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Our ears are like our rador for hearig sounds from far. Hearing is a very sensitive sense. We hear sounds and also silence. When ther's too much noise, it's hard to hear one voice. If we could listen to music all day long, we would learn the words to every song! Our ears are for hearing what's around us, and also for listening to what's inside us. Morning brings a happy noise, the sound of birds chirping, singing their joys!
By the way, what is your name? :)))

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Are you spontaneous?

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Are you spontaneous enough to grab coffee with me? Attractive Asian woman seeks a Western man, between 27-40, for friendship or more.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

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I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice autumn time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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I heard - Hong Kong's shortage of women has forced men to turn to desperate.. Really?

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<p><br /><br />Hi there - I am a HK Chinese lady, early-40s. Tall, apparently quite OK looking! Have been in HKsince 70s and Iam looking to meet someone with good heart, charming and with sexappeal to me, maybe dinner and possibly more. Maybe nothing - we just simply go to church and worship GOD.Just as happy going to a movie as well as nice restaurant. Ididn't work muchand I seldom travel lately. You will be gentleman,caring and well educated with wisdom and courage. I know there is someone perfect out there - isthat you?<br /><br /></p>

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this chilling winter time.

If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

It's better if you could speak Cantonese, or it's fine too if you do not mind my broken English.

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impression - intellect, feelings, conscience

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fresh, stylish, fashionable.. quite outgoing but i could spend all day at a library. ... gentlemen are hard to come by these days.. to be honest, i'm looking for a special one for marriage..... ........................ . .

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Any chivalry in HK

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I am so positive about chivalry, people always do to me. However nowadays too many news reflecting the fading of chivalry.

Simple, funny, cute, sexy, intellectual conversation, write to me if you are looking for these.

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I'm looking for a guy.

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His name is Alex. He is forty something. We met in Las Vegas on Labor day weekend. He stayed at the Paris hotel and had a late Sunday fight home to Chicago.

When I saw him, he had two friends with him, as well as his brother who had bleach blond hair. He goes to Loyola and I think he is taking Business Management or Investment.

If it helps, Rick Foxm, formerly of the LA Lakers is my brother.

Please contact me for any information. Berry, Strawberry

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need serious and long term relationship

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I need serious and long term relationship if u want to know about me just contact at 53475359

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The future is now

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I am a fun loving Chinese woman in the early 40&#39;s. Been working hard in my early years and now realise it&#39;s time to slow down and take in life from a different angle. Looking for a companion to take that journey with me and and generally enjoy life. I am open minded and up for adventure. I have traveled and lived overseas, open to new things and different cultures.

I am 5&quot;4 -5&quot;6 heels on or off. People have described me as soft and slender, we all have different ways to describe ourselves, the only way to find out is to reach out and find out for yourself.

Though spending more time at the gym, I love a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Looking for a guy who will share my values of life. I believe in chemistry, so lengthy description is not necessary. :)

My values of life - balance (wip), live life fully by keep experiencing, open-minded, no regrets, be happy, and have a great sense of humour appropriately. Be real, honest and trustworthy.

If I caught your attention, you know what to do! Let&#39;s live in the now. ;)

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Merry Xmas

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Merry Xmas to you all who read this advertising, I am a girl in age 30 , I am looking for a nice guy around my age or younger ones who want to meet during this holiday? Just want to meet in real and know each others more, or join gathering together with our friends :) My hobbies are ballet, tennis, reading, sightseeing, cooking. Hope I can get some reply.

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two less lonely people in the world...

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why are you reading this ad here? it must be serendipity.

would like to seek someone for an intellectual conversation over a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine, especially during this festive season.

i'm a local chinese women in her late 30s', looking for a single, unattached gentlemen to start as a friend and potentially for a long term relationship. cantonese speaking preferred. if you enjoy hiking, travel, movies and trying out new restaurants, i'll make a good company.

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I saw you infront of Fringe Club/FCC today, please contact the black dress girl

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I walked passed the busy junction towards Fringe Club/FCC today(Mon), around 6:30pm. Me in black dress and you in light blue shirt and dark brown trousers. Our eyes met for a split seconds and I hop into a taxi.... I like to see you again. No serious relationship, but to have a nice relaxing drinks and chat after work hours. Please contact. No time waster please. I will ask for a photo before we meet up. Thanks.

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Looking for my sunshine

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Hi I am a single lady love traveling, love cooking , explore new things, enjoy cuddle on the sofa in the cozy place with someone special. You - kind-hearted, open minded, sense of humor, love traveling. Not knowing can find anything here just give it a try. Please write me if you are my Sunshine, xoxo

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