Is Xinjiang the best-kept travel secret in China?



Posted by Ed 6 mths ago
"Bosh bosh!" vendors yell as they yank sheep along by their tails, shoving them from trucks into the pens where they'll be sold to their death.

We're in the riotous Sunday livestock market on the outskirts of Kashgar, in the remote Xinjiang province in northwest China.

Yaks, camels and Xinjiang's famously fat-bottomed lambs have all been delivered to the market -- the biggest of its kind in Central Asia -- by bearded men from miles around, to be sold by the day's end.

The air is thick with cries of "bosh bosh!" -- meaning "coming through," in the local Uyghur language.
At a nearby food shack, we order a couple of samsa -- a crispy, stone oven-baked bread parcel filled with seasoned diced lamb, purchased and slaughtered in halal fashion that morning.

Here, the phrase "farm to table" is literal. Blood from the remaining flesh of the animal drips from its bones by the shack's entrance.

Xinjiang might be one of China's best-kept secrets.



Ed 6 mths ago

BrandaEverts 6 mths ago
Xinjiang is awesome!
Traveled the whole province a few years back and it's my favourite place in China.

Unique culture, different food, habits.. very special indeed.
The best food too!!

gjcarey 6 mths ago
Things are different now. The hassle one gets from the police when travelling around is terrible. Checkpoints at which you need to show your passport to the police on every road entering towns, villages and cities, and even on highways if it crosses an administrative boundary. An hour or so to check in a hotel due to the need for detailed document record and photographs. We were even pulled off the street into a police station to 'register', even though we had done it twice already that day in nearby hotel and checkpoints. Police visiting the hotel at 11pm to have a friendly chat.

It's got great scenery and great food, but unfortunately I won't be going there again until the situation improves greatly.

I was last there in May 2018, by the way. I hadn't realised quite what a police state it had become.

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