Superb Chicken Pho



Posted by Ed 8 days ago
What's with all the Pho shops popping up in Hong Kong these days --it seems like there's one on every corner in Sheung Wan!
I am big chicken pho fan so the other day I randomly selected one of the restaurants and rolled the dice.
Jackpot!   I should have immediately bought a Mark 6 ticket as it was my lucky day.
Pho Mot, an unassuming restaurant that seems to have no website and does not come up on a google search, served up a kick ass bowl of authentic Vietnamese chicken pho that reminded me of the small shop houses that pump out great pho in neighbourhoods throughout Saigon.
I returned today at 1230 for another hit but was confronted by a substantial queue (clearly others have discovered this secret dealer of high grade pho...) and they don't do take away so I was left sweating and suffering from withdrawal symptoms over a boxed salad.
If I can hold myself together until tomorrow I will get down there earlier (they open at 1130) and try to get my fix. 

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