INTERVIEW of the Year: Prof Peterson on Ch.4



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INTERVIEW of the Year: Prof Peterson on Ch.4

This exposes the lack of Reason and Accountability of an aggressive Leftwing media feminist.

The radical feminist approach:
+ Do not study the real issues and the writings of the guest being interviewed
+ Don't listen, just attack using soundbites
+ Reinterpret your opponent's opinions, repeat them back, with spin
+ Try to demonize those you disagree with, if they have "wrong opinions"
+ Claim to be a victim, when your aggressive bigotted approach fails

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

The interview went viral, and now has over 6.5 Millions hits.
It has spawned HUNDREDS of videos explaining how Professor Jordan B Peterson "won" the debate.

If put JBP's book, 12 RULES FOR LIFE at the Top of the best seller list, so something good came out of it.

If we are lucky, this interview may help mark the end of aggressive Wave 3.0 Feminism


OffThePeak 13 mths ago

The Professor was interviewed by Joe Rogan afterwards, discussing the interview with Cathy Newman.
And THAT second interview got over 1.9 million hits

Here is a excerpt - from Rogan's fan page
Jordan Peterson on His Cathy Newman Interview - Joe Rogan Podcast

Peterson was amazed that Channel 4 did not edit the interview, and he was shocked that Cathy Newman said it went well.

Cathy: "Why does your Right-for-Free Speech trump the Right of a Tranz Person not to be offended?"
/ 2 /
Tucker Carlson had JBP on his show too.
Here's an excerpt:

"YOU DESTROYED HER!" / Tucker to JBP on the Tucker Carlson show

Generally, the "Mainstream" media will not touch this subject, because it interferes with the pro-Feminist, anti-family , Pro-"nasty woman" narrative that is so vital to the Leftwing agenda.

Logic and Reason, from people like JBP, Stefan Molyneux, Christina Hoff-Sommers and others is beginning to push back against the Feminist 3.0 madness that was hard-sold into Western culture.

OffThePeak 13 mths ago
SHORT RESPONSE - this is one of the several dozen

"It's about REASON versus EMOTION"

"She just wants him to admit that Pay Gap is Unfair...

But he will not do that, because (he has reasons) ... Facts are on his side."


"The progressives can play by the rules of reason... It is too hard for them."

"We are tough enough, to use and accept reasonable arguments. They are not."

They are "too lazy, too broken, or too scared, to walk out on the Field of Life"

OffThePeak 13 mths ago
JBP's book is running the table - #1 on Amazon.

He even beats the book for Cat lovers & Lovers, going into Valentine's Day
Amazon's Best-selling Books :
12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
Jordan B. Peterson
4.8 out of 5 stars 651
Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is Cool
James Dean
4.5 out of 5 stars 510
Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle
4.7 out of 5 stars 230

The Cathy Newman interview helped, but it is more than that, as you will see in this interview:

Jordan Peterson Analyzes His Cathy Newman Interview With Steven Crowder

OffThePeak 11 mths ago

His book is now #1 "Most Read" on Amazon & around the planet

People here talk about how he changed their lives

Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Brisbane, Australia - His fans give their opinion after the sold out event

OffThePeak 11 mths ago
(Here's a knock-on effect of JBP's Videos):

LINDSAY Moves Right... (no other choice made sense)

"What is the Left Now?" - She Nails it !

"They are: pro-censorship, they have a victimhood mentality, they're all about virtue-signaling.
They are intolerant of diversity of thought, They're completely humorless..."

OffThePeak 10 mths ago
Does anyone watch NBC anymore?

My advice: Don't!
"An ABSOLUTE Hit Job!!" NBC Goes After Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro RESPONDS in Kind

What you will find there: Lies, Spin and Hit-jobs.

And oh-so-many brainwashed left-leaning so-called journalists who lack discernment, judgement, and moral probity

Stop watching, and let it die from neglect

OffThePeak 10 mths ago
Prof JB Peterson, Rockstar: Fans & Critics

Akira the Don, Fan: Riding the JBP wave: "I was very excited when I found it" (JBP's interview)

A new genre of music has been spreading across the internet, combining the words of Jordan B Peterson with lo-fi hiphop. The inventor of this movement is an LA-based DJ, Akira the Don. Rebel Wisdom caught up with him after he did a remix of our documentary "Glitch in the Matrix, Jordan Peterson, the Intellectual Dark Web and the Mainstream Media". He speaks to Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller in this in-depth interview about Jordan Peterson, cultural transformation and the new counterculture.

Jordan Peterson, 21st century pop superstar. Full interview with Akira the Don

OffThePeak 9 mths ago
More HYPER-exaggeration from the NY Times

Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy

He says there’s a crisis in masculinity. Why won’t women — all these wives and witches — just behave?


