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If it doesn’t provide the host with compensation, where is the security?


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Uncensored Airbnb Stories & Reasons Not To Use Airbnb

If you are a potential Airbnb GUEST:

If you are a potential Airbnb HOST:

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30 Airbnb Nightmares Shared by Top Travel Bloggers

After having multiple nightmare Airbnb experiences in Paris September 2017, I decided to reach out to my fellow travel bloggers to see if they’d had any bad experiences too.
Out of the 100 emails I sent, 30 wrote back with bad experiences which I share below.

Additionally, in the process of analyzing over 1000 Airbnb nightmares, we’ve uncovered what’s most likely to go wrong.

We also discovered:

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Airbnb host admits manslaughter after killing guest over unpaid bill

An Airbnb host has admitted killing a guest at his home near Melbourne, Australia, who could not afford to pay.

Jason Colton, 42, denies murder, but has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Ramis Jonuzi in October 2017.

A court heard two housemates held the 36-year-old man down, while Colton beat and strangled him for not paying the A$210 (£113, $149) he owed them.

Colton says he only wanted to cause Mr Jonuzi to pass out, not kill or seriously injure him.

Australian daily The Age reported at the time that Mr Jonuzi was a bricklayer, who had rented the room in Brighton East because he wanted a cheap and stable place to stay while he dealt with some "personal issues".

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Airbnb Home Rental Nightmares

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Illegal, unlicensed and completely unregulated ... so why is Airbnb booming in Hong Kong?

Taking up three quarters of the flats in one building on Glenealy, the Airbnb apartments share a common rooftop and range in price from around HK$500 per night to more than HK$2,200 for a four-bedroom flat.

The flats, which do not appear on the Home Affairs Department’s list of licensed guest houses, are among a growing number of short-term rental properties being rented illegally in Hong Kong.

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1 In 10 Airbnb Guests Report Discovering Hidden Cameras In Their Rentals

While the company's rules allow hosts to place cameras outdoors, in living rooms or in common areas, bathrooms and bedrooms are considered off limits. But that hasn't stopped some hosts - motivated either by perversion or an intense paranoia - from going ahead and placing cameras there anyway.

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