Chinese Tycoon’s Son Buys $3.8 Million Bugatti In Vancouver With Dad’s Credit Card



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
Almost exactly two years ago, at the peak of the Vancouver housing bubble which was the result of an unprecedented money-laundering funds flow by Chinese oligarchs and tycoons into the Western Canadian real estate market, we brought you "The Rich Chinese Kids Of Vancouver", which as the title suggests, profiled the spoiled offspring of some of China's richest.

You will know them by their Lamborghinis: hundreds of young Chinese immigrants, along with a handful of Canadian-born Chinese, have started supercar clubs whose members come together to drive, modify and photograph their flashy vehicles, providing alluring eye candy for their followers on social media.

A reminder such as this one from the South China Morning Post, which writes that the son of a Chinese tycoon is buying a C$5.1 million (US$3.8 million) custom Bugatti sports car in Vancouver, using his daddy's Union Pay credit card, according to a picture of the invoice the young man posted on Instagram to complain about Canadian taxes.

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