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Never say Never....

Ref ID: d440af79-710e-471c-bda2-41772503325c

I have been tired of posting in this aspect but now i am reposting it again because I still wish to search for my special one.

Wish we can start like friendship and then develop into more intimate relationship. I am a fairly-looking lady but with a genuine heart. I like sport activities, e.g. swimming, squash, jogging and running. Of course, movies ,too ! Moreover, I wish you will also become my travel companion as I used to travel alone.

My description : 166 cm all and 52 kgs, Chinese local female, aged 39,

Wish to hear from you soon and exchange more for mutual understanding.

Have a lovely holidays !....

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Looking for friends, or may be more?

Ref ID: e7562445-3346-43f8-b60d-752ae0b66715

I am a 25 year-old local. I have a relatively busy job, so I'd like to try my luck here and meet some new friends. If I'm lucky enough, maybe I'll find my significant other here?

Something about myself.. I am about 164cm and am slim. I am smart when I work/ study, and I'm pretty much still acting at my age when it comes to personal life. I would say I'm a sweet girl and I care about people around me. My interests are reading, dancing and watching films. I am also a thinker and I enjoyed chatting with good friends. I am a native Cantonese speaker. I can speak fluent English, moderate Mandarin and a tiny little bit of French.

My type is usually fit, well-built with light beard. I'm looking for someone like that who is also smart, kind-hearted, caring and serious about relationships. Nataionality/ race is not a concern, but I usually get along with Americans/ Canadians better (probably because of my education background and social circle). It'll be perfect if you are in your early 30s but not a must.

Yes I'm young, but I'm not here for a sugar daddy if that might be your concern. Also, I don't believe it is crucial to have shared interest with your partner coz we can always try something new together or enjoy what each other likes to do :)

Message me and leave your contact if you are interested. Let's get to know each other. No random hook-up please.

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When Chinese vs Western

Ref ID: f03be20d-f804-4917-9e7e-d17036fe05df

Looking for a relationship with a Caucasian gentleman who at around 6' talll. Must be caring, decent, tolerant and considerate. I'm a tall, slim, divorced easy-going local woman who is gorgeous with a good figure. Of course, you will find my inner beauty when we start. Want to have a long term relationship. Please send me your photo and phone number and you may help me to fulfill my wish! P.S. No game players or ONS.

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Ref ID: e5324b14-9faf-44af-a0a1-a11eae186966

Nice to meet you today my dear friend single young girl seeking for a real love a man that stand by his words so that is why i contact you to be a good friend with you and know more about you OK and again i will like you to also contact me from here and know more better to each other .

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A nice high scope white gentleman for LTR

Ref ID: e40830ca-72d3-4dec-9089-e5445f00abf8

​I am a local woman living in HK ​island ​side. I am nice, simple, single.​​

I am looking for a ​nice decent high scope white man probably for a long term stable relationship.

You can move out of the luxury service apartment or 5 star hotel room in downtown. You are doing pretty well & you can relocate to the better side of a beautiful location Stanley or Red Hill in south side of HK island then it's better for us to have a long term stable relationship.​ If you are new to Hong Kong, that's fine for you. I don't look for many people as I am not selling insurance plans.​

You know you are white, sincere, generous, loyal, very successful​, nice, polite, gentle, caring, loving, stable, trusting, trustworthy, etc. ​You are fit, ​​good looking, ​clean, ​DD free.

​We may go out for dinners, lunches, drinks, cinema, shopping, travel, etc. ​You can buy me nice things​ and share everything.

Please reply with your pic, phone number, contact details and introduce yourself. Thank you.

Look forward to meeting you in person soon.

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A Beautiful Marriage : A Wonderful Handsome UHNW White Gentleman

Ref ID: 84b3a8d8-83f0-42f1-89be-390436499712

The sky brings me into your life with your warmest heart; distance is not an issue. Your true love is higher than the sky. It doesn't matter where are you located. I don't mind to move out of Hong Kong & relocate to somewhere​ very safe, clean, beautiful, warm, cozy & peaceful; travel & stay in different nice homes & beautiful places with you.

