A Typical Dinner in Colonial Hong Kong



Posted by Ed 30 days ago
How was the diet of colonials dis­tinct from that of their contempo­raries at home? Freshness – or the lack of it – was a key difference. From the late 19th century onwards, most European foodstuffs consumed in colonial contexts – from India and Southeast Asia to China and the Pacific – came in tins.
While some fresh foods were simply unprocurable locally, preventive hygiene was the main reason for this. Micro­biology discoveries during this period conclusively proved the links between certain food-borne pathogens and the often-fatal diseases they caused.
Effective cures were decades away, and prevention was regarded as the only way to maintain one’s health in habitually filthy, frequently primitive tropical conditions. Tinned food – as long as the can itself remained intact – was germ-free, and therefore safe to eat.


Ed 30 days ago

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