China cracks down on fake beauty products



Posted by Ed 6 mths ago
Police in China have cracked down on a supply network of unlicensed and counterfeit beauty products, state media said.

About 30m yuan ($4.3m, £3.4m) worth of fake Botox and vitamin C injections, as well as illegally imported hyaluronic acid were sold by the network in a six month period, said Xinhua news agency.

Authorities have charged five people in connection with the case.

Counterfeit beauty products are thought to be widespread across China.

Authorities first found the products in September last year after a snap inspection of a beauty parlour in Changde city.

The products being sold at the salon were traced back to a supplier in Jilin province - identified only as Zuo - who was selling them via messaging app WeChat.

Police raided Zuo's warehouse and found over 2,300 bottles of hyaluronic acid - often used in skincare products - among other counterfeit beauty products.

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