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POSTED BY axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
You could call the Immigration Hotline and ask them: 2824 6111


axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
I have always gotten an answer within 5 minutes. I would suggest calling in the morning. Probably less busy then.

missdj (8 yrs ago)
We did it ourselves twice. Pretty easy, as long as you have all the papers and items required.

Gets forms from HK Immigration in Wanchai at their Forms counter. Fill them incl photos of you, helper, then original + copies proof of income, copies of ID cards, passports, address proof etc etc then take to Filipino Embassy (14th floor).

Go to Counter 9 to get your Employer undertaking notorised , then go to Counter 16 and hand the remainder forms over which they will check. In between you have to pay 212.50 for Notorial fees and 297.50 for Contract endorsement. There is a CASH payment counter in the same area.

Wait three days for processing, get your airline ticket/proof of ticket (eg: e-ticket printout) and go back to collect firstly the Notorised undertaking (Counter 9) then back to Counter 16 to pick up the stamped forms and Letter.

NB: Go in the afternoon , there are no queues then

Now go to HK Immigration in Wanchai and drop these off at Floor 2 Mailroom for processing.

They will mail you a confirmation slip right after and when the Visa has been processed will contact you to collect it 4-6 weeks later. You have to pay the Levy then as well (HK2400)

On collection, you then send the visa with the supplied letter from filipino embassy, endorsed contract + ticket to helper in Philippines which your helper then has to process before they can come over. This is very quick though.

Takes you about half to one day all up between embassies/immigration, if you have everything organised

cynthia dew (8 yrs ago)
If you hire a helper locally who has completed (not broken) her contract then she can do the legwork and usually know what to do for the processing of a new contract - you don't need an agency.

If you hire direct from P'pines on your own then at some stage going through an agency can speed up the process and stuff I think agencies can do at the other end.

There is an orientation offered for employing domestic help at the Y ...conside joining to get such information and more.

notyou (8 yrs ago)
Immigration gives you a package which explains everything.The only confusing part is that I'm told you have to write in that you are giving $720 or $740 whatever the amount is for a food allowance, even if you aren't giving one. I don't know why this is the case.

Ed (8 yrs ago)
Contrary to what has been posted here you can hire a helper direct in Hong Kong. With regard to the processing the helper should be the one to attend immigration and wait in line to do the paper work. And with regard to the fees, if you don't use an agency to assist you will save the agency charges (usually the equivalent of one month's salary - or in the case of the AsiaXPAT agency, we charge only 2k)

If you have any questions or concerns about direct hiring please contact Evelyn in the AsiaXPAT office on 2815 2520.

Ed (8 yrs ago)
Ah ... yes... you are correct - if you hire an Indonesian helper without an agency you will STILL need to find an agency to process the papers with the consulate... you will have to pay the agency and the helper will have to pay the agency.

Barraclough (8 yrs ago)
Pizza Ace you are absolutely correct and I can add that while it may cost you HK$3k it will almost certainly cost the helper her first 3 months salary. If you collect the helper from the agency (to pay the 3k ransom!) insist on leaving with her passport. They try and hold on to it but know they can't legally so if you are just a bit forceful and say something like "I frequently go shopping in Shenzhen and I need her to carry the bags" that should work. Well, it worked for me once.

Jams (8 yrs ago)
Correct me if I am wrong. I feel its the same when you hire a Philippine helper you need to go thru an agency .

Whether it is direct hire/break contract or thru an agency .

It another way of robbing helpless people you want to earn a living and support their family.

Does the Philippine government/consulate still allow direct hiring with no agency involved.

Can someone update me on this.



axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
"Correct me if I am wrong. I feel its the same when you hire a Philippine helper you need to go thru an agency ."

Most agencies do charge the helpers a few months' salary. AsiaXpat does not, however. There are other agencies that don't as well.

