cad-814761e25321

Need serious male

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i am indonesian single women, working in hk, looking for guy or west guy to be a nice good friend, and i have i time on sunday/holiday.

Ref ID: 03ad8906-5090-4387-8d83-6719cc5e4061

my height 150, and little fat because i am short my weight about 53, send me messege if you interest on me. thank you so much.

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