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Fall in love....

Posted 08/22/2015

Single Chinese woman in her late 30s. New to Hong Kong. Wants to fall in love with that special one....is it you? write to me.

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Seeking a decent white gentleman for stable LTR

Posted 08/22/2015

​​I am a ​nice and simple Hong Kong born single woman; prefer living in Hong Kong island side.

I am seeking a ​decent white gentleman for stable LTR.​ You are doing pretty well​​, caring, single with no kids, polite, decent, kind, generous, sincere, very successful​, nice, gentle, caring, sane, trusting, trustworthy, etc. ​You are fit, ​​good looking, clean and DD free.​

We go out for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, movies, shopping, travel, nice talking, etc. ​​You can buy me high quality beautiful stuffs, give me the platinum card and bank cards, etc. that those good quality gentlemen can do this for their partners. It's very normal. I am able to relocate and travel with you.

Please provide your real name and send your decent photos, ​address, ​phone number and introduce yourself. I wanna to make sure that you are real for real. ​Thanks for a million.

P.S. I am not looking for any poor dudes or mama's' boys, please move on and find someone else. ​I heard some women had have really bad experiences with those poor men, they require women to pay for the bills​ and some poor guys only seek free of charge slaves for their enjoyment through the dating sites when those poor dudes can provide this. ​Please do not bother me and waste of my time.​ Thanks a lot.

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Genlteman Partner

Posted 08/21/2015

Attractive divorcee seeks gentleman partner who can provide financial stability. In return, devotion and loyalty promised.

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Looking for Friends May be More

Posted 08/18/2015

i am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. Nice personality. Cantonese speaker preferred.
pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested.

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Looking for you!

Posted 08/16/2015

Didnt know finding a partner will be this hard, especially if you're looking for someone you can spend your life with. Anyway I am a, former Model, working in Fashion, Sassy asian lady, I look Latina though. I love travel, sports, socializing and sun tanning.I am in mid 20s and I'm looking for a potential partner in life, preferably Caucasian or Latino, in his mid 30s to 40s, Well rounded guy who loves to travel, stay fit and outgoing. If you are interested dont be shy to message me :)


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Looking for a fun loving, sincere gentleman

Posted 08/12/2015

Hi there,

I am a fun loving, humble, witty (not too cheeky) & well educated woman. Looking for a decent gentleman (might be future partner) who I hope is a sincere, serious, responsible, down to the earth gentleman and has a sense of humor.

If you would like to share your ups & downs (better more laughter) with a nice lady and explore amazing HK together. Do get in touch.

Sincere gentleman is welcome to drop me a note. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers

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A Real Decent Lady Here! "Shall we have cup of coffee first?"

Posted 08/12/2015

am a very decent hk Chinese. Studied & work aboard long time now relacated.

beautiful, caring, sweet & kind. Mature in one sence bit naive in other sense.

fit & quite sporty, 1.65m.

looking for gentlement over 40 to have friendship first then see what it bring us to.
kindly drop me a mail if you are looking for a real decent lady with down to earth personality.

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Looking for good Catholic / Christian guy in 20s or early 30s

Posted 08/10/2015

Hi there, I am a girl around 30, I would like to make some male friends to go out for coffee, tennis, museum, sightseeing and by the time to know each others. I am not sure if anyone has similar value here?

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Shall We Have Cup of Coffee?

Posted 08/10/2015

Hi! I am HK Chinese studied aboard & used to work in several different countries. Now living in HK permanently. Just turn 40, feel enjoy the life even more than before.

To describe myself?
Outlook: Yes! Should be pretty & attractive enough I guess.
(haha, to really enjoy the coffee time the look can't do much right? It's sort of bonus really, but you will have it I believe ;) )
Body Shape: Fit, quite sporty,1.65m, should be good enough too :)
(again coffee time bonus)
Personality: Kind, sweet, mature in one sense but also a bit naïve in other sense. A person can easily to chat with.

Been travel a lot. Last few years far too busy. Think now it's time to meet some new friends. Will see from our friendship can it bring us to anywhere(but not a must)........

If you are 40 plus gentleman(but if you are younger also ok). Interested to have cup of coffee with a nice lady. Kindly drop me a mail. Thank you!

