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Posted by Ed 6 yrs ago
No period in history compares to the Great Acceleration after World War II, a rapid increase in human activity driven by population expansion, globalisation, technological and communications improvement, improved farming methods and medical advances.

The Great Acceleration can be seen in the rise in everything from carbon dioxide release, to water use, to number of cars, to ozone depletion, to deforestation, to GDP, to consumption.

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escapeartist 6 yrs ago

I tried a search to find the editor online, but I couldn't find. I have seen a trend of articles bashing the US. As an expat American, I'm wondering why all the attention in pulling apart the US. Are you a disenfranchised US expatriate or other? I don't disagree with the editorials you post, I'm curious of why theres so much focus on the US. Is there an agenda? More recently, the Obama/ Freedom of press link and now the Consumption editorial.

I have lived in HK for over 8 years and periodically have to deal with growing stigma of being an American. In the past, I have shrugged off Chinese, European... people in whatever grips they have with the policies/ culture of the US, but lately I'm getting a little defensive. Asiaexpat in HK is view by many expats and most of them not American. You guys have good circulation here and may have some influence to some people who form their opinion based off of what few sources they are exposed to.

I do like AE and use it regularly for resold junk. I think you guys have a good thing going in HK. Keep up the good work.

Misha Knierim

Ed 6 yrs ago
No we are not specifically targeting America or Americans.

We are simply selecting what we feel are topics of interest... recent Features includes the Chavez re-election... Lance Armstrong... Child Obesity... Slavery in HK... Climate Change... Obama Re-Election... The Demise of Fish Stocks... Colonial Sins of European Powers... Censorship at CNN....

The above article addresses global consumption addiction... it is not about America (other than mentioning America as the biggest consumer nation)

Additionally we run regular in-house features including our On Location and Profiles series...

We will continue with regular features from other news sources that get people thinking and discussions going... that is why we always link the articles to a forum...

We know people will often feel strongly one way or the other about what we publish - that is the goal.

What I will guarantee you is that you will never see an article about Paris Hilton... Justin Bieber... tweets... how to dance Gangam Style.... or any other pablum that the MSM regularly publishes and calls 'news'....

We'll also continue to publish 'junk for sale' in our classifieds... as that seems to be very popular.

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