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Our ears are like our rador for hearig sounds from far. Hearing is a very sensitive sense. We hear sounds and also silence. When ther's too much noise, it's hard to hear one voice. If we could listen to music all day long, we would learn the words to every song! Our ears are for hearing what's around us, and also for listening to what's inside us. Morning brings a happy noise, the sound of birds chirping, singing their joys!
By the way, what is your name? :)))

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Are you spontaneous?

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Are you spontaneous enough to grab coffee with me? Attractive Asian woman seeks a Western man, between 27-40, for friendship or more.

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Are you Mr. "JUST ARRIVED"?

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Hi. I saw your ad. Please reply me. Thank you! <br />

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Qui va vouloir de moi?

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I&#39;d like to meet someone. Someone I can lose my appetite over. Someone who fills my head with silly daydreams. Someone who has the power to make me smile at complete strangers in the mtr. Someone who doesn&#8217;t know me well, ideally, as I&#8217;d like to be discovered little by little. Moi: 39, petite, love music, concert, movie, book, art, painting, travelling, cooking, strolling. PS: On va au cine? Ouais !!!

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Any guy believes in pure love too?

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Hi , Happy Mid Autumn Festival in advance, I am a local girl with overseas studies experience, however I never met any guy with value of pure love yet, I wonder if there is the one would still believe it ? If so, lets get to know each others more :) I am looking for guy in 20s or 30s because I have no interested in older guy, better similar age to get along with.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

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I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice autumn time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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mr single looking for mrs right

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Single ladies, I am 43, a world traveller and living in Hong Kong over 12 years now... if you need a man who is a hopeless romantic and can take care of your needs ... check me out...

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Ref ID: 94d6ec05-029c-4fa2-965a-f75c3ec1e21a

I'm local Chinese woman, sexy, petite, has a sense of humor.

Looking for a White guy, preferably in his 40s, with happy personality, so we can go out for dinner or fun.

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Let's talk and get to know each other

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As a starting point, let's talk and get to know each other. If we are able to carry on our communication, that's a good start. If we have a lot in common, we then can share some great moment together. If this leads to something extraordinary, that's a miracle. Me: graceful, presentable, intelligent, positive, worldly, considerate, compassionate, reliable.

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I'm a goddess!

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Swimming. Interested?

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Anyone believe in "the Law of Attraction?"

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I read the book called the secret, am I'm trying to use the law of attraction to attract the right person into my life!

I'm 34, female, kong girl! Dated white guy and Asian guys b4.

Do I have to buy a membership thing in order to reply posts?

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I heard - Hong Kong's shortage of women has forced men to turn to desperate.. Really?

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<p><br /><br />Hi there - I am a HK Chinese lady, early-40s. Tall, apparently quite OK looking! Have been in HKsince 70s and Iam looking to meet someone with good heart, charming and with sexappeal to me, maybe dinner and possibly more. Maybe nothing - we just simply go to church and worship GOD.Just as happy going to a movie as well as nice restaurant. Ididn't work muchand I seldom travel lately. You will be gentleman,caring and well educated with wisdom and courage. I know there is someone perfect out there - isthat you?<br /><br /></p>

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Walking weather soon

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This feels like the longest hottest summer ever, but walking weather is only weeks away. I&#39;m tall and blond - but not dumb. Like to meet someone 45 plus, who&#39;s unattached and still optimistic - with baggage under control. Looking for a fun guy, expat or local, who likes a drink, a good meal - I can cook - bad jokes and intelligent chat - but doesn&#39;t take himself too seriously. Friends first and if the chemistry sings, that&#39;s a bonus.

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this chilling winter time.

If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

It's better if you could speak Cantonese, or it's fine too if you do not mind my broken English.

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Where are you ?

Ref ID: 922029d8-4d4d-4b27-a827-702751309a79

A simple charming Chinese Hong Kong lady hope to find the right person to share the happiness and unhappiness in the life. Are you my Mr Right...?

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impression - intellect, feelings, conscience

Ref ID: b9baad44-b08f-4bbc-93af-5822a59624a0

fresh, stylish, fashionable.. quite outgoing but i could spend all day at a library. ... gentlemen are hard to come by these days.. to be honest, i'm looking for a special one for marriage..... ........................ . .

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Marry You

Ref ID: 7333c4ca-a31c-42f9-9ad2-1408fd865bc6

A newly-married man gave his bride a surprise she will not forget when he and his groomsmen performed a choreographed dance routine on Saturday.

Sean Rajee and his assembled men - some of whom flew from across the United States to be there - must have practiced hard for the near six-minute dance, but it seems to have paid off.

Starting with Beyonce and taking in the Backstreet Boys - Ariana's favourite boy band - Sean and his best men pulled out all the stops, prompting excited screams from guests.

The video, which also included a Persian dance number with added moustaches, was posted online by Sean's sister Shirin has now gone viral.

And while it might have left some brides blushing, Ariana was pleased enough with the routine to award him with a kiss after he finished with Bruno Mars' Marry You.

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Any chivalry in HK

Ref ID: 4164a499-03af-46bd-b27e-6fb2264378b3

I am so positive about chivalry, people always do to me. However nowadays too many news reflecting the fading of chivalry.

Simple, funny, cute, sexy, intellectual conversation, write to me if you are looking for these.

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I'm looking for a guy.

Ref ID: 299cb9eb-72bb-4a97-91ea-361d8cb105ef

His name is Alex. He is forty something. We met in Las Vegas on Labor day weekend. He stayed at the Paris hotel and had a late Sunday fight home to Chicago.

When I saw him, he had two friends with him, as well as his brother who had bleach blond hair. He goes to Loyola and I think he is taking Business Management or Investment.

If it helps, Rick Foxm, formerly of the LA Lakers is my brother.

Please contact me for any information. Berry, Strawberry

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need serious and long term relationship

Ref ID: dbfa4647-eda9-4f33-8076-e8ea81e2dea7

I need serious and long term relationship if u want to know about me just contact at 53475359

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