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searhing for my life time partner in life

Ref ID: 7b38a8ea-af66-4caf-8d09-2d8c8cdcad69

hello everyone am marlyn malunes 3o years old single never got married and no child. current and living and working here in dubai.i post here to find my half the man sweet caring loving and willing to meet me in person.

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The very good super-rich white gentleman - a beautiful marriage

Ref ID: c7017240-4721-4997-873f-0944b42199f8

Some ladies could meet the super rich gentlemen over the internet then they decided to get married. The ratio of 1: 9 super rich men's wives are not stars. Many silent super rich men's wives are actually non-famous. I am looking for a very good super-rich white gentleman who can be devoted to me, marriage and a family.

I am a Hong Kong Asian woman living in HK island good side, not close to central business district. I am nice, trustworthy, honest, quite pretty. I am non-famous. I am single with no kids but I am family oriented, DD free, non-religions, emotional and physical healthy. I have good taste, I like classy stuffs and beautiful places. I love fresh food, enjoy happy meals and great restaurants.

You are white, good looking, generous, non-religions, easy going, emotional mature and stable, polite. You must be sincere, supportive, single, genuine, decent, a 1 woman man, affection, gentle, loving, reliable, understanding. In terms of physical appearance, you are good looking, clean-cut, fit and healthy, clean, DD free.

I know the super-rich people often have multi-million-dollars mansions in different countries, perhaps you have a few luxury mansions and vacation beach houses. The super-rich gentlemen don't know where accidents might happen so normally they can share billions dollars with the wives & children. They could buy the luxury mansions, jewelry, yachts, etc. as the gifts for their wives.

You can buy me a multi million dollars mansion in Cayman Islands or Beverly Hills or Monaco or any good suggestions ? We can live in and travel together. Don't get me wrong when I say, I would appreciate when you can definitely do these perfectly for me and my family.

You can prepare and propose the official 100 % guarantee super-rich marriage proposal and a diamond engagement ring for me then we shall choose our wedding rings & stuffs, etc., process the relocation, get a marriage license, spouse visas, etc. We can also stay in the luxury hotel in Hong Kong. You are positive and confident, you can keep your promise and make this great decision then definitely you can come to Hong Kong shortly.

Please write back with your tel. no., email address, contact address, photos, and let me know about yourself for our own communication in privacy.

Love to meet you in person soon.

This post is very genuine. No fake.

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Business travelers are welcome - white gentlemen only

Ref ID: 16d73fb2-7c55-4e97-9a7c-6d76ef2c2ef6

​​​I am a nice HK woman with HK citizenship.I like to meet new people especially nice white gentlemen, gentle, good looking, single, caring.

You are generous. Dinners, drinks, shopping, movies, decent chat, etc.​​​​ You can respect a woman nicely.​

Please send your pic.​ &​ phone no. and tell me something about yourself. Thanks.

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Eclectic blonde

Ref ID: b9de37d1-3a85-4be1-aa5d-da86bdb41a70

I'm a well traveled and well mannered lawyer in my late 20s. My roots are from Eastern Europe, I've lived in the US. Since it's time for me to settle down, I'm looking for a serious relationship only. I'm 5'7'' tall, have good tastes.
I'm looking for a life partner, soulmate and friend with whom we will share lovely evenings, discover new places and ideally create a family.

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1 in 7 Million ?

Ref ID: 9413a476-a92c-4ea5-9757-305f0652e670

Ever wonder why the search for a soul mate remains so elusive In this metropolis city of 7m people?

Me: A Zest for life coupled with an open mind. Fit, slim, smart, professional, Asian expat looking for a soul mate in this big city jungle. The above package comes with occasional sarcasm and stubborn temperament at times, albeit mitigated with a great smile. Well, I am not perfect, what do you expect.

Interest: outdoors, art, music, hiking, traveling and food & wine. Yes, I enjoy my food and I am not the type who could survive on carrot and celery sticks. One needs real food !

You: Mid 30s to early 50s, fit, with a good sense of humour and stable career. Honesty & humility are important. Able to carry meaningful conversation too.

The “No- List”:- Married, Engaged, Attached.

Also, Single Men looking for trophy model-like girlfriend, please go elsewhere. Go try a gene lab to customize your ideal clone

Ooopss, with that No-List, I may have just narrowed my choice to only 1% of the population in HK .
Might you be within that 1% ??

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29 year old, Chinese Aussie girl looking to meet her future boyfriend (or we can be friends first)!

