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Looking for someone like the "man" in Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man"...

Ref ID: 23f86f1a-6084-4ba7-82ec-7267e2659412

From HK, in 30s, quite an introvert, gentle, curious, honest, humble, caring, sensible, artistic. Like going to gym, do yoga sometimes and recently start to practice mediation.

165cm tall, quite curvaceous, long-haired, wear glasses sometimes.

I am interested in: Roaring 20s, 60s Rock and art movements, 70s Glam Rock and New Wave, little bit of 80s, 90s Brit Pop, Bossa Nova, some Jazz and Blues; sad movie and comedy; modern arts, photography, travel, nature, Summer and Autumn, sea and sun, flowers and green.

Believe in karma, I am a Buddhist.

Not into drama and game. Both mental and physical connection is important to me.

Seeking: broadminded; altruistic; strong(either or both mentally and physically), diligent; has passion for his job and life in general; humble; care about his mental and physical health; ideally both spiritual and sensual; not afraid to be honest; love and respect nature, his family and friends; like travel; appreciate beauty in life; reasonably neat in appearance, ideally be stylish or care about his look but not too much; most importantly, knows how to respect women.

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Girl Seeks Boy for Watch Morning Cartoons and Eat Sugary Cereal

Ref ID: ac96f0c3-1e20-483c-bfd9-5fea784fe643

I’m just your average journalist who appreciates an enormous bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with her Legend of Korra...or Cocoa Pebbles with Spongebob Squarepants. It’s pretty much the best way to start everyday.
I’m a lanky 5’10" and am looking for someone to be un-muscular with me. I can change my own oil, but I do have a lot of difficulty with pasta sauce jars, so that’s going to have to be all you.
I love to bake, so I might make you fat. I’m like the walking dead when I first wake up, and I loathe cilantro. I save my compassion for those who truly need it, and I have horrible vision. My hair color changes with the season, and I’ve never liked mini skirts. I cool off just as fast as I get fired up. I don’t watch non-cartoon, but I love movies (dark comedy preferred). A great night in is multi-flavored popcorn and a BBC documentary; A great night out is rollercoasters followed by a rave followed by a motorcycle ride at sunrise. I’ve got three sisters, and they’re all as tough as me.
You will get spoiled. You will need to show that you appreciate it. You will get fat. (Did I say that already?) You will probably fall right in love. You will have impeccable etiquette but still be ruthlessly honest. You will have amazing taste in a vast array of music genres. You will be a little cocky. Maybe very cocky. Yeah, pretty cocky. You will a perfectionist like me. You will have your priorities in order. You will have your own hobbies and passions, which I will respect. And you will be adored and cherished by yours truly. Can’t wait to grab some cereal with you.

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Looking for you!

Ref ID: 1eb814bd-85ae-48a0-b3a7-29ce4b8fe63e

Didnt know finding a partner will be this hard, especially if you're looking for someone you can spend your life with. Anyway I am a, former Model, working in Fashion, Sassy asian lady, I look Latina though. I love travel, sports, socializing and sun tanning.I am in mid 20s and I'm looking for a potential partner in life, preferably Caucasian or Latino, in his mid 30s to 40s, Well rounded guy who loves to travel, stay fit and outgoing. If you are interested dont be shy to message me :)


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Looking for a fun loving, sincere gentleman

Ref ID: 060b555e-b224-4914-bc17-afed858a5879

Hi there,

I am a fun loving, humble, witty (not too cheeky) & well educated woman. Looking for a decent gentleman (might be future partner) who I hope is a sincere, serious, responsible, down to the earth gentleman and has a sense of humor.

If you would like to share your ups & downs (better more laughter) with a nice lady and explore amazing HK together. Do get in touch.

Sincere gentleman is welcome to drop me a note. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers

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Looking for Friendship May Be More

Ref ID: c8d242e3-b52b-4fd0-9d45-25f8c0c0eb09

I am a single lady in my late thirties. Anyone fancy a movie or drinks in this early summer time? Please write to me if you are interested! Married or attached men are not welcomed. Single and not attached guys preferred.

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Looking for man to talk to and more if possible.

Ref ID: f00c87df-ffea-4c10-b2d9-cbe741c8c1b5

Leave me a message.

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A sweet local lady looking for a mature white gentleman

Ref ID: abdb93d9-56a4-4800-951c-abeec4faa550

Hi! Everyone
I was born here in Hong Kong. I am in my 30s. I am slim, petite, well-educated. I like reading and running in my spare time. I would love to meet a nice white guy and see how it goes....We could be friends, or more....who knows.........

I am more into a white guy who is over 40 years old, well-eductaed, smart and intelligent so that I can learn a lot from him.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Want to make friends or more (;

Ref ID: 684c84e0-4035-44b6-bcda-fbbf30bd092a

Hey everyone
Im Suki
A easygoing and positive young women
I like hiking jogging movies etc ⋯
I want to make friends here or more
We can talk about everything
I would like to talk to you whatever its work family friends whatever haha
We can hang out together
Message me if youre interested

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Just for fun

Ref ID: 0ff735db-c38c-4cb1-a14a-a906ab63d396

Was cheated once and never to be hurt again. Should you have same experience, I am happy to be your listener and comforter...

