Help during toys fair PLEASE!

Posted by pepa 3 yrs ago
i'm going to be in Hong kong for the Toys fair from Jan 8th until 11th. Two weeks ago i twisted the ankle and broked a few bones and i can't walk for a few months but i need to go to the fair to work, so i'm gonna use a wheelchair and i'm looking for someone to push my wheelchair for the 4 days, from 10 am to 6pm and i can offer to pay 500 HKD per day.

Please, contact me if you are interested, thank you!
ED's NOTE - please check our HK Part Time helper section

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bananaq 3 yrs ago
Hi! I'm interested.

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JennyTalia 3 yrs ago
I'd think that - at the very least - " pepa" should indicate from where the "slave labor" would have to pick up him/her from and return to where too!

Perhaps you should indicate whether the task means meeting you at the Toy Fair & wheeling you around it, or some location PRIOR to the fair, and later, getting you back back "home" again.

I'm NOT volunteering for this task - I'd certainly need your wheelchair after 8 hours on my ancient feet.

Sorry to learn of your misfortune " pepa " - I hope that your insurance covers this set-back.

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sogreensofluffy 3 yrs ago
I think that's totally unfair to call it 'slave labor'. If you compare what sort of money a McDonald's employee earns for A WHOLE DAY'S WORK then indeed PEPA offered a very fair wage for wheelchair-pushing services.

Nobody was going to volunteer as this was going to be a paid job. Look at how much excruciating work the employees of ParkNShop do for the whole day. Any ParkNShop employee would be very happy to take HKD 500 per day to pick PEPA up, take him to the fair, push his wheelchair all day, drop him back, all included in the cost of the labouring.

Also it is not a problem walking for 8 hours PLUS pushing someone's wheelchair too. Labourers for ParkNShop move super extremely heavy objects for hours on end so this job was going to be extremely easy in comparison.

I do not know who this JENNYTALIA is but clearly she is a bitch and so just ignore her.


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jkhera 3 yrs ago
I totally agree with you "SOGREENSOFLUFFY", my thumbs up!

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