I am looking for a ​wonderful handsome UHNW white gentleman who I can rely on, ready for a beautiful marriage very soon & then a healthy family. You can protect, cherish, spoil me & care for me; most of all truly love me unconditionally ​​of who I a​​m & whatever the mood I am in. You have the excellent husband materials so you ​will become my really nice husband as far as you can treat me very well. You are trustworthy & serious about marriage. You are a real 100% gentleman who can do what I need & want with prompt fast ​actions take & good intention. You can treat me as your first priority. You can keep promises. You have the understanding of monogamous & commitment.​

​You are not so cheap. I have seen many pigs who like to cheat on their partners when they travel or live apart, it seems those people have enough STD to support themselves, they could only have messy relationships & it's a no go. I do not want those creepy monkeys that are not near me, don't confuse me with those highlight pigs & monkeys. I am real & tired of a high stress lifestyle & this crowded city. I do not listen too much of other people's failed comments, I know what I want & what I do not want. I could not be with someone who cared about himself based on his own excuses & full of BS.

•• I am ••​
••​ I am very single, a Hong Kong born Northeast Asian women in 40's year old, I've never been married with no kids. I am beautiful, attractive, nice, honest, straight, worth loving, affection, family oriented. I look ​​younger than my actual age, probably with genes related.

​•• ​​​​​​​​I am 5'5" tall with​ a trendy short haircut​ (either long or short hairstyle that looks fine)​, dark-brown blue colored eyes & a proportional slender body shape. ​I am comfortable in casual clothing to elegant feminine stylish style. I could be the 9 in the room, depends on what I wear​​ but I am not in the limelight showing off.

•• I am located in a clean & good side on Hong Kon​​g Island close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cozy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I love caring for & playing with a family's beautiful & cute little sweetheart with her liveliness & quiet both as far as she is happy​ & beloved but I am not a house keeper. I don't seem to have too much sports energy & genes, nor with underdogs / top dogs​.​

•• I like ​​simple-classic-elegant-chic custom designs, fine arts, antiques​​ & collectibles​, ​high quality & beautiful things, ​​​perfume, flowers, SPA, shopping, techno light music, cinema, ​yachts, ​etc.

•• I have table manners. ​​I like to cook sometimes, I may cook good tasty foods. I like dining out at different good restaurants. I like various types of Western & Asian foods (not too oily, too spicy or too sweet - not vegetarian & no weird foods), healthy & refreshing drinks, sorbet, ​herbs, fresh fruits & juice.​​

​•• I am sane, healthy, DD free, a non-smoker & not into drugs. I drink occasionally at the gatherings (just a glass of wine / beer / a good cocktail). I am not an alcoholic because I don't suffer from alcoholism. ​​I wouldn't be keen to enjoy ​​very noisy crowds.
•• ​I am not interested in getting involved with extra-marital affairs, gay matters, political allies, protest matches, wars, political issues, racism problem, religions matters, wild & weird animals, worrisome financial problems & terrorist groups.​ I am an agnostic. I am not preaching to the converted.​​ Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, climbing, hiking, camping, hunting, dangerous activities, weird & wild events​.​​ 

** I do not have any Indian / Black / ​South, West or ​​Southeast Asian descent'​, traditions & cultures - no need; nor with any illegal immigrants' illegal activities.

​•• I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in ​Europe, Australia, USA, etc.​ ​I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.​ ​I wouldn't be keen to live in say the locations of ​war zone, ​thugs, bone-chilling cold, ​snowy mountains​, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.

