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Searching for a nice guy...

Ref ID: b17b011a-a39c-4570-b6c5-8fec3dfe1a41

Hi! Im filipina 34 Y.O, looking for someone who will love me. Im simple loving.. I love music, watching movie! Im sweet and honest!!!

I will love you and will take care of you :-)...

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find a steadfast,hardworking, kind and warm companion

Ref ID: 3c1d986d-95f0-486f-acb4-8a7b08ff0887

Hi, I've been single for 15 years. I am a 50-year-old Chinese woman. I have no family burden, my kids are all grown up and have left to deal with their own lives. I own a small shop in Kowloon.
I'm healthy, kind, hardworking and clever, my appearance is comfortable.
I hope to find a steadfast, kind and warm companion.

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Ref ID: 8b11bcdf-4597-4c54-8b23-be5fa29b1dd6

I'm a HC professional who's in her mid 30s, originally from HK, but have spent some good years living in the UK, so probably not the typical local girl you might expect to meet. I'm petite, but reasonably fit and attractive; bubbly, with a great sense of humour. I enjoy watching movies, cooking, and entertaining friends when I'm at home, but I also like outdoor activities such as swimming, snowboarding. I like to travel and experience different cultures too.

I'm looking for somebody who is in his mid 30s to late 40s, single, honest, caring, and emotionally stable; most importantly, somebody who would like to share his food, dreams, and fun adventures with me.

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wanna join

Ref ID: b9a7531c-2943-412b-b9c2-b629d98cf91e

hi,dear friend. me and my beautiful girl are yound and good people, we want to try some fun together. would you like to join us.

tell me more about you.we will choose.

thank you,leave me your contact.

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Winter is coming

Ref ID: 80683bce-8844-4431-9098-b052fde7e07a

Winter is just around the corner.

I'm seeking a nice gentleman to cuddle with to keep each other warm and sharing quality times. Get in touch if you're looking for warmth this winter too.

Me: Lovely local woman , aged: 38, educated and having an office work, sporty, too for many outdoor activities, e.g. Cycling, swimming, hiking and boating trips.

Waiting for your responses. Thank you !

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Looking for a serious relationship or partner

Ref ID: 322f0810-57e8-459d-bbb7-48c4728bf422

Local 42 Chinese lady. Educated and easy-goging. Spent much time on work and lost a lot chance in the past. It's time to look for a nice gentleman with charming smile and heart. Please message me with your photo if you are wanna explore the new friendship or life with me. Thanks.

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Fall in love....

Ref ID: acaf58fc-dc10-4b4f-8667-146b004f4f30

Single Chinese woman in her late 30s. New to Hong Kong. Wants to fall in love with that special one....is it you? write to me.

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Looking for long term relationship

Ref ID: b63667f2-4a99-4f0a-be22-1fb58616ba21

I'm a nice and attractive Chinese woman in my 30s. I have lived overseas, in both North America and South East Asia for over 12 years before I moved to Hong Kong recently. I have enjoyed every city I stayed in and cherished all different life experience under different culture.

I am passionate, positive and taking good care of myself. I like workout, travels, cooking and exploring all different new things in life.

I am looking for some one who is open minded, positive, caring and warm-hearted. I'm looking for developing long term relationship with some one with the same mindset.

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Looking for a real and long term relationship

Ref ID: 88ff635b-7bd5-437c-9fdd-6e37523707af

Hi , I am a typically Chinese lady who born in HK. I am about 1.72 m tall and slim and 40 yrs old I am outgoing, love to travel and looking for a man who is already based in HK coz I don't believe long distance relationship. One Important message is the man must be single as I won't consider any married men or with girl friend. I wish to spend my weekends and holidays with the one I love. For example, we can go movie, hiking, dinning and travelling together.

Please drop me a message if you think we can click in.

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Do things together /loves to travel anytime, anywhere

Ref ID: 47ac4d25-9018-43fd-ac8c-6d0577428f9e

42yo Very independent, well educated and attractive lady;)

Spontaneous, straight forward, Sincere & caring.

Looking for a well educated, good looking Caucasian gentleman;) 42 to 55yo.

No married man please!

Like to exchange photos before meeting;)

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Looking for stable relationship

Ref ID: ea73da9e-da52-47a3-aeb8-b61ce3bea9a4

Hi All, I am a 30 year old Chinese lady. I am elegant and caring. I like playing piano, listening to music, travel, movies. I am looking for a partner to explore with you about this..........

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Forty-one Woman with Empty Boat Seeks Gentleman Campanion to Make Boat Less Empty

Ref ID: f84d9db1-7bc6-4a3b-a088-4c89cfa2aedb

First off, I’m 41 lady, very fit, and a little obsessed with skating. I’m also a teacher with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in HK. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain.

