Two Year Cycle: says a Down year for HK Stocks



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Two Year Cycle: says a Down year for HK Stocks

Two-year cycle in China, & Emerging Markets - could bottom in about one year

Look how closely these Indices move together!
Will 2017 be A negative year ahead for all three?
(and China too, unless the RMB collapses)
EEM - vs. FXI and Hk-HSI .
Includes: EEM (black) : FXI (blue) : HK-HSI (gold):


OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
HK-10 / Hang Lung - fits the same two year Cycle

OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
What Trump can do... if Stocks get whacked in 2017

"The Stock Market is NOT the economy!"

The Establishment Is Setting Up The Economy To Come Crashing Down On Trump: Louis Cammarosano

LC offers very interesting comments.

Trump may not worry too much about the stock market - it is machine that benefits mainly tech co's that do not support Trump

He may focus more on slimming down government, and fixing the economy...
While the Fed may implement aggressive rate rises, once Obama leaves

"He doesn't like Yellen much, and may blame the Fed for any stock crash"
"How about they don't get paid", he said about the US Debt

OffThePeak (11 mths ago)
Druckenmiller and Soros have been playing the stock market like a yo-yo

Are we right now seeing a "Pump and Dump" scheme?

Soros Plot to CRASH THE ECONOMY on Inauguration Day? Looks Like it!
Stanley Druckenmiller was long Gold and sold out on election day.

He bought stocks then, and has benefited handsomely.
When will he go back into Gold? Maybe he exits stocks and re-enter the Gold trade in January?

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