•• You are ••​

​​•• You are an agnostic, white, genuine, handsome, clean cut, good teeth, clean shaven, at least 6 ft tall, age 40-50's. ​​You are healthy, DD free, non smoker, not a drug user. You ​are not a huge fan of sports & don't follow those underdogs / top dogs. You ​work out but you are not a gym-head or a yoga's bad brain. You are not a disabled person. You do not often hang out in nightlife districts, not a macho heavy drinker. You don't come home drunk as a lord. You are not a workaholic.

​•• ​You we​​ar what you like to wear but keep it men's style, comfortable, decent, tidy, suitable, casual or classy as far as you feel comfortable & look good but you are not into a beard fashion. You are athletic, don't have too much abdominal fat.

​•• ​You are very single without a certain amount of emotional baggage. You are heterosexual - a one woman man, uncomplicated, affectionate, courteous, respectful, emotionally & mentally stable, loyal, marriage minded with a positive direction, very supportive, generous, gentle, romantic. You are easy going, loving, caring & understanding. You are easy to talk to but also serious. You are family oriented with moral; you can respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.​​
••​ ​You ​are ​financially extremely secured & strong. You can ​arrange the ​supplementary Centurion card & bank cards for me without delay & organize the joint bank accounts with me. You assure our family's good prospects & security with your private capital, real estate, trust assets, properties, ​etc. You can do & guarantee all these. No hidden agenda.

•• You can buy a luxury & valuable waterfront house where I like in Stanley, Repulse Bay, Shek O or South Bay as our HK home. You can appreciate me who can stay at home by being with you. We might hire 2 much better nannies, 1 temporary gardener, 1 better house keeper, 1 safe & responsible private driver in HK so they can help take care of a family.​​
•• You have elite cars​, you buy a new luxury yacht​. You arrange & sign the agreement of a trust fund to secure the future of a family's little sweetheart, you can become Uncle Perfect who can take care & greatly support a little sweetheart. ​You can become a good father, maybe to have our own kid (either a girl / a boy) in the coming future so she / he shall play & learn with you, however it is not a must to have our own kid. It's just an option with our DNA, either to have or not to have, it's not related to a real 100% marriage between you & me.

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel to very nice places together where we like to go & live together happily ever after.

Chemistry & attraction has to be there.​ You believe you can be the right man who I described & meet my criteria then you propose the engagement ring and select a pair of wedding rings, process to get married legally & arrange a beautiful wedding in​​ Cayman Islands.​
When you decided to reply, please have your decent photos, real first & last name, tel. no., email address, full contact address & tell me more about yourself so I will return mine.​ We may also talk on the phone. We can arrange everything together.

​​​The sky brings us together for our new life.

••••• It is a real & legit marriage ad.••••

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Woman Seeking Man

Ref ID: d9d7ee83-8c9b-4a0c-8c07-2954a376f69a

Hi! I'm never-married, fun-loving woman who lives and works (very hard) in Hong Kong. I'm 5'5" with black hair and bright green-painted toenails. I love all types of movies. I'm a huge fan of British Royalty; I even kissed Prince Charles on the cheek in London! Of course, I was only 5, so, forgive me. :-) What I value most in my life is my rather large family, the Earth, and my hobby -- photography. One day, I hope to become the coolest, sexiest mom with a van full of kids that you've ever seen. So, if you love mushroom ravioli, romantic nights by a fire, and springtime camping trips, please reply! I prefer an honest man between ages 35 and 50ish who wants kids, enjoys the same things I enjoy, lives nearby, and can appreciate a woman who's often been called "refreshing."

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Caring, single, good looking and honest single woman - Looking for serious relationship

Ref ID: f4935b98-fdd9-45af-b769-096ac22bd798

Hi there.

I'm a Hong Kongese and graduated college in the UK.

33 years old, slim, pretty, simple woman who is single and looking for a serious relationship.

I am always referred as "fun to be hang around with", so I can guarantee you will never get bored :)

If you are interested and consider yourself honest, caring and is ready for long term relationship that will lead to marriage, please drop me a line.

