How Much Longer Will Hong Kong Traffic Keep to the Left?



Posted by Ed 5 mths ago
Hong Kong drives on the left; mainland China drives on the right. It’s one of the most obvious differences between the former British colony and its estranged motherland, a reminder of how 156 years of colonial rule continue to exert a strong influence over every aspect of Hong Kong life.

The Basic Law, adopted when China resumed control over Hong Kong in 1997, guarantees the city’s “way of life” will remain unchanged until 2047. But officials on both sides of the border are eager to tie Hong Kong ever closer to the mainland. You would be forgiven for wondering just how much longer the Special Administrative Region will keep driving on the left.

It’s worth stepping back to see how we got here in the first place. When the first automobile hit Hong Kong’s streets in 1903, it drove on the left side of the road, not only because Hong Kong was a British colony, but because that had been the accepted order of things for thousands of years.


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