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Any chivalry in HK

Ref ID: 4164a499-03af-46bd-b27e-6fb2264378b3

I am so positive about chivalry, people always do to me. However nowadays too many news reflecting the fading of chivalry.

Simple, funny, cute, sexy, intellectual conversation, write to me if you are looking for these.

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I'm looking for a guy.

Ref ID: 299cb9eb-72bb-4a97-91ea-361d8cb105ef

His name is Alex. He is forty something. We met in Las Vegas on Labor day weekend. He stayed at the Paris hotel and had a late Sunday fight home to Chicago.

When I saw him, he had two friends with him, as well as his brother who had bleach blond hair. He goes to Loyola and I think he is taking Business Management or Investment.

If it helps, Rick Foxm, formerly of the LA Lakers is my brother.

Please contact me for any information. Berry, Strawberry

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need serious and long term relationship

Ref ID: dbfa4647-eda9-4f33-8076-e8ea81e2dea7

I need serious and long term relationship if u want to know about me just contact at 53475359

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

i am a locally born lady in my 30's and would like to look for friendship and may be more. i am nice, simple, fit and a traditional pisces. pls drop me a few lines and let's know each other more on a friday nite for drinks or weekend in such nice autumn time.
welcome to message me if you are single and not attached.

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The future is now

Ref ID: 79ee6e30-1272-4ae4-8e30-8b9b6fe8a561

I am a fun loving Chinese woman in the early 40's. Been working hard in my early years and now realise it's time to slow down and take in life from a different angle. Looking for a companion to take that journey with me and and generally enjoy life. I am open minded and up for adventure. I have traveled and lived overseas, open to new things and different cultures.

I am 5"4 -5"6 heels on or off. People have described me as soft and slender, we all have different ways to describe ourselves, the only way to find out is to reach out and find out for yourself.

Though spending more time at the gym, I love a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Looking for a guy who will share my values of life. I believe in chemistry, so lengthy description is not necessary. :)

My values of life - balance (wip), live life fully by keep experiencing, open-minded, no regrets, be happy, and have a great sense of humour appropriately. Be real, honest and trustworthy.

If I caught your attention, you know what to do! Let's live in the now. ;)

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Looking for a serious relationship or partner

Ref ID: 322f0810-57e8-459d-bbb7-48c4728bf422

Local 42 Chinese lady. Educated and easy-goging. Spent much time on work and lost a lot chance in the past. It's time to look for a nice gentleman with charming smile and heart. Please message me with your photo if you are wanna explore the new friendship or life with me. Thanks.

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look for a guy who can share life with

Ref ID: 4672cbfb-bea1-41d1-b9c4-7c1f8247c289

- 36 yrs old, professional, pretty, long hair, 5'4", cantonese
- look for serious relationship (Chinese or Caucasian), ok for divroce (love children), don't msg me if you are in another relationship.
- love movies, hang out with frds, reading, music, travel, cooking

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I am a philosopher, historian and economist

Ref ID: de56d28e-a5f4-44cc-a8f9-95ef42cecc98

I am looking for a man to marry me

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Merry Xmas

Ref ID: 76a05f24-6af5-4141-965a-55237d507529

Merry Xmas to you all who read this advertising, I am a girl in age 30 , I am looking for a nice guy around my age or younger ones who want to meet during this holiday? Just want to meet in real and know each others more, or join gathering together with our friends :) My hobbies are ballet, tennis, reading, sightseeing, cooking. Hope I can get some reply.

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Serious friends only

Ref ID: 9b0b3f42-a3b5-4bf7-a8e8-d82a15276d1c

31, local Chinese, petite , native Cantonese speaker andspeak well in Mandarin.
Looking for someone who wouldn't mind to exhange language and culture with me.
Interested in true friendship and proper relationship.

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two less lonely people in the world...

Ref ID: 4d83d5d2-c37c-421e-bff5-c287442a4735

why are you reading this ad here? it must be serendipity.

would like to seek someone for an intellectual conversation over a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine, especially during this festive season.

i'm a local chinese women in her late 30s', looking for a single, unattached gentlemen to start as a friend and potentially for a long term relationship. cantonese speaking preferred. if you enjoy hiking, travel, movies and trying out new restaurants, i'll make a good company.

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I saw you infront of Fringe Club/FCC today, please contact the black dress girl

Ref ID: 6e381bc3-83a8-4bf4-b88b-e83207062732

I walked passed the busy junction towards Fringe Club/FCC today(Mon), around 6:30pm. Me in black dress and you in light blue shirt and dark brown trousers. Our eyes met for a split seconds and I hop into a taxi.... I like to see you again. No serious relationship, but to have a nice relaxing drinks and chat after work hours. Please contact. No time waster please. I will ask for a photo before we meet up. Thanks.

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Life Partner / Soul Mate

Ref ID: e7359a24-b0b8-4eba-985f-50c5baa0083c

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt" class="MsoNormal"><font size="3"><font face="Calibri">A mutual, wisdom, thoughtfullness, feminine, elegant, professional overseas Chinese lady, age 50, young looking and young heart, slim and tall,would love to seek her life partner now. <span style="mso-spacerun: yes"></span>I live a simple, healthy and fun life style with activities like hiking, painting, photography, reading, traveling, movies, cooking etc.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes"> </span>If you are lively, dynamic, and enjoy life like me, I hope you could drop me a line and we could explore further to connect our hearts and feeling&#8230; only if you are also seriously looking for life partner or soul mate.<o:p></o:p></font></font></p>

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A sweet smile, big eyes, positive outlook, combining the east & the west - Me

Ref ID: 596c08ce-b94b-4602-82a9-2c240948a65d

After reading the posts here, I am very impressed by posts of the creative ladies here. I am just simple and down to earth, low maintenance, independent, experienced Chinese woman in my 40's looking for a magical encounter. Friendship first and possibly more later. Divorced, educated in the US, worked and lived in overseas for 16 years. Send me your photo and I will send mine.

You never know who you will meet. A diamond or pearl.

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Looking for my sunshine

Ref ID: 882d629b-f586-4e94-a1e6-d4e425d336ac

Hi I am a single lady love traveling, love cooking , explore new things, enjoy cuddle on the sofa in the cozy place with someone special. You - kind-hearted, open minded, sense of humor, love traveling. Not knowing can find anything here just give it a try. Please write me if you are my Sunshine, xoxo

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Hong Kong born UK returnee looking for friendship and relationship

Ref ID: 5381153c-921e-4f6e-9ad8-dcd007e45b88

I am 30, average built/looking girl. I recently moved back to HK from the UK in order to have more time with my family and am currently looking for a job. I&#39;m a very happy person, easy going and full of fun. I enjoy everything I do but I love travelling, hiking, bodyboarding, going to the gym, cooking/baking, eating and playing the piano.

I am looking for a companion to explore HK with. Although HK has changed a lot from what I remember, I can be your travel partner as well as your guide.

If you are kind hearted, aged between 25 and 40 and think we can become good friends then pls don&#39;t hesitate to drop me a line.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: 27a4e0a6-2a7b-49c1-a007-d0c20a223acc

i am a locally born lady in my 30's and would like to look for friendship and may be more. i am nice, simple, fit and a traditional pisces. pls drop me a few lines and let's know each other more on a friday nite for drinks or weekend in such nice autumn time.

welcome to message me if you are single and not attached.

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