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Looking for my half

Posted 06/22/2015

I'm single "turning 31 " 164 cm tall" 105 lbs" slim athletic body , chinky eyes FILIPINA.... Few things I can' describe about myself .. Am straight forward .FUnny and I love to laugh out loud .. Don't care what people say , I'm very passionate woman . Submissive and love being dominated . Spontaneous type " versatile " and one thing I hate is I don't like being treat like a princess, if I can' do it then I would do ...love to see myself serving a man rather than serving myself . I love being appreciated and I I just have a simple happiness in life and life is short .. So just grabbing all the opportunities and spending happy moments in my life.with out hurting anyone . ... Impossible could be possible but maybe He's looking for me too ...?!!!!!! Nothing to ask for a loving and sincere man " the guy that could be my King .... Priceless .

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Antidote1984 here ...

Posted 06/20/2015

Hi here " (: what to say ? Looking for my half " I guess . Someone who's the same page with me .. Don't want to play at all .. A passionate and loving man I need .. Loves to laugh and could be silly funny .. Why not .. I don't believe in courting anyway . just love me now and court me for ever .. Am 31 " single " Filipina slim athletic " see how this site will offer to me .. Let's talk " and hit me a message

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finding someone serious to explore, to share and to celebrate life together

Posted 06/19/2015

I am 31, born and raised here, working on my own creative business

I am affectionate, passionate, sensitive and honest, love arts, nature, traveling, cooking and workout

I take good care of myself, both physically and spiritually

lacking luck meeting someone as a life partner so far

Looking forward hearing from you, so that we could get to know each other :)

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Posted 06/16/2015

need some excitement lonely heart looking for similar situation

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Looking for a serious relationship or marriage

Posted 06/16/2015


I am an well educated, fun loving woman who wants to meet a decent gentleman who is sensible, sincere, responsible & mature. Who likes to have laughter, connection & shares the ups & downs (hope mostly laughter) in HK. Enjoy life and live our precious life to the fullest.

Please drop me a line if interested. Thank you

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A Wonderful Handsome UHNW White Gentleman : Beacause of True Love?

Posted 06/15/2015

The sky brings me into your life with your loyal love & warmest heart; distance is not an issue. It doesn't matter where are you located. I don't mind to move out of Hong Kong & relocate to somewhere​ very safe, clean, beautiful, warm, cozy & peaceful for marriage; travel & stay in different nice homes, 5 stars hotels & beautiful places. I am looking for a ​wonderful handsome UHNW white gentleman who I can rely on, ready for a beautiful marriage very soon & then a healthy family. You can protect, cherish & spoil me; most of all truly love me unconditionally ​​of who I a​​m & whatever the mood I am in.

​You have the excellent husband materials so you ​will become my really nice husband as far as you can treat me very well. You are trustworthy, you are a real 100% kind & respectful gentleman. You can do what I need & want with prompt fast ​actions take & good intentions. You can treat me as your first priority. You have the understanding of monogamous & commitment.​ You keep promises.

​-- It's so yucky ! Many creepy pigs or male sluts who like to mess up & cheat. I don't seek somebody to cry for, don't care & listen too much of those cheap cowards' full of empty words & excuses for themselves. I do not have any Indian, Black, ​South / West / ​​Southeast Asian descent'​, traditions & cultures - no need; nor with any illegal immigrants' illegal activities. --

•• I am ••​
•• I am very single, a Hong Kong born Asian women in 40's year old, I've never been married with no kids. I am honest, beautiful, attractive, nice, straight, worth loving, affection, family oriented. I look ​​younger than my actual age probably with genes related.

​•• ​​​​​​​​I am 5'5" tall with​ a trendy short haircut, dark-brown blue colored eyes & a proportional slender body shape. ​I am comfortable in casual clothing to elegant feminine stylish style. I could be the 9 in the room, depends on what I wear​​ but I am not in the limelight showing off.

•• I am located in a clean & good side on Hong Kon​​g Island close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cozy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I love caring for & playing with a family's beautiful & cute little sweetheart with her liveliness & quiet both as far as she is happy​ & beloved but I am not a house keeper. I don't seem to have too much sports energy & genes, nor with underdogs / top dogs.

•• I like ​​simple-classic-elegant-chic custom design, fine arts, antiques​​ & collectibles​, ​high quality & beautiful things, jewelry, ​​​perfume, flowers, SPA, shopping, techno light music, cinema, ​yachts, ​etc.

