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i am here with the hope find that special someone

Posted 12/05/2016

A closed heart is like a closed book, the heights we attend depends on the depth of our roots, i am here with my hopes that i will meet that special someone who i have been missing in my life, a journey of a thousand miles always begin with a step i guess that is why we are in this dating scene too, you never can tell what fate has in stored for us until we give it our best shots...

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Relaxed and easy-going caucasian female

Posted 11/27/2016

Hi there, Are there any tall caucasian males out there wishing to meet a female caucasian? (preferably a European male - German, French, tall Italian, English) If there are any males who are not too young and who are interested in a decent intelligent conversation, interesting company, hanging out, hiking, or just lying around, drop me a line. By the way, am NOT interested in guys under 6' (189cm) and am NOT interested in non-caucasian. I would prefer well educated, financially independent male, professional, kind and charismatic, quite sporty build and definitely non-smoker and clean living. I am pretty fit and have looked after myself very well ;-)

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Seeking date

Posted 10/21/2016

Seeking date with lesbian.
Physical build:petite

Hobbies: Dance, eating out, hiking ,and yoga.

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Hi there!!!

Posted 09/15/2016

Hi there!!!! I'm Zarine!!!in not old I'm not young I'm just 30, seeking to meet interesting people who can hang out with and let's see where it leads
Let's talk and you will know .
Don't be stranger say hi
See yah

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Posted 09/07/2016

Born in Shanghai, tall 175, healthy build, pretty, sense of humor, international education, enjoy outing and also cozy home, looking for life partner. interested, please send me email

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Female Expat

Posted 08/24/2016

Hello there! I'm a new expat in HK. Would like to meet new female friends.
Hit me up

Fashion Style Consultant
Business Concept Consultant

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Looking for soulmate

Posted 07/27/2016

I'm in my early 50s, professional hk Chinese lady just moved back from US/UK due to work. Looking for an xpat lady friend who loves to spend quality time at home rather than clubbing around. My work takes me away from home all the time. If that doesn't bore you, hit the reply and see if we click.

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Asian/ Indian/ westerner

Posted 07/02/2016

Looking for a friend to know better ... I m 30 yrs old and looking for asian/westeren women to hang around Hk . To know each other well. I m decent and fun loving. If you want to start with a casual conversation or have fun chat over a coffee .. here you go n respond to it.

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Posted 06/22/2016

I am From Chicago. All i really need here is to find a worthy friend from HK. I have heard about this place and i am pleased to meet the people over here in as much, looking for a good spirit who is ready to share love together.
I have confidence that a whole lot of change is coming towards my life, a positive thinking individual who is ready to settle down with me. I was retired two years ago from the U.S AIR-FORCE and i think i should now enjoy the rest of my life with a beautiful woman from here.
thank you!

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Where are u?

Posted 06/19/2016

Looking for someone to talk to sometimes and if we get along then meet maybe?why not right?

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Looking for long term relationship

Posted 06/01/2016

I am Jemma from Philippines 30, years old, I am currently working as a nanny here in Hongkong. Yes I am only a nanny/household here but I have also a heart for loving you and to be loved...
You can contact me on my what's app or email...
Hope to here from you my soulmate/destiny...

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Looking for a long term relationship...

Posted 05/31/2016

Hi, this is simple girl from Philippines.30 years old .working here in Hongkong for 3 years and counting.... I decided to post here because one of my friend advice me.. She found her forever in this site... They just got married last month.. That's y I crossed my finger to meet also a guy here hopefully...

Hope to hear from you...

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Posted 05/23/2016

I am a 40 Year old male from KENYA and seeking a real woman in my life for serious relationship that leads to marriage. Any nationality is welcome. i am 5 feet 6 inches tall.
Is there any woman interested out there - i am ready for serious relationship , full of love , care and respect.

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Looking for my soul mate

Posted 05/22/2016

Hi There,

I am looking for a genuine, loving and mentally mature man to spend the rest of my life with. I know you're out there, and I just need to find you as I'm sure you're not hanging around LKF looking for me!

I am a professional, 39 yo, never been married but have a child. I've been focusing too much on my career that I neglected the more important aspects of my life. I'm looking to change and find happiness in companionship. I'm originally from HK, although I have lived in the UK and NY.

If you are genuine, kind, loving and ready to settle down, please drop me a note.

: )

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Posted 05/20/2016

hello ,,,am lovely , caring and funny , need a serious relationship, please contact me

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Looking for long term and came to marriage status

Posted 04/19/2016

I am Jemma from Philippines 30, years old, I am currently working as a nanny here in Hongkong. Yes I am only a nanny/household here but I have also a heart for loving you and to be loved...
You can contact me on my what's app or email...
Hope to here from you my soulmate/destiny...

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Posted 04/18/2016

Hello can i be friend to anyone . am honest , sincere and down to earth person , thanks

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Posted 03/21/2016

Hi im looking for serious relationship....im 30years filipina working here in hongkong...hoping to find serious relationship here...no games please!!

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Looking for a good friendship or maybe more..

Posted 01/30/2016

Hello :)

I live in Shenzhen only 20 min subway ride to Hong Kong and I would like to meet new friends and maybe more.

I am a 30 year old Candian male looking to settle down or find a good friend in Shenzhen or HK.

If you have Wechat please If you dont you can message me on here.

I am a very positive, high energy and down to earth. I dont like to fight or argue and I'm always up for an adventure.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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looking for friends

Posted 01/27/2016

hi how ar you?i am indonesian looking for cheerful friends

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