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Thursday, 11/27/2014

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Do you believe in fate?

Ref ID: 6e016c80-2db0-4597-b306-dce0c1acdef2

Will you be the one I am looking for? I don't know!

Will i be the one you are looking for? I don't know either!

But I think we can try to explore if you are interested. late 30 mature woman looking for a causal but sincere way to start with.

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Hong Kong born UK returnee looking for friendship and relationship

Ref ID: 5381153c-921e-4f6e-9ad8-dcd007e45b88

I am 30, average built/looking girl. I recently moved back to HK from the UK in order to have more time with my family and am currently looking for a job. I'm a very happy person, easy going and full of fun. I enjoy everything I do but I love travelling, hiking, bodyboarding, going to the gym, cooking/baking, eating and playing the piano.

I am looking for a companion to explore HK with. Although HK has changed a lot from what I remember, I can be your travel partner as well as your guide.

If you are kind hearted, aged between 25 and 40 and think we can become good friends then pls don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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Let's get connected:)

Ref ID: 25bb6d60-461b-435c-8372-29cc25e59537


Does this really work?!

Here we go...early 30s, browsing through asiaxpat too see what is happening with fellows on this.

If anyone that are looking to get connected whether it will be a chit chat or a hang out pal to whatever else in our digital age.

Don't be a chicken, be brave and drop us a line!

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I'm looking for a guy.

Ref ID: 299cb9eb-72bb-4a97-91ea-361d8cb105ef

His name is Alex. He is forty something. We met in Las Vegas on Labor day weekend. He stayed at the Paris hotel and had a late Sunday fight home to Chicago.

When I saw him, he had two friends with him, as well as his brother who had bleach blond hair. He goes to Loyola and I think he is taking Business Management or Investment.

If it helps, Rick Foxm, formerly of the LA Lakers is my brother.

Please contact me for any information. Berry, Strawberry

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need serious and long term relationship

Ref ID: dbfa4647-eda9-4f33-8076-e8ea81e2dea7

I need serious and long term relationship if u want to know about me just contact at 53475359

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: e23f71fa-641d-421b-9fdd-4a4df7b922b4

Looking for Friendship May Be More

i am a locally born lady in my 30's and would like to look for friendship and may be more. i am nice, simple, fit and a traditional pisces. pls drop me a few lines and let's know each other more on a friday nite for drinks or weekend in such nice autumn time.
welcome to message me if you are single and not attached.

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Break the cocoon !

Ref ID: 292c7444-4b3a-4274-8345-500dc7999608

Local Chinese approaching 40s, independent, optimistic and caring. Enjoy movies and traveling. Spending too much time in work and want to have a change.If you are single and are looking for a partner in a serious long term relationship, do drop a line to me! It's time to break our cocoon and see how life change!

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Mature woman seeking a man

Ref ID: 4d5173f4-206d-45de-a5d6-2d6dfd00266f

Hello there! Im a mature passionate, subbmisive, didecated loyal woman seeking for a mature and descent, family oriented man only for serious member only . By the way I am a contract worker . A low profile status in the community I wanted to make clear things so that u wont be able to expect so much about me. If you are interested in meeting someone o if it really doesnt matter to you my work we could probably click. Im mature 34 years old and Im not into games or just seeking someone for fun.....

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