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Posted by Ed 34 days ago
Rooftops at HKUST are clogged with ever more mobile phone antennae - so much so that residents fear a link between radiation and cancer cases


Ed 34 days ago
Cell Tower Shutdown After Complaints About Cancer-Cluster In School Kids
 A controversial cell phone tower near a school in Ripon, California has been shut down amid reports of four students and three teachers children being diagnosed with cancer.

According to news reports, Sprint–which owns the tower–shut down the tower even though the company says radio frequencies emitted were 100 times below the federal limit.

The patients diagnosed with cancer have come down with different forms of the disease since 2016, including lymphoma, liver, brain, and kidney cancer.

Monica Ferrulli, the mother of a child diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016, has been among those fighting a legal battle for two years in an attempt to get the cell phone tower taken down. 

Ed 34 days ago

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