•• I have table manners. ​​I like to cook sometimes, I may cook good tasty foods. I like dining out at different good restaurants. I like various types of Western & Asian foods (not too oily, too spicy or too sweet - not vegetarian & no weird foods), healthy & refreshing drinks, sorbet, ​herbs, fresh fruits & juice.​​

​•• I am healthy, DD free, a non-smoker & not into drugs. I drink occasionally at the gatherings (just a glass of wine / beer / a good cocktail). I am not an alcoholic because I don't suffer from alcoholism. ​​I wouldn't be keen to enjoy ​​very noisy crowds.
•• ​I am not interested in getting involved with extra-marital affairs, gay matters, political allies, protests, wars, political issues, racism problem, religions matters, wild & weird animals, worrisome financial problems & terrorist groups.​ I am an agnostic. I am not preaching to the converted.​​ Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, climbing, hiking, camping, hunting, dangerous activities, weird & wild events​.​​

​•• I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in ​Europe, Australia, USA, etc.​ ​I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.​ ​I wouldn't be keen to live in say the locations of ​war zone, ​thugs, bone-chilling cold, ​snowy mountains​, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.

•• You are ••​

​​•• You are an agnostic, white, genuine, handsome, clean cut, good teeth, clean shaven, at least 6 ft tall, age 40-50's. ​​You are healthy, DD free, non smoker, not a drug user. You ​are not a huge fan of sports & don't follow those underdogs / top dogs. You ​work out but you are not a gym-head or a yoga's bad brain. You are not a disabled person. You do not often hang out in nightlife districts, not a macho heavy drinker. You are not a workaholic.

​•• ​You we​​ar what you like to wear but keep it men's style, comfortable, decent, tidy, suitable, casual or classy as far as you feel comfortable & look good but you are not into a beard fashion. You are athletic, don't have too much abdominal fat.

​•• ​You are very single without a certain amount of emotional baggage. You are heterosexual - a one woman man, uncomplicated, affectionate, courteous, respectful, reliable, emotionally mature & mentally stable, loyal, marriage minded with a positive direction, very supportive, generous, gentle, romantic. You are easy going, loving, caring & understanding. You are easy to talk to but also serious. You are family oriented with moral; you can respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.​​
••​ ​You ​are ​financially extremely secured & strong. You can ​arrange the ​supplementary Centurion card & bank cards delivered to me in Hong Kong without delay, share your private wealth & organize the joint bank accounts with me. You assure our family's good prospects & security with your private capital, real estate, trust assets, properties, ​etc. The capital sunk in it is fab in amount. You really can do & guarantee all these.

•• You can buy & redecorate a luxury & valuable waterfront house where I like in Stanley, Repulse Bay, Shek O or South Bay as our HK home. You will appreciate me who can stay at home by being with you. I will hire 2 much better nannies, 1 temporary gardener, 1 better house keeper, 1 safe & responsible private driver in HK so they can help take care of a family.​​
•• You have elite cars​, you buy a new luxury yacht​. ​​​You make a different. You arrange & sign the agreement of a trust fund to secure the future of a family's little sweetheart, you can become Uncle Perfect who can take care & greatly support a little sweetheart. ​You can become a good father, maybe to have our own kid (either a girl / a boy) in the coming future so she / he shall play & learn with you, however it is not a must to have our own kid. It's just an option.

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel to very nice places together where we like to go & live together happily ever after.

Chemistry & attraction has to be there.​ You believe you can be the right man who I described & meet my criteria then you may propose a​​n engagement ring​ & select a pair of wedding rings, process to get married legally & arrange a beautiful wedding.​ We can arrange everything together.
When you reply, please include your real first & last name, tel. no., email address, full contact address, decent photos & tell me more about yourself so I will feel safe & comfortable then I will return mine.​ We can talk on the phone.

​The sky brings us together for our new life. True love is higher than the sky.

•• This ad. is a legit & real marriage ad. No hidden agendas, please. ••

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Looking for a nice high scope white gentleman for LTR

Posted 06/14/2015

Do you ever just meet one person and at first it is awkward then you start talking and it's like "Holy shit where have you been all my life ? "

I am a local woman, nice and simple.​ ​I am looking for a ​nice decent high scope man for LTR.

You know you are doing pretty well, white, single, polite, decent, kind, generous, loyal, very successful​, nice, gentle, caring, loving, stable, trusting, trustworthy, etc. ​You are fit, ​​good looking, ​clean, ​DD free.

​You can buy me nice things and give me the platinum card. We may go out for dinners, lunches, drinks, movies, shopping, travel, etc.

Please send your pic, phone number and introduce yourself. Thank you.

Hope to meeting you in person very soon​.

