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POSTED BY malmsten26 (5 yrs ago)
Hi , Me and my family are soon moving back to Europa after many years in HK and we are desperately looking for a moving company who is shipping overseas. I have been in touch with most of the well known companies but they don't fit in our budget. Can anyone recommend a company which is not breaking your wallet and still reliable.


Ed (5 yrs ago)

Diefendorf (5 yrs ago)
Tradewinds is great and reasonable.

Talk to Steve and tell him Robert Diefendorf referred you, if you like.

Good luck, Robert Diefendorf, Diefendorf Property Co Ltd, Hong Kong

Winston1500 (3 yrs ago)
I used Steve and his team at trade winds over the weekend...they were great. Professional, quick and they just get it. It's a brutal day only made easier when you have good help, Steve and team made it as easy as these things can be. On Steve personally, great guy to work with. Able to get the move done, converse in 4 languages and has a great rapport with I said above, they just get it...I highly recommend them.

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