"Get rid of these stupid agency monopolies and let employers hire FDH's without these parasite agencies who do absolutely nothing except have the exclusive right to get the work visa stamped by the consulate"

I'd be happy to see it all go away. It is not really the agencies' fault, however. One as to follow the money trail. The governments of these countries are no doubt getting money from the agencies for licensing them. So it becomes yet another way that the governments collect taxes.

funbobby (8 yrs ago)
well according to the Labour Dept in this article:


the maximum an agency can charge to an Indonesian helper on her second or subsequent contract is 10% of first months salary, so $358 taking MAW for example...anything above this and the agency should be reported to LAbor Dept. The worst case scenario of Indo helpers new to Hong Kong and applying for their FIRST placement and visa is that the INDONESIAN consulate is charging the agency $21000.00 for 'processing of the paperwork needed by IMMD for their visa, so the agency then passes this cost on to the helper, effectively making them work for free for the first 6+ months...a disgusting way for the Indo govt to fill their coffers...

F11_HR (8 yrs ago)
Hi there, we are from HES agency which licensing with Indonesian Consulate and Hong Kong labour. We charge for HK$3,000 to help you to process the document: consulate authentications, Immigration Dept, visa and medical check-up. Additional charge for insurance (if you needed) for HK$850 for 2 years policy. We DONT charge from the helpers. Please call if you need a help 6711 7073.

Ed (8 yrs ago)
It is obviously disturbing to see this happening in HK... but we have looked into it and there is no way around it both for employers and particularly the helpers... we tried to get an agency licence but were told no new ones were being issued...

I have heard that it is possible to find agencies that will process for 3K (which is still over the allowable) but I am not sure which agencies you can call.

Jams (8 yrs ago)
Correct me if I am wrong. I feel its the same when you hire a Philippine helper you need to go thru an agency .

Whether it is direct hire/break contract or thru an agency .

It another way of robbing helpless people you want to earn a living and support their family.

Does the Philippine government/consulate still allow direct hiring with no agency involved.

Can someone update me on this.



Jams (8 yrs ago)
This a another form of levy.

The Hong Kong government abolished one levy the other countries have their own levy now

Why are the most lowly paid workers in Hong Kong being treated in such a way.

it’s a shame

F11_HR (8 yrs ago)
Either Philippine or Indonesian helpers for direct hire / break contract, both consulate are NOT allow to process WITHOUT an agency involved.

For the ticket employer/employee can arrange by them self without an agency additional charge.

Levy only for Hong Kong Government which is abolished from 1 August 2008 to 31 July 2010.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
"Agents are just another layer of unnecessary parasite. "

In this case yes.

A good agency brings employers and candidates together, then does the paperwork. That IS worth something.

"Why are the most lowly paid workers in Hong Kong being treated in such a way.

it’s a shame "

Because they come from countries where the government and the oligarchs routinely betray the "common man". Unfortunately without a belief in the rule of law applying to everyone there is not much to be done. Great statesmen are few and far between...

shontuburi (8 yrs ago)
Why blame the Agents , its the greed of the Consulates . Visa's in the Phillipines consulate could be processed directly until not so long ago. Now you must use an agent. WHY?? The DH's do the hard work and get ripped off by their own consulates now that is a real SHAME. Shame on the these countries consular sevices. They are the bigger parasites .

Ed (8 yrs ago)
It is my understanding that you DO NOT need an agency to process a Philippine helpers papers.

You only need an agency to process Indonesian helpers. The Indonesian consulate will not entertain you or the helper if you show up and try to do it yourself.

Ed (8 yrs ago)
Just discussed with Evelyn and here's the deal:

Hiring a Philippine helper who is already in HK and has completed her contract doesn’t need an agency to process..she can submit by herself. But if the Philippine helper's contract was prematurely terminated without valid reason and the immigration forces her to go back to Philippines to wait for her visa then it is mandatory to use an agency. Also, if someone hires a Philippine helper direct from Philippines, papers should be processed by an agency.

kingplus (8 yrs ago)
Hi Ed, why I can't see the photos of those Domestic Helpers on first few pages? please fix it,Thanks!

