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Despite our best efforts, some things don’t get better.

Counselling for Marriage, Relationships, Individuals and Kids / Families.

Counselling can help by developing new ways of looking at the problem, gaining a better understanding of the situation, learning new ways of thinking and exploring other options and choices, all with the aim to get unstuck from old unproductive patterns.

People can and do change, and you can too. It’s like most things, if you ignore it, things usually get worse. But if you focus on it and work on it, positive change does happen.

When To Seek Counselling

- When you want more out of life:
You may have been so caught up with daily living only to find you aren’t living the life you want. Or you may have past hurts, disappointment, guilt or traumas that are getting in the way of living.

- When you are having relationship problems that aren’t getting resolved:
We all want a good relationship and therapy can help improve communication, sort out conflicts and improve the level of intimacy.

- When you are struggling with a major transition:
Transitions can be predictable (getting married, having a baby, etc.) or unpredictable (separation, divorce, job loss). Counselling can help you deal with the stresses of going through these different transitions and help you during this critical time.

- When you are grieving:
Modern culture hurries people to get over their grief, or to push it aside and not deal with it at all. Counselling respects your pace and offers you the support you need so that you are not alone in it.

- When you experience depression and anxiety:
Depression and anxiety are signals for the need of better self-care. It means that the demands of life have outweighed your personal resources. Counselling helps you to develop coping skills, which will help to prevent depression and anxiety from becoming chronic parts of your life.

The Good News

If you know (or we find out) what it is that you want and need, if you learn other ways of seeing a situation and understand the different possibilities, you can then make different choices and take different actions. You can make positive change happen and you don’t have to depend on circumstances or other people for your situation to improve.

Please give me a call and let’s have a conversation to see how counselling can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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