Open letter to the Press, re: President Trump



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Open letter to the Press, re: President Trump

/ with the kind permission from the writer of the letter /
michael chugani / email:

Re your column: Anson Chan hard to Trump on hypocrisy, (in SCMP, 1/18/2017)
You wrote:
"Trump, and Democracy? Isn't it immoral to mention the two words in the same breath?
If there's one American president who doesn't exemplify democracy, it's Trump.
The man is a bigot, bully and misogynist who called mexicans rapists and drug dealers, accused a judge of being biased because he is Mexican, proposed a ban on muslims entering the country, refused to condemn the KKK..."

Them's fightin' words, Michael!
Trump is the duly elected President of the USA, and he and the democratic process in America deserve more respect than you are showing in your column.
I considered a more aggressive response, but I have watched you on TV for years, and have some historical regard for your views. So I will go easy. I had seen you as an intelligent and fair minded guy, but after this outburst - No more! With your experience, I expected much more from you.

You seem to have soaked up the negative commentary on Trump that has filled the pages of many newspapers and magazines in Asia. I bet you were surprised when Trump won the election. (I wasn't!) Hasn't it occurred to you that nearly all of the traditional media called the race wrong, because they have been reporting the campaign in a deeply biased way for many months. I have listened directly to Trump's own words, and done research through the independent media, and think I have a much more accurate notion of who Mr Trump is, and what he represents than you do. More than anyone who just reads what is in the major newspapers.

Have you observed during the election that Mr. Trump's images in the press were nearly always unflattering, while Mrs Clinton was depicted as angelic, or even as a sweet grandmother. The reality is that she is a greedy and selfish old woman who looted her own charity, sold favors and appeared happy to see the world move towards WW3. She received $1.2 Billion in campaign financing from rapacious bankers, war profiteers, and rogue governments. Many of those individuals who backed her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders with small contributions refused to vote for her, or even switched to the GOP. The relative crowds were a good measure of how unpopular she actually was with We-the-People, as opposed to elites supporting Hillary who wrote big checks at gala dinners.

As for your specific charges against Trump, let's examine them:

"The man is a bigot, bully and misogynist"
(He has also been called strong, successful, and independent, with a willingness to promote women to higher positions within his company than than you might see in the companies of his competition. Are these opposite sides of the same coin?)

"called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers"
(His actual words were: "When Mexico sends it people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people," he said.)

"Accused a judge of being biased because he is Mexican"
(Thie judge, Gonzalo Curiel, is a member of La Raza, a racist organization, and the same judge has laid down some questionable judgements in the past.)

"proposed a ban on muslims entering the country",
(Trump got attention through hyperbole - something he does frequently - but his actual policy is a less controversial "extreme vetting" of immigrants from certain countries. This is a popular policy for many American, because immigrants from those countries have been associated with many terrorist acts in Europe over the past year or two. And if they hate America, they are like ticking time bombs.".)

"refused to condemn the KKK..."
(Not True. The actual story is this, Dr David Duke was in the KKK over 40 years ago, back when Bernie Sanders was a card-carrying communist. Duke said he "supported" Trump, but never endorsed him, and never tried to influence Trump. Is a President candidate responsible for those who support him or her? If so, then Hillary should be held responsible for the deplorable treatment of women in Saudi Arabia. That repressive country was one of her largest donors, along with George Soros and Goldman Sachs.)
= = =

I think that is enough explanations from me. I really do hope that you will rethink your view of our American president, and realize that he has NOT been fairly presented in the international press. Many of us think that NOW is time to overthrow the corrupt Globalist elites who have involved the US in one war after another, while running up huge debts and ignoring the crumbling US infrastructure, and the weak economy. Clinton stood for: "No Hope, and No Change". Trump has promised to make America great again, and has many of the right ideas to do just that. Why not give him a chance?

Mr. G.E.I.


OffThePeak (10 mths ago)
"Bravest since JFK"

Jeff Rense & Jon Rappoport - The Week That Changed America
"RFK jr will join the Trump administration to lead an investigation into vaccination companies"
"Trump (along with RFK jr) is the bravest President since JFK"

Hitting big pharma can hurt the Lie-Stream Media, because up to 70% of their advertising income comes from Pharmaceutical co's
=== ===

Brainwashed Leftist are ignoring important things like Trump taking on Big Pharma in a way that may help We-the-people promote a false narrative that Trump is somehow a puppet of Russia - an accusation for which there is zero evidence

Towards the end of the podcast, they talk about smashing the CIA and the intelligence agencies - in the way the JFK planned before he was eliminated

It seems like we are back at the historical moment, when JFK threatened the Deep State

OffThePeak (10 mths ago)
Unfortunately, gullible Hillary-supporters are still being manipulated to help the Cabal

TRAINING for Useful Idiots, how Globalists manipulate the naive

At Activist Training Camp, Protesters Prep To Disrupt Inauguration
Six days before Donald Trump takes his oath of office, a group of activists met to plan how they'll voice their opposition

By James King / Jan 19, 2017

Six days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, dozens of people — from college students to gray-haired hippies — gathered in a classroom at American University in Washington D.C. to listen a lawyer offer tips on how to handle getting arrested.

A woman in her late 30s raised her hand. She was worried that, since she’s a teacher, an arrest could get her fired and maybe hurt her chances at landing another job.

“We’ve had teachers get arrested,” the lawyer said. “It’s not the end of the world.” That’s likely reassuring, since for many of those in attendance, the kind of disruption that could end in arrest is the goal.

The morning’s legal training session was one of several classes offered by a group of anti-Trump activists calling themselves DisruptJ20 — “J20” standing for January 20. The event was a training camp of sorts for protesters aiming to “shut down” the nation’s capitol during president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

Another example: from Project Veritas:
Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration

Maybe they should be told there is a real risk of job loss if it gets violent.
Frankly, the schools are already in the grip of the Leftist cabal.
They need to be transformed towards a more neutral mode of thinking, away from the programming they have been getting that: more govt, more taxes, more war is good

Baap (10 mths ago)
Any comment about the new secretary of education, Betsy Devos? You can watch the hearing on youtube.

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