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A Loyal Life Partner : A True Nice Handsome UHNW White Gentleman

Ref ID: 019cc752-81cd-478b-bc81-ef9e099d0ad7

Distance is not an issue when you live & do everything for love. I am looking for a true nice handsome ultra high net worth white gentleman who I can rely on leading to a beautiful marriage & then a healthy family. You have the excellent husband materials with your warmest heart.

You can treat me nicely. You can always cherish, protect, spoil & care for me unconditionally; most of all is truly love me. You are trust worthy & responsible. You can always do what I need & want as your first priority, you can take fast actions with good purposes. You have the understanding of monogamous & commitment. We can relocate & live in somewhere beautiful, cosy, very safe, peaceful, clean & travel to different safe & beautiful places together. I am willing to relocate.

--- This is me -----

-- I am a nice Hong Kong born Asian woman in my mid 40 years old. I am not an Indian, a Southeast Asian or South Asian. I look younger than my actual age, probably related to genes. I am single, I don't have any children. I am real, realistic, honest, trustworthy, beautiful​​, attractive, affection, warm-hearted & family oriented.

-- I am 5 ft 5 in height with a rose red brown colored short hairstyle (either long or short hairstyle that looks fine), black-brown-dark blue colored eyes, fit- slender body shape. I am comfortable with good quality chic clothing to modern, glamorous & classy stylish dress up, I could be the 9 in the room depends on what I wear, I am not in the limelight showing off.

-- I am located in a Hong Kong Island side close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cosy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I love playing with a family's sweetheart as long as she is happy & beloved. I love my family members who are important for me. I love children, however I don't plan to have my own children.

-- I like simple-classy-chic custom design with techniques but high quality, fine arts, elegant & beautiful things, perfume, SPA, perfume relaxing oil massage, cinema, shopping, techno light music, yachts, dogs, etc. I ​just ​don't seem to have too much sports energy & genes, neither a sports fan nor an athlete.

-- I have table manners. I like dining out at different good restaurants of international cuisines (except super oily cuisine). Sometimes I like to cook different types of Western or Asian foods. I am not a vegetarian or a super fan of organic food. I like healthy & refreshing drinks, sorbet, herbs, fresh fruits & juice, yummy foods.

-- I am healthy & emotional stable (blood pressure & the ratio of weight to height is normal), DD free, a non-smoker & never used drugs; I don't take high risk adventures into my health. I drink occasionally (just a glass of wine, sangria, cocktail or beer). I am not a drunkard because I don't suffer from alcoholism, marijuana joints & drugs. I don't go to high risk districts where some people are dealing drugs, etc. I dislike smokey places & cigars smell.

-- I am an agnostic. I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in Europe, Australia, USA, Asia, etc. I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.

-- I am not keen staying either crowded & noisy environments, a ghetto occupied by minority groups or wild & weird people, the locations of snow, war bone, high crime area, bone-chilling cold, desert, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.

-- I am not interested in getting involved with any mafias activities, dangerous psychopath, domestic violence, gun violence, political allies' issues & relationships, protests, extra-marital affairs, transsexual people & gay matters, drug dealers & addicts, casinos, party animals, wars, racism problem, wild & weird animals, religions matters, maniacs, terrorist groups, refugees or illegal immigrants' activities. Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, gambling, climbing, farming, camping, hunting, dangerous activities & weird events. I dislike the most disgusting looking insects, mosquitoes, flies, snakes, frogs & rats & the smell of deet.

----- You are -----

-- You are an agnostic, white, clean cut, good teeth, at least 6 ft in height, around 40 - mid 50 years old, I don't seek a generation gap. You are healthy, DD free, non smoker; you don't suffer from alcoholism & drugs. You are emotionally & mentally stable. You do not often hang out in nightlife districts, not a drunkard & you wouldn't come home drunk as a lord. You are not a temperamental person.

-- You wear men's clothing (decent, tidy, suitable, chic or classy), you feel comfortable & look good. You are not into an outdated beard fashion. You are fit & handsome, at least 6 ft tall. You are neither a super sports fan or an athlete nor a person with a disability.