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Hong Kong lady looking for serious relationship

Posted 06/11/2015

Hong Kong lady , early 30s , petite
Spend last 2 years overseas
Back to home , wanna to be stable , looking for a Mr.Right

Love food Love wine
Opened mind , outgoing

Feel free drop me message

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Posted 06/09/2015

I am a single lady in my late thirties. Anyone fancy a movie or drinks in this early summer time? Please write to me if you are interested! Married or attached men are not welcomed. Single and not attached guys preferred.

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Looking for life partner in Both HK and Japan

Posted 06/06/2015

A successful and pretty Japanese woman is looking for a suitable gentleman as life partner who can live in both HK and Japan. let us enjoy our life and also share our business experience too.
Please drop me a line if you think the same way. Thank you.

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Let's see how it works...

Posted 06/06/2015

Hello there!...I'm, Filipino,38y.o.,caring,loving,separated.I have a son living with my parents in Phil...I am working here in HK for almost 3 yrs.now.

I don't have so much things so describe here publicly.Contact me and to know me more.My number is 64899453.Thanks.

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I'm seeking serious guy

Posted 06/03/2015

hi if interested just msge me

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Looking for gentleman life partner

Posted 06/02/2015

I am a Japanese woman living in Japan. Visit HK often. Looking for a gentleman who has experience in living in Japan and would like to have a warm home in Japan. We can be business and life partner in Both Japan and HK. too.

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It's tough finding the Right one.

Posted 06/02/2015


I'm a 29 year old Chinese Engineer in search of Mr Right not Mr Right now.

I'm honest, loyal, caring, sincere and good humoured.

I am tall, slim and my friends tell me I'm attractive - you will have to decide for yourself :-)

I'm looking for a serious and genuine guy to spend my life with, to share the ups and downs.

I love cyclng, running, baking, reading and movies.

Please drop me a line if you would like to get to know each other more.

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Caring, honest, fun loving, genuine and single - Am I the one you are looking for ?

Posted 06/02/2015


I'm Chinese, 29 years old and a Design Engineer.

I'm tall, slim and my friends tell me I'm attractive - you will have to decide for yourself :-)

I like cycling, running, baking, reading and movies.

I'm looking for a tall, slim active man who can keep pace with me. I want to find that special someone to spend my life with.

I'm an honest, genuine, caring and fun loving person with a good sense of humour.

I'm hoping to find my Mr Right and not Mr Right now, is that you ?

Please drop me a line if you are interested in meeting up and getting to know each other.

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professional dream woman, deep sea astronaut and genrally killing it of life

Posted 06/01/2015

Chinese, Rotterdam, Russian, UK, French background

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looking for a serious relationship

Posted 05/29/2015

Hi, I am looking for a for a guy, who is honest, trustworthy, independent, mature and organized. And a guy who is looking for a serious relationship.

I am born and raised in HK, late 20s, 164cm height, non smoking, social drinker, love food. I am independent, quiet but I can be talkative if we have the connection. I am spontaneous, have been living my life without any plan for years, so it would be nice if you are well planed and organized.

I love having my personal space and I respect yours as well. I am loyal and I expect the same thing from you.

Cant think of anything else for now, please send me a message if you are interested to know me more, looking forward to! :)

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Looking for someone tolerating with patience

Posted 05/28/2015

Hi am here seeking for serious relationship...even friendship is also okay. Am 31 single Chinese girl. Don't bother to contact me if you are for fun, over 41, separated or only date Asian girls.

What I am looking for in a life partner in crime: gentle, having a good heart, respectful to women who are independent, career success isn't my concern but it would be best if he's doing what he likes. Btw I don't only date gwailo, I don't date color but prefer someone open mind yet down to earth. I am a christian but open-minded...I won't give up my religion btw.

Thanks for the reading.

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Girl from Hong Kong looking for nice guy

Posted 05/27/2015

I am a local girl with some overseas studies experience and own different hobbies. I hope to meet someone kind and honest to go out with and know each others more, age under 32, will I have luck to meet him here?

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162cm 55kg 29yr old, healthy and happy. Never cheat.

Posted 05/26/2015

'quite beautiful'(according to friends). Introverted. Cat lover. Movie goer. Can paint and play a little bit of piano. A published poet and award-winning writer some years ago. Favourite books: Diving Bell and Butterfly, Tao Te Ching, Agatha Christie's etc. Favourite films: Avatar, Still Alice, Shawshank Redemption, Gone with the Wind, Imitation Game just to name a few. Well-travelled: London, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Zurich, Arosa, Santis, Luzern, Taipei, Singapore, Soeul. Exercise regularly and health-conscious. Learning snooker. Lives alone with a cat - my beautiful boy. No worries if you don't share anything I like here. I'm open to new ideas. Good listener too. I want a man who shares my values, so that we can support each other along the way. Grow and learn together. Have a fun and happy family.

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