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Posted by Ed 5 mths ago
World's Priciest Housing Market to Get Its Most Densely-Packed Apartments

Hong Kong, the world’s least-affordable housing market, is set to get its densest residential development.

CK Asset Holdings Ltd. is planning to turn a New Territories hotel into a pair of residential blocks containing 5,000 apartments, a document filed with planning authorities shows. At 47 stories, that works out to an average 53 units per floor, making it the densest private residential project in the city, according to chartered surveyor Vincent Cheung.

The apartments would be an average of about 300 square feet (27.8 square meters), Cheung said. While that typically fits just one bedroom, it would still be about twice the size of the controversial micro-apartments some developers are selling.

Small apartments are popular with buyers because their lower price tags offer a way on to the property ladder in a city rated the world’s most expensive for the past eight years.

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