The Slimes needs to swallow its own Spin... and then, go bust

OffThePeak 9 mths ago
JBP is right, but you would never know it from the treatment he got by the NY Times (see above)

Wealthy men and women look for different things
Wealthy men and women have different priorities when it comes to choosing a mate, previous research concluded. Men with higher incomes showed stronger preferences for women with slender bodies, while women with higher incomes preferred men who had a steady income or made similar money, according to a 2016 survey of 28,000 men and women aged between 18 and 75

And men with more education also had stronger preferences for female partners who were “good looking” and slender, whereas this was not a concern for women. Some 95% of men with an advanced degree said it was “essential” that their partner was “good looking” versus 77% of those with a high school education or less, that study found.

Slender bodies are associated with youth as the body’s metabolism slows as one grows older and, as such, could represent fertility for men, while women pay attention to things that enhance their security and survival, and that of their family. Cultural factors, of course, can greatly influence the extent of these preferences, the researchers theorized.


OffThePeak 9 mths ago
( The Newman interview cannot be forgotten )

Jordan Peterson addresses explosive Cathy Newman interview

/ 2 /
Jordan Peterson discusses the problems with political correctness

OffThePeak 9 mths ago

*that is what I consider Progressive Ideology, which you will get a taste of in these materials

And they are trying to sling mud on Prof. JBP

/ 1 /
Stefan Molyneux's Reaction to the NY Times hit piece
Jordan Peterson | 'Custodian of the Patriarchy' - Rebutted!

/ 2 /
In a very recent debate, JBP & Stephen Fry took on two Useful Idiots on the left
EXCERPT: What is white privilege? How do you measure it?

Jordan Peterson vs. Michael Dyson on White Privilege, gets Heated
Trigger warning, the Black minister is a fool, and proves it here

So, er, what is White Privilege?
Unearned advantage? Higher IQ? The willingness to work hard? Extreme competence?
The fool never defines it.

OffThePeak 9 mths ago
Professor Peterson is on Tour - here in the UK.

He is scoring many points, even when he meets opposition

A NICE POSITIVE INTERVIEW (one of his best) ... on the BBC (with Chris Evans)

The Prof has only given 12... of his 42 Rules for Life... he reveals MORE here


Canadian psychologist JORDAN B PETERSON was guest on the BBC2 Chris Evans Breakfast show on 15 May 2018, talking lightheartedly about his book "12 Rules for Life", mentioning some rules which did not make it into the book in the end. After the live show they recorded another 26 minutes for a podcast interview / which is also included here.

/ the second part, where JBP is asked about WHY he does it, was truly interesting... and had many fresh points /

"Universities have done a great disservice by blurring the difference between opinion and fact" - JBP

OffThePeak 8 mths ago
JBP gets a nice welcome at Oxford.

Jordan Peterson | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union
[Click and drag to move]

"We always move forward towards THINGS WE VALUE"

"Life is primarily SUFFERING... but We Can TRANSCEND THAT."

"If you pursue Value, you are going to create a HIERARCHY of Competence... & that will bring Inequality."

"Power can corrupt a Heirarchy of Competence."

OffThePeak 8 mths ago
JBP gets a nice welcome at Oxford.

Jordan Peterson | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

"We always move forward towards THINGS WE VALUE"

"Life is primarily SUFFERING... but We Can TRANSCEND THAT."

"If you pursue Value, you are going to create a HIERARCHY of Competence... & that will bring Inequality."

"Power can corrupt a Heirarchy of Competence."

OffThePeak 8 mths ago
An excellent Summary - of the long interview with Joe Rogan, for those who cannot spend hours

Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan - "Mr Reagan's" REACTION

An analysis of the finest points by Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan during their 3-hour epic podcast

OffThePeak 7 mths ago
WHAT HAPPEN when Professor Peterson encounters a...
Dim-witted, politically correct, virtue-signaling interview


Such a common sort of drama, it makes you wonder if the mainstream media has any other sort of interviewer

/ 2 /
JBP is not the only one who has problems with leftist interviewers
(but overall this was better, & I felt he was playing devil's advocate sometimes)

Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern On Sky News About White Genocide And Race & IQ

OffThePeak 7 mths ago
THE MOST CRINGEY INTERVIEW since Cathy Newman & Jordan Peterson

What We Learned from Lauren & Stefan’s Australia / NZ Tour

"We've reached Idiocracy levels here"

OffThePeak 5 mths ago
When JBP BLEW it !

(was he fooled by the Weinsteins?)

The Stupidest Thing Jordan Peterson Has Ever Said

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