Seattle Is Dying



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
“Let me ask you something. What if Seattle is dying and we don’t even know it?” So begins Eric Johnson’s sobering look at present-day life in The Emerald City, a city in obvious advanced stages of decline.

Seattle Is Dying is the title of a powerful hour-long documentary by Johnson, a news anchor for KOMO, the ABC News affiliate in Seattle. For visitors who may harbor fond memories of the city from its halcyon days of yore, the current images of streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods strewn with filth, litter, garbage, and sprawling tent cities will come as a complete shock.

Even Seattle residents who have become anesthetized to the gradual degradation of their once-beautiful metropolis are waking up to the grim reality of their present fatal course.

It’s not just the unsightly debris and filth, nor the obvious stench of the increasingly common human feces and urine on public sidewalks, nor the steadily growing presence of drug-addled homeless addicts and panhandlers wandering the streets.

It’s also the fact that parents can no longer take their children to the beautiful parks where they formerly played because the lawns are littered with dangerous drug needles. Then there are the soaring rates of property crime and violent crime.


Ed 3 mths ago

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