Process helper visa by ourselves



POSTED BY ceci0 (11 mths ago)
Hi, we are going to hire a helper who is finishing her contract soon. We plan to process the work visa ourselves. May I know what financial supporting documents we need to submit to immigration? Is this documents needed for Philippine consulate as well? If the address prove is with my name, can the financial documents be hubby's name? Thank you very much!


KrisL (11 mths ago)
Unfortunately if you want to hire a new helper you won't be able to process the visa yourself. The Philippine and Indonesian consulates only allows agencies to process the papers there, not employers.

ceci0 (11 mths ago)
Hi KRISL, for finished contract helper you can apply yourself. Only for terminated helper you must use an agency.

OurHongKong (10 mths ago)
Mail the financial proof to Immigration directly (you don't the maid to know your financial situation).
Attach a covering letter referring to the file number of the application and with your husband's confirmation letter that he is the family's sole breadwinner and that he will be responsible for all financial obligations

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