Ref ID: a586c947-4c75-4196-ba66-050c971316e3

Hi there,

I'm Chinese, grew up in Australia and have moved to Hong Kong for a sea change. I'm educated, a professional and work in the legal industry. I'm 5'5' and have a slim build.
I'm interested to meet people who like to hang out, go for dinner or a movie, try out new places, hiking and chatting about everything.
If you'd like to get in touch, message me and tell me a bit about yourself.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Girl Seeks Boy for Watch Morning Cartoons and Eat Sugary Cereal

Ref ID: ac96f0c3-1e20-483c-bfd9-5fea784fe643

I’m just your average journalist who appreciates an enormous bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with her Legend of Korra...or Cocoa Pebbles with Spongebob Squarepants. It’s pretty much the best way to start everyday.
I’m a lanky 5’10" and am looking for someone to be un-muscular with me. I can change my own oil, but I do have a lot of difficulty with pasta sauce jars, so that’s going to have to be all you.
I love to bake, so I might make you fat. I’m like the walking dead when I first wake up, and I loathe cilantro. I save my compassion for those who truly need it, and I have horrible vision. My hair color changes with the season, and I’ve never liked mini skirts. I cool off just as fast as I get fired up. I don’t watch non-cartoon, but I love movies (dark comedy preferred). A great night in is multi-flavored popcorn and a BBC documentary; A great night out is rollercoasters followed by a rave followed by a motorcycle ride at sunrise. I’ve got three sisters, and they’re all as tough as me.
You will get spoiled. You will need to show that you appreciate it. You will get fat. (Did I say that already?) You will probably fall right in love. You will have impeccable etiquette but still be ruthlessly honest. You will have amazing taste in a vast array of music genres. You will be a little cocky. Maybe very cocky. Yeah, pretty cocky. You will a perfectionist like me. You will have your priorities in order. You will have your own hobbies and passions, which I will respect. And you will be adored and cherished by yours truly. Can’t wait to grab some cereal with you.

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looking for a serious relationship

Ref ID: 02ba161b-957a-43e5-9d20-b063a75f5324

Hi, I am looking for a for a guy, who is honest, trustworthy, independent, mature and organized. And a guy who is looking for a serious relationship.

I am born and raised in HK, late 20s, 164cm height, non smoking, social drinker, love food. I am independent, quiet but I can be talkative if we have the connection. I am spontaneous, have been living my life without any plan for years, so it would be nice if you are well planed and organized.

I love having my personal space and I respect yours as well. I am loyal and I expect the same thing from you.

Cant think of anything else for now, please send me a message if you are interested to know me more, looking forward to! :)

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***A sporty, artsy and smart lady looking for partner to enjoy life --

Ref ID: a4199d32-3b57-4264-832e-8a9a307a1945

I am an overseas-educated Chinese lady with multi-culture exposures in my forties (a young looking forty-ish). I lived in North America for many years before returning to Hong Kong for work. I am happy with my life in general but my last relationship didn’t quite work out as I wish it would be. After a period of reflection, I am now ready to look for some new experiences with someone special and hopefully it will make life more fun and rewarding for both you and I. It’s OK for us to start as friends and we go from there. I’d much prefer to take things easy and let things evolve as naturally as possible.

My friends say I am open-minded, adventurous, inquisitive and compassionate. I enjoy many things in life including sports (especially water sports like swimming and wakeboarding), arts, music, travel and good food ( I am equally comfortable eating at a simple café and going for fine dining). The perfect weekend for me would be a mix of exercises (go on a hike or gym or swimming or just have a stroll close to nature) and quieter engagements such as watching a movie or making a nice home meal. I am easy and not fussy. I am sensitive but not clingy. I enjoy finer things in life but I am also very down-to-earth.

Please don’t apply if you/you are —
Hate animals or think it’s perfectly alright to eat shark-fin
A heavy smoker or drinker
Would like your lady to commit before even meeting me
Just work, eat and sleep and have very little interest in the world around you
Have very low hygiene standard and think it’s OK not washing your hands after going to restroom
A negative person
Not financially independent

Would like to meet you if you are between 40-60 years old and you are physically healthy. Life is a mixed bag of ups and downs but it’s always nicer being able to share with the right person. I am not looking for a pen-pal so please be prepared to meet me over a coffee if things go right. Love to hear from YOU. Have a good day!

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Looking for a serious relationship

Ref ID: a02efd8e-6ad9-44c2-b6fb-790c38ad37ff

A 30s athletic Chinese woman (165cm/60kg) from Jilin province, working as an English teacher in Kunming (Yunnan Province) for the time being.
I got separated and will be a divorcee soon and have a 13-year-old son schooling in his hometown.
Want a simple and down to earth person to be a lifetime partner and soul mate aging from 25-55
Looking forward to your sincere reply, thanks!

