Is this the end for high heels?



Posted by Ed 39 days ago
As clumpy trainers increasingly take over, sky-high stilettos have become divisive. For some they mean oppression, for others they mean sex, empowerment and fluidity.

In January 2014 the late Karl Lagerfeld held a Chanel haute couture show set in the fictional ‘Cambon Club’. Led by Cara Delevingne, models wafted down the grand sweeping staircase to the sounds of a string orchestra, each wearing bejewelled gossamer, tweed or organza creations.

So far, so haute couture. The big difference? Each model’s outfit was completed with some bespoke sneakers, each pair costing an estimated 3,000 Euros and taking 30 hours to make. But while the choice of footwear may have raised eyebrows, it also represented a radical step.


Ed 39 days ago

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