Co-captain requirement include:

•must be over 32;

•not required to laugh at my jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them;

•must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook;

•physical dimensions are irrelevant;

•must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies;

•must be patient with a teacher’s unpredictable schedule;

•must have brilliant mind of his own.

I love religion and Romania...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a handsome man with a goofy laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports.

I want my lover to be my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my bracelets (those things are impossible).

Cheers to you.

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Ref ID: cba082a0-af0e-4f03-9530-bd3cd9530cd4

- Chinese by blood, born in Manila
- independent, caring, sweet & thoughtful
- in HK often at least once a month for business
- I own and run my own business so pretty much financially independent
- Non smoker, non drinker, no drugs
- in the gym 4-5 times a week
- lived in the U.S. for several years so I am more westernized, open minded and straight forward
- Love to travel somewhere new every month if possible!
- very much into adrenaline pumping activities such as white river rafting, paragliding, etc.
- 37, 5'4, fit, classy and intelligent
- never married, no kids
- looking for something serious that hopefully leads to marriage, if not I'm happy to make new friends!
- not into branded bags, jewelry, etc. I'd rather invest in property

- Single/ divorced , preferably no kids
- Loves to travel
- kind, loyal, family man
- not an alcoholic/ drug addict
- financially independent
- ideally aged 35-50, fit and taller than me

Will be in HK on Wednesday onwards, so it would be great to grab a drink!
Please message me, I'd be glad to send photos!

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The Girl Next Door

Ref ID: 2a1e5341-02d9-489e-a48f-d8fd7c5f91c7

I'm a local Chinese girl 32 yrs old return for good to HK from Australia 5yrs ago.

I hold strong Asian values though I'm western mind and grew up educated in the West. I'm a family gal who is very attached to my family. Maybe an ideal partner could be Italian? I'm a very straight forward type of person no drama no religious. I enjoy working hard, play harder, and learn hardest. Have been focusing too long on my personal development and hobbies learning. Have been single for a long time since the last relationship which last 7yrs but ended 4 yrs ago.

I enjoy movies, opera, theatres, reading, jogging, dog walking, dining out, traveling, and learn new things which gives me passion and grow and be better!

I hope to find a companion who could possibility develop into a serious long term relationship. I'm tall 172cm and slim build.

Happy new year!

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Love, Dating, Relationship, Marriage- Caucasian gentleman

Ref ID: f2207a3f-33ff-4d3e-8863-e794331238e6

Hi, I am a simple local HK woman, 28 years old
I look young, slim, petite and sweet :)

I dont need a man to carry my handbag. Ladies' feminine handbags are designed to be carried by woman.
I dont like and I dont wear Pandora.
I like walking on grass, taking ferry and enjoying sea breeze everyday after work.
I love eating, travelling and writing.
I like Westerners.
I want to be in love and spend quality time with you.

looking for a genuine Caucasian gentleman for relationship, about 28-40 years old.
I may consider for guys <45 yo, if you still look young, I dont want to look like having huge age difference in appearance.
Even if we cant make it, it's still good to be friends, but no players or gamers please, thanks.

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Looking for friendship or serious relationship

Ref ID: 62645029-3829-4506-9995-7e3419188807

Hi, I am a locallly born Chinese in my 30 and looking for friendship or more. I am nice, considerate and traditional. I like cooking, music, chating and meeting new people.

Pls reply with yr whatsapps number.

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Ref ID: 94337028-dfe1-4557-b9f5-db877f01e10d

looking for someone to meet sometimes about me indonesian small ,cute people said

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a nice & handsome Caucasian gentleman

Ref ID: 71dbbfa3-ead2-4074-8b32-b08b033881d0

I am a local woman, I am simple. I am looking for a nice & handsome Caucasian gentleman and see how it goes.

You are single, generous, caring, gentle, etc.

We may go out, dinners, drinks, movies, etc. and visit some nice places in Hong Kong.

Please reply with your tel no. so we can talk instead of typing words. Thanks.

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Sexy Down to Earth Hong Kong Girl enjoying time

Ref ID: 5dabf691-0c5d-439f-b283-9d6160725b8f

I'm a Down 2 Earth Hong Kong girl that enjoys the simple things in life. I love to spend time with mature gentleman who have time and company they desire. I'm a respectful lady, give me a ring on numbers on pics Lillian.eliteyouth.hk.

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Who is free to meet at Xmas holidays?

Ref ID: 945917e5-6298-4d54-bc54-f4865998449d

Hi there, I am local girl with overseas studies experience. I want to find some events or meetings with new friend around late 20s or early 30s and meet at Xmas holidays? Even going to church mass together is fine too, anyone want to join me?

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