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Saturday, 11/1/2014

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Looking to be romanced

Ref ID: 78b5e6d1-a67c-4c8d-8d39-9096afd4c374

Life is so much more beautiful if we have someone to share it with. Attractive Chinese woman (40s, fit, petite, 50kg, 160cm) looks for compatible man to romance her:-). I hope you are intelligent, witty, kind, open-minded, sincere and honest. Most importantly, you are emotionally and physically available and is ready to develop a friendship leading to LTR.

About me: I am all of the above + pretty face lol! I am also friendly, curious and passionate. If you like what you are reading, drop me an email with a pic.

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impression - intellect, feelings, conscience

Ref ID: b9baad44-b08f-4bbc-93af-5822a59624a0

fresh, stylish, fashionable.. quite outgoing but i could spend all day at a library. ... gentlemen are hard to come by these days.. to be honest, i'm looking for a special one for marriage..... ........................ . .

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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Ref ID: fd74887c-4bb5-46bc-a6e0-96e8d076d512

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight..." (Browning)

Okayyyy...this is how I perceive love in the perfect world with the perfect partner. However, we don't live in a perfect world. Nor are there perfect men (or women). Love is about compromise, giving more than taking, sacrifice, forgiving, patience and commitment. I believe there are some decent men out there in Hong Kong, and perhaps you are one of them. We are really lucky if we can find someone who shares similar interests and chemistry, laughs at our dumb jokes, smiles when we are happy, comforts us when we cry, and forgives us when we screw up. Relationships are sometimes scary things, but if you don't try, you never know if things would work out. I would love to hear from you!

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Anyone believe in "the Law of Attraction?"

Ref ID: 84e8d160-97f3-4f71-af30-9d0d86fe08b2

I read the book called the secret, am I'm trying to use the law of attraction to attract the right person into my life!
I'm 34, female, kong girl! Dated white guy and Asian guys b4.

Do I have to buy a membership thing in order to reply posts?

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Where are you ?

Ref ID: 922029d8-4d4d-4b27-a827-702751309a79

A simple charming Chinese Hong Kong lady hope to find the right person to share the happiness and unhappiness in the life. Are you my Mr Right...?

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Lets start from Friendship

Ref ID: b669faa7-13a7-42a5-9051-58aca6a043fe

I'm a Chinese lady living in HK, I'm 35 year old.  I want to meet foreigner whom is living in HK, but I'm sorry, I'm not pretty and little bit fat!
I hope we can start from Friendship!  If you are interesting of me, please leave your message.

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A sweet smile, big eyes, positive outlook, combining the east & the west - Me

Ref ID: 596c08ce-b94b-4602-82a9-2c240948a65d

After reading the posts here, I am very impressed by posts of the creative ladies here. I am just simple and down to earth, low maintenance, independent, experienced Chinese woman in my 40's looking for a magical encounter. Friendship first and possibly more later. Divorced, educated in the US, worked and lived in overseas for 16 years. Send me your photo and I will send mine. 
You never know who you will meet. A diamond or pearl. 

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Looking for not just a friend

Ref ID: 72147c08-974c-4cf0-960e-14aa29b5e59d

Hi I am a single lady in early 40's, 160cm, petite, educated, love travelling, exploring new things, work hard, play hard... looking for a man starting from a friend, but expecting to go further for not just a friend if you find something different from my eyes...
Would enjoy hanging out with someone mature, professional, fun and gentle. Would enjoy some time together in hiking, some time at coffee shop, some time in movies ... 
message me if you find the above interests you, lets chat in more details :-)


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searching love, man!!

Ref ID: 8512ebd1-96fe-4825-845f-43fc023e2f47

I'm Chinese grew up here but I like western men especially blue/ green eyes. I've some before but they're not near.
I'm open-minded but also have traditional Chinese side. I like travelling, swimming, smile ; ) and am fit.
Find me in FB or OKCupid or Lovoo, if u can't reply!

Best Regards,

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Looking for my sunshine

Ref ID: 882d629b-f586-4e94-a1e6-d4e425d336ac

Hi I am a single lady love traveling, love cooking , explore new things, enjoy cuddle on the sofa in the cozy place with someone special. You - kind-hearted, open minded, sense of humor, love traveling. Not knowing can find anything here just give it a try. Please write me if you are my Sunshine, xoxo

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Ref ID: 70e50114-ba3f-4823-bd89-2304de42e8bf

i am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. 165 cm and 114 lbs, nice personality.

pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested.


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I heard - Hong Kong's shortage of women has forced men to turn to desperate.. Really?

Ref ID: 033f6765-68d9-49ac-b9bb-73b3008c5ab2


Hi there - I am a HK Chinese lady, early-40s. Tall, apparently quite OK looking! Have been in HK since 70s and I am looking to meet someone with good heart, charming and with sex appeal to me, maybe dinner and possibly more. Maybe nothing - we just simply go to church and worship GOD. Just as happy going to a movie as well as nice restaurant. I didn't work much and I seldom travel lately. You will be gentleman, caring and well educated with wisdom and courage. I know there is someone perfect out there - is that you?

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