A fifth of China’s housing is empty. That’s 50 million homes



Posted by Ed 5 mths ago
A fifth of China’s urban housing supply lies empty, equivalent to 50 million homes

Soon-to-be-published research shows 22 per cent of China’s urban housing stock is unoccupied, said Professor Gan Li, who runs the nationwide study

The nightmare scenario for policymakers is that owners of unoccupied dwellings rush to sell if cracks start appearing in the property market, causing prices to spiral. The latest data, from a survey in 2017, also suggests Beijing’s efforts to curb property speculation - considered by leaders a key threat to financial and social stability - are coming up short.

“There’s no other single country with such a high vacancy rate,” said Gan, of Chengdu’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. “Should any crack emerge in the property market, the homes to be offloaded will hit China like a flood.”


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