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New Life

Ref ID: a4100c50-e787-4e08-8459-2c440080635f

I am late 20, 164cm tall and born in hk. It may be a bit awkward to say i am not a typical HK lady and I think respect is very important nowadays. Just end up a decade relationship and I think it's about time to keep my head up. Hope i am lucky enough to find a company to share life. Please drop me a note if you don't mind to start from friendship.

Look forward to hearing from you ^-^

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New friends .. may be more soon..

Ref ID: 34bb8627-cc88-450c-8c9c-ca6df3f9ea40

Hi all,

I am not sure what to say in this ad as I am a bit new here. I am a sincere, easy going and kind and well educated lady who are always strive her best to work hard in life. About me, I like jogging, swimming, piano, cooking and traveling.Sometimes, I may go out to have a glass of wine and really enjoy my life.

In my middle thirty, what I am looking for is new page of life, adventure and love. Someone who can cherish, share, to give and take and understand the nature of love. I am not forcing myself to love or marry anybody. I do believe there must be someone out there what love is, life partner is. I hope he can be my best friend and lover later, everything should be come in natural. I am looking for friendship in the beginning, if there is strong bond between us, we may move and more and more........what do you think ?

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Seeking adventure for LTR

Ref ID: c0cecfb7-2899-449c-bc26-db852a98a59b

Single beautiful woman self employed, considered nice sweet, open minded, definitely not party animal, but would love to join yours...right now is seeking a nice guy for LTR, I am looking for a single gentleman with passion for life, adventurous, spontaneus, funny and caring. Somebody that doesn't take himself too seriously and that would like to explore the chances of meeting someone special. Thank you! :)

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Looking for true love

Ref ID: 82c99f6f-37e6-4781-969d-48de4f81c107

I am emotionally expressive and share my feelings. The big picture is what i interests most, and i like to assemble facts and focus on larger concepts. When i make decisions, i often think things through very carefully, weighing all the options before deciding what to do. People are important to me and i prefer to build intimate attachments with others, connecting on a deeply personal level.

Agreeable and unassuming, i can be very intuitive, and I generally prefer win-win situations that protect social harmony. I am very good at reading people, and this includes facial expressions as well as vocal inflections.

I tend to be curious and creative, optimistic and generous. I have lots of energy and i like to spend my time seeking out new things. I avoid routine and really enjoy surprises. I am creative and curious and flexible, which makes me very adaptable to almost any situation.

When it comes to love i am a die-hard romantic, and i must have depth and meaning in my relationships.i like heart-to-heart exchanges that explore personal philosophies, goals, ethical dilemmas, and the meanings behind art, music, poetry or some other abstracs topics I am emotionally expressive and want my partner to share his genuine self with me. I also admire people who make plans and schedules. And I am attracted to a mate with a fixed moral compass. Moreover, for me, love must be embedded in a stable long-term relationship beginning with a march down the aisle. Most important, to balance my imaginative and supple spirit, i gravitate to people who know their own mind, make decisions quickly, focus on one thing at a time and can provide a stable home. And i can be very sensitive to my mate, communicating my emotions clearly and tenderly..

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Looking for Friendship and May Be More

Ref ID: 12ff2f48-b91a-402f-8f4b-3537818dff19

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this chilling winter time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me. It's better if you could speak Cantonese, or it's fine too if you do not mind my broken English.

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nothing in particular

Ref ID: 20025435-40a8-4a3b-8676-346a2e44ae2f

just looking for someone to have fun with sometimes,if you are looking for the thing msg me.

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willing to go with flow ??....

Ref ID: c1906e98-9e41-4a7a-bdf9-950a60713594

I'm not young -- but I look at least 10yrs younger than I should be
I'm not a fashion icon - but I dressed in good taste
I'm not a super model - but I'm quite eye catching
I'm not a smooth talker - but I'm genuine
I'm not rich - but I have a stable job and supporting myself easily
I'm not single - but I'm stuck into a fake marriage , looking for a way out and yet , I would like to live our my life . I surely need some care from a man . Not looking for hit and run.
If you don't mind to start as a friend and u don't mind to go with flow without any commitment . If you are non-local and you are interested to know me more , message me ......
you would like to be with me

Cheers .....

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Looking for overseas chinese guy friend in late 20s to early 30s age group

Ref ID: 244ad459-bafb-46ee-9299-5172019f6d2e

Hi there, I am local girl with some overseas studies experience, I want to explore my life circle to know some overseas Chinese guy friend to go out together. Perhaps I can meet one from here?

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I don't care what you earn, where you live, whether you're fat or thin, tall or short, handsome or average, rich or poor, smart or not.

Ref ID: 407a9778-7a35-4881-9eb9-0f1f5c66c70e

If you're my friend, I accept you for who you are, and that's all that matters! Mellory

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Ref ID: 644ff46b-98f7-4e42-bd37-22e0f5b40a9e

HI I am a Euraisan, born and raised in HK, looking for a soulmate, partner, companion to share some moments of intimacy......I love reading, dancing, painting and interesting conversation....I am a contrarian.......and been well travelled, very original, organic by nature, my favourite novelist is Haruki Murakami, and I speaks 4 languages.......if you have any interest to share your thoughts, or catch a dream in the Bahamas....perhaps at good moments, I may even share some of my most intriguing thoughts...

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Looking for someone tolerating with patience

Ref ID: 9846736e-5f0f-4a9c-9cac-b5711a928ab6

Hi am here seeking for serious relationship...even friendship is also okay. Am 31 single Chinese girl. Don't bother to contact me if you are for fun, over 41, separated or only date Asian girls.

