How To Lose Everything And Get Some Of It Back



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
The story of Daniel “Gus” Gerard, a promising late 1970s basketball star whose love affair with cocaine and booze cost him not only his career, but his kids and his marriage. Why? He was really just a lanky kid with thick glasses who really wanted to belong.

It’s 1993 and an addict is tending bar, probably the worst possible job for an addict besides, maybe, professional basketball player in the 1970s.

Daniel “Gus” Gerard is behind the bar at the dive, Spinnakers, in the rural anonymity of Madison, Ohio, his 6-foot-8 frame bending and reaching for empty glasses sitting about twice as far away as any other bartender in North America could reach.

As the crowd starts filing in, Gus becomes the star of the show, cranking the jukebox and encouraging everyone to dance and have a good time. He pours drinks freely—the locally infamous Gus-a-Roo special that has varying ingredients from night to night—occasionally taking a quick break in the back of the bar to do lines and key bumps with the small-time coke dealers who had come to see him.

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