-- You are trustworthy, very single (not attached or married or in between farraginous relationships) without emotional baggage. You are warm-hearted, affectionate, uncomplicated, sincere, respectful, well-mannered, positive marriage minded with a healthy direction, genuine, generous, gentle. You are supportive, giving, loving, caring & understanding; easy to talk to but also serious. You are loyal, family oriented with traditional values & moral, you can respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.

-- You are financially extremely secured & strong. You can inform the banks & open the joint bank accounts. You can share your net worth, assets & real estate, etc. to ensure our family's good prospects & security. You can give me the Centurion card & supplementary bank cards without delay in order to have a clear picture that you are looking for the wife - me.

-- You have luxury houses, nice cars & a nice yacht in safe, warm & beautiful locations. You can become a loving uncle. We can travel & stay in the warmest places together. If you can buy a luxury house in the south side of Hong Kong island as our asset for our family that's great. You can hire a very good private driver & better quality nannies to take care of a family's. You can be a good family man.

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel & live in together. Chemistry & attraction has to be there. You can propose an engagement diamond ring very soon then we will select our wedding rings & arrange our wedding together in a beautiful & warm location.

​​You believe you can be the right man who can fulfill my requirements & meet my criteria then please kindly reply with your full name, your decent photos, address, tel. no., email address & let me know about yourself; I shall definitely return mine so we can talk on the phone then you can arrange everything ! We start from here. Thank you.

​​****This advert is legit & real.***

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Looking for Friends May be More

Ref ID: 6980dc29-3cdb-4a67-a0a9-2fbd2d7d35ff

i am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. Nice personality. Cantonese speaker preferred.
pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested.

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two less lonely people in the world...

Ref ID: 4d83d5d2-c37c-421e-bff5-c287442a4735

why are you reading this ad here? it must be serendipity.

would like to seek someone for an intellectual conversation over a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine, especially during this festive season.

i'm a local chinese women in her late 30s', looking for a single, unattached gentlemen to start as a friend and potentially for a long term relationship. cantonese speaking preferred. if you enjoy hiking, travel, movies and trying out new restaurants, i'll make a good company.

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Looking for someone of substance and integrity to share the joy of life

Ref ID: f4e8adb7-1415-4f01-b768-7bcfa35d5b72

Loved and lost. Ready to move on. A light-hearted, sweet, elegant yet playful local lady at her mid-30s working in the arts and cultural sector. I was described as classy, refined and smart by many. Well, you better check it out yourself. I have diverse interests in the arts, food and wine, cooking, music, traveling, exercise, animals, and many more. Determined to live a quality life.

Definitely looking for someone of substance and integrity to start an interesting conversation, have some joyful moments, and hopefully leading to dating with a view to developing into a serious relationship if the chemistry is right. I'd love to meet some like-minded genuine western/causcian expats from mid-30s to 50s who are based in Hong Kong for an established career.

Note: I am not your cup of tea if casual or short-term relationship is what you are looking for. Life is too short for the wrong match.

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True love / Life companion

Ref ID: 673a2af8-85b7-4758-974a-c894a55cba1e


A matured woman at her best age, soft, sweet, attractive looking, searching for my true love who I can spend the rest of my life together, grow old together, sharing every moment in life, then our happiness become double as much, sorrow only the half, because of I have you-My soul mate. I believe in destiny and hope I will meet you soon.

Write to me if you longing for true love.
Cheers and Warm hugs.

