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Looking for a companion

Ref ID: c9aea22d-ea5d-47c5-aceb-5768ae0bef49

Hi there,

I'm Asian in my mid-30s. I'm 168 cm tall and have dark hair. Have been in Hk for a few months for a new job. I love arts, walk, exercise.

Would like to meet some friends and see how things are going. It'd be nice to meet up for a cup of coffee, going to galleries and movies, doing exercises or walks together in order to get to know each other.

Drop me a line of you're interested.

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i am in search of lovely woman

Ref ID: c06be40b-b66b-489a-9bc9-daa41c1410ce

Happy new year to that special one, i am 50 years old, i am strong and young in body and soul, i am fun to be with, i like singing and dancing, i am a good dancer and i like going to the beach, i like swimming you will have no regret knowing me, i am fun to be with,i am new here and i am here in search of a good woman who will be nice to humanity and i will like to state that i am here for a very serious relation, i will be happy if i find this special woman here, please drop me a message if you are my match so we can get along and get to know our self's better, i will expect a message from you my woman...

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Hi there

Ref ID: c6705e0b-b9dc-4e2b-ac0f-95024d36529f

Hi,if u would like to talk to someone if u feel like it and if we think that we get along and decide to meet up,why not right?message me....:)

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I am a philosopher, historian and economist

Ref ID: de56d28e-a5f4-44cc-a8f9-95ef42cecc98

I am looking for a man to marry me

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Anyone believe in "the Law of Attraction?"

Ref ID: 84e8d160-97f3-4f71-af30-9d0d86fe08b2

I read the book called the secret, am I'm trying to use the law of attraction to attract the right person into my life!

I'm 34, female, kong girl! Dated white guy and Asian guys b4.

Do I have to buy a membership thing in order to reply posts?

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(Not so) Lil' ol' me...

Ref ID: 3898815d-f6f0-4237-9451-9093f62895f5


Born and raised in Hong Kong and graduated college in Hawaii. I work with kids and live at home as mom is sick. Living a busy yet simple life, I go out maybe once a month to catch up with friends over drinks.

Looking for someone to exchange a few Whatsapps during the day and maybe a quick call before bed to start with. Not looking for ONS as I'd rather get to know the person before getting intimate.

So if you're interested then drop me a line... :)

(and incase you do wonder... Am 36, 5'9, curvy and plus size)

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Antidote1984 here ...

Ref ID: c5c52fe4-f9b8-452f-a18c-0fd2317b0fa3

Hi here " (: what to say ? Looking for my half " I guess . Someone who's the same page with me .. Don't want to play at all .. A passionate and loving man I need .. Loves to laugh and could be silly funny .. Why not .. I don't believe in courting anyway . just love me now and court me for ever .. Am 31 " single " Filipina slim athletic " see how this site will offer to me .. Let's talk " and hit me a message

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Looking for life partner in Both HK and Japan

Ref ID: b4e1d3bc-92e7-48aa-890d-c29fb86f1cf3

A successful and pretty Japanese woman is looking for a suitable gentleman as life partner who can live in both HK and Japan. let us enjoy our life and also share our business experience too.
Please drop me a line if you think the same way. Thank you.

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Early 40's HK lady

Ref ID: 46505450-8e99-4c6b-954a-8ced51a2139f

i am looking for a honest guy here, don't mind he
Is local or expat . Drop me a note if you fancy to
Catch up for coffee. By the way, I am not interest
To go to the bar at LKF or Wanchai .

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Casual Dating, New friend or relationship soon..

Ref ID: 156a5789-0f29-47a9-837b-6ec525f42070

Dear all,

I am a decent lady who is in her mid-thirty, originated from Hong kong, well educated, simple mind. What I am looking for here is new friend, casual dating,possible long term relationship. I don't want everything to be in rush. For me, it takes time for people to know more about each others. Well, there are so many people around the world, but who will be the special one ? The one who knows the meaning of love. Giving and taking, going out as partner, traveling . I am looking for men from his 35 to 45 with mature mindset.

