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POSTED BY Ed (11 mths ago)
Donald Trump has hit back at Meryl Streep after the actress used her Golden Globes acceptance speech on Sunday evening to excoriate the US president-elect and his mocking of a disabled reporter during the election campaign.

Mr Trump took to Twitter early on Monday, describing Ms Streep as “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood” and “a Hillary flunky who lost big”.

Ms Streep, who is Hollywood’s most decorated and revered actress with three Oscar wins, was accepting the Cecil B DeMille award for lifetime achievement when she tore into Mr Trump.

In front of a primetime audience of millions on NBC, Ms Streep, who won her last Oscar in 2011 playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, said she had been “stunned” by his mockery of the disabled journalist, which occurred at one of Mr Trump’s rallies.



Ed (11 mths ago)
Where was Meryl Streep when Obama was prosecuting whistleblowers & bombing weddings?

Okay, first let’s get one thing out of the way: I adore Meryl Streep. Judge all you want, but The Devil Wears Prada is a classic and I won’t apologize for saying it.
Streep’s anti-Trump speech on Sunday night at the Golden Globes was a sublime performance. It was delivered with emotion and grace. A real tear-jerker for anyone worried about the oncoming era of Trump.

And yet... it also stank. It reeked, in fact. Of pure, unadulterated hypocrisy. Because Streep, sadly, is that common breed of liberal Hollywood hypocrite. You know, the ones whose bleeding heart credentials are suddenly nowhere to be found when the occupant of the White House is a cool Democrat who’s besties with Beyonce.


OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
THE TRUMP HATRED being pump out by Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media is truly disgusting.

The GOP lost in 2008 and 2012, and turned over the presidency and backed off its campaign hostility with relative grace compared to this mess of a transition.

WHY is this happening? It is not because the celebrities and the media are right about any of their charges. Minimal research into the reason behind their Trump hatred quickly reveal how flimsy are their reasons - look here how Gavin McInnis discharges Meryl Streep's silly accusations - Trump was not mocking a handicapped person - please look if you do not believe me:

Can we talk about WHY this is happening and who is behind it?
Without being too specific, I think it is obvious that the obstructions to Trump are coming from people who do not want to turn over power. Perhaps it is because they will be gravely embarrassed (and maybe found to be lawbreakers) when they are investigated.


hkwatcher (11 mths ago)
This may have something to do with how people perceive him.

Why is this happening OffthePeak? Because Mr Trump is not a very self aware person.
Because he thinks he is above nearly all polite conventions

I do hope he turns out be be a good POTUS despite his personal tendency to make everything all about him.
Who pays for all the investigations?The tax payers...they are useless.

OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
I don't know what drives your thinking process, HKwatcher,
but I think it should be clear to everyone by now that the Liberal media, which gave Obama a pass on everything, is acting like they are out to get President-elect Trump - because his American First policies threaten then somehow.

I think he is fighting back pretty effectively, as his rising approval rating, and the rising stock market suggests.

Here's an articulate young lady, who is no snowflake, and has managed to free herself from the grip of media brainwashing:

WOW! Tomi Lahren Last night, Meryl Streep let her liberal privilege show at the Golden Globes but...

hkwatcher (11 mths ago)
I am actually not a Liberal, but I feel sickened to see this video of Trump (politics notwithstanding, he is defending himself after all!!) to hear his own voice talking about women (locker room men's talk he said) and asking the Russians ( of ALL the people) to hack into the USA to find missing emails.....all of these things are proved by his voice, videos and tweets. These are personal statements, how can you argue this point?
Does one defend oneself by attacking others? What have we come to? (This is the essence of Meryl Streep's message)
I just hope that as a President he is better than the rich man representing the 1%.
When I was young he was referred to as The Donald. I wonder if that name will resurface during his Presidency.

OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
"asking the Russians ( of ALL the people) to hack into the USA to find missing emails..."

Maybe you have never lived in NYC.
If you had, you would recognize his (very old) comment as a bit of hyperbole,
Obviously, he was not ASKING for Russia to do hacking. More accurately, he was fantazing out loud about how wonderful it would be if they did find Hillary's missing emails (since the Democrat-controlled FBI seemed unable to do the job.)

The fact the US voters knew about the crimes and misdemeanors of Podesta and Clintons BEFORE the election is an excellent thing. And it is the CONTENT of those leaks that matters much more than how they fell into the hands of Wikileaks. Wikileaks itself has said that it was NOT THE RUSSIANS. I believe them, and find the whole "Russian hacks" narrative to be yet another round of propaganda from the Leftists who lost the election, when the Voters saw into their true nature.

hkwatcher (11 mths ago)

I don't need to live in NYC to understand his words. The date was 27 July 2016. He had just been given the nomination of his party. This was close to the first hting he said following that event.
There is no content confusion here, these are the words of a man who is clearly out of touch with reality and counter intelligence. I am not arguing about content. I am saying he opens his mouth and absolute rubbish comes out.....
This could destabilize our future...I hope you don't have too much investment at risk.
I have a relative who works in the State Dept and these words you say

"' I believe them, and find the whole "Russian hacks" narrative to be yet another round of propaganda from the Leftists who lost the election, when the Voters saw into their true nature."

are simply not true.

OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
"I am saying he opens his mouth and absolute rubbish comes out....."

I would not put it that way, I would say:
Inconvenient Truths come out, Sometimes Trump will say two things that sound contradictory. Listen to the second of them, since that is the one that will usually bring out the truth - A truth that others dare not speak. (The first part may be more in line with the official narrative.)

Hillary's LIES were very different. They were pervasive, and mostly to cover up her very serious crimes. Starting in less than 10 days, I think you will find a growing effort to start the investigations into Clinton crimes. This time, those efforts will not be blocked by Justice, they will be supported by Jeff Sessions and the Attorney General's office

Baap (11 mths ago)
Trump's approval rating is now 37%. Lowest for any incoming President, and much lower than Obama's. His approval rating was 44% just 30 days ago. Which means about 15% of the people who voted for him already regret. Any brave ones out there brave enough to admit they made a mistake?

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