Trump did NOT mock a reporter's disability



POSTED BY Ed (10 mths ago)


Robert43438 (10 mths ago)
Yes he did. It is not at all abnormal behaviour for a bullying fascistic sociopathic narcissistic flim-flam man. Please don't waste our time with this BS.

Ed (10 mths ago)
I posted this not to defend Trump - he is a clown (clown vs criminal - the clown won)...

But if you watch the video it demonstrates that he waves his hands around like that quite frequently --- and he is not mocking anyone --- it is just the way he is.

Baap (10 mths ago)
This is an excellent take on the issue and on Trump and on lies by Trevor Noah:

Ed (10 mths ago)
I am sure there will be plenty more lies and broken promises to come.... what else is new?

Ed (10 mths ago)

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