Guide to Kowloon's 'dark' side



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Though to newcomers Hong Kong might seem like one big city, it's actually divided into three main areas.

There's Hong Kong Island, Kowloon -- which lies across Victoria Harbor -- and the New Territories, which is closest to Mainland China.

People who live on Hong Kong Island call Kowloon the city's "dark side."
Those who live here prefer to think of it as the better side.

Nearly half of the city's population lives here. And while many Islanders don't venture over because it's considered "too far," the reality is it's a 3.5-minute ride on the MTR in the underwater tunnel, or a five-minute ride across the water on the Star Ferry.

To tempt you over to the "dark side" we've put together this in-depth list of some of Kowloon's best experiences:

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