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New start, new beginning

Ref ID: 4c542c90-d2c9-4b92-af21-d3c37f4548fa

Fresh start, recently out of long term relationship, ready to move forward without any baggage.
Caucasus female in late 40's. Well travelled, enjoys the fine things in life but very well balanced and down to earth, enjoys regular sport but not obsessed by it. Good sense of humour. enjoy adventure and challenges, Looking for like minded people, initially for friendship but who knows what will develop.

Please only Caucasus or similar minded people to reply with picture and further information, thanks

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Looking for Mr. Nice Guy

Ref ID: deaa1f19-1dbf-43a3-89c5-a80e00baa2fe

Hi I am an early 30s overseas Chinese girl. I am looking for someone who is like me - kind-hearted, successful career-wise, willing to commit and eventually marry after falling in love with the right person. I prefer someone who speaks good English and is around my age to share similar life stories and interests such as nature, hiking, sports, beaches, baking (?), arts or literature. You name it and I'll be your partner! And yes, I am a brainy chick with a pretty face. I can't wait to hear from you!

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It's tough finding the Right one.

Ref ID: 58349c5d-4dd8-4287-9f66-c3364063eb33


I'm a 29 year old Chinese Engineer in search of Mr Right not Mr Right now.

I'm honest, loyal, caring, sincere and good humoured.

I am tall, slim and my friends tell me I'm attractive - you will have to decide for yourself :-)

I'm looking for a serious and genuine guy to spend my life with, to share the ups and downs.

I love cyclng, running, baking, reading and movies.

Please drop me a line if you would like to get to know each other more.

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i am single mother, ,God fearing

Ref ID: 3f389178-1848-4665-9122-e7ec994c6af4

Hi,,I am looking for Christian guy,,British,😍 for more info we'll get to know more
I will get back to you...thank you Godbless

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Let's see how it works...

Ref ID: 568aad5f-af4d-48ab-9be4-cb45564bf880

Hello there!...I'm, Filipino,38y.o.,caring,loving,separated.I have a son living with my parents in Phil...I am working here in HK for almost 3 yrs.now.

I don't have so much things so describe here publicly.Contact me and to know me more.My number is 64899453.Thanks.

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Looking for the RIGHT WOMAN....

Ref ID: e5e19b3b-baa2-44f4-bbdc-84109652fcfc

I am 49years old man,From Hongkong ,would consider myself to be a very honest and sincere, fun loving, easy going, down to earth and faithful man...I'm a goal oriented man who believes in hard work...I like meeting new people and travel most times for work.I'm that kind of man who respects the value of a home and true love when I see one...i would always want to hurry home after work to spend time with my family......I like going to the gym, the parks, seating on the sea shores, taking a walk in the woods. I'm willing to go an extra mile for true love... In short I would say I'm outgoing and warm-hear ted, I will love to meet a woman WHO WANTS SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!

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Head For The Hills

Ref ID: 889456d5-2cde-4f03-a788-48e8b7e14819

Now the weather's bearable, how about a walk in the country with lunch and a beer at the end of it? With a good chat along the way. Haven't given up on finding a smart, funny, unnattached normal guy over 45 and over five foot eigh in Hong Kong of any nationality..with a pair of stout shoes. Me - tall, blonde and grey-eyed. Low maintenance. Likes a chat and a laugh. Tolerant, kibd and broad church.

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Indonesian looking for western man

Ref ID: 6a0a5f8c-e42b-421c-ac5e-dd115695f2fe

im 25 yearold indonesian looking for western man for dating ,etc ...email me and will tell you detail

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Movie and Weekend Hangouts

Ref ID: 080d851f-7910-4768-a22a-53406f81ed58

Any Cantonese-speaking people out there who enjoy watching movies, checking out different food/restaurants, or just chilling on a Saturday evening? If you're single/unattached, non-smoker, 35-48, who also enjoy the above, please drop me a message!

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young asian girl looking serious man

Ref ID: aff7f8d7-90fe-41ad-be29-2aef1482c1d6

I am a native of Indonesia, Sundanese woman and the age of my 24 years, I'm here looking for someone who intends serious / life companion, which I find a man's attention, patience, love bercanda.lucu, and willing hiking together, and when a day off to spend time with me I do not like people very quiet
~ if someone interested sent me email or whatapp

thanks you

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