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Simple Lifestyle with Inner Beauty

Ref ID: 97e86611-1693-4b1f-9be8-95d8b688c76d

Not sure if I can find the right one here but just trying my luck as there is simply zero single non-attached man around in my life... Having said that, I lead a very self-content life and my happy index is basically very high. I was born in HK with Asian appearance, for some reasons my way of thinking is very westernized and a lot of my friends are from different parts of the world. I have a decent job which takes up a lot of my time and focus. Once I am free, I am fully occupied with all sorts of activities mainly with various sports and reading. Travelling is also an important part of my timetable and my favorites were some adventurous countries which can share with you later. One important thing about me is I am not very keen on materialism but pursue more on the intellectual and cultural aspects. Like a sponge seeking for different areas of knowledge and my interests are very wide. Pity there is just not enough time for everything. My personality is basically very nice and simple, happy with lots of fun, harmonious and will definitely lose if I fight (so never do it). I think my characteristics is I don't demand anything from others. I respect everyone is a full individual. Appearance wise is fairly good looking, sporty and healthy (will be outstanding if I dress up for a night). A bit petite. If you are looking for this type of girl, please feel free to let me know and we can start to find out if we are compatible? I have no request on you in return as I believe you can make a sound judgment when responding and we can only find out if there is a good match by our instinct.

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Serious Relationship

Ref ID: 50d2fe9e-fb7b-408d-b11c-8049ea40e3ff

I want a lifetime relationship with that special man I have been waiting for,my other half,someone who is understanding,loving, caring,like to laugh, outgoing,someone who cherish their partner's heart than anyother material things,someone to be together through good and bad time

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hi there

Ref ID: 2f9365d4-7b6b-4520-84ae-1f5cea633547

hi there,

a very simple intro of myself: a local lady, age of 39, round face, big eyes, sweet smile, well-rounded figure, positive...

like hanging out with friends for good food (I can cook and bake cakes :)), travelling (very typical...who doesn't like?), sitting at the praya during weekend sunset.

have a very stable career and financially independent (yes, I like working). comfortable with westerners coz I went to college in Canada and work for a MNC now.

being single for couple of years, now want a company / partner to share things in life. try my luck to look for a normal sincere and kind man here. prefer 39-46. Send me a message with contact details so I can add u to wechat.

look forward....

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Coffee and Movie

Ref ID: 4941ef32-8591-485a-a595-c666440820b9

Hello there. I am a Filipina with a great personality wanting to meet someone for coffee and a movie. I am in my mid 40's. I prefer someone who is older than me. For more details please send message. thank you

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Looking for Friendship and May Be More

Ref ID: 215989e0-a012-4c96-ab26-47240dffcb64

I am a single lady in my late thirties.
Anyone fancy a movie or drinks in this early summer time? Please write to me if you are interested!
Married or attached men are not welcomed.
Single and not attached guys preferred.

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Ref ID: 4ff9c5e7-75e3-46fb-9ca3-d2cb43582fd9

Hello !!I'm a Filipina in mid 40s...Any questions and more information about my life please drop me a line with your contact number and will call you ...have a wonderful day..

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Still waiting.....

Ref ID: 7c5dc82e-3090-466b-950b-94443b37b242

A Hong Kong born single,mature lady aged 52 looking for a like-minded, non-smoking, health concious caucasian male between 50-56, with shared similarities on personalities and interests for a serious, long lasting and committed relationship if chemistry sparks

The ideal man would be down to earth, sincere, non-judgemental, reliable,clean and tidy, honest, healthy ( both mentally and physically)and playful ( here I only mean being active and sociable, like making jokes and bearing a sense of humor). He must like eating because I like trying different kinds of food around the world. He doesn’t need to be rich but he must bear a big heart to respect people from all walks of life. I would like him to share some of my interests like hiking, travelling, boating and fishing, movies, cooking, gardening, walking along beaches and….most important enjoying seafood. Am I asking too much? I hope not! Let’s get in touch if you think we might click. You are best over 5 ft 8 as I am not short…..hehehe!! Although I cannot consider myself a young ladybut I am very young at heart and by appearance. And I believe a person’s beauty is mainly from the inside. I can prove it and you will not be disappointed. Want a new start? Write me! Cheers!

p.s. When you reply, please copy and paste your profile including your age please.

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