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looking for a nice guy

Posted 08/09/2015

I'm over 40 years old, beautiful, Hongkonger.
Looking for someone to share and build relationship, am looking for a mature man, who I can spend the rest of my life.
If there are any single guy looking for a beautiful woman between the ages 35 to 60 years...pls drop me a line☺


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A sweet local lady looking for a mature white gentleman

Posted 08/04/2015

Hi! Everyone
I was born here in Hong Kong. I am in my 30s. I am slim, petite, well-educated. I like reading and running in my spare time. I would love to meet a nice white guy and see how it goes....We could be friends, or more....who knows.........

I am more into a white guy who is over 40 years old, well-eductaed, smart and intelligent so that I can learn a lot from him.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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True Love,

Posted 08/04/2015

Hi, i am searching for a handsome man who will accept me and love me just the way i am and not for any other thing else. I am honest, gentle and easy to mingle with. It is true that i am not in Hongkong at the moment but i will like to meet someone from here because I love Hongkong and i want to live there. Please if you are interested please contact me and i will tell you more about me and also share my pictures with you. Thanks.

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Looking for serious relationship or friendship

Posted 08/03/2015

Hellooooo there!!

I'm a local, in my mid-20s.

I like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to human relationship. So to speak, I'm not looking for players, FWB or the kind.

In general, I'm genuine and patient. I'm also a good listener. I like laughing at silly things, working out, watching movies and travelling. I like eating, too. I enjoy exploring places for awesome food.
Besides, I love children and dogs.

If I'm the kind of person that you'd like to hang out with and that you're genuine, please drop me a line.

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Posted 08/02/2015

I'm a HC professional who's in her mid 30s, originally from HK, but have spent some good years living in the UK, so probably not the typical local girl you might expect to meet. I'm petite, but reasonably fit and attractive; bubbly, with a great sense of humour. I enjoy watching movies, cooking, and entertaining friends when I'm at home, but I also like outdoor activities such as swimming, snowboarding. I like to travel and experience different cultures too.

I'm looking for somebody who is in his mid 30s to late 40s, single, honest, caring, and emotionally stable; most importantly, somebody who would like to share his food, dreams, and fun adventures with me.

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New in HK

Posted 08/01/2015

Hello, I am pretty new in HK that has many things to do and people to meet. Now, I would like to meet a gentleman who I can imagine a future with. I am Asian in my early 30's and like healthy life style. People tell me I am classy and sexy(body and soul, I guess;). I will be attracted to you if you have good manners and big heart. Intelligence and a sense of humour will make you even more attractive.

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Petite Sweetheart Looking for Mr. Right

Posted 08/01/2015

Local Chinese in late 30's, currently working in estate management industry. I'm petite (5'3", look younger than my age, easy on the eyes. Non drinker and non smoker.

In my spare time I practise yoga, enjoy quiet moment at home, dining out with friends for laughter, and a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe.

I'm search of a man that is ready to settle, age between 35-55, easy on the eyes, warm, caring and understanding, non smoker.

Thank you and have a nice day! :)

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Looking for.serious and longterm relationship

Posted 07/29/2015

Hi i'm from philippines.. 29 years old I am single never been married and don't have kids yet..I am here in hk for almost two years for.a job...
I don't have a perfect body..but I have.. Rather say a caring hearth though..
Well I am looking for.a.guy who is honest..and will love the way I am..

Hope to here from you right man..

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Ready to date a man

Posted 07/25/2015

Hi, I am Chinese female, 35, who enjoys outdoor activities and some quiet time at home. I am happy to date a single man who has a tick for some of the following attributes :
- Non-smoker (a MUST)
- Honest, sincere, and love to share
- Think positively
- Have a sense of humour
- Enjoy outdoor activities
- Commit to well-defined personal goals
- Tall (not shorter than me or 5'5'')
- Age between 30-40
- Australian accent
- Love animals
- Have no children

Ready to talk?

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Looking for good Catholic/Christian guy under 32 years old

Posted 07/25/2015

Hi there, I am local girl around 30, I don't have many friends in Hong Kong after returned from overseas, hope I can meet a nice guy by channce and know each others more ^.^

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Looking for a genuine and decent Westerner- serious relationship <3

Posted 07/22/2015

Hi, I am a 28 years old local professional - born, study and work in HK, just sometimes need business trips in the Asia region. I look young and quite petite, a slim figure of 5 feet tall.

I would like to have a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. I like tall and handsome Caucasian guy. I am a simple woman, getting married with the one I love and who love me too is what I dream about since small.

It's really difficult to get to know a decent Westerner and I don't like nightlife in pubs or clubs. Would like to give it a try at here. No gamers or scammers please.

The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. <3

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