HK Domestic Helpers are 'Burning'



Posted by Ed 2 mths ago
'We Burn - You Burn' ....   the helpers are most definitely feeling the heat :(
Our DH team is reporting that large numbers of new registrants on our helper site  are indicating that they have been released 'due to employer relocation'    
One helper mentioned that she was employed in Discovery Bay and that in her tower there are now only two flats occupied.   She said that the entire tower was full until recently --- and that most of the tenants were expats. 
Also it normally takes 3 days to get paperwork processed for helpers at immigration -- it now takes less than a day ---  and there are virtually no queues. 
This would appear to indicate that significant numbers of expats are leaving Hong Kong. 
We need a solution to this crisis very soon or we'll hit a tipping point. 
Bigger companies can hold out longer than SMEs but if thousands of SME's end up bankrupt, they cannot easily re-establish in the event that a solution is reached down the road.

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