Trust Manager

Our client is a a world leading financial leasing conglomerate, this role is like to mainly responsible for the implementation of trust projects, including but not limited to the drafting of trust documents, customer maintenance and public cohesion and communication between various departments within the company.

Manpower - Hong Kong - Full time

Salary: HK$100k - HK$150k


1. In the process of developing clients, support and assist business units to communicate with clients and understand clients needs specific project proposal;

2. During the trust establishment process, participate in the design of the trust plan, including the establishment of the trust structure and trust related matters, document drafting and timely completion of relevant regulatory filing procedures;

3. In the process of trust maintenance, connect with clients and be responsible for the annual maintenance work of clients, including responding to clients need to issue documents, collect and declare CRS, etc.;

4. Organize the design, specification and optimization of the company's core business processes, and establish systems and specifications related to process configuration;

5. Supervise the implementation of business processes and specifications in the above-mentioned links;

6. Able to independently complete trust business work.


1. Familiar with the trust plan establishment process and operation management during the duration, and have more than 5 years of working experience in the operation of a local trust company in Hong Kong;

2. Excellent English and Mandarin, including reading, writing and communication skills;

3. Have good internal and external communication skills and adaptability;

4. Have certain team management experience and strong ability to withstand pressure;

5. Graduates from well-known universities at home and abroad are preferred;

6. There shall be no crimes stipulated in Article 4.4 of the TCSP Licensing Guidelines (including but not limited to money laundering, terrorist activities, drug trafficking and other related crimes).