What I am looking for in a life partner in crime: gentle, having a good heart, respectful to women who are independent, career success isn't my concern but it would be best if he's doing what he likes. Btw I don't only date gwailo, I don't date color but prefer someone open mind yet down to earth. I am a christian but open-minded...I won't give up my religion btw.

Thanks for the reading.

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Nice lady looking for a nice man

Ref ID: 4745cb63-3d34-422e-bfdd-37ee49fa377e

Am 1m, 70 been told that i look nice and attractive, divorced but looking for a second chance.
Open minded mature lady,well educated,independant,pleasant outlook.Most importantly good personality,trusthworthy and sincere.
I love people who have a sense of homour and enjoy life.I like people who are sincere,but do not like fake and pretentious.Work quite long hours so don't really get chance to meet people. Would love to meet some friends,love,maybe more...
Of course starting a good fiendship is the most basic
Please drop me a line and i'll get back to you soon.

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Looking for...

Ref ID: 2ea2ca79-b318-4049-8081-2a65a1fa0cb9

I am a recently single, 45-year-old, blonde, feminine, left-leaning, thoughtful, fit and healthy Australian women with a serious dress fetish. My passions in life are travel (active and independent travel), photography (Canon all the way) and cooking (currently trying to perfect my steak technique and a good chocolate tart).

I am looking for a good food-loving, travel-hungry, kind, confident, emotionally stable, happy and single man who has a strong sense of self, a good sense of humour and loves political discussions, especially in between long, lazy, groping sessions.

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need serious and long term relationship

Ref ID: dbfa4647-eda9-4f33-8076-e8ea81e2dea7

I need serious and long term relationship if u want to know about me just contact at 53475359

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Looking for honest and caring person

Ref ID: db2848e3-eb83-4e4e-a820-ebada84447e8

I'm looking for a person with whom you can build a harmonious and loving family. I was born raised in a good ways of life and not in anyway Rude. I would like to meet a person who wants to start a family, a man who knows how to respect and appreciate a woman. I am looking for my life companion and for my best friend for the whole life. I am sure that I am ready to make an important step in my life such as marriage. I want that will happen to me only once and for ever. I need a strong shoulder next to me who will support me in anything. From my side I also am willing to become a good friend and sincere soul mate for my beloved. I am sure that there will be too many difficulties and obstacles on the life road but I think we both will be strong enough to overcome them all. please am interested in men from 35+

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A good looking caucasian with a good sense of humour

Ref ID: bc069361-479f-4172-a797-0e15335cb339

HI there, are there any tall male caucasians out there wishing to meet a female caucasian?
It seems that most men are not interested in caucasian women. Most caucasians in HK (most, not all) want child-like females. hmmm... I wonder why. No need to wonder we know the answer.

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I noticed you noticing me

Ref ID: b0f129c5-f6c4-4e5d-bb9c-1fc487317dd2

I noticed you noticing me so I just wanted to put on noctice that I noticed you too.

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Shall We Have Cup of Coffee?

Ref ID: 7f6be0ba-a941-4c13-9076-462c6d2bc7ba

Hi! I am HK Chinese studied aboard & used to work in several different countries. Now living in HK permanently. Just turn 40, feel enjoy the life even more than before.

To describe myself?
Outlook: Yes! Should be pretty & attractive enough I guess.
(haha, to really enjoy the coffee time the look can't do much right? It's sort of bonus really, but you will have it I believe ;) )
Body Shape: Fit, quite sporty,1.65m, should be good enough too :)
(again coffee time bonus)
Personality: Kind, sweet, mature in one sense but also a bit naïve in other sense. A person can easily to chat with.

Been travel a lot. Last few years far too busy. Think now it's time to meet some new friends. Will see from our friendship can it bring us to anywhere(but not a must)........

If you are 40 plus gentleman(but if you are younger also ok). Interested to have cup of coffee with a nice lady. Kindly drop me a mail. Thank you!

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looking for friends,companionship or serious relationship

Ref ID: 8d4789c9-ed89-4655-aa49-ea16d74ddf9c

Hi,i am filipina working here in hk for awhile as a Helper.im looking for a friends,company or serious relationship.im 32 years of age.i am average person,petite with medium lenght hairs.a bit big eyes with big smile.They said im cute.Im here because its hard for me to meet man here in hk as im always busy at my work and always in travel with my employers family.
I love kids,cooking,outdoor activities like hiking,beach,walking,dancing and travelling,wishing to meet a nice and genuine man in this site.im always open in any possibilities,i am straight forward person and i like to meet an honest person.Pls no married man as i dont get involved with someone who is married.I am independent person im not looking for a sugar daddy,im living in simple life and enjoying every little things,i enjoy laughing,i go to church in my day off and meet friends after if my friends are not around i usually join in a hike group.but missing to spend sometime to someone to kisses and cuddles,its good to have someone to stay in weekend at night and watch movie together or do anything.
if you dont care my job and my race drop me a line..Ps im always attractive with a man who have blue eyes😊 and tell a lil bit about yourself.thank u.

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looking for good husband

Ref ID: 1152fc9c-70fb-48a2-b4f1-40d2c0ca138f

Hi guys! I am a attractive Filipina that has been working in Hong Kong for almost two years.
I've come to a point in my life where I want to find the right man to share my happiness and love for life. I am looking forward to settling down, marrying, and raising a family. Please send only serious replies . I guarantee you will not be disappointed...treat me well and be devoted, and I will treat you like a king!

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