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Serious friends only

Ref ID: 9b0b3f42-a3b5-4bf7-a8e8-d82a15276d1c

31, local Chinese, petite , native Cantonese speaker andspeak well in Mandarin.
Looking for someone who wouldn't mind to exhange language and culture with me.
Interested in true friendship and proper relationship.

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I want you, i really do!

Ref ID: eee1a334-9556-4ec8-b585-0c22b2da32b2


I'm new here, but i've been to HK several times. I'm 29, single mom, adventurous ( depends on what's being asked of me ), love to travel, and have fun.

I wanna know you so please drop a line, who knows what happens next ;)

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Looking for serious relationship or friendship

Ref ID: cdaab9e6-d7da-4a4f-a93b-8e8ca116a29b

Hellooooo there!!

I'm a local, in my mid-20s.

I like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to human relationship. So to speak, I'm not looking for players, FWB or the kind.

In general, I'm genuine and patient. I'm also a good listener. I like laughing at silly things, working out, watching movies and travelling. I like eating, too. I enjoy exploring places for awesome food.
Besides, I love children and dogs.

If I'm the kind of person that you'd like to hang out with and that you're genuine, please drop me a line.

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Looking for good Catholic/Christian guy under 32 years old

Ref ID: e76deb46-10c5-4743-9a8e-a25316806701

Hi there, I am local girl around 30, I don't have many friends in Hong Kong after returned from overseas, hope I can meet a nice guy by channce and know each others more ^.^

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Antidote1984 here ...

Ref ID: c5c52fe4-f9b8-452f-a18c-0fd2317b0fa3

Hi here " (: what to say ? Looking for my half " I guess . Someone who's the same page with me .. Don't want to play at all .. A passionate and loving man I need .. Loves to laugh and could be silly funny .. Why not .. I don't believe in courting anyway . just love me now and court me for ever .. Am 31 " single " Filipina slim athletic " see how this site will offer to me .. Let's talk " and hit me a message

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Summer of love

Ref ID: 42ab4e53-be74-4fcd-92f8-96da045cc579

Without any stickiness! Don't get overly excited. This is not an ad for ONS. There will be strings attached. But we are both independent enough and aren't going to be clingy. We enjoy each other's company as well as our time alone. We are lovers as well as best friends. Yes, we do talk! I'm in my early 30's. The rest, please ask : )

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Lets be honest

Ref ID: 360ba170-3c0c-442a-b1b0-d17c4dbaf871

Im a filipina 26y/o i love photography and arts. Im looking for honest man. Who will love me and respect me. Im a very loving and sweet person. Simple things makes me happy. Im only looking for serious relationship. No games please. Thank you God bless us,

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Looking for.serious and longterm relationship

Ref ID: 20196fde-fa2b-4ec1-9552-3625f2006cab

Hi i'm from philippines.. 29 years old I am single never been married and don't have kids yet..I am here in hk for almost two years for.a job...
I don't have a perfect body..but I have.. Rather say a caring hearth though..
Well I am looking for.a.guy who is honest..and will love the way I am..

Hope to here from you right man..

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True Love,

Ref ID: dcc6ab1d-d66a-412c-be25-c0bbad04953b

Hi, i am searching for a handsome man who will accept me and love me just the way i am and not for any other thing else. I am honest, gentle and easy to mingle with. It is true that i am not in Hongkong at the moment but i will like to meet someone from here because I love Hongkong and i want to live there. Please if you are interested please contact me and i will tell you more about me and also share my pictures with you. Thanks.

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Working or not? Just try it out!

Ref ID: 5a227f4e-f1e1-48a8-bb15-6c4ef1f3c078

Hey, I am new to this page... just wondering where is my Mr Right so I tried to get my answer from Google and he told me to try this... Hope he didn't lie to me :p

I'm a 33 years old local and hope to find someone to share my ups and downs... it would be good if you are my Mr Right... but if not, we can still be good friends to share our moments :) Drop me a line if you want to know more about me!

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looking for serious/longterm relationship

Ref ID: b711c32b-05e3-4acc-83c0-3931a65920f8

hello beautiful ladies, ,i'm divorced and i have a 7 year old son.
I will be very impressed and honored to get to know and meet a nice woman from here,I would love to develop some quality time with a honest,loving,caring,desiring,kind and devoted woman,I am in search of a good woman for a long lasting relationship that will lead us into marriage I'm a Professional, goal oriented, affectionate,loving and caring person. Very romantic, creative and spontaneous.i feel like i should talk about my self.
what motivates me? I am motivated by life itself, because life is what you made it!! what turns me on and off? Anything fake turns me off, lies and deceit!!! what attracts me to a woman? Truthfulness and respect.What really makes me get closer to a woman is the person inside, I do considers that more important because beauty fades with time but the person inside appreciates with time,!!! what do I go for in a woman? I go for the inner beauty, it radiates and it speaks for itself over time and for women like you who are family oriented is an added advantage to me!!! what are my hobbies?I love cooking,playing piano and seeing good comedies,!!! what are my likes and dislikes? I like real things, I dislikes dramas.I want someone that will love me for me,distance, language barrier, cultural differences and all that. Because I do believe love knows no barriers and is the conqueror of it all and all things,!!! what do I expect from you? I want you to treat me right, and I do believe in the gospel truth and that is I want a long term relationship with someone real.......I am in search of true love and happiness with the right lady. I desire to shower the real lady with lots of love, respect, loyalty, happiness and care.
thanks for taking time to read this,stay blessed

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