Ed (8 yrs ago)
I am seeing the photos... please call our office and speak to michelle if problems 2815 2520

aa2011 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Ed

I'm going to hire a Philippine helper who finished her contract with her previous employer in Hong Kong. Is the procedure similar to what missdj wrote above?

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
The levy is currently waived, not eliminated. The plan is for it to be reinstated.

aa2011 (8 yrs ago)
Thanks. So I can have a new contract with the helper without agency?

Kuafor (8 yrs ago)
I need some info about my case please: We are moving to HK from another country and we want to sponsor our Filipino helper in HK. My understanding is because it looks like a direct hire I HAVE TO use an agent - right?

If so I don't want to pay a huge amount of service fee for something I can do (gather the docs, fil up the form, que at immigration office & consulate) myself. So what is the fee that I have to pay to an agent just for that service (because I am forced to go through them!)?

Slammy (8 yrs ago)
Hi Ed,

Please can you help me clarify a situation?

We are hiring an FDH. She is terminating her own contract with one month's notice so I want to try and go to Immigration Department and plead for her to stay in HK without returning to the Philippines.

Of course, we need to get the Philippine Consulate to verify the contracts first.

They just told her that they can't do it - she must go through an agency.

Of course, if she's returning to the Philippines, she must go through an agency. But what if I'm successful in having her remain in HK? But I can't find that out until I get the contracts verified first and THEN go to Immigration.

Sigh... is it true? We already have all the documents prepared ourselves. If it's true, then I suppose I have to contact your agency!

Ed (8 yrs ago)
Sorry I dont the answer to these - have forwarded this to Evelyn

eva emperador (8 yrs ago)
Hi Slammy,

I 'm Evelyn and Ed passed this to me.

The Philippine Consulate have imposed a new policy last January 2009 that terminated contracts without valid reason cannot be processed by the employer nor the helper. It should be handled by an agency. Also, the immigration never allow a helper to stay in HK to process her visa with a new employer if she initiates the termination of her contract unless she is physically abused or maltreated by her employer. Unfortunately, our agency cannot assist with the process because we don't have a partner agency in Philippines who will assist her with the Philippine side of processing. You may call our office for more clarification.

Slammy (8 yrs ago)
Thanks Evelyn!

Any chance you could suggest an agency that you know is not going to charge an exorbitant fee?

Thank you.

Slammy (8 yrs ago)
Thanks for that!

trixiahk (8 yrs ago)
Hi Slammy, I hope you were able to find a good agency to process your prospective helpers application. Please make sure that the helper will not be charged by Manila Agency when she goes back.

To All, if the helper and employer found each other having not introduced by Agents, the Agency who will be appointed to process the papers should not charge even 10% of the helper's first month salary (this should be the legal practice as the employer will be paying the processing fee in HK)...please correct me if I'm wrong

Slammy (8 yrs ago)
Hi there,

My colleague's wife has an agency, so I used them because of course I could trust them. They charges... er... I think $3100 to process the application and this covered everything, including helpers fare to HK, medical check, all fees etc etc. I've heard that there are cheaper companies, but I had already contacted this one before I heard about these other companies.

Now just trying to hassle immigration to speed up the application.

trixiahk (8 yrs ago)
HKD3,100 is reasonable if it includes medical, other fees in Philippines and airfare which I hope they will not charge you for additional cost for the airticket at the end because they will tell you that is high season :-)...a tricky situation I could say not unless it is really holiday season... And I hope they will not charge your helper when she goes back to Phils. Anyway, is your helper still here or had gone back?

If she is out of the country already and the file reference no. from HK Immigration is available, you may go to Wanchai Tower, 3/f to talk to the officer showing them the file ref. if you are very urgent. That is more helpful rather than calling them. It means you have to spend a bit of your time but guaranteed 100% really works.

Slammy (8 yrs ago)
Yeah, I tried to call on the phone but could never get through. So we just sent an email and haven't heard anything. Might email again. Don't think I could be bothered with turning up in Wanchai Tower! Thanks!

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