I love traveling, computers, piano and fine dining. I may be very busy and not always to be here for email communication. But I am sure I will reply to suitable one. Can we date and be good friends > partners > lovers > or even beautiful couple later ? May be one day. Drop me a line....then :)

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Love make world round

Ref ID: 1c4afa2d-0daa-4686-811d-2c65789ad7eb

I am here seeking a relationship built on love ,trust and loyalty . I am mature yet youthful ,I know What I want and always aware what it is coming in life . Love children ,love world love myself ,I am fully independent ,open mind and down to earth , I love learning and my curious side has always led me to explore more in life .
Message me back if this idea appeals to you ,if there s a spark ,let's make it happen , life is too short to set and wait for things to happen , I am looking forward to hear you back .

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Dinners, drinks, decent chatting - good white gentlemen only

Ref ID: 594b2191-4417-4f3b-8a71-514bee7db67b

​​I am looking for nice white gentlemen who is decent, generous, kind, emotional stable, gentle, caring, respectful, etc.

Dinners, drinks, shopping, decent chatting, etc. We can have good freindships.

I am a nice, normal & simple HK woman living in HK island side.

Please tell me something about yourself with your decent photo, name, email address and tel. number so we can communicate.

Expats, business travelers & visitors are welcome. Have a nice day !

P.S. I am not looking for hookups. If you do, please keep your conversations with other women. Please keep your messages decent !

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Nice to meet you

Ref ID: f98daa94-3a62-40e8-9555-753eaac90b86

I am a local Hong Kong people. 25yrs old. Single. Here seeking a relationship built on love ,trust, loyalty... I search of Serious relationship. Not just have fun!!
Not sure how this works but it seems I can try first. I will be very happy to meet that special man here. Waiting to hear from you =]

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Dinners, drinks, go out, etc.

Ref ID: bed3d43e-5233-44a8-86ea-2d735bd95670

​I am a nice local woman.

I am looking for nice white gentlemen, good looking, generous, gentle, caring, etc.

Dinners, drinks, go out and see how it goes.

Please reply with your photos, tel.no. and tell me something about yourself. Thank you.

Hope to meet you in person very soon. Have a nice day.

Business travelers, visitors, nice white gentlemen only.

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Looking for a military guy

Ref ID: 3b7500c2-4b0b-467b-876e-65790ba798b9

I am an adorable local in my 20s, well-educated and with unique perception to the world. Looking for a patriotic man with pride, not arrogance. I could offer you towel at your order but would eat all your MREs if you angered me.

Please no players. You would turn my heart into minced pork.
Please no PLA. My admiration only saves for those who defend civilisation.

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Only white gentlemen

Ref ID: e77b96ae-1e3b-4bd6-b92f-6b27dc464c50

​​​I am a nice & good looking Hong Kong woman.

I would like to meet new people especially nice white gentlemen - very generous, gentle, good looking, single, caring.

Dinners, drinks, go shopping, movies, decent chat, etc.​​​​ You can respect and ​treat me nicely.

Please send your photos​ &​ phone no. for details and tell me something about yourself. Many thanks.

Business travelers are also welcome - white gentlemen only

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Ref ID: 7e42ffe0-96bc-4d0a-b1ca-8218b66efc89

I am a single lady in my thirties, looking for friendship or may be more. Nice, easy- going, simple. Let's have drinks on a Friday night or in weekends in this nice spring time. If you are single not attached, welcome to message me.

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Ref ID: 3bc71fde-5955-4bd8-8c42-f9319230a761

Is there anyone here looking to marry a Filipina?

My name Is Anne and I'm currently working here in Manila.

Looking for a serious relationship or maybe marriage.

Please leave me a message with ur email address if possible.

Looking forward to visit Hong Kong again and finally meet someone.


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Looking for Mr. Right

Ref ID: 040d35a8-b554-465a-8e89-6177bb23b788

Hi there, I have been in HK for nearly I year and no luck to find MR. Right. If your sweet guy with successful job plus funny then you are the one I am waiting for!
I am native Indonesian 23 years old, my friends describe me as a caring, funny, energetic and has brown skin with slim body...Face is for you to find out...

We can share weekends together watch movies, hiking and food adventure.
Drop me a message

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Summer of love

Ref ID: 42ab4e53-be74-4fcd-92f8-96da045cc579

Without any stickiness! Don't get overly excited. This is not an ad for ONS. There will be strings attached. But we are both independent enough and aren't going to be clingy. We enjoy each other's company as well as our time alone. We are lovers as well as best friends. Yes, we do talk! I'm in my early 30's. The rest, please ask : )

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